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30-10-2006 00:00 | 1 addition

No More Fallujahs

Peace Camp in Parliament Square

28th and 29th October saw a weekend of Nonviolent Resistance in London against the Occupation of Iraq on the 2nd anniversary of the US/UK massacre in Fallujah culminating in an unprecedented 'unauthorized' Peace Camp in Parliament Square defying the SOCPA.
Personal Accounts:here and here and Rikki’s Report


22-03-2005 14:19 | 1 comment

Mass Anti-War Protests Mark 2nd Anniversary of Attack on Iraq

Peaceful pink protestor or golden global gangster?

Around the world, anti-war protests have been held on the 2nd anniversary of the attacks on Iraq [see global pictures].

On Saturday 19th March in London, a massive protest took place, passing by the US Embassy where members of the Military Families Against the War laid a coffin to remember the 100,000 plus dead caused by the war. Organisers claimed up to 200,000 people had marched through the streets of London. [see Short report | Statement to Blair + Bush | Policing Pictures | Anti-war Demo Pics | Samba Protest Pics | Creative Protest Images | Stop the War Demo Pics | Troops Out Images | Portrait Pictures | OutRage! Protest | Samba Surveillance | Policing Pictures + Report | US Embassy Pics | Assorted Protest Pictures | Picture Story | Placard-spotting Pics + Report | Summer of Dissent | Video Clips]


18-02-2005 16:16

Anti-War Action: F15 Rememberance and Protest

On the anniversary of the massive international February 15th Anti-War demonstrations in 2003 (largest anti-war demonstrations in living memory), people throughout the land paused to remember the dead and to protest against war. In London a 'die-in' protest outside Parliament briefly blocked traffic [pics | 2]. In Glasgow the Day of Civil Disobedience saw an army recruitment office closed for the day and people blocking roads (as well as a high level of police surveillance and initmidation).

Other events took place in Brighton, Bristol [pic], Cambridge, Oxford, Menwith Hill, as well as Canterbury, Edinburgh, Greenwich, Lewisham, Plymouth, and Leeds. In Swindon a naming the dead event took place, while Nottingham saw an anti-war Critical Mass bicycle protest. In Stirling [2] in Scotland, a protest was also held outside an Army recruitment centre.

Upcoming are the March 19th - International Anti-War + Anti-Neoliberalism Protests, which coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the 'Shock and Awe' attack on Iraq and the Brussels EU Summit, with protests expected across Europe [see call for PGA Blocs]. Here, the Stop The War Coalition, CND and the Muslin Association of Great Britain has called for a massive Troops Home" national demonstration in London, while the Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War and Justice for Gordon Gentle Campaign have called a Troops out of Iraq March and rally in Glasgow. In the US, protests are expected in over 50 cities. March 19th also marks the start of 'Counter Terror: Build Justice' - an International Month Of Peace Action.

See also: Update on Fairford Five Appeal | Stop the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill - the right to protest in Parliament Square under attack - and reports 2, 3, 4. Read more >>

21-03-2004 15:32 | 5 comments

Anti-War Protests Mark One Year Anniversary

Protests have taken place in over 300 cities across the globe with millions of people marching on the first anniversary of the attacks upon Iraq (see global protest pictures).

There were protests in several cities around the country, including Glasgow [1,2, 3] and Bristol [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. In London the Stop The War Coalition demonstration saw tens of thousands filling the streets throughout the afternoon in a march from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square (see photo reports: one, two).
Photos: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15
Videos: 1 | 2 | 3
Read report of an arrest after videoing a police FIT team.

Earlier two Greenpeace climbers had scaled Big Ben to unfurl a banner reading "Time For Truth". (NB the Indymedia UK servers were down for much of the day and throughout much of the evening)

See also:
Video from Dublin | Video & Photos from NYC | Report and Pics from Barcelona | Photo Gallery from Madrid 1+2+3

18-03-2004 22:56 | 15 comments

Tenth anniversary of Operation Roadblock against the M11 link road.

