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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Gender Equality & Homophobia in Pakistan

05-06-2007 21:07

This is shortly what happens on judicial sailoring of two Transgender at their case of marriage in Lahore court district.....

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Oxford's Pro Choice Group Launched

01-06-2007 21:15

A new group has been formed in Oxford to facilitate and promote a pro-choice presence in the city.

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Camping campaigners in byelaws battle (and a party invite!)

01-06-2007 11:06

Knickers to SOCRAP - Knickers to the byelaws!
New byelaws for Britain''s nuclear weapons factory - AWE Aldermaston - came into force yesterday. This brief article reflects on the implications for campaigners and challenges being mounted to yet another criminalisation of protest ... and invites women to join the peace camp for a fabulous camp birthday cocktail party on 9 June.

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Porn and empathy

28-05-2007 21:50

I have previously written about pornography. I have decided to write again, and present articles and websites that I believe present basic values of the anti-porn movement and why we are outraged that the sex industry is not targeted by humanitarians, and anti-globalization. If you consider yourself a humanitarian and are a porn user, please spend an evening reading through the information provided.

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London socialist feminist discussion group - starts this Friday

22-05-2007 13:08

"No women's liberation without socialism, no socialism without women's liberation..."

Following the successful dayschool on "The case for socialist feminism" on 21st April, socialist feminist activists in London are setting up a weekly reading and discussion group on socialist feminist ideas.

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New Site Provides Large Library of Information Against Porn

16-05-2007 00:45 launched in 2006 to raise awareness about how porn harms people and communities. It explores legal strategies that can be used to reduce the crime and blight that can stem from adult enterprises. We currently offer over 400 articles on porn and the porn industry. The site serves over 15,000 visitors per month.

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A Theological Balance by Dorothee Soelle

13-05-2007 12:02

Believing in love is more than worshipping the heavenly button-pusher.. Our way of life and politics separates us from Jesus' life, not what happens in the bedroom.. Learning to share is a feminist project annulling the oldest injustice.

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Deciphering Images- Advertising Cultural Debasement.

13-05-2007 08:25

The primary focus of a small piece like this would be accompanied by the
two images which I considered putting up, but everyone who is regarding
the debasement of their culture in the face of globalisation would have
an image in their mind that fulfills the picture.

My focus is usually on gender and debasement.

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Jail Paris Hilton

09-05-2007 12:33

Paris Hilton has launched a petition for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to pardon her 45 day custodial sentence for drunk driving.

She argues she deserves a pardon "for enlivening mundane lives".

Send her to Jail.
This is your "chance card" This is your "community Chest". use it.

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Stop deporting gays: Dover Det' Cente- May 19

08-05-2007 11:26

A demo called linked to IDAHO- International Day Against Homophobia- May 17
to highlight the plight of gay people within UK detention centres facing with deportation.

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Women in Yarl's Wood Removal Centre on Hunger Strike

06-05-2007 14:56

Women in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre are on hunger strike protesting against SERCO's draconian regime.

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Feministas' Mayday - Guerilla Stickering

01-05-2007 17:03

Feministas Guerilla stickering campaign today...

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Gender inequalities in Community Media urged to be stopped

30-04-2007 18:07

Iranian Gender Equality logo
Between April the 9-13th there was a meeting of women
media-makers in Sydney (Oz- Home of Howard, war-monger)
In which Mavic Cabera-Balleza of the World Assoc. of Community Radio
Broadcasters discussed and presented on Community Media with a
specific focus on IMC's

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Homophobia in Poland: protest outside the Polish embassy

30-04-2007 14:00

Human Rights campaigners will hold a demonstration outside the Polish Embassy in London on May 17th-the International Day Against Homophobia- to express their growing concern about the plight of the LGBT community in Poland.

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23-04-2007 15:26

A gay Nigerian is facing threat of deportation TONIGHJT APRIL 23.
pls see if below to try to help stop this..

Nigeria is one of the worst places in Africa at the moment for homophobia..

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Urgent Appeal - Help halt the deportation of Jack Ikegwu

22-04-2007 11:49

Following the protest against the new proposed Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), No Borders London put out this urgent appeal to halt the deportation of 18-year-old Nigerian-born Jack Monday Ikegwu.

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Gay Nigerian No Borders Activist Faces Imminent Removal - Urgent Support Needed

20-04-2007 21:53

Gay Nigerian activist and asylum seeker Jack Monday Ikegwu faces imminent removal to Nigeria. There is a warrant for his arrest on the basis of his sexuality. His life is in danger. Urgent support is required to stop the removal and enable his solicitors to lodge a fresh claim.

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Iraqi gays are targets of killings

18-04-2007 19:45

The persecution of Iraq's Lesbian and Gay community by Government backed death squads, has been a great cause of concern for international human rights organisations.

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Fundraiser for Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq, Saturday

17-04-2007 13:50

On Saturday, come and help raise money for Iraq's most high profile radical women's organisation.

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Breakdwon FM M-1 of dead prez vs Don Imus - & Democracy now report & transcript

13-04-2007 21:58

M-1: I'm here to represent for African people. I'm here to
represent for hip-hop. I don't have a lot to say, but what I have to
say is important. First of all, I would like to pay respect to the
father of this culture that I'm a part of, sitting right beside me,
Afrika Bambaataa. That's important. That's important, because I think
there's a few things that we do know, and what we do know is that the
media in this country is an organ of the state and the ruling class
state that controls what we're hearing and what we're seeing. I'm
clear on that. So it helps me understand our position. It helps me
understand that this propaganda is part of a war that also exists
against the black and brown community. It's not just a war for oil,
it's a war for the minds of our people.
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