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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Pre-Meeting for Remember Gaza Demo

17-01-2010 13:09


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Trafalgar Square: anniversary of Israeli military incursion into Gaza

16-01-2010 23:45

Two women raise a Palestinian flag in Trafalgar Square
Saturday 16 January 2010: First anniversary commemoration of the 1417 victims of the 2009 Israeli military incursion into Gaza, held in London's Trafalgar Square.

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Wild at Heart SCHnews 705

16-01-2010 15:48

Our comrades at SMASH EDO have announced the location of their Remember Gaza demo... plus, Gaza convoy finally allowed in after being held at port and attacked by Egyptian police, legal observer arrested at Smash EDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade finally overturns charges, European Court rules Section 44 stop 'n search illegal, the Christmas period has seen no let up for migrants in the squats and camps of Calais, and more...

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Need Accomodation before the Remember Gaza demo in Brighton

15-01-2010 18:34

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Dissident Island Radio - back in your earholes tonight

15-01-2010 17:22

so cold....
London No Borders // Smash EDO // Cloak & Dinner // NCH Freeshop // xtrats

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Location Released For Smash EDO Remember Gaza demo

14-01-2010 11:27

For three weeks in January 2009, the bombs rained down on Gaza. At the end of Israel's brutal bombing campaign and ground offensive over 1400 Palestinians had been murdered, including 314 children.

Here in Brighton EDO MBM/ITT manufacture some of the weapons components that devastated so many lives. All over the world thousands of people watched appalled at the carnage on the streets of Gaza. Thousands marched and raged at the destruction of peoples' homes and lives. On January 18th 2010, the anniversary of the final day of Operation Cast Lead, we will come together to remember the people of Gaza.

We will not allow those who supported their pain and profited from their suffering to go unchallenged. We will not let this genocide be forgotten. On the first anniversary after their deaths, we will rise up. We will take to the streets. We will remember...

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Gaza Anti Arms Campaigners to Converge on Brighton Weapons Factory

14-01-2010 11:02

Smash EDO Press Release

Thursday 14th January 2010

Contact Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett on 07754135290 or email

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Cambridge Anti-Militarist Film Night

08-01-2010 16:15

Cambridge Anarchists will be showing the film "On the Verge" about Smash EDO on Sunday 10th Jan. at the Cafe Project, Jesus Lane.

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Under 2 weeks to Smash EDO's J18: Remember Gaza

05-01-2010 21:37

With just under two weeks to go to Smash EDO's Remember Gaza mass event this is a short message to keep you all in the loop.

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1st Anniversary Benefit for Bristol EDO Decommissioners

05-01-2010 00:45

Exactly 1 year on from the decommissioning of the EDI ITT arms factory in Brighton by 6 Bristol anti-militarists (see, supporters of the 6 combine to present a rip snorting fundraiser for the defendants campaign.

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Remember Gaza - Target Barclays - Smash EDO

04-01-2010 22:10

There has been a global call for action from the international Palestine solidarity movement for December 27th - January 18th, the anniversary of the Israeli massacre in Gaza, In the run up to Smash EDO's Remember Gaza mass demonstration on the 18th Jan why not target Barclays Bank, read on to find out why...

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Smash EDO benefit roast today

03-01-2010 09:59

Come and raise some money for Smash EDO by having a lovely roast!

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Local coverage of Smash EDO Remember Gaza demo

29-12-2009 21:24

Bickering has already started amongst readers of the local Brighton paper The Argus about the Smash EDO January 18th Remeber Gaza demo.

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Smash EDO: Remember Gaza, January 18th announcement

23-12-2009 15:01

It is now less than a month to Smash EDO's Remember Gaza event. Make sure that you stay updated!

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Elijah Smith 11 months locked up without a trial

23-12-2009 01:14

The 18th December marks 11 months on remand for EDO Decommissioner Elijah (James) Smith. That’s 11 months locked away in a shitty little cell, deprived of all his freedom, and without any opportunity to argue his case in court. 11 months in prison without actually being found guilty of anything.

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Smash EDO: Gaza Anniversary

17-12-2009 20:25

We are aware that most things tend to take a bit of a break around xmas, but this year the holidays are also the anniversary of the horrific massacres that took place in Gaza from the 27th of December 2008. Predictably, Smash EDO have a few things coming up...

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ITT there is a bomb in the building.Have fun.

17-12-2009 20:07

ITT who own Brighton bomb parts maker EDO MBM almost got bombed themselves back in April this year by one of their own employees.

The evacuation caused by the threat allegedly cost ITT nearly $300,000 in lost revenue.

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Sample Letters 4 ur MP against Israeli War Criminal

17-12-2009 13:39

please send the below articles to your mp to sign

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Smash EDO: Last noise demo of the year today

16-12-2009 10:23

Join us up at EDO for the last noise demo of the year, today between 4-6pm.

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Barclays Bank In Gravesend Picketed

16-12-2009 09:32

Barclays bank in Gravesend
In support of SMASH EDO CAMPAIGN and against banks in general,
on Tuesday 15 December at around 4.15 in the afternoon, a picket was held outside Barclays bank in Gravesend, Kent as part of the Smash EDO Campaign of targeting Barclays banks over their investments in the arms industry.
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