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29-06-2016 17:54

#ANTIFA: #NAZI #LONDON #TAXI #BOSS @SLATUKIP @chunkymark @JLRFB @misscheeky666

LONDON'S BLACK CAB TRADE ASSOCIATION BOSS is extremely anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant. "London Taxi Trade", on Twitter: @londontaxitrade and www.londontaxitrade.co.uk is a popular hackney carriage association for London are followed by a large number of London's black cabs. Run by racist Brian (John) Martin of Croydon, LTT is used to encourage extreme racism amongst London's hackney carriage drivers, tapping into anger against Uber by blaming Muslims for all private hire crimes committed in London and elsewhere, using both multiple Twitter accounts and its trade website to share extreme Islamophobia. Just how many black cab drivers have been radicalised by Brian Martin (AKA John Martin) is not known, but LTT has more than twelve thousand followers, most of whom are registered black cab drivers. In his spare time, Mr Martin sickeningly uses his personal twitter accounts to racially abuse the mothers of mixed-race people, using language including w*g and n*gger, proving he is as much anti-black as anti-Muslims and anti-immigrant.


27-06-2016 17:07

#ANTIFA: #LONDON #NAZI #RADIO @leejasper @slatukip @ofcom‏ @JLRFB @misscheeky666

London's pirate radio scene is brimming with alternative dynamism, and many people wrongly believe its drum and bass stations are radical and left-of-centre. Not so, Rude FM, which is run by a supporter of the far right EDL and Tommy Robinson. A loather of Muslims, who looks forward to the beginning of World War III, the boss of one of London's original pirate D&B stations is an abysmal EDL London stalwart who is betraying London's multicultural society. Read more >>

19-06-2016 18:56

#ANTIFA #ALERT: JACK #FUCKBY @slatukip @siegfails @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

JUST as we thought we had seen the back of electoral neo-Nazis, with the demise of the BNP, along goosesteps ex-BNP and Pegida organiser Jack Fuckby, Buckby the repulsive, cocky Adolf Hitler admirer with small cock, who was dismissed from his university course in Liverpool for his repulsive fascist activities. Whilst all other parties are not standing in Birstall as a matter of respect to the family of murdered MP Jo Cox's ward, Fuckby knows no shame, determined to rub in the sorrow and suffering in the most abysmal manner. It is the unwritten rule of politics that nobody counters party re-election in by-elections for murdered members of parliament, so no benefit can be gained from politically-motivated acts of terror, to remove all incentive for murder. Antifascists are asked to be on their look-out for fascist activity in the Birstall area. Read more >>

16-06-2016 13:39 | 1 comment

ANTIFA: #RACIST #BRADFORD #TAXI BOSS @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @zimgetty

The co-owner of CJ's Private Hire Andrew Hall is an anti-Muslim Brexit Trump-loving bigot and fan of Tommy Robinson, former EDL boss and Pegida leader.

Despite operating taxis in Bradford, an area with a significant number of Muslim drivers, the Wyke taxi boss dislikes Muslims and who chats with hardcore fascists on social media. His taxi company is based in Wyke, a mostly all white area of Bradford. Customers who don't appreciate far right politics are advised to avoid his company, Read more >>

05-06-2016 17:25

#ANTIFA: #FARAGE GOES #FASCIST @slatukip @JLRFB @dubdanu @misscheeky666 #UKIP

UKIP leader and Brexiteer in-Chief Nigel Farage has blatantly copied the language of the EDL, Britain First and BNP with an obscenely repulsive far right rant about immigrants, accusing them of being rapists, making reference to Cologne (an incident which was investigated and not linked to refugees), in the same week Rupert Murdoch's Sun utilised neo-nazi white supremacist language, describing the BBC as "Anti-white". Arrogant, domineering and overtly racist, Farage has proven once and for all that UKIP are a trojan horse for the thuggish far right. Read more >>

