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23-02-2013 10:01 | 4 comments

Eileen House opened by Self-Organised London as new social space

Self-Organised London Social Space has now been opened in a squatted office building near Elephant and Castle.

Eileen House on 80-94 Newington Causeway, a 1960s office building, has now been empty for years. Its redevelopment has been subject to a protracted and contested debate between Southwark Council, Oakmayne developers, local residents, the famous nightclub “Ministry of Sound” (located opposite Eileen House) and – the mayor of London (see PDF). After numerous months of haggling and bureaucratic warfare, it’s time to reclaim Eileen house for the public and the interests of the Elephant’s residents!

On Tuesday night, 19th February, a number of social centre collectives squatted Eileen House as a direct action against gentrification. As a selforganised London Social Space, we want to propose & exchange ideas for radical alternatives, serving the needs of the many vibrant and organic communities around E&C!

For this reason we will put on a number of events, talks, discussions, film screenings, music nights and much more for the first week (see below). All residents and Londoners are more than welcome to pop in for a cuppa, discuss matters, attend our events or just have a good chat! During this first week we are really happy for people to come mby, have a look around the building and maybe give us a hand with setting up the space, while on the long run, the opening times will be from Wednesdays till Sundays, 2-10 pm.

Links: Self-Organised London Social Space | Crews:
No Shoes No Roots | DIY space for London

From the newswire:
Fight gentrification! Reclaim regeneration! For self-organised spaces... | Siege of The Elephant | first protest on london shard viewing platform | News from the Library Street Social Centre | Southwark Council leaks it's own Confidential Regeneration Agreement


10-09-2010 03:08 | 2 comments

SchNEWS: Caravandals - Hovefields Gypsy Site Eviction

Hovefields Gypsy Eviction

The Hovefields Gypsy/Traveller site in Essex has been evicted this week. At the time of writing, a group of these families are still on the road without anywhere to stop, having been also evicted from two other sites they tried to move on to, all within 24 hours. In fact it is illegal for them to stop anywhere as a group, as they are more than six live-in vehicles.


29-07-2010 01:18

Crown Court rules against Surveillance of Meeting

The Crown Court cleared three activists of the charges of "obstructing the police" on Friday.

The Inner London Crown Court ruled that police surveillance of a public political meeting had not been proved to be lawful and that the police had failed to provide any evidence that they were pursuing a "legitimate aim". The three activists were arrested at a meeting called by London NoBorders in June 2008 when they protested against the surveillance of the meeting by "Forward Intelligence Team" - Report.


29-07-2010 01:06

No more democracy village

80 days ago the democracy village set up on parliament square. Now it has gone. After losing the court hearing on 16th July (press release), and sending a call out to stand up for democracy, the eviction started just after 1am on Monday night. The public square was fenced in and democracy out (pics | video), and the two people in D-locks couldn't stop this. No one was arrested, but calls were made for a day of non-violent direct action today and a people's assembly this Saturday 1pm.

See the democracy village newswire at

Report| Speech


08-07-2010 13:02 | 8 comments

Democracy Village

The appeal by Democracy Village after last week's High Court ruling will be heard at 10.30am this Friday (9th July) at the appeals court. In the meantime the camp is still going on strong, having started 'Operation Rolling Thunder', more – an ongoing programme of non-violent direct action. The village is calling out for people to come down and help on multiple fronts: to come and do actions, to help with the site, keep it tidy and maintain the gardens. There is a particular call-out for those with direct action skills and experience.

Previous newswire postings: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Photos: 1 2


28-09-2008 02:02

The Library House

Very near Myatts Fields and not far from Laughborough Junction station, the Library House stands right behind Minet Library (and it looks like it used to be part of the library services but left empty?).

It is run by a group of local south londoners that are currently fixing it up and already dreaming and preparing events. It aims to be an open house for the local community, and right now lots of work is going on, specially to sort out the electricity.

Report on the occupation Opening Announcement


17-07-2008 20:52

Teachers Occupation Defends Wembley Sports Ground From Privatisation

11-07-08: Supporters Gather At Wembley Tent City

Breaking News: Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied. Support Needed | Grass Roots Alliance for Social Spaces (GRASS) Call Out | Eviction Postponed for Wembley Sports Ground; New Threats.

The Wembley 'Tent City' Occupation located on Wembley Park Sports Ground, was opposed to the plans for a privatised Wembley Park Academy school to be built on one of the few remaining green areas accessible to the local community for sports training. The campaign is in keeping with the wave of resistance [more] to new school academies up and down the country. The Wembley Ark Academy is an American and British educational charity sponsored and run by a group of millionaire merchant bankers and currency speculators, led by french/swiss and multimillionaire Arpad Busson. The Ark Academy is estimated to cost around £30 million of public money yet it would be privately run.