On the outside of destruction site fences
This is the second part of a series of articles on the tenth anniversary of the protests against the construction of the infamous M11 link road that was bulldozed through East London. Following the siege and eviction of Wanstonia, we decided that, for the next part of the campaign, we wouldn't passively wait for the next house demolitions to be carried out by the thugs hired by the Department of Transport. All of us were absolutely determined to stop this iniquitous road scheme from progressing further and we wanted the campaign to be much more proactive. We staged Operation Roadblock as a month long period of continuous direct action against all the destruction caused by the road. This part of the protest resulted in more and more people becoming involved for the first time in direct action campaiging on many other issues besides transport.

Read more on this event and pictures

17-02-2004 00:40

Tenth anniversary of the siege of Wanstonia M11 link rd

This guys clothing had been ripped off during a tug-of-war over his body.
Ten years ago hundreds of anti-road protesters were evicted from a row of houses in Wanstead by an army of 600 police, security guards and bailiffs. The houses were flattened to make way for the infamous M11 link road through East London. This and many of the following protests were to define the way for increasingly diverse direct action for years to come.

Read more on this event and pictures
Download [video] of Wanstead Eviction (MPEG 2.8M 1 Min 11 Secs)
See also Road Alert post (flyers, links to M11 gallery and video)


11-02-2004 12:30

F15 - Anniversary Celebration Audio Stream

pnw logo

The Peace Not War Festival, starting 12 Feb, is four nights of live music, Speakers, film, photography, and art at the Hackney Ocean. It celebrates the anniversary of the mass demonstrations against the war on 15 Feb 2003.

An audiostream was planned but didn't happen see here


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13-09-2008 12:30

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19-07-2008 14:45

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29-06-2008 20:18

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20-06-2008 15:49

Text London Free Film show: Doc on Revolutionary black unions in Detroit 1970's
17-06-2008 17:14

Text Atenco Political Prisoners
17-06-2008 15:42 | 1 addition

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10-05-2008 14:45

Text Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.
02-05-2008 12:53

Text habeus corpus - round 2 - challenging bail, prison license, docks and bollocks
23-04-2008 18:57 | 1 addition

Text Zimbabwe and the Power of Propaganda: Ousting a President via Civil Society
16-04-2008 11:44

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15-04-2008 14:02 | 1 addition

Text Peter Hallward's "Damming the Flood" - Part I
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12-04-2008 09:28

Text DJ Snow is a bent judge and a blithering corrupt idiot
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07-03-2008 18:17

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06-03-2008 10:25

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23-02-2008 16:49

Text Judge Stone - are you stoned?
22-02-2008 11:49

Text Mayday 2008
21-02-2008 10:36

Image Flashback: F15 2003 - London Anti-War Demo
19-02-2008 17:25 | 2 additions

Text A Catwalk Through Time: Charity Fashion Show
13-02-2008 23:36

Text DJ Nicholas Evans - please get your head out of your arse
31-01-2008 07:49

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25-01-2008 14:54

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27-11-2007 17:56

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13-11-2007 21:15

Text The rampART and its evolution
11-11-2007 17:17 | 1 addition

Image 2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007
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17-09-2007 15:19 | 3 additions

Text Red Saunders remembers the battle of lewisham
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12-09-2007 21:13 | 1 addition

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20-08-2007 00:50

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09-06-2007 22:23 | 3 additions

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Text "Bollocks 2 Blair" needs to be clearly defined... please help!
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22-04-2007 00:19 | 3 additions

Generic 3 nights at RampARTs on Colonialism, Racism & the fight for Justice
20-03-2007 12:14

19-02-2007 11:01

Audio A Clash of Civilisations?
04-02-2007 22:09

Text Jan 11: Guantanamo Bay 5th Anniversary 'Celebrations’
10-01-2007 16:11

Image Close Guantánamo: Demonstration on the 5th anniversary
09-01-2007 23:14

Image 11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London
11-11-2006 18:52 | 1 addition

Text show solidarity with refugees in Calais the 4th anniversary of Sangattes closur
29-10-2006 16:31 | 1 addition

Image Battle of Cable Street - 70th Anniversary
10-10-2006 19:30

Image SOCPA - anniversary sleepover in parliament square
30-07-2006 09:50

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