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UK Oaxaca Uprising Newswire Archive

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Chiapas and Oaxaca News May 2010

24-05-2010 17:18

BoCa En BoCa/Word Of Mouth No.5 May 2010

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Terrible attack on solidarity caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico

02-05-2010 18:47

The UK Zapatista Solidarity Network condemns the attack on an aid and solidarity human rights convoy travelling to San Juan Copola in Mexico. 2 people killed by paramilitary gunfire.

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Press Release - Solidarity Caravan to the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Co

27-04-2010 07:40

Caravan of local social movements and international observator tryin toward the militarized area of San Juan Copala, under threat of paramilitaries

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Repression And Resistance In Mexico Part 1 Oaxaca

16-08-2009 21:57

Ruben Valencia Nunez from Oaxaca Mexico spoke in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the end of July as part of a 2 month European Speaking tour campaigning against the criminalisation of social movements in Mexico.

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assassination of Oaxacan social movement leader

12-06-2009 14:52

Taxi driver, Sergio Martínez Vásquez, member of the State Council of CODEP, which is part of the APPO social movement, was shot dead on June 7th in Oaxaca state by paramilitaries in the pay of state governor Ulises Ruiz.

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APPO councillor abducted and tortured in Oaxaca

10-03-2009 14:21

Marcelino Coache Verano’s “kidnapping” between Wednesday and Thursday by an unidentified group left the former political prisoner and Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) councilor with visible signs of torture and first and second-degree burns on his chest and genitals.

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International campaign for an end to the aggression against the prisoners fighti

10-02-2009 12:06

In light of the repression suffered by comrades Abraham Ramirez Vázquez, from Mexico, the comrades of the Magonista Zapatista Alliance request that we put pressure on the Mexican authorities, in our own countries as well as in Mexico, to stop the constant harassment undergone by our imprisoned comrades. We therefore propose that all this week pressure is put on the Mexican embassies in Spain and other countries. The Mexican comrades, attacked time and again, know that it is very important that the government is aware of the international support that they have.

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New Oaxacan Social Centre Attacked by Cops, Fired On.

09-12-2008 18:08

Early on Monday morning, Oaxaca's newest social centre was attacked by State and Municipal Police.

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APPO prisoner on hunger strike

29-11-2008 18:50

Following harrassment and beatings of several political prisoners in Oaxaca, a hunger strike has been commenced to demand their release.

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Oaxaca Is Not Alone: From Coast to Coast, We Demand an End to Repression

26-10-2008 08:46

National call to action for the weeks around October 27 - the anniversary of the invasion of Oaxaca

By Solidarity Without Borders - NYC

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Oaxacan Activists Arrested for the Murder of Brad Will

20-10-2008 17:22

The real murderers
Mexican federal police arrested five Oaxacan activists on Thursday afternoon. At least two were arrested for supposedly murdering US citizen and Indymedia journalist Brad Will on October 27, 2006.

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In memory of SAlly Grace activist raped and murdered in Oaxaca

04-10-2008 12:16

Sally's murder may have passed as yet another case of sexual violence, completely unrelated to her political work with some of the most persecuted organizations in Oaxaca. But Sally's friends in Oaxaca City know that she was being followed as a result of her human rights work and her associations with CIPO and other Oaxacan organizations for whom political violence is a daily fact of life.

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Solidarity and support for VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement

17-07-2008 17:54

Denunication of ongoing repression and call for international solidarity with VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement.

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Christina an eyewitness to the repression.

12-04-2008 14:14

Christina Perez-Alavas tells her story.
An eye witness account of what happened during one of the fatal confrontations between the people of San Isidro Aloapam and the paramilitaries. Christina Peres Alavas explains what happened that day and also testifies that the two dead paramilitaries from San Miguel were killed by their own people not the people of San Isidro Aloapam who are committed to peaceful action. The murder of people from San Miguel by their own paramilitaries is entirely possible as the town (which is under the control of the PRI) has many deep running internal disputes. The confrontation with the people of San Isidro Aloapam could have been used to settle a couple of scores while getting someone else blamed.

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Press Conference by CIPO-RFM at the their Oaxaca headquarters.

12-04-2008 14:07

Dolores of CIPO-RFM addresses the media.
Before we travelled up into the mountains to the threatened forest, CIPO-RFM gave a press conference to explain the nature of the dispute and also to highlight the serious repression that they have been experiencing for a number of years. It took place at their headquarters in Oaxaca city. Many representatives from the Mexican corporate media were present but nothing that the CIPO people had to say was reported in the mainstream press. The local Indymedia did give the event a good write up and also attended the Encuentro (gathering) in the mountain village of San Isidro Aloapam.

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Entering the threatened Forest in Oaxaca.

12-04-2008 14:01

The companero gives us his account of what has happened.
Upon entering the forest one of the villagers gave us some of the history of the region as well as the recent events which had ended so violently for the local people. Visitors were encouraged to ask questions and verify any facts about the situation which were unclear. The forest itself is breathtaking and stretches up the mountain as far as the eye can see. The companero gave a pretty detailed account of what happened during the repression and also named the man believed to be responsible for the confrontation to begin with and the deaths that resulted from it.

We were also shown a tree that had been placed across the road by the villagers from San Isidro Aloapam. Its purpose was to stop armed paramilitaries from the nearby town of San Miguel from attacking the village by road in pickup trucks. The closure of the road has added over an hour to the journey made by villagers wishing to reach Oaxaca city.

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Two indigenous radio announcers killed and four injured in ambush in Oaxaca

09-04-2008 14:43

Two announcers of the radio station ´´La Voz que Rompe el Silencio`` (the Voice that Breaks the Silence) were assasinated on April 7th whilst travelling by car to the west of the city of Oaxaca according to the civil society organisation Centro de Apoyo Comunitario Trabajando Unidos (CACTUS - Centre for Community Support Working in Unity).

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Forum in support of Political Prisoners took place in Oaxaca

19-03-2008 19:37

From the 14 to the 16 of March a Forum to give a voice to political prisoners and spread awareness throughout the country took place in the city of Oaxaca.
During this forum we listened to the denunciations and testimonies of cases such as Atenco, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco where the injustice and the violence of the State manifest, whilst unjustly holding dozens of compañer@s prisoner.

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Oaxacan prisoner David Venegas is released.

08-03-2008 19:37

After 11 months illegal imprisonment, David Venegas Reyes 'El Alebrije' has been released.

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Protest March against Kidnap of Activist in Oaxaca

09-12-2007 00:06

On Friday several hundred marched through the streets of Oaxaca to protest the kidnap last Sunday of Nancy Mota Figueroa, member of the Coordination of Women of Oaxaca (COMO, which is part of APPO). Nancy was kidnapped by suspected cops and released an hour later after being tortured.
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