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18-04-2008 11:21

Streets A Beach - The Indymedia Story

indymedia at Roxy Mon 5th May

Ever wondered just how indymedia started? or where it came from?

Free Event - Monday 5th May

As part of a season of events exploring the political and cultural legacies of 1968, this free Monday Love Special at the Roxy Bar & Screen will present the history of indymedia,
from the hills of Chiapas to Reclaim The Streets, Genoa and the G8

with guest attendant and Master of Ceremonies, MC Lee Harris, footsoulja of '68

Live music, DJ's and anarchy till 1am


29-01-2008 18:13 | 1 addition

Monday Love Returns....

Monday Love at inSpiral Lounge
Monday Love returns with a one month residence at The InSpiral Lounge, Camden Lock.
For the valentine month of February, Monday Love will be bringing you the finest in uptown, underground, raise your spirit and blow your mind live music, film and real life grassroots media.
Feb 25th - Monday Love 'Oil & Culture'
Come down for the last Monday Love of the season
Documentary films Source an award winning film about BP's Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, presented by Platform Londons own Mika.
Live Music from Ruth Theodore and Hip Hop Poetry from 'The Assembled Servants'
DJ Snuff bringing Protest Reggae, Funk & Hip Hop from (Speakers Corner)
free entry to all those who believe in something more than money & fear


13-11-2007 09:22 | 1 comment

Developments at rampART

Breaking News December 12th: rampART gets eviction papers. The rampART social centre in London today received court papers for repossesion on the grounds of Tresspass. The hearing date is the 20th Dec. A meeting of all the effected groups/individuals to discuss a response and plan what will happen over the next month or so, will take place on Monday December 17th at 7pm

The rampART social center in East London has been open for over three and a half years, hosting thousands of meetings, screenings, performances, exhibitions and benefit gigs. During that period the building and resources have steady evolved to adapt the demands of its users. Now gentrification approaches with property developers planning to partially demolish the squatted houses next to the social center and build three new properties at the back.

The rampART itself is under no immediate threat and regular activities continue as normal with Food Not Bombs, Rhythms Of Resistance, Radical Theory Group, Dissident Island Radio, WANC, and a new homeopathy clinic among the regular users. Coming up are a benefit for 'Papers For All' and an indymedia training session. Meanwhile the rampART collective is taking stock of its past and looking to the future with a special users meeting taking place on the Sat 17th Nov. All groups that have used the space or might like to use the space are invited to take part in discussions about how the social center is being run and the direct it should take in the coming year.

Links : The rampART and its evolution | Developers make their move on Rampart Street | Rampart Update in Indymedia Offline #21 (oct07) | Free food criminals | Reclaim Your Health | Load of WANC | Indymedia training session - be the media |

Events : Thursday - bands and distros | Friday - Papers for All fundraiser | Saturday - rampART user meeting, plus party


29-04-2005 10:25 | 2 comments

Pedal Powered Revolutionaries

In 1992 in San Francisco cyclists started riding together monthly to assert themselves as traffic in a ride that became known as Critical Mass. Since then Critical Mass has spread to over 300 cities around the world and become a common feature of protest culture.

To celebrate 10 years of critical mass, over 800 cyclists took to the streets in London last year with a bike samba band, live guitar from a rickshaw, multiple sound systems, mad bikes the like of which have to be seen to be believed. It was massive, and it happened again on Friday April 29. At least 500 cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboards joined the 11th Annivesary in London [photos 1, 2, 3, report]. There will also critical masses in Glasgow, Liverpool and Nottingham [photos] - and probably other cities around the country as well.

On Saturday 30th April there was a successful mass "against climate change, pollution and the G8" in Worthing, Sussex. Meanwhile, in Sheffield on June 11th and the 15th there are more rides to coincide with an anti-war demo and the G8 meeting of Justice and Interior Ministers in Sheffield taking place 15th/17th.


