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UK Feature Archive

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Supermarkets - Genetics, Waste and Blockades

09-01-2002 15:37

As UK farming faces its worst crisis in over 30 years, market power in the food chain is concentrated in the hands of the supermarkets and corporations. Farmers For Action spokesman David Handley (co-chairman of the People's Fuel Lobby, organisers of the fuel protests) has threatened Tesco's (the UK's most profitable supermarket) with blockades of their distribution depots, in a protest against the exploitation of food producers, and what they say are Tesco's plans to force milk prices down further.

A recent survey of UK supermarkets has revealed that opposition to GM foods is as strong as it was in 1999. All large UK supermarkets intend to keep their own-brand products GM free for 2002. At the same time Lord Melchett, ex head of Greenpeace, has joined Burson-Marsteller, the worlds largest PR company, whose clients have included Monsanto and Union Carbide after the Bhopal gas leak disaster, where thousands are still suffering.

Meanwhile the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has recently launched the Race to the Top project which brings together both NGOs and Supermarkets to answer questions such as how are supermarkets performing in their promotion of a greener and fairer food system? Are they sourcing food at lowest cost with the lowest ethical, environmental, animal welfare and labour standards? and to what extent are they now competing on social, environmental and ethical performance?

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Detained human rights activist denied access to media

09-01-2002 15:22

On 28/12/01 Gabriel Nkwelle was prevented from talking to the media. BBC Five Live, BBC Wales and BBC London, had all prepared to interview Gabriel but staff at Tinsley House detention centre were told not to allow the calls to him by the Home Office press office. An Immigration Service officer told Gabriel he should be careful because "this is not your country". The attempt to gag Gabriel is in direct contravention of the Detention Centre Rules 2001 which Parliament passed on 2nd April 2001.

Gabriel fought for democratic rights in his own country, Cameroon, and was five times held prisoner. He asked for asylum in Britain, and was promptly put in prison. He publicised unacceptable treatment of his fellow asylum detainees, and was transferred to Belmarsh for eight months, Britain's most notorious top-security jail. In December Gabriel was presented with the Liberty/Justice Human rights award, before once again being detained after his appeal was dismissed.

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NSPCC Calls for Smacking Ban

02-01-2002 05:08

The children's charity NSPCC last night claimed that the government's refusal to ban smacking will contribute to further suffering of children at the hands of abusive parents.
It released results of a survey of frontline child protection workers showing 88% had direct personal experience of cases of abuse or neglect involving unacceptable levels of physical punishment.

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Round up of reports post Brussels

25-12-2001 09:11

For three days a broad cross-section of European citizens said 'No!' to the neo-liberal project of the heads of the EU.
Trade Unionists , No Borders activists, anti-globalisation protesters, Black Bloc, Rhythms of Resistance, student groups along with many other groups from around the globe were out in force to demonstrate their resistance to the repressive policies of the European parliament. Police presence was huge: Brussels riot cops, city cops and national riot cops. There were also many undercover cops posing as black block, stealing a video camera from an independent reporter and a heart-shaped banner from a pink block protester while also violently arresting a number of peaceful demonstrators.They used the 12 hour 'administrative' arrest a lot just to get people out of the way and at one time even legal teams were arrested!
Report 1| Report 2| Report 3| Report 4| Pictures D13| D14| Video| Comment on D14 Compilation|

See Resistance01 page for timeline of events, reports and photo libraries.

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Human rights activists remove two roadblocks in Palestine.

23-12-2001 08:40

On December 18th, about sixty people from the UK and USA, part of the International Solidarity Movement, dismantled two roadblocks near the West Bank city of Nablus (photo). They also sat between Israeli tanks and at Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's compound at Ramallah in the West Bank. They were protesting at Israeli violence towards Palestinian residents of the occupied territories. Shots were fired, according to Chris Dunham, a UK national, who describes (mp3) the confrontation.
During this protest Israeli settlers attacked two UK nationals as the roadblocks were removed and one protester was forcefully arrested .
From Heathrow to Palestine (mp3)
Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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Poxy MOX Shocked with Blocks, Locks and Xmas Socks (and gridlocks)

22-12-2001 01:31

Up to 100 Irish activists delayed workers entering Sellafield on the opening day of the new MOX nuclear reprocessing plant. (video) A lockdown was held at the Main Gate in an attempt to block the movement of trucks carrying radioactive plutonium. Heavy police presence but no arrests were made. Among those who joined the protest was John Gormley of the Green Party and members of Gluiseacht. More video.

