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UK Climate Camp 2008 Newswire Archive

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At the Birmingham 'Climate Change festival'

07-06-2008 16:41

the sponsors
Anticapitalist climate activists visited the 'Climate Change Festival' in Birmingham this week to protest at the sponsorship of the event by E.On, the very company which this years climate camp will be targeting, and by Crest Nicholson, a major development company known for it's dodgy developments of cheap, and utterly environmentally aggressive build, and to raise awareness of Climate Camp.

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Climate Camp Film Night - Camden, Monday 2nd

01-06-2008 22:20

All welcome - Free Entry!

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Student Climate Project June gathering

22-05-2008 19:19

The Gathering is taking place at Sussex University, 5th June, from 2pm till 7pm.

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Coal Cleaners at E.ON - The Film.

22-05-2008 11:15

The Coal Cleaners are a service recently contracted by E.ON to clean their coal. Using a mix of false capatalist solutions and good old fashioned elbow grease the cleaners went to work on May 1st, as part of the . The cleaners are available for hire; look for them on

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Leave it in the Ground! - 26th May open-cast coal mass trespass and picnic -

21-05-2008 02:11

Hi everyone, there is a public action against new open cast coal mining coming up. The people organising it are a new group and a hoping for lots of people to come, to start building a strong
resistance against the massive new coal mining plans in the UK and elsewhere. It'll be a fun day and a great start to the campaign.

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West Midlands climate camp meeting Tues 27th

20-05-2008 11:24

Tuesday 27th May, 7pm @ Friends of the Earth building, Digbeth

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Hacktionlab a rural hacktivist convergence in June

16-05-2008 15:35

The aim of HacktionLab is to have a convergence where people interested in and/or working in the areas of alternative media, renewable energy, on-line video distribution, free software and any other form of activism that utilises technology.

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Invitation For Workshop Offers At the Camp For Climate Action 2008

15-05-2008 23:11

The Camp for Climate Action is back. And we are planning a jam packed
programme of workshops. If this new movement for climate action has a
chance of winning, we are going to need knowledge, skills and the space to
forge a future where people and the environment come before profit.

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New website: Leave it in the Ground

09-05-2008 23:35

a new website's gone live; it's as it says on the box - leave it in the ground!

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June 14: Climate Change After Party

08-05-2008 23:43

Climate Caper, the after party for Climate Change, London will be hosted by The Synergy Centre.

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Leave it in the Ground: open-cast coal mass trespass, 26th May

08-05-2008 21:14

A new open cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire unless we stop it now.

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RBS Banner Protest in York

01-05-2008 13:12

People from groups across the city and both Universities took part in a banner protest outside Royal Bank of Scotland's central branch in the city. Leaflets were handed out sumarising RBS's climate crimes.

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Cleaning Company Target E.ON on National Day of Action

01-05-2008 07:53

At 07.45 this morning E.ON offices on Pall Mall were targeted by the new upstart Coal Cleaning Company as part of a nationally co-ordinated Day of Climate Action against False Capitalist Solutions.

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Brighton Biofools Day Protest

16-04-2008 12:29

A group of biofuel activists made a colourful banner and flyer tour of Brighton city centre and Sussex University on Tuesday raising awareness around a new law which came into affect as of yesterday. The RTFO or “Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation” has mandated 2.5% biofuels at British fuel pumps from April 15th, and thereby hugely increased UK consumption of biofuels.

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Climate Camp Gathering next weekend - Glasgow

26-03-2008 17:49

The next Climate Camp gathering is heading north to Scotland on April 5-6.
The meeting/sleeping/socialising will all take place at Carnival Arts
Centre, 34 Albion Street Glasgow. This is in Merchant City and about a
ten minute walk from Buchanan Street bus station/Queen Street train
station. See map here:,-95.677068&sspn=45.957536,82.265625&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr

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Invitation to the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth Power Station

08-03-2008 07:58

This summer the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents outside Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent for a week of education,
sustainable living and direct action.

Everyone is invited to the camp, which is now part of an international movement, with eight climate camps on four continents planned for this summer.

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Climate Camp 2008 to target Kingsnorth power station

04-03-2008 14:20

The Camp for Climate Action have announced the location for this years camp to be EON's Kingsnorth coal fired power station in Kent, from the 4th to 11th of August.

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Camp for Climate Action to target Kingsnorth power station

03-03-2008 12:32

Today it was announced that E.ON's Kingsnorth power station in Kent will be the site of this summer’s Camp for Climate Action, running from 4 th to 11th of August 2008.

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The Camp for Climate Action Will be Held in Hyde Park Says the Evening Standard

01-03-2008 05:32

"Eco Warriors plan to hold the next climate camp in Hyde Park near Buckingham Palace, according to a leaked memo received by the Evening Standard" was the story splashed across two pages of the first edition of the London newspaper on Friday, 29 February 2008.

BBC London broadcast exactly the same story later in the day, in spite of the fact that the national meeting of the Camp for Climate Action in Nottingham, which is planning to vote on the location for this summer's climate camp this weekend, had not even started yet.

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Climate Camp National gathering March 1st-2nd

23-02-2008 22:45
Next weekend Nottingham will host a national gathering of the Camp for Climate Action, a movement for a sustainable future beyond fossil fuel capitalism. The camp aims to incorporate constructive practical solutions with education and serious direct action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
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