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UK Climate Camp 2008 Newswire Archive

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Be The Media at the Climate Camp

30-07-2008 08:02

For this years climate camp the alternative media provision, documtation group and the camp media team are working much closer together to aid communication, reduce duplication of effort and running back and forth and improve the efficient flow of information. Operating under the banner 'be the media' you will find all the stuff expected from an Independent Media Centre, along with the facilities required by the media team to liaise with the main stream media.

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Shell's security company revealed

29-07-2008 21:49

The illegal destruction of Glengad beach in Ireland is being overseen by I-RMS, a private security company with a background in military training. Last week 13 residents were arrested when they tried to question the legality of the work. There have been numerous complaints against unidentified security videoing families using the beach for swimming.

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Turbulence 4: 'Who Can Save Us From the Future?'

28-07-2008 18:29

Turbulence 4
Out now!

Check out:

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ClimateCycle - Woodhead High Peak - Saturday 2nd August

28-07-2008 17:17

Save the Woodhead Tunnel
This year we have a unique opportunity to re-open the Woodhead rail line between Manchester and Sheffield.
Midday, Saturday 2nd August 2008

Join the Save the Woodhead Tunnel Campaign in demanding the Government hold to their promises on sustainable transport and climate change and re-open this historic and important line.

We are holding a demonstration at The Woodhead Tunnel, near Glossop in the High Peak.

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Angry Penguins & Climate Refugees to Visit Climate Criminals

28-07-2008 16:26

A large group of displaced penguins, a homeless polar bear, and several of human climate refugees will cross London Bridge to enter the City of London.

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Attending the Camp For Climate Action 2008 - The practicalities, fun, and fears.

28-07-2008 13:18

Video Title Thumbnail
Views, reassurance, clarification, and enthusiasm from people who attended in 2007, and a little bit of the magic in their words and eyes.

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Sustainable Transport: Climate Camp Style

27-07-2008 13:01

The bicycle caravan heading down to Kingsnorth from Scotland arrived in Newcastle Upon Tyne yesterday.

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26.07.08 Climate Camp press conference

26-07-2008 21:55

UK, Greater London. Climate camp press conference, Harlington Baptist church.
Images from the climate camp press conference, Saturday 26th July 2008.
The climate camp will move this weekend from its location at Heathrow Airport to a new location - Kingsnorth power station in Medway, Kent. This conference aimed to examine the ongoing situation at Heathrow and bring different groups such as Camp for Climate Action, local campaign groups HACAN and NoTRAG), and Greenpeace to discuss a broad strategy against expansion.

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Sumac Climate Action Garden Party: The Pictures 2

26-07-2008 10:48

Sunday 20th July 2008, folks at the Sumac held a Garden Party to raise funds for Eastside Climate Action and to raise the profile of Nottingham's contribution to the Camp for Climate Action.

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Sumac Climate Action Garden Party: The Pictures 1

26-07-2008 10:45

Sunday 20th July 2008, folks at the Sumac held a Garden Party to raise funds for Eastside Climate Action and to raise the profile of Nottingham's contribution to the Camp for Climate Action.

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Sumac Garden Party

26-07-2008 08:52

To raise funds for, and awareness about, the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth, Kent, Eastside Climate Action organised a garden party at the Sumac Centre.

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Open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from NUJ.

25-07-2008 14:47

An open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from the National Union of Journalists.

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The 300-350 Show: Rolling Back Coal

24-07-2008 16:21

We continue our look at the campaigns against coal. This week we explore why the Department for Businesses compromise of "carbon capture ready" just isn't good enough. We also look at the impressive rollback of new coal developments in the US. Will there be a moratorium on unabated coal in the US by the end of the year?

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Community halts illegal work on Special Area of Conservation, Ireland- pls help!

24-07-2008 12:52

The fight goes on- be part of it.
This is an urgent call for support to protect the community and environment of Rossport in Mayo, Ireland. Shell is now attempting to construct the first 200m metres of the onshore section of the pipeline without any planning permission. 13 residents were arrested on Tuesday and this morning a 10ft fence was erected and guarded by40 police & 70 security.
Help is urgently needed. Come if u can. Protest at Irish Embassy, Shell garages etc.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle Confirmed

23-07-2008 21:33

We already knew this but... media regulators today confirmed that the controversial Great Global Warming Swindle 'documentary' commissioned by Channel 4 film was a pile of misrepresentation and misleading crap. The long-awaited judgement from Ofcom said that Channel 4 had not fulfilled it's responsibilities and obligations in airing the documentary which claimed that global warming is not a result of human activities.

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Phones and privacy at the camp for climate action.

23-07-2008 20:48

Traditionally it has been the content of communication that has been
the focus of government surveillance but the police are increasingly
interested in data mining techniques to uncover patterns of
association. Simple data, when stored, aggregated and analyzed using
sophisticated computer algorithms, contains far more information than
is commonly appreciated. Collating mobile phone numbers, and the data
retained by network providers, can provide the police with a powerful
incite into our networks of associations. This is not only an invasion
of our privacy but may also threaten our ability to work together

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EDF French nclear power station leak - UPDATE

23-07-2008 17:52

In July of 2008, 18,000 liters (4,755 Gallons) of Uranium solution containing natural uranium were accidentally released. Due to cleaning and repair work the containment system for a uranium solution holding tank was not functional when the tank filled. The inflow exceeded the tank's capacity and 30 cubic meters of Uranium solution leaked with 18 cubic meters spilled to the ground. Testing found elevated uranium levels in the nearby Gaffière and Lauzon rivers. The liquid that escaped to the ground contained about 75kg of unenriched uranium which is toxic as a heavy metal while possessing only slight radioactivity. Estimates for the releases were initially higher, up to 360kg of natural uranium, but revised downward later. [3]

French authorities have banned the use of water from the Gaffière and Lauzon for drinking and watering of crops. Swimming, water sports and fishing were also banned.

This incident has been classified as Level 1 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

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Welcome to Hoo St Werburgh near Kingsnorth power station.

23-07-2008 16:24

Hoo map
Hello Happy Campers, welcome to our village. Hoo has a very fine pub, a Co-op store and an ironmongers, plus several other useful shops.

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Little Peace Boat on the way to Climate Camp, arrives in Brighton Marina

23-07-2008 10:47

Peter under sail on the "Be Disarming"
Update on veteran peace campaigner,
Peter Le Mare, in his Little Peace Boat,
"Be Disarming"
...on the way to The Climate Camp and then to Westminster, London for this 50th anniversary year of CND peace symbol on Hiroshima Day, August 6, draw attention to the linked problems of Catastrophic Climate Change and World Peace.

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Eviction gets go ahead - Bodge House

19-07-2008 14:07

Activists fortify Bodge House against UK Coal open cast mine and the eviction squad

The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th June have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.
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