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Police attack march against police brutality

21-12-2001 13:19

Brixton police attacked a march containing 30 people which was heading towards the police station in a Movement for Justice demo, which had previously stopped outside the Town Hall. The march was held in protest at the deaths of 4 people while in police custody in recent months and for the dismissal of a council worker, who is a campaigner in the fight against police brutality.

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First arrests under new Terror Laws

21-12-2001 07:19

A number of foreign-born terror suspects have been arrested under new anti-terrorism laws, in a series of dawn raids.

Police and immigration officers raided addresses in London, Bedfordshire and the West Midlands in an operation targeting people suspected of plotting terror acts.

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Activists protest against US troops in Ireland.

18-12-2001 11:16

Two people were arrested and a minute's silence was held for the dead in America and Afghanistan during an action by Irish peace protesters against US war planes, which are using Shannon Airport to refuel. The festive atmosphere (singing, dancing and music) was shattered by the arrival of hundreds of American-trained killers (Marines) marching through neutral Ireland on their way to war. The protest coincided with a photo shoot of Donald Rumsfeld drinking Guinness with US Marines.
Reports 1 2. Audio mp3 Video

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Another Europe is possible!

12-12-2001 06:08

With very little coverage in the mainstream media, the EU summit marking the end of Belgium's six-month EU presidency has closed. The three days of demonstration and action against the meeting covered a wide range of protest movements from across East and West Europe

On Thursday 13 December, the Unions held a 100,000-strong march through the city. On D14 the anti-corporate Europe umbrella group staged a restrained and celebratory demonstration of 30,000 people. There was some targeted property damage and small conflicts with a militaristic police force. Saturday saw a Peace march, an Anarchist show of solidarity and an inspiring Street Party which took over the southern end of the city for 4 hours.

EU leaders met to discuss a draft of a European constitution, enlargements of the Union to the East and common policies on privatisation, asylum, unemployment, security, surveillance and definitions of 'terrorism'. Full story, Background and events.

The next meeting of the EU will be in Spain next March. Protest organising has already begun and will no doubt continue until these views are heard and acted on.

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EU Summit in Laeken, Belgium 13-15 Dec

11-12-2001 23:00

Belgium, which has just come to the end of its six-month EU presidency, hosted a crucial inter-governmental conference in Laeken between 13-15 December. EU leaders met to discuss a draft of a European constitution, enlargements of the Union to the East and common policies on privatisation, asylum, unemployment, security, surveillance and definitions of 'terrorism'. Full story, Background and events.
For up-to date information and reports see Indymedia-Belgium.
Radio Bruxxel will bring you the voices of the street, in-depth coverage of the issues and updates on events to come. Listen here | Broadcast schedule.

