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UK G8 2005 Newswire Archive

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Mark 'Stone/Kennedy' exposed as undercover police officer‏

21-10-2010 16:57

This is a statement from a group of people who have considered Mark 'Stone' a friend for the last decade.

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Blast From The Past: Short 2005 Scottish G8 Protest Video Rush

28-11-2007 21:02

A short video rush of a few select moments from the Scottish G8, all filmed on the 2nd and 4th of July in Edinburgh.

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2005.07.06 Gleneagles video

09-06-2007 04:19

G8 Gleneagles June 6th 2005

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Smash G8

30-05-2007 18:09

Dont let the police and authorities by repressive means take away
the iniative.

Also a small group of people can fight against the Totalitarian New World Order.

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POW - Josh Wolf

07-02-2007 12:22

Josh Wolf
I am a prisoner of war.
Captured in the campaign to destroy the press.
A political prisoner accused of no crime,
Another casualty in a civil war for civil liberties.

Josh Wolf

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G8 Trials continue in US from 2005 protest

03-08-2006 17:25

On july 8, 2005 while the G8 was meeting in Scotland a demonstration was held in San Francisco. Now one defendant is to go on trial while another sits in jail for refusing to turn over video footage.

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22-06-2006 23:06

"Man admits G8 attack" from BBC

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G8 2005 - One Year On and We Are Failing the World - Reports

16-06-2006 09:38

Some recent articles and reports one year on from the Gleneagles G8 (from NEF, Oxfam, WDM etc)....

While there was immediate criticism from many NGOs after the final G8 2005 communique, the situation now, just a few weeks before the St Petersburg G8 Summit in Russia, is just as depressing.

Some movement yes, but nothing like what's needed.

As to climate change and energy, well, there's plenty of reasons to be protesting against the G8.

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Guilty verdict in G8 Carnival Case

10-06-2006 08:24

A G8 demonstrator was found guilty of Breach of the Peace and fined £300 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 8th June – despite numerous mistakes, contradictions and omissions in the identification evidence by the police witnesses. The demonstrator had been arrested after being penned into Canning Street for around six hours during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment.
Sheriff McColl stated that she believed the two policemen were credible witnesses – although no-one could explain why not one frame of film shot by the countless police and media cameras present in that confined space had captured the accused charging the police lines, as described by Merseyside PCs Grant and Keith.

Interestingly, the reason for the police tactics of mass detention on that day was openly stated – both police witnesses said that the police had decided to cordon and detain the crowd of 200 plus demonstrators NOT because of anything the demonstrators had done, or were doing – but purely to stop them joining up with other groups of demonstrators in the city centre.

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G8 Police get it wrong --- YET AGAIN !!!

12-04-2006 19:41

Edinburgh yesterday saw the latest in a series of failed prosecutions of G8 cases when G. E. was acquitted of some of the most serious trumped-up charges so far. The antiquated law of “mobbing and rioting” was rolled out on this occasion, with the accusation that G. had been involved in police assault and incitement to riot. The charge carries with it a maximum 5-year prison sentence.

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G8 policing in Sheffield last year

27-03-2006 16:01

If you were hassled by the police for no good reason last June, there might be something you could do about it. You will need to make your complaint to them within 12 months of any harassment you may have recieve from Officer Friendly...

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NUJ drops support for Indymedia?

24-03-2006 17:22

Which hat do you have on?

The National Union Of Journalist held the first part of its Annual Delegate Meeting today. Within the 175 motions to be officially decided during the two-day conference was one of particular relevance to Indymedia...

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Evolution and changes to IMC UK

09-03-2006 18:10

Indymedia has come a long way since the tear gas and rubber bullets of Seattle. There are over 100 indymedia sites all over the world and numerous offshoots ding free radio, print media, and video projects.

Indymedia UK which was launched two years after has itself under gone massive changes since it underwent a radical decentralization and divided itself into regions. Each of these regions has it's own autonomous collective and in many cases they have spawned new alternative media projects in print, radio, and video.

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FBI informant identified in the 'Auburn 3' case contacted Anti-G8 2005 medics

09-03-2006 05:03

An FBI informant identified in the set-up of the Auburn 3 attempted to make contact with the Anti-G8 medics in Scotland 2005. More information needed to determine the extent of her infiltration of the movement...

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G8 Book Out Now!

23-02-2006 12:22

Book Cover
'Shut Them Down! The G8, Gleneagles 2005 and the Movement of Movements', published by Dissent! and Autonomedia is out now and available from or from your nearest radical bookshop/social centre.

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G8 blockaders acquitted amid police embarrassment

17-02-2006 19:51

Two G8 blockaders, Pamela Smith and Keith Malcolm, were found Not Guilty of Breach of the Peace in Perth Sheriff Court today.

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What U Shoutin' 'Bout'?

15-02-2006 18:57

"What U Shoutin' 'Bout' is a multi screen video Installation, whereby multiple TV's are taken over with images, sounds and voices from the global justice movement to create an audio visual montage of rhythms and debate.

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The Indymedia UK News Sheet

06-02-2006 15:43


Scotland after the G8; Radical Social Centers; UK Video Activism; Genoa; WEF in Davos; Zapatista Other Campaign

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G8 Genoa Diaz Trial: British Testimonies and a Personal Report

02-02-2006 18:19


Last week the final British witnesses gave their evidence in the Italian court case against 29 police officers accused of crimes relating to the horrific raid on the GSF Diaz school in Genoa, when Italian police stormed their way into the school and savagely beat scores of people. In the building opposite the police immobilised the grassroots media, smashed equipment and phones, stole video tapes and took the hard drives of the volunteer legal team's computers.

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Sir Bob to save the day as G8 coutries import food from famine stricken Kenya

18-01-2006 16:57

In an amazing U-turn (that will cause jaws to drop on many cynical anarchist anti-capitalist types who were so quick to criticise the well meaning but slightly deluded ex-pop star during his G8 debacle), Sir Bob Geldof has finally seen the light...

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Resisting the G8 2005 - Book Out Now!

16-01-2006 17:25

Out now at a book shop near you, or order copies via: where the full text of the book is also available online!

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Aufheben about the G8 in Scotland

14-01-2006 03:52

Editors` introduction
The prospect of the G8 summit taking place in Gleneagles, Scotland, in July 2005 promised perhaps the excitement of Genoa, Seattle and the other anti-capitalist mobilizations of recent years, on UK soil. But the movement seemed to lose momuntum after the last Iraq war, and some of us wondered wether the protests would resemble more the last few Mayday demonstrations – with protesters held for hours in a police cordon designed to bore people into submission – rather than the exhiliratation and energy of the 1999 Carnival against Capital. Moreover, most of the predicted crowds were mostly expected to gather around the call by Bob Geldof to protest peacefully to “send a message” to the politicans, rather than attempt to close down the Summit.

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The Day the Music Failed

04-01-2006 19:20

A reflection on 6 months after the Live 8 concerts, the broken G8 promises and the silence of the campaign leaders.

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g8 protest worth it ?

28-12-2005 03:22

critique of summit protest strategy
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