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UK Feature Archive

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Spaces for the DSEI protest raided

08-09-2001 15:41

UPDATE 10/09/01: The DSEi protests have now finally been covered by the Guardian, the Independent, Reuters and others.

Police raided two squats in south London this Friday and arrested four people for 'conspiracy to commit violent disorder', 'evidence' being that police found body armour and a stick with a nail in it (they were later released on bail). The Borough squat on the corner of Great Dover St and Globe St and the London Bridge space on Tooley St were both being used as preparation spaces for the DSEI (arms trade) protest on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses report that police have destroyed props at the Borough space. Meanwhile over the weekend events were held in Brighton and London to highlight the arms trade and the DSEi protests.

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Corporate Media Ignores Arms Fair Protest

07-09-2001 01:10

In a surprising change of form the corporate media seems to be ignoring the colourful protest planned for next Tuesday 11th September against the DSEi arms fair in London.

Previous larger actions (and some small ones) have always been preceded by numerous press articles predicting 'hardcore anarchist violence', and yet there has so far been no coverage at all of the plans to hold a 'Fiesta For Life Against Death' protest at the Defence Systems and Equipment international exhibition on Tuesday.

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A 20 Global Day of Action

24-08-2001 01:11

August 20th was earmarked as the Global Day of Action, to highlight the Italian police repression and protest at the brutal treatment of those arrested and detained during the anti-G8 protests in July. A day to show the Italian government the disgust and disapproval of a global community at the brutal and unwarranted attacks on many protestors and alt. media that had gathered at Genoa. During the G8 protest, Carlo Giulliani, a young protester was shot dead, the Global Social Fourm horrifically raided and many left on the street in critical condition.

Eyewitness reports are being collected in Genoa.
An estimated 250 actions took place in cities around the world including London, Dublin, Washington, New York, Rome, Genova, Zurich, Vienna and Berlin. Another day of solidarity and protest is planned for October 20.

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Re-dressing Boxfresh Zapa labels

24-08-2001 01:01

On the 21st Aug, after a campaign of internet activity, graffiti and masked-up leafleting, protesters succeeded in getting a clothes shop to change tack on its ad campaign. Boxfresh, a Covent Garden clothes store, had been trying to fuse their brand with the Zapatista struggle in Mexico by using Zapatista images on grafitti around London, tagged with the Zapa phrase 'We are You' and the Boxfresh logo.

Space Hijackers, a group of 'anarchitect' protesters, dressed up Zapatista style and flyered customers visiting the Boxfresh store, until the company heads admitted: "You caught us with our pants down and we realise we were wrong." They agreed to donate profits from their Zapatista merchandise to the cause; to install a computer with Zapatista sites instore; to stop using the the shop logo on the Zapa ads, and to carry leaflets instore, properly explaining the Zapatista story.

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Latest Genoa Information

15-08-2001 10:11

URGENT! Appeal for filing a suit for Diaz school raid. You can find more about it here.

LATEST 23.08.01

20 people from the NoBorder theatre caravan released, rest expected to be released soon check noborder site for updates.

A Global Day of Action, on August 20th, one month after Genoa took place across the world with thousands participating in many countries.

On the 10th August the Netstrike electronic civil disobedience site was shut down by Italian authorities - mirrors are available.

Indymedia Italy and other groups have provided video and photo evidence of police brutality, agent provocateurs etc to both legal defence teams and human rights groups. An Indymedia video compilation is now available (long download time) and IMC UK screenings are expected soon. A comprehensive documentary film should be completed some time in October ... stay tuned!

Meanwhile as the IMF / World Bank meetings in Washington are scaled down to only two days (29th/30th September), the British press starts to 'cover' actions and demos at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on September 30th, thought to include a blockade.

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Anti World Bank Campaign Barcelona 2001

25-06-2001 00:00

Timeline of events and actions in Barcelona in protest at the World Bank Conference, June 2001.

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Coverage from Gothenburg EU summit protests

18-06-2001 00:00

Thousands converge in Sweden's second largest city to protest at the European Union summit. Migration, corporate Europe and militarisation are among the many issues raised by protesters.

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (01May)

01-05-2001 01:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (01 May articles and intro).

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Mayday 2001 Timeline

01-05-2001 01:00

Timeline of events and actions in London on Mayday 2001.

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Mayday Monopoly 2001

01-05-2001 00:00

Feature reports of all Mayday 2001 actions.

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (20-30Apr)

01-05-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (20-30 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (19Apr)

20-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (19 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (18Apr)

19-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (18 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (17Apr)

18-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (17 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (14-16Apr)

17-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (14-16 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (12-13Apr)

14-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (12-13 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (01-11Apr)

12-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (01-11 Apr articles).

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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (March)

01-04-2001 00:00

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (March articles).

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Indymedia UK Global Stories 2000

30-12-2000 23:00

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