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Getting involved with Indymedia London

How to get involved with Indymedia London:
Indymedia London is a network of groups and volunteers around London. The main communication tool is the monthly meeting, usually announced on the IMC-LONDON mailing list.

Coming to Indymedia Meetings:
Indymedia London meetings are public and people who want to get involved in Indymedia London are invited to attend the meetings. See here for dates and venue.

How to support Indymedia London financially:
As well as practical involvement, financial help is also most welcome. Indymedia has bandwidth and server provision to pay for on an ongoing basis as well as on-off expenses such as setting up physical indymedia centers at large mobilizations etc. See our bank details for information on how to make one-off or regular payments.

How to View Indymedia London current projects, activities and meetings:

Indymedia Chat Room:
Indymedia also uses a chat room where you can find many volunteers. You can ask a question there and see if your query can be solved.

Getting to Know the Indymedia London Site

Help on publishing your article:
An overview of the publish process & explanations of the pre-publish page and the publish form can be found here.

What is indymedia London's editorial policy?
Our editorial policy is outlined on the the 'Editorial Guidelines' page.

How can I get my work featured in the Indymedia London center column?
If you have an article published already in the newswire, or see a set of articles that make an interesting idea for a middle column feature on the London site, then email your feature proposal to the Indymedia London list: imc-london AT (replace AT with @)

Your feature proposal should be researched, written and html formated if possible, containg the links and media you would like to include (both to IMC newswires or outside sources) A title for the feature and a photo should also be included in your proposal. A period of 24h before publishing is set for people in the list to make comments and suggestions to your feature.

How to find articles on Indymedia?
Indymedia UK uses Google scraper Scroogle for its search.

Read on Security

Help on adding a date to the Upcoming London calendar:
The calendar is the bit at the top of the left hand side column of the site where events are listed, often linking to a more detailed announcement on the newswire or elsewhere.
1. Send the date, time, venue and description to imc-london AT (replace AT with @) You can also include a link to a page with more information if there is one.
2. One of the editorial collective will put it on the calendar.
3. Please keep the description brief: ie, EG Wednesday 8 December, 8pm - PSC film screening, Town Hall, St Aldates

Help on adding to the general UK calendar:
1. Go to the IMC-UK Calendar of events.
2. Next go to 'Add Event' and fill in the boxes for your information.
3. Next click 'add event' button at the bottom of the form.
4. Your event will then be added.

Uploading your files with FTP:
If you have several large files (e.g. audio & video) it is best to upload them by FTP instead of via the publish page. Read on FTP uploads

Copy right & Copy left:
Unless otherwise stated, all contributions are considered available for re-use without seeking permission from the author, as long as those that re-use them allow further free re-use of the derivative work. This is know as Copyleft.

In future, for clarity, we may add a facility with which contributors can specify the terms of publication from a range of off-the-shelf licenses. You can of course specify this in a post now, perhaps by stating that your work is contributed to the public domain, or by using specific licenses from Creative Commons and GNU Free Documentation License.

Help with Multimedia

Help on uploading a photo/image:
On the indymedia publish page you have the option to upload photos or images with your article. Photos should be in a compressed format such as 'jpeg' or 'gif', and should be less than 50k file size and no more then 200k at very most. The width to be viewable easily on everyones screen should be restricted to 540 pixels, certainly no more than 1024. While using an image editor to resize you may wish to add text to the image itself, such as an 'url' (web address) as images can often be detached from captions.

Radio/Audio Help:
The contact for the London radio group is at:
There you will find archives of all London radio postings, and information on when the next radio meetings and shows are talking place. The London radio email is imc-london-audio AT (replace AT with @) should you want to send a mail to get involved, ask a question or contribute audio.

Video Help:
For the best ways of how to watch a video on Indymedia, as well as technical help in encoding and uploading, including useful video guides and general how-to's, see the IMC-UK Video Page

Tech Help:
To ask for tech assistance, as well as offer tech help or suggest tech improvements and ideas please email the IMC-UK Thech list: imc-uk-tech AT (replace AT with @)


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