Latest Information about EU protests in Brussels:
Sat 15th:
- 10.30pm: A people's live gig with bands from Belgium, France and Spain is under way. Live streaming from Radio Bruxxel.
- 6.50: Street party in Porte de Hal is being called off due to increasing police pressure.
- 6.40: Reports of police activity in the streets around the party. Confirmed reports of people being harrassed and arrested in the streets nearby. So far 34 people are confirmed to be detained in today's actions.
- 6.20: Confirmed reports of people identifying some 15 undercover police wearing black clothes and balaclavas amongst the party crowd. People have pushed them away and surrounded them in a street corner. The atmosphere became tense while riot police turned up to rescue the infiltrators and left the scene with them.
- 5.45: People have reclaimed the streets and the diverse street party has now arrived, in excellent spirits, at Porte de Hal. The crowd is still raving in the street to a sound-system, live bands and samba-drumming, and celebrating the fact that the riot police seems to have backed off.
- 5.25: The street party got through the police blockade collectively, and is now moving to its final destination in Porte de Hal. The crowd advances very slowly as riot police seem not to be in the same party mood.
- 5.00: Riot police have now surrounded the 4,000-strong crowd and are blocking people in. Tension is growing but the party continues. Some negotiations with the police are taking place.
- 4.45: The street party has now stopped in a junction in the back streets of central Brussels. Large numbers of riot police have started to take positions surrounding the party. Some warnings have been given to the crowd, but people remain assertive of their right to demonstrate and continue to party.
- 4.30: The street party is still moving through central Brussels. Crowds are dancing to different sounds, and many local people are showing support by coming out of their windows and cheering the crowd. Riot police presence is increasing. Steet Party pics.
- 3.45: The street party has now set off from Zuidstation Midi and is moving around the back streets of central Brussels. Large numbers of police are following the crowd through parallel streets. The party is in full swing with a techno sound-system, a lorry with live bands playing and a large International Samba Collective drumming away.
- 3.15pm: Anarchist demo has arrived to Zuidstation Midi. Around 3,000-4,000 people have converged for the street party. Two sound-systems started playing some minutes ago, and people are ready to party, to celebrate that another Europe is possible!
- 2.45pm: People converging in Zuidstation Midi for the street party. Around 600 people are already dancing to the rhythms of the International Samba Collective. Two sound-systems are getting ready for this afternoon's fun.
- 2.00pm: Anarchist demo, 2,000 strong, is now under way, moving towards central Brussels. Police present in the streets around the march. Reports of undercover police trying to infiltrate the demo. So far no reports of confrontration or police violence.
- 12.30pm: A colourful and joyful Peace march is under way in Brussels. Up to 5,000 people are demonstrating in a carnival atmosphere with a sound-system and drumming bands. At 3.30pm people will converge on Zuidstation Midi for a street party.

Fri 14th:
- Round-up of the day
- 11.30pm: All but three of the 150-odd protesters arrested today have been released. The figure includes 120 people that were held earlier this evening during a protest in solidarity with those arrested in today's d14 demonstrations. Photo reports:1 | 2 | Video here.
- 7.25pm: Unconfirmed reports of police activity around IMC and Cinema Nova buildings.
- 5.15pm: The situation is now calmer in and around the Convergence centre. Police are still keeping the centre cordoned off and are only letting people out in small groups. An imc-uk reporter confirms that the people trapped inside the centre are keeping their spirits high with the help of a sound-system. It is still unclear what the final outcome of this situation will be - and whether people will be able to stay overnight.
- 4.00pm: Several thousand people are still inside the Convergence centre. Police have put up cordons around the centre, trapping people inside. Press are not allowed in; people inside are allowed to leave in small groups, only after being searched. Rhythms of Resistance report.
- 3.20pm: Police are using water cannons to attack people inside the Convergence centre area. Baton charges are continuing against people in the streets around it. The atmosphere is getting tense and fears of heavy police measures are mounting.
- 2.35pm: Police charges into Tour et Taxis.
- 2.15pm: The D14 international demonstration has now arrived back at the Convergence centre where it is starting to disperse. Police are present in force, armed with tear-gas, water cannons anad other riot gear. Several thousand people at the end of the march are currently being surrounded by the police, who are cutting off the streets around the Convergence centre. Fears of a police attack are mounting.
- 1.00pm: The international demonstration for "Another Europe and Another World" from Brussels to Laeken is under way. Around 25,000 people are marching in a carnival athmosphere. Several sound-systems and samba bands are present in the march. Reports that some property destruction has occured but police presence is very low-key at the moment.
D14 photo report: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
- A solidarity picket for Brussels protesters has been called for Monday 17th.

Thurs 13th:
- More than 100.000 people in the streets of Brussels against this anti-social Europe. Photos 1 | 2 | 3
- Drummers from UK Rhythms of Resistance samba band arrived in Brussels.
- Police raided a new squat which had been set up last night for demonstrators. About 30 people were arrested and 20 escaped.
- Several buses travelling to Brussels were stopped at the Belgian border near Aachen/Germany. The German border police (BGS) has now set up a checkpoint consisting of several tents and police vans.