27-05-2016 16:50 | 1 comment

#ANTIFA ALERT: #LEEDS #NAZI TAKEOVER @2ferdi7 @millymatty @dubdanu @JLRFB #ukip


On an interview with BBC News, swastika-tatooed Eva Van Housen is defying calls to stop campaigning for Vote Leave, and will be setting up her stall in Briggate. Leeds City Centre, once again this weekend, accompanied by fellow neo-nazi, former BNP Youth Leader / publicist AIDS fan Mark Collett and appalling violent Hitler-worshipping National Action anti-Semite Wayne Jarvie from Wakefield / York. and many more local fascists, intimidating Jewish and non-white shoppers and passers-by. "Vote Leave is a non-affiliated volunteer campaigning group, they have absolutely no right in telling me and my partner to discontinue the stalls," she told the BBC. "Myself and my partner and any other nationalists will continue to hold Vote Leave stalls and leaflet up until the referendum". They must be given their marching orders by ANTIFA! Read more >>

04-05-2016 16:07

ALERTA ANTIFA: LES SEAVOR THREATS @slatukip @JLRFB @dubdanu @misscheeky666 #ukip

Vengeful stalker requires a pair of handcuffs
COWARDLY ageing Hitler admirer Les Seavor from Huyton, Liverpool, has been sending death threats to FEMALE TWITTER USERS who he has promised to track them down and "give them a kicking".

Everybody must report him ASAP to the Merseyside Police. His address and phone number are listed in the telephone directory, 192.com, so he will be extremely easy to arrest and take into custody. Stalkers who threaten violence must be arrested ASAP.

Everybody must also remember to contact Twitter to ensure Les does not get his neo-nazi account www.twitter.com/ublocks back. Read more >>

28-04-2016 15:46

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LES SEAVOR @slatukip @dubdanu @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

YOU cannot get much totally and utterly repulsive than the homophobe from Merseyside, who makes no attempt to hide his location and life from the internet, his home address readily accessible on 192.com and many other websites, handy for when the cops come calling, swinging a pair of handcuffs ready for use. Seavor is a talentless failed pub singer who apparently suffered a clout to the head, some years back, with a full whisky bottle while attempting to sing Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes. Anyone wanting to take the piss out of Seavor need only logon to talent auditioning site www.starnow.co.uk and pretend they are an agent looking for a semi-professional singer, and Les will send you hilarious recordings of his appalling voice. Read more >>

20-04-2016 16:25

TONI BUGLE'S EDL PAST @slatukip #ANTIFA @dubdanu @siegfails @misscheky666 @JLRFB

IF there's one thing worse than an out-and-out fascist, it's a lying fascist, a member of a far right group who vigorously denies to this day, they were a member, and yet, a simple Twitter history search reveals the full extent of their far right involvement. Toni Bugle, founder of anti-Muslim pressure group MARIAS, and now English Democrats PCC candidate, likes to pretend she was never involved with the EDL, and yet, just three years ago was tweeting loud and proud as an EDL member. Furthermore, she involved her eighteen year old daughter in the violent marches, and also, encouraged her mother suffering from arthritis to take part, despite of the risks, during the EDL's most violent phase before Tommy Robinson left. Last but not least, as a potential "crime commissioner", Bugle planned to incite a police public order offence by encouraging her disabled mother to illegally march past a mosque in the wake of terror attacks..... Hardly the sign of a law abiding PCC candidate. Read more >>

10-04-2016 16:19

ALERTA #ANTIFA: AMD WATERS EXPOSED @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

Deputy leader of Pegida, UKIP member AMD Waters, has been caught out retweeting a white supremacist called Anthony Selby's lunatic anti-Semitic NWO conspiracy theory against George Soros. Selby is a good friend of former KKK leader David Duke, and is involved with the neo-nazi website Stormfront. The conspiracy Waters gladly retweeted, accused British judges of being "politically motivated" and encouraging an invasion of "third world parasites". For somebody claiming to be moderate, Waters retweet catches her out as an extremist, believing in neo-nazi conspiracy theories about a so-called New World Order. Alarm bells should be ringing in UKIP headquarters, however the political party still refuse to proscribe Ms Waters, despite her setting up the extremist Sharia Watch website, and joining the far right Pegida organisation. Nigel Farage will have to sit up and take notice now one of his high-profile party members is championing white supremacist conspiracy theories. Read more >>

