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UK Social Struggles Feature Archive

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15-08-2003 22:08

the entry to the caracole..
5,000 Zapatista supporters gathered at Oventik, Chiapas on 8-9-10 August 2003 to celebrate a major step forward in the indigenous movement's struggle for autonomy.
The last few weeks have seen the Zapatistas issue several communiques of major importance.
“It is possible to govern and to govern ourselves without the parasite that calls itself government.”

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Aircraft Saboteur Bailed - Coulport Base Blockaded

09-08-2003 22:00

A die-in to blockade the front gate

Ulla Roder [1,2,audio] who last March disarmed a Tornado jet, has been released on unconditonal bail. She appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court near Edinburgh for a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday 12th August where a new date was set for her trial (22nd September), with another new pre-trial hearing on the 9th September (coincidently coinciding with the DSEi protests).

In related news charges have finally been dropped against four activists who on 20th February blocked the runway of RAF Brize Norton in an attempt to disrupt preparations for war.

Meanwhile, Coulport military base in Scotland has been blockaded several times, and an International Disarment Camp has been set up - actions continue with several swimmers breaching top-security areas: News Updates: 6/8/03, 9/8/03, 11/8/03, 12/8/03 (arrest total now at 34), 15/8/03 with videos and personal report. The camp is set to run until 15th August. Following on from this Reclaim The Bases will hold their summer camp at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston, from 22nd to 25th of August.

There has also been action taking place for Hiroshima day (August 6), with events in Sheffield and Faslane.
Links: Free Ulla Campaign | Trident Ploughshares | Faslane Peace Camp| Background to Hiroshima Day 2003 | Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarment

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Coca-Cola - Stop the Violence

07-08-2003 14:52

Coca-Cola stands accused of violence, intimidation and murder in Columbia. A new global boycott and direct actions looks like the Real Thing...

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From Wraith to Reality. The return of the IWW

02-08-2003 11:36

The Industrial Workers of the World - the famous 'Wobblies' - are alive and kicking in Edinburgh with a thriving general membership branch whose members are preparing to throw themselves into the industrial struggle.

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JCB blazed in Hulme Housing Outrage

27-07-2003 22:00

digger 6
A property developer, who plans to build on the Loretto College Playing Fields, got a visit from upset local people early on Tuesday 29th July. Around 25 mature trees on the playing fields have recently been destroyed and a large JCB digger has started ground works.

Local people despair at the useless politicians who get voted in for 3-5 years, then enclose green spaces, close swimming baths and sell off schools and playing fields. These are all sold to private developers, who are only there to make money for their shareholders, not our local community.

People broke into the large digger using cutters and doused the cab, electronics and computer in paraffin. Then standing back, threw in the spark. Damage has been estimated at up to £100,000.

To prevent this kind of action happening again on a nearby piece of land local residents have set up an email group Reclaim the Fields

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New EU Constitution threatens free education

24-07-2003 18:03

As a result of massive campaigns against the WTO's General Agreement in Trade and Services (GATS), the European Commission announced that European Higher Education will not be included in the current GATS negotiations.

However, a new threat looms because the EC merely proposed to drop public services such as public health and education from the GATS negotiations, but now such propstitions can be vetoed by any single EU member state if the new EU constitiution goes through unamended.

GATS has long since been a controverisial issue, with many groups like the student envionmental, trade justice and human rights network People and Planet, War on Want, Friends of the Earth, and the World Development Movementall opposing this WTO agreement that could bring misery and poverty for millions, if not billons of people worldwide.

Past Indymedia articles explaining GATS and about actions against the GATS:1 2 3

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International Union 'Boycotts' Global Day of Action Against Killer Coke

21-07-2003 13:45

This Tuesday, July 22, sees the launch of a global campaign to boycott Coca Cola products in solidarity with Colombian trade unionists. Last year, 184 Colombia unionists were assassinated by paramilitaries just for being trade unionists. Over 4000 have been murdered since 1986. The boycott has been called by SINALTRAINAL, a Colombian foodworkers union currently suing two Colombian-based Coca-Cola bottlers - Bebidas y Alimentos and Panamerican Beverages - in US courts over their alleged role in the murder of trade unionists by right-wing paramilitaries. Coca Cola itself is not facing the lawsuit after a March 31 ruling dismissed them from the action, although this could still be reversed.

However, the global boycott has already been undermined by the stunning news that the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF), which claims to represent the majority of Coca Cola workers worldwide, does NOT support the boycott and is calling on the international labour rights movement to reject it.

