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UK Climate Camp 2008 Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp Caravan at Oxleas Wood 31-7-08

31-07-2008 19:20

Dr Bike
The ride stops for a rest by the cafe, with workshops, talks displays and demonstrations. Very friendly atmosphere.

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The Coal Hole blogs from Climate Camp

31-07-2008 17:19

The Coal Hole blogs from climate camp.

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Climate Camp Location

31-07-2008 17:14

Grid reference for the camp

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Police invade Climate Camp - more people urgently needed

31-07-2008 17:14

This afternoon over 100 police officers invaded the Climate Camp, claiming to search for material that could be used for criminal damage. Since there are only around 150 people currently on site, more people are urgently needed to make the site more secure. There are reports that several people were arrested.

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Timeline: Climate Camp 2008

31-07-2008 16:32

The timeline has been moved: click here for the new timeline.

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Climate Camp - materials for the Day of Action

31-07-2008 13:47

Any materials relating to the Day of Action, including things that appear to be innocuous (oars, inflatables, pumps, D-locks for bikes and so on) may be seized by the police.

You may like to store such items offsite for collection at a later date.

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The 300-350 Show: Agrofuels and Climate Camp Preview

31-07-2008 13:17

We take a look at the crime against humanity that is agrofuels, as well as previewing this year's Camp for Climate Action.

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Caravan tour of Liverpool St

31-07-2008 10:51

Pictures of the tour of the banks in the Liverpool St area. a twenty pound note was exchanged for pennies and caravaners got creative outside the RBS.

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News from the Climate Caravan

31-07-2008 10:40

General news from the caravan and experiences from caravaners

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Activists beaten by locals on the first night of the Camp for Climate Action

31-07-2008 10:22

Peace broke out on the Hoo Peninsula yesterday evening, as a local youth football team met the Camp for Climate Action under the no-mans land of Kingsnorth Power Station. When the opponents of local football team Deansgate Ridge failed to turn up, people from the climate camp hastily assembled a makeshift team so that the match could go ahead, but were soundly thrashed 7-1 by the fancy footwork of the Hoo Peninsula’s finest.

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Climate Camp Watch out the vikings are coming!

31-07-2008 09:23

The Swedish climate action group Klimax is on its way to Kingsnorth.

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Climate Camp Location & Route (from Nottm or Anywhere)

31-07-2008 07:42

Spread the word

Directions from Nottingham to the Camp for Climate Action are now shown on Veggies diary listing for the Camp at

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Nottingham Riders Set Off For Climate Camp

30-07-2008 23:39


Some cyclists left Nottingham on Tuesday morning to head for the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Powerstation, Kent. The cyclists started their 170 mile journey at the Sumac Centre and are hoping to arrive at the camp later in the week. Riseup! Radio correspondent Jack went along to see them off..

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VisionOnTv to produce daily news shows during Climate Camp

30-07-2008 21:42

VisionOnTv will facilitate the production and distribution of videos from the Climate Camp each day. Social centres worldwide and activist screeners will have access to high quality videos about the actions and the inspiring debates during Climate change action. VisionOnTV will produce alternative news in a coherent, dynamic form so please join in.

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Climate & Capitalism, Climate Caravan Visits The City

30-07-2008 20:04

Penguins invading the southern end of London Bridge ...
Wednesday 30th July, the fourth day of the Climate Caravan traveling to this year's Climate Action Camp in Kingsnorth, Kent. The theme of today's leg was 'Climate & Capitalism', and so, there's probably no better place to point out the links between Climate Chaos and Capitalism's obsession with making bucks out of the depletion of the planet's natural resources, than the Square Mile.

Fleeing penguins and polar bears, and climate refugees on boats migrating due to the devastating effects of climate change, invaded London Bridge at about eleven in the morning, and they slowly made their way into the City of London. The traffic in London Bridge was brought to a standstill for about one hour, whilst protesters gave away hundreds of leaflets and the Camp's newspaper to the passers-by.

The Caravan then moved into the City itself, with a detour through several of the City's main landmarks. It eventually stopped at the global investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, where a long speech was made through the bike sound system about the sort of 'investments' Goldman Sachs are involved in, and how this relates to Climate Change and its effects on communities and the environment. It was also pointed out that Goldman Sachs had already been targeted before by the Justice For Cleaners campaign, for their low standards of employment conditions for the City's army of invisible cleaners.

The Caravan then moved to St Paul's Cathedral where it stopped for a couple of hours for lunch. A photo exhibition was set up, whilst the bike sound system kept playing chill tunes for the participants, as well as for the many tourists that approached it to find out what was all that about.

The Caravan then set off for the meeting point at Liverpool Street station, where it was joined by some more people waiting there. It then moved to the nearby headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where bags full of pennies where thrown at the main entrances to symbolize the corporation's investments in Climate Chaos.

Here there are some pics of the day:

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29.07.08 Climate camp caravan - film stop.

30-07-2008 19:54

UK, London. Oval. Climate camp caravanners watching cycle-powered cinema.
Images from Tuesday's stop for the climate camp caravan as it makes its way from Heathrow airport to Kingsnorth Power Station.
The caravan stopped at the Synergy Centre, near Oval in London. Around 30-50 people watched a film about sustainability in Cuba, on a cycle-powered cinema. Afterwards there was a Q+A session with climate camp staff, London councillors and other green - thinkers.

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Climate Camp - Stay Informed

30-07-2008 19:12

"Deansgate Ridge, site of next weeks Climate Camp successfully occupied, 1km SW of Kingsnorth." - SMS 30/07/08

With the news that the site for the climate camp has now been occupied, information about how to stay informed over the next two weeks is also being revealed.

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latest EF! Action Update: August 2008

30-07-2008 17:26

Sitting on piles of coal, revolting peasants, trashing things & fixing other things together, it's the latest EF! Action Update

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Climate Camp land taken

30-07-2008 15:16

Climate Camp successfully occupied the site for next weeks Climate Camp near Kingsnorth next week.

The site is in a beautiful location with clear views of the power station to the north east.

More pictures and report later.
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