27-03-2016 17:55

ALERTA #ANTIFA: #NAZI #FILTH @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @slatukip

Roll the clock back a few years, and "patriots" (as racist national socialists still deceivingly like to call themselves), were fawning pseudo-tears for the victims of terrorist attacks. Tommy Robinson and his fascist thug friends engaged in walks to raise funds (supposedly) for victims families. As it happened, all the money went into racists pockets, Josh Bonehill included, as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and fellow his fuhrers of the Far Right exploited tragedy for personal gain. Now, just a few years later, the far right are doing away with all the falsities of pretence, and when not invited to take part in legitimate anti-terror protests, they gatecrash the mourners, turning up doing straight-right-hand salutes to the world's worst ever terrorist Adolf Hitler, stamping on the wreaths laid by the mourners with cold, heartless white supremacist brutality. And if that wasn't enough to chill the blood, news outlets such as BBC and Sky News's Twitter accounts were teeming with support for the Hitler-saluting wreath-crushers, including registered UKIP supporters, who sickeningly called the Brussels hardcore neo-Nazis "people standing up for themselves". Read more >>

27-03-2016 14:40

IDIOTIC FRENCH FASCISTS @loup_dargent @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

If you think the EDL are the stupidest idiots on the planet, spare a thought for their braindead moronic French counterparts who shared a recent EDL Leeds Division video, thinking it showed 7000 nazis marching in Newcastle from the previous weekend. Talk about thick - 500 plus people "liked" the video which was actually filmed four years ago, believing it to be current. Not that there was ever 7000 people on an EDL march, but the cretins from across the channel put our EDL to shame in their sheer stupidity.

 https://www.facebook.com/PATRIOTESFRANCAIS/posts/984178951676026

27-03-2016 13:45

FASCISTS LOVING PAVEMENTS @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @hopenothate @JLRFB

Seven EDLers, one-in-seven fascist no-marks, were arrested in Rotherham after a turn-out tinier than the average EDL member's penis. With no counter-protestors in sight, gone are the days the supposed patriots could blame their blatant disregard of their own country's laws on the UAF, Lenin, or the Tooth Fairy. No matter who counter-protests or not, the idiotic thugs of the EDL just can't help themselves. Looking down a long list of EDL convicted criminals, it becomes clear that many hangers-on within this ragtag organisation get their kicks from their own suffering, which should come as no surprise. Only a sadomasochist would stick with such a car crash of a far right political group. A word of advice for EDL fash - they might as well hold their next demo inside the entrance to a police station, ready to be readily dispatched to the cells at the moment their brains implode, saving local authorities thousands of much needed council tax revenue which otherwise could be put into social services or youth and community services budgets. Small wonder many regions which suffer regular far right demos, are still feeling the effects of the recession. Read more >>

19-02-2016 13:25 | 4 comments

SHANIA TWAIN LAW @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @exposingbf @jlrfb @misscheeky666

Just as you think stupid racists cannot get any thicker, along pops a racist and homophobic Christian member of psychotic neo-Nazi internet cult #bluehand, who cannot even spell the word Christian, ranting about his fear of something he calls "Shania Law", which is run by "Islams". His profile is not a spoof, but sadly is for real. Yes, we have serious idiots living among us, bozos who support Britain First, of all people. What a surprise.

