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UK Oaxaca Uprising Newswire Archive

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Murder and Other High Crimes in the Lacandón Jungle (Chiapas)

17-02-2007 10:51

Those pulling the strings and doling out the money to the Opddic have economic interests in the jungle’s natural resources; such as, precious woods (mainly mahogany and cedar), water (for generating electricity and bottling), oil and other minerals, ecotourism business opportunities and biodiversity.

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An activist from Oaxaca speaks in London, 17 February, 2pm!

16-02-2007 20:16

An activist from the celebrated Oaxaca struggle is speaking in London on Saturday 17 February.

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OPPDIC destabilizes zones of Chiapas, JBG's denounce

15-02-2007 18:45

The Organization for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (OPDDIC), considered a paramilitary group for years by the indigenous communities of the Selva Lacandona and recently reactivated, is emerging as principal threat to the coexistence of indigenous communities, with the open support of the PRD government of Juan Sabines Gutiérrez.

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OaxacaLibre english weekly

14-02-2007 11:53

The subject of the elections in the APPO assembly

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PRD goes "right" in Mexico

13-02-2007 12:58

Translation El Kilombo Intergaláctico

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Oaxaca, No Sweat and the Fifth International

12-02-2007 07:18

A SPEAKER from Oaxaca in Mexico spoke out the tumultuous events of the last nine months at a packed meeting in Brighton's Cowley Club on Sunday evening.

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Oaxacan Teachers Support the APPO and the Ninth Megamarch

09-02-2007 23:18

New March Proves Movement is Alive; State Government Blocks Access to Public Spaces with Razor Wire and Dogs

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The Movement for Justice in El Barrio

09-02-2007 10:47

Movement for Justice in El Barrio to Present a Message from the Zapatistas in New York

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ya salio: indymedia oaxaca fanzine

07-02-2007 22:12

Krutaay - We are not in a hurry, because we are going far -: the no compromise, autonomous, leader and fear less fanzine, put together by compas around indyoaxaca and others, is now out, is now out.

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Freedom fight for justice, truth, and human rights:

03-02-2007 11:25

Brighton solidarity with Oaxaxa and chiapas Mexicans
who are the targets of state sponsored human rights abuse:

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The Triquis Inaugurate Their New Autonomous Municipality

01-02-2007 01:02

Despite Attacks, Another Popular Assembly Emerges
The Triqui indigenous community of Oaxaca declared its autonomy on January 21

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hope and horror in latin america - solidarity report from london

29-01-2007 02:31

demo flyer
come to the demo today (monday) 2pm - 5pm opposite downing street! calderon is giving a press conference at 2.40 with blair - show him that he's not welcome!

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Germany/Switzerland: protests against the visit of mexican president Calderón

27-01-2007 19:37

german protester hunted by cop
Germany. Protesters managed to get into the park of Castle Belvedere, the place where german Bundespräsident Köhler welcomed mexican president Calderon, who got into office by election fraud and who brutally surpresses the social movement in Oaxaca.

protesters show Calderón he is not welcome. They managed to protest directly in fron of the Hotel Belvedere.

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Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday - Please publicise

27-01-2007 00:01

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor.

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Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday!

26-01-2007 12:23

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor.

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The Battle for Oaxaca

25-01-2007 17:02

A voice from the inspiring struggle of workers, students and social movements in Oaxaca, Mexico; Andreas Aullet will be speaking in Sheffield as part of No Sweat's national week of action on Thursday 15th February.

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Female Oaxacan Student kidnapped and tortured for more than 48 hours

24-01-2007 09:18

"on the 12 of january 2007, we left my house with two students i didn't know well as recently a friend had introduced us during the march on the 10th of this month, they asked me if i could provide them with accommodation as they had limited resources. the little chance we'd had to talk they said they were coming to carry out a field study for their thesis.

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OAXACA: Testimony of a Oaxacan student kidnapped and interrogated

23-01-2007 16:46

English language translation of a testimony of a student who was abducted and interrogated for 2 days with 2 others. Original version in Spanish here:

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23-01-2007 10:28


At, you can download and watch a 25-minute
interview (Spanish, with English sub-titles) with Porfirio Domínguez
Muñozcano, a Oaxacan arquitect almost beaten to death by Mexican ‘security’

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Oaxaca, Mexico - repression and resistance

21-01-2007 01:07

The New Year has seen more brutal repression in Oaxaca, including the murder of teacher Enriqueta Santiago Santiago by a death squad after her abduction on 12th January. Resistance such as street and prison demos is continuing (though with fewer people than earlier) while indigenous Triquis have declared an autonomous municipality. A "megamarch" has been called for 3 February in Oaxaca City.
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