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Its Time To Get Out The Chalk! - Global Chalk4Peace2008 - Sept 13 - 21st
During the week of international peace events
"Our Streets Are OUR Media"
WE have TOTAL access -
"We CAN Make the difference"

Chalk Is No Crime
Chalk Is No Crime

"for your local organiser LOOK in the mirror"
In 100's of cities around the world Chalk4Peace 2008 Sept 13-21

Please copy this & forward this to your contacts

This is non political campaign- whether we are left, right or
centrist,PEACE is in all of our interests, especially our children

United Kingdom...United States...Egypt...Austria...Germany...Canada...
Ecuador...Puerto Rico...France...Chile...Iran...Iraq...Mexico...Spain...
Italy...Cypress...Israel... In hundreds of towns and cities - Everywhere!

Changing The World By Changing The Conversation"

Mission Possible "Our World Working For ALL of Us"

We CAN Make THE Difference!
THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 13th - 21st Chalk4Peace!
On the pavements and sidewalks of our towns and cities

You are invited to Take Action! -
For your local organiser, LOOK IN THE MIRROR

(Scroll down for "WHAT CAN YOU DO?" to Participate in this
GLOBAL outpouring of public art. Where we make
our personal statements for peace on the pavements and sidewalks of
our cities all over our world.")


It takes very little to participate in the global chalk4peace , all
you need is a piece of chalk, you can chalk anything you want: a
heart, a smiley face, a word a poem or a flower - on a wall, a
pavement somewhere, anywhere!

Tell all your friends - broadcast this Chalk4Peace ACTION Everywhere! - my space
face book and beyond - this can spread faster than 'flu, break the surface & appear in the mainstream media.

See the face bookg event for more details

Invite people to join you, if you have extra chalk, people will want
to join in 'cos its so much FUN!
Get together in groups, organize chalk4peace parties picnics, print
leaflets, send press releases.
Your participation can be as big or small as you want
Bring some color into the grey streets & turn our cities into gigantic
art galleries

All around the globe, together we are decorating, dedicating and
declaring, in deep sincerity our collective call for peace.

Chalk4Peace is about our empowerment. We The People, our global
culture, all people everywhere and our common desire to live in peace.

Whether you are chalking4peace with a group or at an event or just solo,
make sure that you have chalk with you always - we can colour our grey streets,
colour our world the colour of peace.

Our whole culture is a product of our conversation - words - media

Our cultural media is broadcasting fear and war, let us use the media that is available,
that is our streets, our walls, our pavements to create a new powerful conversation for peace

"ring the bells that still can ring - there is a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in"
............. leonard cohen "anthem

chalking4peace is an act of social acupuncture

"There is nothing wrong with our world,
we are just having a weird conversation"
"Reclaim the conversation"
"Our New World Order IS Love

google "chalk4peace" and "chalk for peace"
see how many are taking part - its growing every day

The Chalk4Peace project has already transformed the experience of
thousands of people attending demonstrations for peace and public
gatherings all over the
world during the past 3 years. Chalk4Peace is both a tool and a
conduit for non violent public self expression,
and participation in the growing global movement for peace.

Chalk4Peace is an opportunity for all of us of all ages to make our
feelings known, especially the young, whose future is in dire jeopardy
as our global village falls faster and faster into the fear breeding
fear breeding fear spiral.

Our global culture is teetering on the edge of extinction.

No one person alone can turn this around, but together WE CAN!

"The Structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, one
party,or one nation. It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative
effort of the whole world"
... Eleanor Roosevelt

Our basic human instincts drive us to seek safety. This is what this
chaos is all about.Our essential human survival instincts are acting
out of context with the wider global cultural need resulting in
mistrust, fear and conflict.

Everywhere the media is bombarding us with WAR TALK, distractions and
negative belief patterns that encourage us to believe that the future
of our world is out of our hands entirely.

One place we still have communal access to, is OUR STREETS.

We can balance our GLOBAL CONVERSATION with collective self-expression

Chalk4Peace is one step, a catalyst that can transform our global
conversation as we the people, en masse make our statement that is our
common aspiration for peace.


Carry some chalk with you, invite a friend with you, to chalk
inspirations on the pavement whenever and wherever you fancy.

Chalk is harmless, cheap and washes away within a few days.

Especially PARTICIPATE in the Sept 13th - 21st

Make it happen in your Community!

(Scroll down further for "WHAT CAN YOU DO?")

Lets us turn our grey streets into a living river of colour and
possibility - With poetry, hearts, peace symbols, empowering
statements, also
expressions of our frustrations and despair.

All will be seen for several days by thousands of people, then as they
are washed away by the elements WE CAN CONTINUE to find fresh places
to Chalk4Peace.

We don't need to be an artist to Chalk4Peace. Every statement, however
small or large becomes part of the amazing tapestry that is our
global future.

This unique event conceivably, could be the largest of its kind in
modern history.

It is a global effort that is happening.

We The People are spreading the word and making the effort to be a
part of this huge creative endeavor to bring Peace back into the equation.

It is our goal for at least one million or more of us to participate
with this sidewalk/pavement chalk extravaganza, at thousands of
locations, in as
many countries, cities and towns around the world as is possible.

So WHAT CAN YOU DO to help make this happen?

1. NETWORK this email to your friends, contacts and where ever else
seems appropriate

2. JOIN the Yahoo group

or send a blank email to:

also facebook group

To network with others around the world who will be Chalking4Peace.

to let us know what you are doing in your community, and please send
us pictures. Or to find out how you can participate in the project.

4. ARRANGE with you local businesses, libraries, churches, mosques,
synagogues, restaurants, supermarkets etc to chalk on the pavement
outside their premises during the 13th to 21sr of September and whenever

IDENTIFY public squares such and invite
all your friends and your friends' friends to show up with a few
boxes of chalk, or even get some from your local quarry.

TAKE extra chalk with you to hand out to passers-by.

5. USE this Email as a press release for you local TV, Radio and
Let them know that Chalk4Peace is happening ASAP to get the
momentum going.

6. DOCUMENT YOUR Chalk4peace actions with photos and video.
Send them to your local media - copies for our website will be greatly
appreciated - send to:

7. ENGAGE co-creatively in local communal efforts, strengthen
working relationships and find what it takes
to stand for peace and freedom.

8. Have lots of FUN and keep on
Chalking4Peace after the September event.

"FUN The Final Frontier"

How did Chalk4Peace begin?
"Message in a bottle"

for Chalk4Peace locations in America

Its time for us to move beyond the "No to War" position and come
"Saying Yes2Peace"

"If we don't create our future, our past will create it for us"
Lets skip the war bit and just get to the peace

Greet someone new today,
look into their eyes, smile, say hello,
shake their hand ...


We Are S.Y.N.E.R.G.Y

"There is nothing wrong with our world,
we are just having a weird conversation"
"Reclaim the conversation"
"Our New World Order IS Love
Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
All the children and
All the children to come

Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
All the children and
All the children to come

We Are S.Y.N.E.R.G.Y

Profile @

Sunrise Celebration

The Synergy Project video

Waveform/Earthdance documentary

The Movement For Peace Enters A New Phase

"This is what democracy looks like"

Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
All the children and
All the children to come

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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