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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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good night macho pride 2014 in ukraine

17-01-2014 16:20


For the 24th to 28th of april 2014 the 3rd "good night macho pride" anarcha-feminist gathering is announced to take place in kiev, ukraine.

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Ill Health and Social Corruption in Edinburgh.

16-01-2014 12:23

I got this call from someone I have no wish to engage with.

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They're Dun Blaming me cuz now I'm exposing Them.

07-01-2014 09:56

Video Video
Child sexploitation and the Unethical legal and Elicit drugs trials and trades

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Coca-Cola publish photos of protest against themselves

28-12-2013 21:45

Photo from CokeZone of anti-Coca-Cola demo for Russian LGBTQ+ rights
On Saturday December 21 ten human rights activists launched a surprise demonstration against Coca-Cola, at the Coca-Cola truck marketing event in Brighton, United Kingdom. The group were demanding that Coca-Cola, as a sponsor of the coming Olympics in Sochi, break their silence on Russia’s homophobic laws. This week, Coca-Cola published official photos of part of the demonstration via their CokeZone website.

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Bristol: graffiti/solidarity action @ Clifton Cathedral

24-12-2013 14:39

Early morning mass was blackened this Christmas eve for the catholic Cathedral in Bristol's wealthy Clifton neighborhood. Overnight we glued locks on their doors, spraypainted "without god", "without law", and anarchy symbols on the grand exterior and signed "queers x".

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The Black Rose Syndicat Morphs Into Syndicat a La Black Rose with Lady Gaga as I

20-12-2013 16:42

The mysterious Anarchist start up group known as The Black Rose Syndicat which has been at the centre of many recent expose articles has morphed into a new group known as the Syndicat a La Black Rose with dance music artist Lady Gaga as it's self appointed queen.

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on the use value of psychology in current Kiev upsurge in fascism

10-12-2013 09:50

This post is a direct news-related reaction to the discussion started at

Two tendencies of Western EUropean and US discussions do not seem to be terribly helpful in our current fight against the fascistic upsurge in Kiev:
- seeing the East as something far apart and just catastrophic and
-assuming that desturbed minds are on their way just where corporate media choose to show them these days: with folks close to Kiev working classes

Mind, that psychology, as most beople know and practice it is still a distincltly ruling class ideology, especially its "textbook" vulgarisations. Bourgeois psychology wants to keep you normal, average consumer, average subject, average wage earner (just keep your contributions NORMAL). This is completely detached from social reality, a new religion for the toiling class. Hunting for profits in the upper strata of today's European "business community" means asserting your strategy in a bonfire of highly and cynically crazy macho individuals.

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New People's Daily Building in China

07-12-2013 01:16

Gawkers cannot believe shape of Chinese newspaper’s sizable HEADquarters. People can't help but notice the similarity of the new building for the People's Daily newspaper to male anatomy.

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Inside the paranoid Maoist cults of 1970s Britain

01-12-2013 13:05

The couple accused in the case of alleged “domestic slavery” in London were reportedly the leaders of a tiny Maoist sect, the Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought, which had gone “underground” in the late 1970s. To understand how the Workers’ Institute ended up so far off the radar, we need to understand where they came from – the strange world of radical Maoist politics in 1970s London.

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Queer, Queer, Queerlective, and Feminist Happenings at 195 Mare Street

12-11-2013 01:00

News and information about the ongoing Queer and Feminist events, happening at 195 Mare Street, a huge squatted social centre in Hackney; and information about upcoming happenings.

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LaDIYfest Sheffield 2013 - Saturday 30th November

19-10-2013 19:37

Sheffield’s anti-capitalist, feminist festival LaDIYfest returns for its third Birthday this November, taking over the city for a day and evening of practical activities, discussion workshops and live music. All funds raised at the event will go to the National Ugly Mugs, a sex worker safety scheme.

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The left and women's rights: leading RMT member accused

15-10-2013 12:00

RMT leader Steve Hedley has been accused of domestic violence, and documented as making deeply misogynistic comments towards a young women. This case is just as serious as the SWP/Martin Smiths sexual assault cases.

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#126: the Common House, Bent Bars, anarchism in Brazil & DJ BPM

22-09-2013 09:56

another fantastic radio show from london's DIY radical radio crew, recorded and aired on 20 September 2013:

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A Letter to Deep Green Resistance

09-08-2013 11:51

The following is the text of an open letter from a group of concern activists in the Earth First! network to be circulated at this weekends EF! Summer Gathering ( It is regarding Deep Green Resistance and asks people to examine DGR's hierarchical, transphobic and anti-anarchist positions of this organisation and its leaders Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith.

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Palestinian Anarchists in Conversation: Recalibrating anarchism in a colonized country

21-07-2013 20:17

“I’m honestly still trying to kick the nationalist habit,” jokes activist Ahmad Nimer, as we talk outside a Ramallah cafe.

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Police Spies Fashion Show

19-07-2013 08:14

It was recently revealed that eight women involved in social and environmental activism were deceived into having long term relationships with undercover police.
This is an exclusive invitation to The Police Spies Fashion show. A bold and sexy catwalk display featuring the Metropolitan Police’s most provocative new look line up.

The State Repression Collection!

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London Queer Social Centre: Location Announced & Programme of Events

20-06-2013 22:55

Our new home!
We’re really happy to tell you that the new home for the London Queer Social Centre is …..

63 Sancroft Street, London SE11 5UG – in an abandoned pub called The Duchy Arms.
Here’s a map:

We’ve been working away at making it nice, and we think you’ll like it. It’s wheelchair-accessible (though without adapted toilets unfortunately), and has space for all the events we have planned, plus a nice outside area for smoking.

We open on Saturday. Be sure to check our full programme of events, and come by and see us.

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UG#648 - The Monoculture of Modernity (Reflections on The Many Ways To Live)

17-06-2013 20:50

We hear a variety of alternatives to the ideas and practices of modern materialist monoculture, noting that historically speaking, it has existed only for the blink of an eye. Our main speakers are author academics Jared Diamond and Augustin Fuentes and we hear a compilation of research on spanking put together by Stefan Molyneux.

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HoB: The London Queer Social Centre Opening Day

07-06-2013 20:53


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At Your Service (Tales From Community Service) Part Two- Faggot Till I Die

13-05-2013 22:58

Article written by contributor who is currently serving a 120 hour community payback order, in which they are required to do a program of unpaid work for the terrible “community”1. This Article forms the First part of a short series detailing different aspects and analysis of the community payback program, from thinking about the actions being performed and their implications to offering a kind of insight into what this shit is actually like. Please distribute to anyone you know who might be about to get sentenced to community payback.
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