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UK Climate Camp 2008 Newswire Archive

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Children's Revolution March From Climate Camp on Kingsnorth Day of Mass Action

07-08-2008 17:26

The Children of the Eco Warriors will lead the Children's Revolution march with children of local residents from the site of the Camp for Climate Action near the Kingsnorth power station on Saturday.

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Climate Camp Radio - Thursday lunchtime show for download

07-08-2008 16:38

Here is the Thursday lunchtime Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at

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Camplife - Pics from Climate Camp and Onsite TV Studio

07-08-2008 16:23

The camp is running fully with dozens of workshops a day.
Pics taken from the Climate Camp photo pool.

These images are Copyright Mike Russell (mini_mouse (st)

For more pictures and for telephone contact details of photographer see:

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World's smallest campaigners scale Kingsnorth smokestack

07-08-2008 15:59

lego activism
Lego activists shut down coal-fired power station.

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Rebel Regatta and Section 21 of the Medway Ports Byelaws

07-08-2008 15:45

Kentnews reports Medway Ports Authority has "empowered" the police to represent them in the "enforcement of Section 21 of the Medway Ports Byelaws".

I can understand the attempt to deter the rebel regatta action, but can't find any relevance of section 21:

Extracts from Medway Ports River Byelaws 1991

21. The Master of a power driven vessel underway shall either be on the
bridge or control position of the vessel himself or ensure that there is
on the bridge or control position a member of the crew who is capable
of taking command of the vessel and, when a pilot is on board, is
capable of understanding the pilot’s directions.

Maybe they are confused with section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act, 1847 - which covers obstruction and road closures for processions.

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Some random snaps from site

07-08-2008 15:28

Chris Davis MP l
Here's some pics, more to follow.

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Audio Voices from Mainstream Media TV Coverage of Climate Camp

07-08-2008 15:24

Short almost 10 minute splice of different voices extracted from mainstream TV coverage of the Climate Camp 08 over the last few days.

There's been so much coverage, with some of it quite well balanced... obviously there's been some rubbish, but i'm pretty impressed overall.

There's been ups and downs what with the police raids and the so called weapons cache and the police feeding out lies, but there's been pretty good coverage of rebuttals from camp, tons of good interviews with campers, and of course the politics and science has also come to the fore, with news stations scrambling to get to grips with the issues. This is just a small sample of the voices that have been heard.

Maybe someone wants to play it on cc radio if people are interested to hear some of the voices?

The audio ends with a short piece from a camper who talks about what it's like at camp, which is the only bit which hasn't been broadcast on TV.

(nb this is just voices, no analysis or anything like the cc radio piece posted a few newswire items earlier)

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Pics from Today's Vopak Agrofuel Action

07-08-2008 14:49

Locked on at the gates
Pics from this morning's blockade and lockon actions at Vopak Agrofuel Depot at Thurrock, which is the largest in the south.

Action press release here:

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Hoo Section 60

07-08-2008 14:34

Local press claims Section 60 in force on Hoo peninsula

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Climate Camp: Audio media review

07-08-2008 14:16

This piece was played as part of Wednesday evenings climate camp radio.

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Photos of Climate Action at Royal Bank Of Scotland HQ, London

07-08-2008 13:47

Some photos of the action at the head office of Royal Bank Of Scotland in London this morning. For more information or to listen to audio from the action, see this article:

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Climate Camp videos

07-08-2008 13:28

Collection of mainstream and activist videos from the Climate Camp 2008 - updated daily.

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Wed: PM Brown and Hilary Benn Visit Camp - Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway Pics

07-08-2008 12:48

On Wednesday 6 Aug campaigners from local group Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway (KCAM) held a publicity stunt featuring big papier mache heads of Gorgon Brown and Hilary Benn (Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as well as a huge model of Kingsnorth power plant.

A faceless corporate stooge from E.ON was also seen embracing Gordon Brown, and smothering Hilary Benn as the Giant caricatures toured the camp.

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Various Early Climate Camp Pics

07-08-2008 11:55

Various pics taken from differrent video sources of the earlier days at Climate Camp 2008

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Resisting Climate Camp Stop and Search (pics) and Police Lies (wed)

07-08-2008 11:28

Yesterday (wednesday 6th August) there were more examples of resistance to the blanket stop and search imposed by police around the Climate Camp.

Following the previous days mass 'walk-in', where a large group of people simply walked through the police search area after complaining that 2 hour waits to be searched were not acceptable, on wednesday a group of around 30 people left the camp as a protest and refused to be searched.

It's interesting to note that the Police later lied about this to the media in their latest press release saying:

"More than 30 people leaving the camp on Wednesday morning with their belongings approached police and told officers they do not want to be associated with any criminal activity. ACC Beautridge commented: 'It is unfortunate for all concerned that there appears to be a hardcore minority, intent on criminal activity or unlawful protest, who are diverting attention away from the issues that most people have come here to raise."

This outright lie was refuted by the Climate Camp media team and on the CC website, but of course it hasn't stopped mainstream media publications from running with the story, with The Herald printing the headline "Coal-power protesters shun criminal activity".

The Climate Camp website hit back saying: "This press release is totally consistent with the police's ongoing campaign to disrupt, deligitimise and smear our campaign against building a new coal-fired power-station at Kingsnorth. Climate camper Terry Graves said, "Another day, another totally unsubstantiated claim from top cop Gary Beautridge. None of this is stopping us from having the conversations we need to have to tackle climate change. We won't be distracted."

There were also several other incidents throughout the day with police being heavy handed over the imposition of searches. The pictures below are video captures from Medway Messenger video filmed by Steve Bodycombe as police move against a group objecting to the searches and the long waits to get into the camp in what their reporters described as distressing scenes. Several arrests were made.

Despite the behaviour of the police, people are still arriving at the camp, although several people are complaining that the police action is designed to put off local people visiting the camp.

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Climate Camp thanks everyone participating

07-08-2008 11:23

A Big Thank You to everyone making the Climate Camp a success even before the main action - this from the CC website :

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Another climate camp action - Students Killed at Royal Bank of Scotland's HQ.

07-08-2008 10:37

Fifteen dead bodies are currently lying in a pool of oil blocking the
entrance to RBS London HQ at Liverpool Street [1]. Students are staging a
'die-in' blockade to highlight the devastating effects of climate change.
The protesters are demanding RBS stop funding destructive fossil fuel
projects which will create climate catastrophe. The action is taking
place as part of the climate camp and is co-ordinated by the student
action network PANDA [1].

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Plane Stupid leaves Camp for Climate Action for protest at Gatwick

07-08-2008 09:04

Nine protestors from the anti-aviation group ‘Plane Stupid’ have left the Kingsnorth Climate Camp to mount a protest against short-haul flights from the nearby Gatwick Airport. The nine climate activists had been planning to protest against the government’s plans to expand Kingsnorth coal fire power station. However continual police intimidation and violence forced them to leave the camp, choosing instead to protest against the popularity of short-haul flights, especially during the Edinburgh Festival, from Gatwick airport.

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Police "strategy" and climate camp autonomy!

07-08-2008 08:48

I have been impressed and inspired by campers resistance to the repeated police encursion attempts. The police are shooting themselves in the foot!

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Climate Activists Shut Down South's Biggest Biofuel Base

07-08-2008 08:15

This morning climate activists from around the country have shut down the
South's biggest agrofuel depot.
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