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19-10-2010 06:30

Crude Awakening Blockade

On Saturday 16th October, Climate campaigners gave the Oil Industry a Crude Awakening, taking direct action against the industry for its role in exacerbating climate change, as well as its devastating impact on local communities and environments around the world. Three blocs starting from three different places, one mass action - "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty". 


04-09-2007 18:50 | 2 additions

Indymedia Oaxaca Tour In The UK, Second Stage

A second round of Indymedia Oaxaca infonite in the UK is starting, focussing on the experiences and struggless the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The tour will begin in Cardiff at the PAD social centre on the 9th where it will also visit people who are fighting the Brecon Beacons gas pipeline. In London it will take part in the Disarm DSEi mobilisations, as well as a planned infonite at the LARC on the 12th. Then it will visit Nottingham on Friday the 14th at the Sumac Centre to continue to Liverpool on the 16th to join in the celebration of the new social centre Next To Nowhere, the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading on the 18th, and it will end at the No Border Camp in Gatwick on the 21st.

There will be talks and discussions with our compañero from Indymedia Oaxaca as well as the presentation of 'True To My Pledge', a video made by MALDEOJOTV to rise funds in support of the women made widows in Oaxaca due to state repression. Click at the Full article link for background information, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

Reports: Nottingham (with audio) | Liverpool


06-02-2007 03:37

Two Days of Action Target Climate Criminals

Over the weekend of 3-4 Feb 2007, actions up and down the country and beyond targeted dangerous 'greenwash' being desperately pushed by corporations and politicians. The actions came in the wake of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released on Friday, which warned of world temperature rises of over 6C by the end of the century. The report indicated that a 4 degree rise would mean a 10% loss in global food production due to draught, flooding, water shortages. While the world slowly wakes up to the magnitude of climate chaos, Shell and Exxon Mobil last week announced record breaking profits. With the figures laid out so clearly, the nauseating hypocrisy spouted by corporations and politicians has spurred action from Paris to Aberdeen.

Links Press release for oil spill action | action report, photos & video | another video | Shell sponsorship background
Other actions Glasgow | Edinburgh | Plane Stupid | Greenpeace
Coming up Protest against ESSO, 9th Feb | Spring into Action
Climate Camp 2006 indymedia page | website | 2007 Camp 14-21st August | next organising meeting 17-18th Feb


05-11-2006 15:38 | 1 addition | 32 comments

Plane Stupid's Day of Action

Co-ordinated actions under the banner of Plane Stupid - including the occupation of Easyjet's London headquarters - took place today as part of a national campaign against short haul flights. Conceived at this summer's highly successful Climate Camp and enabled by the formation of affinity groups in Sheffield, Cambridge, Manchester, Southampton and London, it follows on from the occupation of East Midlands Airport, dubbed Climate Camp 2 in September.

Travel agents closed: London and pictures | Bristol | Manchester | Cambridge | Reading
Other Actions : Easyjet HQ occupation | Leeds/Bradford airport protest | London Rising Tide invade CAA | Day of action in Manchester
Background Information : Climate Camps 1,2&3 | Plane Stupid website | Blair's speech at launch of Stern review


20-10-2006 17:21

What Lies Beneath Shell's Wild Lie?

Roving version of the Shell's Wild Lie counter-exhibition

Shell is the third largest oil company in the world. It is also the new sponsor of the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. On wednesday 18th of October, as guests began to queue up outside the museum's main gates for the awards opening ceremony, London Rising Tide activists turned up armed with banners, boiler suits, animal costumes and a Shell Wildlie counter-exhibition, all bent on ending Shell’s sponsorship deal with the Natural History Museum [Report and Photos]

The action was received with wide support by the assembled crowd. Many agreed to register their disgust once inside the museum, and to sign up to London Rising Tide's statement opposing the sponsorship deal.

Past London Risisng Tide Shell Actions: Carnival shuts Shell station on County Mayo Day of Action | Ogoni & Bogoni Solidarity vs. Shell | Greenwash Guerrillas Target Shell Chairman's Lecture.