The re-establishment of the 'Tent City' started on the 30th of June, following last year's permanent occupation of the site that lasted six months, and which saw tree houses being built. The site was then only vacated when the protestors won a year’s extension on the lease. Wembley teachers and their local supporters argue that after more than two years of campaigning to keep the community sports grounds out of the private sector, they are now not going to give in without a fight, as the building of the planned Wembley Academy is part of Brent council's drive to privatise schools, turning education into a profit making business instead of a basic human right beyond the 'logic' of the market.

On Tuesday 15th July Brent Council representatives sought a court order for the immediate eviction of the site, but by the afternoon around 50 local people had turned up to show support, and the eviction didn't take place. On Wednesday 16th, teachers and local people continued the occupation despite renewed threats of forced eviction and possible arrests. They took permanent positions on the roofs of the building next to the sports grounds, with at least one protestor locking on to the main mast. By then it was generally expected that the final eviction attempt would happen soon and 'by surprise, probably in the early morning, and so they renewed their call for urgent solidarity and for people to go up there and show their support. On the early morning of Friday 18th, the teachers and their supporters' expectations came true when specialised bailiffs turned up at 6.30am and finally removed the last protestor resisting on the roof, who had the support of the crowd that had gathered at the site's gate [Report and Video]

Reports and Photos of the Occupation: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Protestors Video Interviews and Coverage: 1 | 2


11-04-2008 11:35 | 4 additions | 1 comment

Side stepping the property ladder in London

Squatters Estate Agents, putting people places
Coinciding with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces a new squat was opened in Shoreditch and a series of events took place in autonomous spaces around London.

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening with a social meetup and info night with fils and cafe at the rampART social centre and acoustic bands and performances at the NOID gallery.

On saturday, the newly opened social centre opened it's doors with an art-exhibition, films, workshops and discussions. It also hosted a free shop and very popular squatters estate agency. Also during the day there was a demo at a homeless hostel in London.

Saturday evening saw several hundred people partying at the Hackney Social Centre at a benefit gig for the Advisory Service for Squatters with Headjam, Skints, Ras Simeon Judah, 52 Commerical Rd and Pinstickers. Another benefit took place at the Wominspace.

Also see international days of action summary.

London followup @ Bowl Court Squat, Sat 19th


23-03-2008 22:12 | 3 comments

Latest from London Social Centres

Since the new year, three new social centres opened in London. The first of those, known as RAMpart2 has already been left empty after the owners were granted an IPO. The new Hackney Social Centre has also lost its court case already and has an eviction date set for the 15th April 2008. There is also a new womens run social centre opened shortly before the international womens days, which also has its eviction date set for April. Read more >>

10-03-2008 02:33 | 1 addition

Reclaiming Our Food

Nuff Said!

The weekly vegan open picnic has recently faced growing repression from Police and consistent support in the community.

People taking part in Brixton's Reclaim Your Food weekly action faced arrest last Sunday 2nd March 2008 as they challenged the legitimacy of a Dispersal Order issued by the Lambeth branch of the Metropolitan Police.

Police (consisting of a mix of PCs, CSOs and higher-ranking officers) were waiting for the collective before they even arrived. They came equipped with a mobile surveillance van, 2 regular Police vans and 2 Police cars.

The first arrest came as a result of a refusal to comply with the Dispersal Order placed upon the group, the second for attempting to establish the legal basis for such an arrest. The Dispersal Order, made possible by the controversial Anti-Social Behaviour Act, was issued in response to an alleged Section 5 Public Order offence - defined as causing harassment, distress or alarm. However, when questioned, the Police failed to provide adequate evidence to suggest that such an offence was taking place.

Thankfully, the long arm of the law did not stretch to the Bicycle Repair Workshop or those making Puncture Repair Kits and Wallets from recycled and sustainable materials. These were welcome additions to the Town Square, which was reclaimed as a fully-functional public space for all...with room for a bit of a dance to the chilled reggae/dub soundsystem!

Despite all the Police intimidation and generally not fantastic weather, a good time was had by most people who turned up or happened to be passing by! - Same as today 9th of March when there were no arrests.

The collectives involved in Sunday's action are keen to welcome anyone who is interested in any aspect of the project to come along - Bring food to share. Instruments. Sound Systems. Practical Social Activities. Or just yourself!! All welcome.

The project will continure to meet at Brixton Town Square (by Coldharbour Lane, opposite the Ritzy Cinema) from around 2/3pm every Sunday. The town square is well on it's way to being a free public space, for anyone to use. This does not figure in the plans of the Police and Local Government, who are intent on seeing through gentrification of the area. Every Sunday at approx 3pm in BRIXTON TOWN SQUARE, opposite BRIXTON LIBRARY

Reports: 17 feb | 3 march (1) | 3 march (2) | 3 march (3) |

Video: 3 march (1)


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