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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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6 July: Join Smash EDO at Elbit Block the Factory mass action

26-06-2015 04:42

Smash EDO is supporting the upcoming Block the Factory mass action at UAV Engines in Shenstone, a subsidiary of Israeli Elbit systems, on July 6th. Please see for updates and further info and follow @blockthefactory on twitter.

Last summer’s assault on Gaza, which killed over 2,200 Palestinians, was one of the most brutal effects of Israel’s ongoing occupation and colonisation of historic Palestine. The massacre was carried out using drones manufactured by Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. In response, activists occupied Elbit’s factory in Shenstone, causing its operations to grind to a halt and costing Elbit over £100,000.

On 6th July, to mark the first anniversary of the assault on Gaza, groups and campaigners from across the UK are going back to Elbit’s factory to demand that the UK stops arming Israel. Join us for a day of creative action in solidarity with Palestine!

Supporting organisations have endorsed the call and will be there taking collective action to block the factory from making these weapons.

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Smash EDO response to supreme court ruling on surveillance

04-03-2015 21:26

This morning John Catt lost his case in the supreme court to have his details removed from the 'domestic extremist' database. Smash EDO have issued the following statement in response to the verdict. For more info see Network for Police Monitoring's analysis here: and for mainstream coverage.

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Barclays blockaded over arms trade shares

19-12-2014 13:14

Today Smash EDO and Brighton Palestine Action blockaded Barclays Bank for an hour before activists were removed. The action was part of a campaign aimed at forcing the bank to have nothing to do with shares in Elbit Systems, Exelis (EDO MBM's parent company), BAE, Raytheon and other arms companies. It comes a month after a nationwide day of action saw occupations of Barclays in cities across the UK

One person was arrested, who had glued himself to the front doors of the bank. He was dressed as Santa wearing a placard which read 'Santa says you've been a very naughty bank this year'.

Here's the initial press report from the Argus

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Exelis developed nuclear power plant bombing plans for the US military

20-03-2014 03:19

A contract document from , parent of Brighton arms maker EDO MBM, reveals the corporation was contracted to assess the potential for bunker buster bombing missions on nuclear power plants.

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Activists Blockade NATO Conference

17-03-2014 20:24

Delegate's car blocked from reaching the NATO conference
Anti-militarist activists have blockade a NATO conference at a stately home in the Sussex countryside.

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Smash EDO Halloween Demo against the arms trade

14-10-2013 19:18

On 31st October at 4pm there will be the usual Halloween Demo at EDO arms factory in Brighton.

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Hands Off Syria

08-09-2013 22:27

URGENT CALL OUT John Kerry is at the UK Foreign office 9th September

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Resist the attack on Syria - Smash the arms trade - demonstrate 3rd Sept at EDO

30-08-2013 10:41

DEMONSTRATE Tues 3rd September - 4-6pm, EDO Arms Factory, Home Farm Rd, Brighton

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EDO Director at secretive UK future weapons conference

30-06-2013 21:40

In April, John Eaton EDO MBM (Exelis) Director of Design, gave a presentation at a secretive weapons research conference on 'disruptive technologies' organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society.

John Eaton has previously attended confrences in the US to present research being carried out at EDO MBM in Brighton into miniature weapons systems used on unmanned drones.

The latest UK conference was restricted to UK nationals with classified security status.

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EDO MBM files accounts showing 2012 business losses

24-06-2013 19:55

Brighton arms firm EDO MBM Technology Ltd has filed 2012 accounts showing poor results for 2012, the year it was targetted by the Smash EDO Summer of Resistance campaign of direct action.

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Direct Action at EDO, Brighton, on Global Day of Action on Military Spending

15-04-2013 12:25

Workers at EDO in Brighton arrived to work today to find the front gates drenched with red paint, symbolising the blood of the victims of the weapons manufacturer.

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Campaigners lock themselves to the gates of arms factory on 10th anniversary of Iraq invasion

19-03-2013 07:11

EDO blockade 19 March 2013
Campaigners have blockaded the gates of a Brighton arms factory on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

A group of activists arrived at the EDO MBM factory at 6am and three of them affixed themselves to the gates using bicycle d-locks and superglue.

The action was held this morning to mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003.

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Activist risks jail,pledges not to answer questions if stopped under Terror laws

11-03-2013 12:46

Tom Woodhead, who is currently being held by Israeli immigration authorities has pledged not to answer questions if British authorities attempt to misuse the Terrorism Act 2000 when he is deported to the UK.

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UK peace activist faces deportation by Israeli occupation authorities

04-03-2013 12:40


UK peace activist faces deportation by Israeli occupation authorities and is set to be detained by Special Branch under anti-terror powers upon return

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Smash EDO: Fundraiser and Gaza demo

16-11-2012 22:04

A quick Smash EDO update about things going on this weekend in Brighton.

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Smash EDO Fundraising meal this Sunday 18th

16-11-2012 11:34

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Videos from last night's Gaza Solidarity demos in Brighton

16-11-2012 11:11

the next demo is 12 noon on Saturday

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Gaza Solidarity Demonstration - Stop the Israeli attack on Gaza

16-11-2012 11:04

12 noon - Saturday 17th November 2012 - Victoria Gardens

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2 Brighton demos in solidarity with gaza tomorrow (thurs 15th)

15-11-2012 00:18

There will be an emergency demonstration in defence of the Palestinian people on Thursday 15th November 2012 at 5.30pm in Brighton at Victoria Gardens in Brighton in response to renewed Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip today which have already claimed the lives of at least seven people, up to many as many as 12, including a seven year old girl and an 11 month old baby. The bombing looks set to escalate with Israel calling up reservists and deploying the navy.

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Halloween haunting at EDO MBM - Demo report 31/10/12

01-11-2012 13:43

Every year the victims of the components made at the EDO MBM factory rise from the grave and lurch toward the Brighton arms manufacturer in search of revenge and living flesh…

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Smash EDO Halloween demo today, 4pm

31-10-2012 13:21

Time for Smash EDO's Halloween noise demo. Today 4pm outside EDO, Home Farm Road, Brighton.

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Yearly Smash EDO Halloween demo, Wed 31st, 4pm

29-10-2012 13:30

It's almost time for the yearly Smash EDO Halloween demo. Dress in your scariest mask and come prepared to haunt some arms dealers.


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Smash EDO Fundraising Meal this Sunday

04-10-2012 13:05

Shutting down a multinational arms company takes money. Come and support the campaign
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