Related links: Statement to End Shell's Sponsorship Deal | Art Not Oil | Natural Petroleum Gallery | Rising Tide UK.


17-06-2006 03:38

World Naked Bike Ride

York Road Peleton

On 10th June, people in over 50 cities around the world took part in naked bike rides as a protest against oil dependency and car culture. Between 600 and 1000 cyclists, along with a few rollerskaters, rollerbladers and others took part in the London event.

Full Report and Pictures.


08-12-2005 22:33

Thousands join International Day against Climate Change

December 3rd was propagated as the International Day against Climate Change. Worldwide, demonstrations and protests had been announced to coincide with the meeting of the World Leaders in Montreal. Thousands marched today as London's contribution to the International Day of Climate Protest. A wholly peaceful demonstration wound its way from Lincoln's Inn Fields, via Thames Embankment, Parliament Square (where there was a brief sit down) and Downing Street to - astonishingly - the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Read more >>

02-12-2005 21:11 | 2 additions | 2 comments

No to Air Expansion As Climate Issue Hots Up

a banner on the bridge
A coalition of eco-activists, climate change campaigners and local airport residents demonstrated in London outside the gala dinner of the the world's largest aviation industry conference on Tuesday 29th November. The area was heavily policed with mounted officers and dogs and pedestrian access to Tower Bridge bridge restricted. Aviation delegates arriving at London's Tower Bridge Walkways were greeted with a noisy protest and a brief attempt to block the route of delegate coaches was made.

Reports, pictures and video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | video | Cambridge | Edinburgh | Australia

Earlier in the day it was reported that Earth First activists distrupted the aviation conference [report]. The campaigners were opposing plans to expand runways and drawing attention to the fact that aviation is one of the fastest growing cause of climate change. The actions also coincided with the begining of the UN Kyoto "COP 11 / MOP 1" Climate Conference in Montreal, Canada, which runs until 9th December [Official website | Climate Justice Convergence Centre | Climate Justice Blog]

On the same day Tony Blair's 'pro-nuclear' energy review speech was also disrupted by Greenpeace activists at the annual CBI conference [GP report | earlier Downing St. 'coal' blockade report]. Campaigners are now preparing for the International Day of Climate Protest this Saturday, 3rd December, with climate demonstrations planned in over 30 countries - see UK Details | International Info. A late summer Climate Action Camp for 2006 has also been recently announced.

Also see: Climate Change IMC | IMC SouthCoast Runway to Ruin Feature (Nov 05)
Indymedia Pre-G8 2005 Climate Change Resources + Reports |
SchNEWS on Nuclear Power Craze | PlanetStupid | Stop Climate Chaos Coalition | Pledge To Take Action Against Airport Expansion | Raised Voices: Climate Testimonies | Heathrow's Third Runway challenged by villagers


11-11-2005 20:51

Hangings Outside the Shell Centre for Ogoni Day

In November 1995, nigerian writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 of his colleagues, were executed by Nigeria's military regime for campaigning against the devastation of the Niger delta by oil multi-national Shell. Yesterday, activists from London Rising Tide and supporters dropped nine nooses infront of the Shell UK headquarters on London's South Bank to highlight the anniversary of Saro-Wiva's murder. The demonstrators also highlighted the current struggle on the north west of Ireland, where Shell is set to transform a remote conservation area in County Mayo into an environmental disaster zone which carries serious public health and safety implications.

See Reports and Photos: 1 | 2. Videos: 1 | 2

In Aberdeen, Scotland, there was also a solidarity action with the Ogoni people, and in remembreance of Ken Saro-Wiwa. See Report and Photos.


12-06-2005 15:40 | 1 comment

Untested and in here - Sainsburys GM feed week

On Sunday (12th June), eight protesters stripped naked to expose the continued sale of products derived from animals fed on genetically modified crops. The naked demo preceded a separate week long series of events outside Sainsbury head office in London. The Milk Monitor website describes the campaign as "a week long extravaganza of street theatre & protests against GM animal feed".

Read full article for daily updates and details of each days events. Read more >>

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01-12-2012 11:40 | 1 addition

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09-08-2008 20:39 | 1 addition

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09-08-2008 16:05

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