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Mayday 2003: Met Police timeline

repost | 02.05.2003 11:21 | May Day 2003 | London

1920 on May 01 2003 Activity by demonstrators is now centred on the Trafalgar Square area. At present there are no demonstrators within the City boundary, or in close proximity. As a result, there will be no further bulletins posted on this page.

Thank you for your vigilance and support.

1830 on May 01 2003 One male police officer has been taken to hospital where he has received treatment after being hit by a missile. He is not seriously injured and has now been released from hospital.

1720 on May 01 2003 There are currently a group of approximately 400 people participating in a demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

1645 on May 01 2003 The Charm cyclists are in Newgate Street heading towards Tower Hill. Police in attendance.

1639 on May 01 2003 An estimated 80 CHARM cyclists are currently moving eastwards through the City.

1617 on May 01 2003 The 200 demonstrators are currently in Whitehall outside Downing Street.

1605 on May 01 2003 The majority of the crowd has left Trafalgar Square.

1602 on May 01 2003 There have been seven arrests made so far. No further details available at this stage.

1600 on May 01 2003 The TUC demonstration in Trafalgar Square is now breaking up. 200 demonstrators in Shaftesbury Ave - not connected. Police in attendance. Everywhere else peaceful at this time.

1548 on May 01 2003 Police advised the demonstrators of a route they could take to their final destination – Trafalgar Square.

1523 on May 01 2003 There are currently 500 demonstrators in the Holborn/Chancery Lane area. Police are in attendance but no major disruption has been reported.

1451 on May 01 2003 There is currently a group of 100-150 people are holding a static demo in High Holburn. We are policing this group and will facilitate this demonstration. There has been no major disruption or violence.

All members of the TUC march are now in Trafalgar Square.

1410 on May 01 2003 There are 9 SHAC demonstrators in Bishopsgate. Police are in attendance.

1356 on May 01 2003 No major update at this time.

1333 on May 01 2003 The protesters have now left Liverpool Street.

1324 on May 01 2003 There are a number of protesters and a mobile disco outside a restaurant in Liverpool Street. Police are in attendance.

Please be alert as members of this group have a history of building occupations.

1320 on May 01 2003 The TUC March: left on time (13:00), there are believed to be 3000 plus participants. The head of march is at Theobalds Road.

1307 on May 01 2003 CHARM are currently in Parliament Square, they remained static in Whitehall, level with Richmond Terrace, for a short period of time – they continue to be policed.

Approximately 1500 people are gathered in Clerkenwell Green for the TUC March.

A group of approx 30 people are protesting in Oxford Street and Oxford Circus – they are being policed.

1302 on May 01 2003 9 SHAC demonstrators on Leadenhall Street.

1250 on May 01 2003 The incident in Lothbury has been successfully resolved, thank you for your assistance.

The TUC march (approx. 1,000 people) will be leaving Clerkenwell in the next few minutes.

1237 on May 01 2003 Police are dealing with an incident around the Lothbury and Princes Street area. A 100m cordon is in place at the present time. Updates to follow.

1231 on May 01 2003 There are approximately 500 people gathering for the TUC March in Clerkenwell Green. The numbers are slowly rising and the mood co-operative.

At approximately 12:15 around 150 members of CHARM held a static demo in the Strand at the junction with Aldwych - duration approximately 5 minutes. They are being accompanied by police.

The small number of people who gathered at Euston Road, at the junction with Grays Inn Road, are now moving along Pentonville Road. They are being policed. NON ATTRIB: Believed Workers Revolutionary Party.

There are a small number of groups holding demos at various locations throughout the City of London - mood co-operative and peaceful.

1215 on May 01 2003 20 Clean-Up the City protesters are gathering aroung the Wellington statue at Bank Junction.

The CHARM cyclists have moved from Newbridge Street towards the Strand.

1157 on May 01 2003 An estimated 150 cyclists have entered the City via Blackfriar's Bridge and are currently stationary in Newbridge Street.

Approximately 15 SHAC demonstrators have assembled in Queen Victoria Street. There are a further 20 demonstrators outside Farringdon Underground Station. Police are in attendance and are monitoring the situation.

1133 on May 01 2003 At the moment we are seeing a number of small demonstrations. Approximately 50 members of CHARM are gathered at Waterloo Bridge. At New Bond Street approximately 15 people are gathered.

In Bond Street approximately 30 people are gathered.

There are still a small number of co-operative protesters in the City.

A small number of people are making preparations in Clerkenwell Green for the TUC march.

1050 on May 01 2003 Everywhere else within the City remains clear at this time. Police in attendance.

1045 on May 01 2003 The SHAC demonstrators have now moved from Shoe Lane and are heading West along Fleet Street towards the Strand.

1030 on May 01 2003 In terms of the demonstrations London is presently very quiet. There are nine people in Shoe Lane EC4 who are being very co-operative at this stage. People are making preparations in Clerkenwell Green for the TUC march (Approx 12).

0936 on May 01 2003 There are 6 SHAC protesters in Shoe Lane. Police are in attendance, please remain vigilant.

0912 on May 01 2003 The first demonstrators have arrived in the City. They failed in their attempt to gain entry to a building in Undershaft EC3. Now heading towards Monument, police in attendance. THis particular group are SHAC demonstrators. Updates to follow.



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