18-02-2016 11:53 | 2 comments

FALL OF THE EDL FOOTSOLDIERS @slatukip‏ #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

"They've Got Muslamic Rayguns....."
Once "coming down the street", now coming in their pants, all that remains of the once-famous EDL is a small gang of drug-abusing loners who have spent the winter months idly jerking off, waiting for their first march to begin. Once a mighty fascist fighting-force, now diminished to the point of extinction, the English Defence League are down to their last few footsoldiers, most having defected to Tommy's Silent Car Park Army. Having started off with a bang, jackboots on the street have dwindled with the passing of years to such an extent, nobody fears the EDL any more, like they did, back in the day. The first thing Tommy Robinson did when he awoke from his coma, was took the piss out of the pillocks of the EDL, whom he and friend Eddowes had helped put out of existence, hundreds of members grassed up and jailed, their once ferocious Facebook page flogged off for click bait. Someone close to the forlorn hangers-on in the EDL (not that many have partners), should break the news gently...... The EDL are yesterday's losers. EXIT STAGE... EDL!!! Read more >>

07-02-2016 16:46

#PEGIDA MURDERERS @ant1fane #ANTIFA @dubdanu @seigfails @JLRFB @uaf @tellmamauk

Tommy Robinson hypocritically talked to the media about banning nazis and racists from his neo-nazi gathering, however, enlisting his team of former EDL and BNP heavies to do the security, meant racist murderers participated in the march. EDL security thug Andrew Currien from Lanesfield near Wolverhampton and Daryl Rickhuss were part of a gang convicted in 2009 for the cowardly racist murder of a black 59 year old man Stainton Barrett, who was crushed to death by a car following a violent brawl, the EDL nazi thugs having racially abused the man in the street after he asked them for a cigarette. Andrew Currien along with EDL supporter Daryl Rickhuss, also from the Wolverhampton area, were both jailed for 18 months by Wolverhampton Crown Court. Both were present at the Pegida rally, staying close to Tommy Robinson at all times.


04-02-2016 16:43

#PEGIDA BLOODY MAYHEM @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB #ukip

Pegida's neo-Nazi goosestep from Birmingham International Airport Train Station to a windswept car park in the middle of nowhere, is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. We are not talking about confrontations between ANTIFA and the fascists. Serious bad blood remains between many EDL members and Tommy "Tit" Robinson, with Stephen Yaxley Lennon accused by many detractors, with good reason, of grassing up the rank and file to the police. Non more so than when a large number of Birmingham EDL rioters were caged - Tommy apparently was on the phone for a week to officers investigating these crimes, once the photographic evidence was released. Nothing is left to the imagination with Tommy Tit - and one of his most offensive lies was when he headbutted a ex-military dissident in Blackburn who publicly accused him of being an informant, later pretending he viciously assaulted him because he was "a nazi". Lots of ex-EDL members are promising to turn up demanding answers from Tommy, whom they firmly believe to be an agent of the state. Read more >>

31-01-2016 12:53

NF HITLER SALUTES #NAZIS #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane #edl

In the same week as billions of people worldwide commemorated the Holocaust, vile horrific neo-Nazi NWI and NF thugs turned up in Dover to salute history's worst ever mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. Whilst the BBC and Sky News liked to call them far right protestors, they were the furthest right as you could possibly get - supporters of anti-Semitic genocide. Such pictures were not broadcast by the main news channels who preferred to describe the disgusting national socialists as "anti-refugee campaigners". Shame on he media for going soft on Nazi hate, and failing to spot the hardcore neo-Nazi regalia, including triple cross NF flags, Combat 18 flags and the dozens of Hitler salutes that happened throughout the day. Playing up to the David Cameron / Theresa May narrative that immigration is a "bad thing" is bad in itself, but failing to spot Nazis as being Nazis, shows a distinct lack of understanding, sacrificing history and common decency to facilitate a rightwing political agenda. Ordinary people were not out demonstrating against refugees in Dover. National Socialist thugs were! Read more >>

29-01-2016 14:41

ANTIFA: BEN DOVER NAZIS @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane @szsalt @slatfascists

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy, Diddy.... Come to be spanked!