Background / Take Action / Colombian updates

London protest: 6pm, tonight, Piccadilly Circus

On July 22, six protesters brought the Coca-Cola processing plant to a standstill. 11 people were arrested, but were later released without charge, after they have cost Coca-Cola at least £30,000 in lost revenue. The protestors say that they will continue their occupation of the Coke plant until "Coke issue a statement guaranteeing the physical safety of their workforce, and to respect their workers’ right to belong to a trade union." Read on...

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Urgent Action Honduras: Murder and Arrest of Peasant Activists

21-07-2003 03:22

The National Center for Rural Workers (CNTC) in Honduras, Central America asks for urgent support for their communities after 2 activists are murdered and 30 detained in two separate attacks July 16 and July 17th.

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Devon bus drivers strike over

20-07-2003 01:05

In July, Devon bus drivers voted overwhelmingly to strike in support of a 10% pay claim and a reduction of one hour in their working week. 700 RMT members at Stagecoach Devon are to staged a series of seven 24-hour strikes in pursuit of their campaign for a fair pay settlement.

In August, the drivers voted to accepted the latest offer from Stagecoach which included no change in working conditions...

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New Road Scheme Planned

14-07-2003 19:39

The Highways Agency has advertised an £85m early contractor involvement road project in Derbyshire, known as the A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass and A628/A616 route restraint measures scheme. The work will require approximately 14 structures, including a 200m-long tunnel section associated junctions, earthworks, accommodation works and environmental mitigation. Full story

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Autonomista Interview

14-07-2003 09:39

part of the puppet show
In June and July of this year, two Argentinian women toured the UK to talk about the wave of social change which is sweeping their home country. Graciela and Neka talked about the Piquetero movement, which has seen unemployed workers taking control of over 200 factories, and organising a direct democracy through neighbourhood assemblies. The movement has also organised road blockades in resistance to the neo-liberal reforms which are leaving many Argentinians unemployed.

The tour was organised by the Argentina Autonomist Project (AAP), an group which seeks to educate people around the world about the struggles in Argentina.

I met up with Graciela at the Glasgow event, to find out more...

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International Day of Action for Thessaloniki Prisoners

09-07-2003 10:55

Update Saturday 19: Simon, thessaloniki prisoner, has just phoned and said that letters, which DO NOT have a return address on the ENVELOPE will not be delivered to prisoners.
If you want to send a card Simons 30th birthday is the 24th of july.
This new procedure applies to all prisoners.

Update Sunday 13: The greek government has seized the account at the Pireus bank which had been opened to receive fundings for prisoner solidarity (concerning the last EU summit in thessaloniki). It's important to avoid depositing any money into it, and to wait for more updates before sending more funds. Meanwhile for financial support please contact:

Update Saturday 12: On Thursday, 10th of July Solidartiy actions so far known of, were taking place in London, Brussels, Graz, Athens, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Bilbao, Torino, Rome, and Buenes Aires.

Update Friday 11: Letter received from Simon Chapman from Thessaloniki's prison.

Thursday, July 10, will mark an international day of solidarity with the eight protestors arrested and imprisoned after demonstrations against the European Union summit in Thessaloniki three weeks ago. In London, supporters will gather at 3 pm at the Greek tourism office and the Greek airline, on Conduit Street, to raise awareness about the injustice being perpetrated by the Greek government.

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London Rising Tide action at the British Museum

08-07-2003 11:28

London Rising Tide (LRT) took the struggle to bury BP's planned Baku-Ceyhan pipeline to the heart of the British cultural establishment on Saturday 5th July 2003.
Following on from last month's protest at the BP-sponsored National Portrait Awards in June, this time they could be found at the British Museum in central London, which is currently hosting the BP-sponsored 'Museum of the Mind - Art and memory in world cultures' exhibition.

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No money for Uribes war against the Colombian people

06-07-2003 16:09

Latuff colombia cartoon On Thursday 10th July Álvaro Uribe (the president of Colombia) has been invited by Tony Blair to visit the UK for a meeting which aims to generate further "Aid" for Colombia.

The United States has been at war in Colombia for over 50 years. Colombia has received over $2 billion dollars in military funding over the past four years for its notorius 'Plan Colombia' and the Andean Regional Initiative. These programmes are classed as the 'war on terror' by the U.S.A. but are really a continuing war on the poor with its aim to secure those parts of the country that are rich in natural resources for Colombian landowners and foreign multinationals.. President Uribe & the Colombian army is making the country safe for the foreign multinationals investors including BP which has extensive interests in Colombia. Over the past 10 years, the American trained paramilitaries have killed some 15,000 trades unionists, peasant and indigenous leaders, human rights workers, land reform activists, leftwing politicians and their sympathisers. It is the world's third largest recipient of US military aid (after Israel and Egypt).