Wed 12th:
- Activists promoting a different globalisation occupy Brussels headquarters of CEFIC, the European lobby group of the chemical industry. Photos.
- The occupation ended with the arrest of 50 protesters.
- On Wednesday evening a solidarity demo with the prisoners of the occupation took place.

Indymedia Radio London special program.
Listen interviews and reports about the issues behind the protests:
- Introduction.
- Interview with Amnesty.
- Interview with a Hackney activist.
- Interview with and activist of No Border network.
- Interview with an activist from the Spanish State.
- Interview with Statewatch.
- Interview with Tony Blair :)
- Rebel music selection.
- The whole programme. 50:04 minutes 45.7 MB.

Practical details - travel, weather etc / Your rights at Belgium's borders

Several days of action, discussion and protest are taking place in Aachen, Germany, this week, culminating in an attempt to collectively cross the German-Belgium border on Friday morning to take part in the anti-EU protests in Brussels.Full story
Latest from Aachen:
Fri 14th:
- The participants of the 3-day Aachen counter-conference have managed to outwit 3000 border police by spontaneously taking the train, and not the bus.Report.

Thurs 13th:
- Situation at the German-Belgian border near Aachen. Full report.
More info on Indymedia-Germany

Full article

Round-up of newswire postings UK and Global

06-12-2001 01:53

Mon 10th: Evidence of the IMC/GSF Diaz school raid in Genova is presented to European Parliament.
The European Parliament is forced to consider to take action against Italy.

Mon 10th: The Bristolian chock full of dodgy dealings at Bristol city council!

Tues 4th: News from European No Border meeting including a Strasbourg anti-SIS bordercamp in July 2002 + more

Tues 4th: Sodexho's (private prisons / asylum vouchers) HQ was occupied for over an hour. Background on Sodexho

Tues 4th: Trade Union News from around the world

Mon 3rd: Paul Robinson, UNISON member and Gothenburg protest prisoner has been moved from the remand centre in Gothenberg to a prison in Karlskoga

Mon 3rd: Statewatch condemns EU proposals to create SIS database on 'protesters' and 'foreigners' and prevent listed people travelling to protests. Meanwhile EU officials this week decide on the definition of 'terrorism', expected to include anti-globalisation protests - see Statewatch report

In the UK only days remain before the final stages of the latest anti-terrorism bill -see Liberty's response / Coalition Against the Terrorism Act website

Sat 1st: Thousands marched through Dublin in the latest anti-war demonstration: pics 1 / pics 2 / picture montage / video win media / audio win media - a song for peace

Nov 30th: Billboards advertising Microsoft's latest Windows operating system XP have been subvertised in Bristol and London

Thessaloniki IMC launches in Greece

In Spring 2002, construction of the A21 Lamberhurst bypass is due to commence within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The bypass is viewed with similar disdain as the Newbury bypass.

Nov 29th: Wild maize in Mexico has been contaminated by GMO's (published in Nature magazine) - GMO oil seed rape contamination widespread in Canada (New Scientist). See report and

Nov 28th: Resistance grows to World Economic Forum meeting in NYC

Nov 28th: Details of No To WTO! Public Meeting held on 10th Novemeber, the second day of the WTO talks in Doha, Qatar.

For more global news see the World Page

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Climate Villains Targeted

04-12-2001 08:30

Esso Picket at Edgware Road, London
Hundreds of Esso petrol stations were targeted on Saturday 1st December, as part of Stop Esso day. Campaigners mounted pickets and asked motorists to buy their petrol elsewhere, in protest at Esso's role in global warming. Esso, the world's largest oil corporation and the most profitable company ever, has consistently denied the reality of climate change and lobbied George W Bush to withdraw from the Kyoto Treaty.
Protest Against US Climate Terror, Sat 8th December

Full article

Company Cleared of Murder

02-12-2001 07:15

stop press: 30.12.01 Thirty protestors shut down Euromin (Simon's employers) at Shoreham dock.

In a trial only made possible by pressure from direct action campaigners, the employers of Simon Jones were cleared of manslaughter last Thursday (29 November). The 24-year-old student was killed on his first day of work at a dockyard in West Sussex in May 1998.

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Happy Birthday IMC!