It must be the time of year. Shane Calvert also known as Duddyman, is "on-heat" and getting extremely kinky, and longs for a good old spanking, which is why he is going to Dover. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Calvert is heading down to the White Cliffs of Dover so the nation's antifascists so the nation's antifascists can deliver a stern humiliation he will never live down. The NEI, Sea and all of the other far right groups invited to attend by the National Front, are not too clever, but none can match the sheer masochistic streak of Calvert and Shaun Jones of the NWI, who will be sitting targets for roving antifascists once again. One might be forgiven for thinking they enjoy pain and humiliation by the bucketload. Judging by Duddyman's demeanour, his online flirting manoeuvres with dominant antifascists suggest he gets he gets a thrill from being repeatedly put down by people of a superior intellect. You don't need to be Sigmund Freud to understand the complex psychosexual interplay going on between Calvert and his detractors on an almost daily basis, Calvert's demeanour screaming out to be soundly disciplined by the might of ANTIFA.

28-01-2016 11:16

NWI CANCEL VALENTINES @misscheeky666 @SZsalt #ANTIFA @siegfails @JLRFB @ant1fane

BREAKING NEWS: - The killjoy "patriots" at the neo-nazi NWI have killed-off one of Britain's most popular seasonal celebrations. Whilst lefties get accused each and every year by the Daily Mail of ending Christmas, lonely fascist rightwingers have well truly cancelled another traditional Christian celebration - St Valentine's Day, out of sheer spite, because so many of them are lonely, sad and unable to hold down relationships. Their Speed Dating event on February the 13th 2016 has thus been shelved through lack of interest, even though Duddyman had promised to be everyone's Eva Braun.

24-01-2016 20:09 | 2 comments

NAZI HATE GROOMERS @ant1fane #ANTIFA @edlnews @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @siegfails

Nazis Encouring Kids To Salute In Newcastle
National Action arrived in Newcastle unchallenged in Newcastle on Saturday, and unveiled a banner with the horrific words "Hitler was dead", encouraging young onlookers to give the Hitler salute back to them, helping nurture twelve year old boys in the city into hardcore neo-Nazism whilst the police walked by, not giving a damn. Targeted by German Nazis Pegida last year, and numerous EDL visits from the NEI, SDL and the National Front, Newcastle with its low number of ethnic minority citizens is now becoming a regular far right hotspot, and if action is not taken to encourage readily mobilisable ANTIFA units at the ready, things will get worse not better.

A street musician who dared to challenge them was beaten up, as passers-by failed to give a damn, which is a shocking indicator of public apathy to violent open neo-Nazism. So many people in Newcastle and the surrounding areas need to be educated about hate, to encourage a new generation of anti-fascist activists ready to take on nazis in their own communities at short notice.

GROSS EDL HYPOCRISY: - Cue the Nazi-saluting hypocrisy of the EDL, and their direct role in GROOMING hardcore neo-nazis onto the streets, a worrying truth which they in denial of. NA and EDL = kettles and pots! Read more >>

18-01-2016 12:20

ENG DEM FUNDAMENTALISTS #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @paulpdr1962 @siegfails

The English Democrats have a thing for homophobic ex-boxers, going on at the moment, and aptly named candidate Paul Rimmer from Liverpool, who got thrown out of the party then let back in, umpteen times for his Christian fundamentalism, doesn't uphold his beloved "Christian work ethic", instead spending all of his free time shouting at President Obama across the Atlantic, prattling on with anti-black, ablist, anti-abortion and homophobic remarks, as if Mr President gives a shit about the views of some washed-up fat ex-boxing nazi. A supporter of female neo-Nazi Anne Marie Waters' Sharia Watch and Pegida, Rimmer should leave Liverpool, a city of tolerance out of shame for being such an intolerant dickhead. Read more >>

14-01-2016 12:07


A senior Buddhist faith organiser for the Keighley and Burnley areas, "Tyke Strivers" AKA Leo Robinson, is a vile anti-Muslim bigot (and avid fan of David Icke's divisive conspiracy theories), who is helping to campaign locally for Tommy Robinson's Pegida UK Organisation. Managing a local Buddhist meditation retreat where worshippers are unaware of his extremist political leanings, Leo Robinson's twitter account suggests he is planning street-level anti-Muslim campaigning locally in Keighley in the coming months to divisively to help turn community against community, in a town which a grooming gang were recently jailed. UK Buddhists are peace loving people and are on the whole anti-racists, thus Yorkshire's Buddhist communities must be made aware of the extreme hatred of the administrator of the Keighley and Burnley Kadampa Buddhist Centres ( a registered charity). For a United Kingdom faith leader to spread hate and intolerance on social media, and use his public accounts to support Pegida's march in Birmingham, is totally unacceptable. All worshippers locally must be made aware of this hate-preacher in their midst. Read more >>