A vigil has been organised opposite Downing Street, London for Wednesday 9th July 4pm – 7pm, and on Thursday 10th July a picket is planned from 2pm with a rally from 6pm - 8pm also at Downing Street.

Colombia solidarity campaign / Colombia indymedia / Narconews

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Noborder Camp in Krynki, Poland

06-07-2003 11:14

On the 30. Juni 2003 a demonstration took place against borders, deportations and the new visa-regulations in Warsaw, Poland.
This noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests for a short time.
A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info was prepared.

The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which started on June 2nd.

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Fallout From Recent Protests - Solidarity Update

01-07-2003 18:40

warsaw - women on waves
A noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests. A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info is prepared. The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which starts on June 2nd.
A Financial Call for people arrested and injured during the Evian G8 Protests was sent out.
The Uk supporters for people held in prison following the EU summit in Thessaloniki are sending regular updates [Update #2 | Update #3].

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Leeds Says No To War on Iraq: Round-Up

30-06-2003 23:00

Leeds M27 Protests Mark 1 Week of Illegal War & Target BBC
The anger against the US-UK war on Iraq, which millions saw clearly as a war for oil and US empire, produced the monster international protests on February 15th when up to 2 million people in Britain alone took to the streets of London. Over 40 coaches went from Leeds. Although a strong anti-war movement had already emerged, February 15th inspired the biggest demonstrations that Leeds had seen for decades.

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Thessaloniki EU Summit Protests Summary

23-06-2003 23:00

Protests against the policies of the European Union (EU) took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 17-22 June 2003. Singled out for criticism were the EU's refugee and immigration policies, complicity in the war in Iraq, and slashing of pensions. More than 125,000 people took part. A significant minority of demonstrators went beyond a condemnation of specific EU policies and proposed replacing capitalism with a directly democratic economic and political system. A full overview can be found in the Thessaloniki Action Archive.

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Sunday in Thessaloniki: The conflict continues

22-06-2003 17:58

Nudity in front of the court in Dodekanisou
After Saturday's siege at the university, people could finally walk in and out since the early hours of Sunday, and police, both riot and plain clothes, left the area. People in the building earlier in the night gathered for a meeting and prepared this statement in solidarity with the prisoners.

This building was used for an Independent Media Center (IMC), the radio station and the medical teams. They made a video to show no damage had been done to the building. At noon local time, the occupation was ended peacefully.

At the Courthouse in Thessaloniki there was a solidarity demonstration for the arrested activists. Reports say there were over one hundred arrestes saturday, of whom at least 25 will appear in front of a magistrate. However, this appointment was postponed for several activists. Currently, there are still twenty to thirty five person in jail linked to Saturday's events, all others have been released. The demo at the Court got surrounded. Heavy police attacks and violence... Read information from Indymedia Athens.

Earlier in the afternoon people showed what they thought about the Greek court and police (see picture).


In the afternoon several hundred people demonstrated outside the Courthouse, supporting people who have been arrested. Some of these people have suffered beatings and tortures.Police release here.

sunday evening, from alasbarricadas.

foto's [ 1 | 2 ]

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Thessaloniki Take to the Streets - Saturday

21-06-2003 14:55

Saturday sees the continuation of demonstrations in Thessaloniki. There are reports of more than 100,000 people in demonstrations called by the Greek Social Forum, Action Thessaloniki 2003, and other organizations. Summaries: [1] [2][3].

An international march started at 5.00pm in the city of Thessaloniki, in protest of EU policies on immigration [1|2|3] war, pension reforms and a European common army. An Anti-EU-summit concert with the participation of Greek and international groups is planned for the evening.

Anarchists occupying Thessaloniki University marched this morning through Eganatia street, damaging two banks and a McDonalds restaurant. There are also conflicting reports about anarchists vandalising offices of the Greek Communist Party. The police responded with a lot of tear gas, and repelled the demonstrators. Reports of anarchist marches [ 1| 2 | 3] Photos [1| 2|3| [4]

In the evening the University campus was surrounded by riot police and the demonstrators withdrew into the campus, which police are not legally allowed to enter. The campus is surrounded by police, although everything is reportedly calm at this point. The live stream radio stopped its work. People remaining in the University have constituted an assembly which has issued a declaration. Read the latest information from the university: [1] [2 (audio) | 3 ]

translated --from la haine
--from Neos Marmaras area
-- ImcSwitzerlands timeline

Breaking news as it comes.
Personal reports: [1,2, 3, 4]
Summary: collection and translation of personal reports.

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