28-11-2001 09:19

This week Indymedia becomes two years old. Has it really been that long? The first published article appeared at 6.45pm, November 24, 1999 - just a couple of days before the WTO protests in Seattle began......
A big thanks to everybody who ever contributed to Indymedia! Without your reports from the streets, Indymedia would be nothing. Don't hate the media - BE the media.

Full article

Round-up of newswire postings UK and Global

26-11-2001 11:23

Nov 21. Mobilisation For Brussels info-demos/parties etc.UK and Ireland.

Nov 23. A teenager with no previous convictions begins a five year prison sentence this week, the longest sentence given to anyone involved in the Bradford riots last July.Report.

Nov 24. Swedish police faked video evidence involving protesters at the EU summit demonstrations in Gothenburg in June. This cover-up was revealed by a documentary shown for the first time on Swedish national TV last week

Nov 24.Conga Against Capitalism Dublin Vid realplayer Vid winplayer latest
A small but potent posse stormed several shopping centres, spreading the ethical consumption message to shoppers and confusing and outwitting security staff.

Nov 24. Hackney libraries on strike | Hackney page.

Nov 23.Minister sprayed with fake blood.

Nov 23.The Irish government is backing local protesters in a campaign to shut down Sellafield.The 'MOX' nuclear 're-processing' plant based here has just been given the go ahead, despite grave concern from environmental and health campaigners in England, Ireland and Norway.

Nov 24.Banner drop - War my arse.

Nov 23.Update on Womble/Halloween7.

Nov 21. Terrorist 'School Of Americas' protest vids (1) (2) (3) (4)

Nov 24.
News from The Bristolian

Nov 22. Argentinean workers appeal for international solidarity.

Nov 24. New pictures of the police killing of Genoa G8 protestor, Carlo Guiliani, suggest serious police implication in the sequence of events: Genoa: the murder of Carlo Giuliani(pics).

For more global news see the World Page.

Full article

Rio Tinto given a lecture in Bristol

22-11-2001 09:55

Activists from the Nestle resistance group disrupted a lecture on Biodiversity, sponsored by the mining company, Rio Tinto, at the heavily-subsidised @t Bristol centre. Presenter Johnathan Dimbleby was to be on the panel but pulled out after recieving a letter from the concerned group, explaining the ethical and environmental record of the sponsors. Those attending were given leaflets outside, whilst inside an impromptu lecture took place.

Full article

Largest Demo in 10 Years- <br/>NOT IN OUR NAME

19-11-2001 13:27

London saw one of the UK's biggest demonstrations in over a decade (Sunday 18 November) when over a hundred thousand people from across the country gathered to call for an end to the US-led bombardment of Afghanistan. Watch the film (1) & film(2) Pro-peace campaigners from a wide cross-section(pics) of society converged on Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park and marched to the landmark space of Trafalgar Square.
An estimated 5,000 people in the Anti Capitalist/Anti Globalisation block danced behind a samba band which entertained the crowd despite a continuous and sometimes aggressive police cordon that surrounded them for the duration of the march.

Full article

Spoof newspaper hits UK

19-11-2001 11:58

Media activists chose London's massive anti-war demonstrations as the day to launch the UK's latest spoof newspaper, The Spun. With the headline 'Shop 'til they drop', above a picture of a plane dropping bombs on Afghanistan, reporter 'Pamela Cluster' explains how 'plucky' Tony Blair is revealing the latest plan for the war effort: 'Shop for freedom!' Marchers snapped up the paper as distributors urged people to "take a piece of history home" while declaring "it's free, it's fun ... it's your soaraway Spun". 30,000 copies of the newspaper are now being circulated around the country. Rupert Murdoch, owner of the right-wing newspaper, The Sun, was unavailable for comment.

Full article

WTO launches new round despite tensions and mass actions around the World

16-11-2001 15:14

After contentious and prolonged meetings threatened the viability of the WTO's new round of trade talks, delegates were presented with a declaration that they could vote only up or down. Entering the seventh day of what was meant to be a five-day meeting, the declaration finally passed today. Read the full coverage and reports of mass actions around the World in WTO-Qatar section.
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