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3 nights at RampARTs on Colonialism, Racism & the fight for Justice

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Anti-Racist/Confronting Colonialism Residency at RampART Creative Social Centre - Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd & Sat 24th March

3 nights at RampARTs on Colonialism, Racism & the fight for Justice
RampART Creative Social Centre
15 Rampart Street, off Commercial Road, LONDON, E!
Nearest Tube Whitechapel, Aldgate East, Shadwell

Thursday 22nd March - WE MUST NEVER FORGET
Films about victims of Institutional Racism in the UK, featuring:
BRITAIN'S BLACK LEGACY, JUSTICE DENIED (about the death of Joy Gardener),
and TASTING FREEDOM (about the struggles of asylum seekers in detention
filmed 14 yrs ago). With Director Ken Fero. Films from 7.30.

A night of political discussion and historical debate, plus live music, 7-12
With the African Peoples' Socialist Party, South Asia Solidarity Group and
Bolivia Solidarity Campaign.
(Live music 10-12, featuring Mad Scientist & Galaxy High tbc).
Film-showing of “After the Storm” at 7.
Benefit for the Detainee Support Network
Food and refreshments provided

Saturday 24th March, ART & SOUL - VOICES FROM DEATH ROW
Fundraiser to save another innocent victim of the State of Texas
Film screening of the controversial US film ‘DEADLINE’
Guest Speakers, Live Poetry Readings & Open Mic Session
Art work from Tony Ford and other death row inmates


Thursday 22nd March: Films about Institutional Racism in the UK: WE MUST
Films from 7.30pm onwards, with introductions by director Ken Fero,
BRITAIN'S BLACK LEGACY (Dir: Mogniss H. Abdallah and Ken Fero/45
minutes/1991) From the 1958 Notting Hill riots and the murder of Kelso
Cochrane through to the murder of Rolan Adams in Greenwich in 1991, black
communities have fought in the streets and in the courts for the basic human right to live without fear of racial attacks. The film focuses on several cases of self-defence such as the Mangrove 9, the Bradford 12 and the Newham 7 as well as racist murders and community response to incidents such the New Cross Massacre, in 1981, in which 13 black children were killed and which was followed by The Black Day of Action. The film looks at the question of racist attacks in schools and on how policing of black communities led to revolts and uprisings in all the major towns of Britain during the seventies and eighties.
JUSTICE DENIED (Dir Ken Fero/50 minutes/1995): about the death of Joy
Gardener in police custody in 1993. 'Justice Denied ' hears from members
of her family about Joy's death, reports on the reactions to it in the Black community, examines two other deaths related to immigration control, that of Kwanele Siziba and Joseph Nnalue, and asks what are the political circumstances that allow these deaths to happen. The film follows the
struggle of Joy's family in their fight for justice and for the truth to be exposed, and the wide-spread cover-up that followed.
TASTING FREEDOM (Dir KenFero/50minutes/1994)
'Tasting Freedom' documents the struggles of asylum seekers in Britain for recognition of their basic human rights and investigates abuses on asylum
seekers in detention centres and prisons. The documentary gives a startling account of how people who have come to Britain to find freedom are instead persecuted. The film contains unprecedented interviews with detainees who speak about the abuses they have suffered under Britain's immigration laws and documents deaths in detention centres and prisons including that of Zairian asylum seeker Omasase Lumumba who was killed by prison officers in Pentonville in 1991.

Friday 23rd March, 7pm start

Confronting Colonialism
A night of political discussion and historical debate, (plus social
featuring Afrolution tbc, 10-12)
with the African Peoples' Socialist Party, South Asia Solidarity Group and
Bolivia Solidarity Campaign. Food and refreshments provided

organised by The Legacy of Colonialism Forum
benefit for the Detainee Support Network

On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade

The end of the trade in peoples' lives was replaced by the trade in peoples' livelihoods, through corporate globalisation and liberalisation?

Could the uniting of solidarity campaigns that challenge neoliberal advance at the cost of environmental/social collateral damage better inform us of how our activism could break through to affect radical transformation?

the evening:
7pm: Film showing of "After the Storm" (1992, Ken Fero, about the experiences of a settled Arab community of Iraqi, Palestinian and Yemeni children, writers, political activists and steelworkers and the pain and anger experienced by the community during the 1991 Gulf War. It examines how Arabs are attacked and despised in the media and how this is manipulated to sway public opinion in times of war).
7.30 - 8: Presentation followed by discussion from the African Peoples'
Socialist Party, subject: strategies of the African revolution in this current period of imperialism in crisis, the rise of the leadership of the African working class at the expense of African petty bourgeoisie and the imperialist bourgeoisie, in the context of capitalism in decay.
8-8.30: Presentation by South Asia Solidarity Group about the 1857 Santal
uprising against the British Empire, and it's legacy, particularly in terms of the continued feudal lower-caste oppression in Bihar, and the Maoist insurgency. SASG will also give an update on the recent massacre of women and children in West Bengal, by the CPI (M) government after local people resisted the government’s enclosure of their land.
8.30-9: Presentation by Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, featuring a short film, about the Fight for Public ownership of Bolivia's mines in 2006.

9-10: Talks and discussion, about strategies for the future
10-12: Live music & soundz from Mad Scientist & Galaxy High(tbc) plus

Saturday 24th March 2007

Migrant Media
in association with
The Campaign to Free Tony Egbuna Ford

presents in a show of US & UK solidarity

Art & Soul

voices from death row

Fundraiser to save another innocent victim of the State of Texas

Art work from Tony Ford and other death row inmates
Film screening of the controversial US film ‘DEADLINE’
Books, Prints, Injustice music CD & Film on sale
Guest Speakers
Live Poetry Readings & Open Mic Session

Speakers will include Rachael Ford – Tony’s wife, Brenda Weinberg – Chair of the United Families & Friends Campaign & Tippa Naphtali – founder of the 4WardEver Campaign and cousin of Mikey Powell

There will be poetry reading of works by death row inmates

and an open mic session

(Art Display 4.30pm – 6.30pm & Film Screening & Poetry 7pm – 12midnight)

Entrance is free but donations are encouraged

Info: 07770 432 439 or 0560 271 3085

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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