04-01-2016 19:18

ALERTA #ANTIFA: NAZIS RETURN TO NEWCASTLE @ant1fane @dsahad @JLRFB @bikeyjezmo

URGENT CALL OUT! The Daily Express have revealed that Pegida UK are to make a return to Newcastle later this month, January, under the fuhrership of Tommy "The Tit" Robinson. Birmingham is still happening on Saturday February the 5th 2016, however Newcastle will be the very first of Tommeh's Pegida goosesteps. Just as Pegida Birmingham coincides with the UAF conference, their march in Newcastle is expected to coincide with the national ANTIFA call-out in Dover. Tommy is shit scared that antifascists will get the better of him with a much larger turn-out, thus Tommy has decided to hold Pegida demos the same time as other events are happening. Read more >>

04-01-2016 11:34

HOPKINS CALL A SET UP? @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @tellmamauk @ant1fane

From Botox to bollocks - Desmond's OK Magazine Gets Political
Coming at a time when hatred and suspicion of Muslims worldwide is at all-time high, Katie Hopkins of all people has surprisingly received a call which "blows her away" by justifying her opinions in one fell swoop. A supposedly honest, supposedly devout Muslim caller rang up Katie's controversial LBC phone-in, and claimed that he had to keep his children away from mosques as they were teaching kids to be terrorists. Alarming yet easily dismissable by the (un-Murdochified) facts that the vast majority of British Muslims abhor terror, this controversial caller has been automatically believed by many sections of the media, without being verified as authentic. Few if any radio talk-show callers are verifiable, but few if any callers are believed to be genuine sources of true information. The caller might or might not have been real. He could have been a genuine person with worries on his mind albeit groundless ones. Some people are afraid of bogeymen in the night, and shield their kids from the dark. Whatever his status, the caller's anti-Islamic fears given credence, is yet another setback for those of us striving for peace, justice and equality. Read more >>

29-12-2015 14:52 | 3 comments

SACRIFICIAL #PEGIDA LAMBS @bikeyjezmo #ANTIFA #UKIP @siegfails @JLRFB @ant1fane

Whilst banged up in prison, Pegida UK Fuhrer Tommy "The Tit" Robinson ghost-wrote his very own Islamophobic version of Mein Kampf with the assistance of puppeteer Helen "Growler", believing his clueless subordinates of the far right political scene would go "ape shit" for the book. When the sales he hoped for, didn't materialise, Tommy decided to hatch the ultimate plot of betrayal, using Pegidans as cannon-fodder to help the cash flow faster into his bank account. Liable to flog his own granny for drugs coffers, Tommy is plotting to sell out his loyal supporters for a few measly quid, having arranged the infamous Pickfords Plot a few years back, where he set up a van full of numpties before shopping them to the cops. Best of all, the lemmings who worship him are blissfully unaware of his dastardly plot.


16-12-2015 12:44 | 1 comment

MIKE FAULKNER EXPOSED #ANTIFA @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @loup_dargent @JLRFB #UKIP

Faulkner Wants Dogs To Be Set Upon Refugees
One of Bluehand's supposedly reformed neo-Nazis, UKIP supporting Pixie Lott fan club organiser Mike Faulkner, who claims not to support nationalist politics, nor like the BF, the EDL or any other far right orgs, has been tweeting extreme race hatred to his #bluehand buddies, calling for Muslims to be killed. Faulkner calls for packs of starving packs of dogs to be set upon Muslims, whilst at the same time, making overtures recently to antifascists, however the screenshots of his tweets show he is not a changed man. Once a nazi, always a nazi.



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