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UK DSEi 2007 Newswire Archive

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Space Hijackers at the Spirit Of Christmas Fair

13-11-2008 20:28

Agents Arco Iris & Spritely Monkey
Since Clarion events bought the Dsei arms fair, that delightful cornucopia of torture equipment and corporate cash flow, The Space Hijackers have been keen to help their marketing team inform the existing customer base of the new shopping opportunites this expansion will yield.

This time we took our mobile arms fair marketing team to their Spirit Of Christmas Fair

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Pixies attack EDO

10-04-2008 13:55

Smash EDO

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Catholic Workers To Be Sentenced for DSEi Arms Fair Resistance!

18-03-2008 07:50


Photo of DSEi Action,

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Students Call For An End To University Involvement In The Arms Industry

29-02-2008 00:09

On Wednesday 27th around 40 students assembled in front of the Portland Building on University Park campus to hold a ‘die-in’ in protest to the Universities’ involvement with the arms industry. This event was part of a ‘national day of action against University involvement with the arms trade’, and similar events took place at Universities around the country.

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Two Catholic Workers Found Guilty for DSEI "Rivers of Blood" Action!

19-02-2008 06:11

On Friday 15 February, London Catholic Workers Zelda Jeffers and Fr. Martin Newell appeared before Stratford Magistrates for pouring fake blood on Excel Centre, East London the first morning of the DSEI Arms Fair 12th September 2008. The Custom House entrance was closed to both the sellers and buyers as a result.They were charged with criminal damage at one of the entrances to the

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Students Against EDO pay them a visit

08-02-2008 13:42

This morning at 10.30 10 activists from STUDENTS AGAINST EDO arrived at the EDO MBM factory on Home Farm Road, Moulescoomb for a suprise noise demo.

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Smash The Arms Trade Noise Demo 3rd January

28-12-2007 18:06

call out to all anti-arms traders, anti-capitalists, peaceniks, liberals, anarchists and everything inbetween. lets smash the arms trade together!

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Protest Tomorrow at DSEi Arms Fair 'Rivers of Blood' Trial

19-12-2007 20:42

Two suited protesters who doused themselves in fake blood and lay down 'dead' outside the DSEi arms fair in east London in September are on trial at Stratford Magistrates Court tomorrow (Thursday) morning. There will be a protest outside the court, probably including a brass band.

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Trial of DSEi Arms Fair Downing St Protester – Case Dismissed

07-12-2007 23:06

On Thursday morning (6th December), Stratford Magistrates dismissed the charge against pensioner Irene Willis for obstructing Downing Street.

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Trial of DSEi arms fair protester - case thrown out

03-12-2007 18:15

The case of pensioner Gwyn Gwyntopher, who was being maliciously prosecuted for alleged 'trespass' at Custom House DLR station during the DSEi arms fair in September, was today thrown out of court by magistrates in east London on a legal technicality.

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Pacifist on trial: DSEi protest planned on Monday (3rd Dec) in east London

30-11-2007 03:35

A female pacifist pensioner is facing a malicious prosecution for 'trespass at Custom House Docklands Light Railway station' during the DSEi arms fair in September. Her trial concludes on Monday 3rd December, from 9.45 am at Stratford Magistrates' Court in east London (tube: Stratford - jubilee line). There will be a protest with music outside the courthouse.

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First FITwatch trial ends in NOT GUILTY verdicts.

29-11-2007 19:52

Steve Discombe - appeared to order the arrests
The second day of the trial of 2 protestors arrested outside ULU in Malet Street, ended with both defendants being found not guilty by a District Judge. The arrests of a woman and a 14 year old youth followed their attempts to obstruct the civilian cameraman, who was filming people as they arrived for a planning meeting for protests against the DSEi Armsfair which took place at the ExCeL centre in Docklands in September 2007.

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Freedom to Protest March: Stop Hitler's bomb builders buying Brighton base.

29-11-2007 17:53

Demonstration on the 19th of January in central Brighton, protesting about recent police repression at the Brighton bomb factory. There have been 15 arests since August for singing, shouting and generally expressing opinions about the presecence of an arms factory in thier community.

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DSEi stop and search

12-10-2007 16:09

Were you stopped and searched at Dsei?

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Put The FIT Team On Trial - Call for solidarity and resistance

07-10-2007 18:06

9th October, Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court, 9am

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Fighting Fit

05-10-2007 21:34

A personal account of taking on the FIT....

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Elderly pacifist charged for displaying a poster on her back to arms dealers

19-09-2007 09:27

A 66 year old female pacifist, with a freedom pass to travel throughout London, was arrested at Custom House station on 13 Sept, for the crime of displaying on her back a poster saying "Remember the victims of the arms trade". This peaceful elderly woman was handcuffed, manhandled, held overnight, released on bail, and is now awaiting trial on 5th November, with pre-trial review on 4 October.

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Pre-emptive Peace Strike: "Don't Attack Iran" - Wednesday 19th September

17-09-2007 23:40

We are on strike for humanity and we refuse to collaborate with our governments and condemn their aggressive actions.

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Lone protester enters DSEi courtyard

17-09-2007 14:02

A lone protester manage to enter through the first security entrance at DSEi early on wednesday 12/09/07. Acting as a delegate and producing his driving licence, he was able to....

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DSEi protest: Downing Street blockaded, pensioner and legal observer arrested

15-09-2007 10:14

More police misbehaviour as a female pensioner and her legal observer were arrested during a lone silent vigil and blockade of Downing Street in protest at the DSEi arms fair.

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DSEI pix from Tuesday.

14-09-2007 12:42

Inside the secret nerve centre.
The saga of the Space Hijackers and those tanks.

In Pictures.

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Dsei security not fit for purpose

14-09-2007 09:30

As the Dsei arms fair comes to a close, questions will surely be being asked as to why their very expensive security operation allowed a bunch of protesters to get within yards of the Excel centre's east entrance and loading bays.

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Disrupting the DSEi Dinner at the Dorchester Hotel

13-09-2007 23:22

The arms dealers went ahead with their celebration of death but they indeed noticed the presence of a couple of hundred concerned citizens.

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Anti DSei Critical Mass penned under s12/14

13-09-2007 20:21

The Pen
How we all went cycling on a legal protest and got the law used against us. But without finding out why.

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DSEi: Princess of Wales fountain dyed blood red for victims of cluster bombs

13-09-2007 17:05

Anti-arms trade protesters have today dyed the Diana Princess of Wales memorial fountain blood red in outrage at the continuing sale and use of cluster bombs, and the presence of cluster bomb manufacturers at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair, currently taking place at the ExCel centre in East London.
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