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Text Tower Hamlets Council may never knowingly lie - so what's up on this impasse?
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19-11-2014 18:52

Text The Windsors: 23 reasons why they must be compelled to answer police questions
17-11-2014 21:35

Text Eric Pickles "vs" George Galloway! Galloway's RETURN to East London!
12-11-2014 17:14

Image Execution of "Occupy Democracy" and the Banality of Evil
29-10-2014 13:05

Text Yorkshire Ripper farce - new fake TV documentary
27-10-2014 13:30

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10-10-2014 11:59

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08-10-2014 12:07

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30-09-2014 11:40

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21-09-2014 11:30

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21-09-2014 00:34

Image Well the referendum is over but how much was it influenced by outsiders?
20-09-2014 14:09

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20-09-2014 11:46

Video ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal - Schillings' threats
13-09-2014 20:01

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13-09-2014 19:42

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19-08-2014 19:23

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10-08-2014 17:09

Image March for Gaza, London, 9th August 2014. PICTURES.
09-08-2014 21:03

Image Demo for Gaza in Newcastle Saturday 26th July 2014
28-07-2014 15:11

Text Starting a help account for cats in need of help
30-05-2014 12:18

Image Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - 26th April
23-04-2014 16:01

Text Tower Hamlets - could the BBC & Private Eye be leaving out 'UK National' angle?
16-04-2014 16:23

Text Is Anti-Fascism returning to Europe?
19-03-2014 11:26

Audio RIP Bob Crow - who told it like it is - RMT General Secretary
11-03-2014 13:31

Text Racism in the Netherlands/Party for Freedom, Wilders and the poison of racism
03-03-2014 02:24

Image The under-representation of Aboriginal people in the Media
27-02-2014 01:29

Text Suicides of bank executives, fraud, financial manipulation and Tony Blair
16-02-2014 21:29

Text ZAC Goldsmith can make a small difference if HE is honest!
14-02-2014 14:42

Text "The Lancet" : Another front in NATO's psychological warfare against Syria
09-02-2014 19:28

Text bristol & bath suv's loose air
07-02-2014 13:15

Image Should Cameron be prosecuted for recruiting Brits to fight in Syria?
05-02-2014 10:41

Image US to step up war on Syria after Geneva
02-02-2014 14:28

Image Syria: Who are the real war criminals?
25-01-2014 11:51

Image Behind NATO's propaganda outlet for progressives - the Guardian's board members
11-01-2014 12:52

Text Dutch police officer, who shot Rishi Chandrikasing, acquitted/Licence to kill
11-01-2014 02:36

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28-12-2013 11:48

Image Join Barcelona In Ending Bloody Barbarism Of Bullfighting
18-12-2013 19:14

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05-12-2013 15:53

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26-11-2013 02:54

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27-10-2013 18:11

Text Anniversary of Tower Hamlets Council being changed for the worse
22-10-2013 01:45

Text Catholic among the Pigeons
20-10-2013 10:18 | 1 addition

Image Brighton talk by anarchist writer
12-09-2013 09:45

Text U.S. Government Plays God with Whistleblowers
22-08-2013 21:33

Text Silence of elected post holders on the Bangladeshi-on-Bangladeshi violence
15-08-2013 16:37

Text Ian Tomlinson was condemned by BBC News presenter Chris Eakin within minutes
06-08-2013 01:27

Text Watching the BBC's newswatch?
08-07-2013 13:59

Text KHOODEELAAR! SCOOPS BBC Sunday Politics Programme about Tower Hamlets Council
07-07-2013 21:03

Text OathKeeper Movement Ignites U.S. White House Fireworks Freedom Anyway
03-07-2013 21:52

Text Ofcom duty to have standards on satellite TV Channels in communities' names
03-06-2013 12:43

Text First ever Bilderberg Fringe Festival to take place in Hertfordshire
02-05-2013 00:06

Image The Thatcher Legacy, the Legacy of Dependency.
21-04-2013 22:36

Text Make tower hamlets Council truthful - or a local 'mayor' may sink as Ken did!
21-04-2013 21:59

Text Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore
07-04-2013 06:34

Image Police Liaison Officers – Intelligence gathering, self-policing and the dangers of talking to the police
14-03-2013 11:22

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20-11-2012 04:53

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17-11-2012 16:08

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10-07-2012 20:48

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29-11-2010 00:22

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17-10-2008 11:51

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15-10-2008 18:26

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15-10-2008 16:24

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15-10-2008 16:22

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13-10-2008 19:48

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02-10-2008 14:01

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29-09-2008 10:43

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23-09-2008 03:54

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14-09-2008 14:44

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14-09-2008 13:49

Image 9/11, The global Peace Strike, the Peace Plan and Dr Aafia Siddiqui in pictures.
13-09-2008 12:30

Text Georgia: A Change in the Balance of Forces in World Relations.
14-08-2008 18:47

Image Bush and the Georgia-Russia conflict (by Latuff)
13-08-2008 23:25

Image US Armada En Route to Persian Gulf:"Naval Blockade" or All Out War Against Iran?
13-08-2008 21:11

Image Imperialist Olympics in Caucasus (by Latuff)
13-08-2008 12:59

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