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04-10-2004 20:41 | 10 comments

Preparations for the ESF in London

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people are expected to come to London this month to attend the third European Social Forum taking place between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th (although many other ESF related events start earlier). Around 1,000 people have been registering per day and paying £20 or £30 to attend (nb the first 20,000 will recieve a free three day travelcard). The ESF will be a massive event that will see hundred of seminars, workshops, and cultural events taking place at Alexandra Palace and in the Bloosmbury area of London. However, with less than two weeks to go before the ESF begins, there is a potentially politically embarrassing severe accomodation crisis, with thousands wanting to come from europe unsure if they can afford London prices and requesting free accomodation. Recently several coordinations of the Babels volunteer interpreters threatened to quit over what they claim is a looming accommodation and reimbursement crisis [see response].

APPEAL: If you can help with providing free communal accomodation or homestay during the ESF, please contact either the official accomodation people or autospaces(at)

Stop Press: The Guardian says that the Millennium Dome for ESF Accomodation

Over the last year the ESF organising process has repeatedly been accused of being untransparent and non-participatory. Accusations have centred around the actions of the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Action and the political and financial control of Mayor Ken Livingstone's Greater London Authority (GLA). Much has been written about this, for a sample see: UK NGO Letter | | Radical Philosphy Critique | ESF technology, media centres, and politics | Enrager | Weekly Worker (extensive reports)

Partly in response to this there are now several Autonomous Spaces and initiatives with well over two hundred workshops and seminars and other events scheduled from Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th (read more).

Indymedia is organising a four-day Indymedia centre to facilitate reporting and DIY media production. Themes will include Surveillance and the Security State, Biometric ID Cards, Migrants and Noborders, Gender, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Creative Commons, Corporate media and Alternative media etc. Thursday 14th sees the European Forum on Communication Rights, Friday 15th sees a full day programme including a workshop and launch presentation on the "Eyes on International Financial Institutions (IFIs)" film portal website []. Saturday also sees the 10th Birthday Conference of SchNEWS.

Other alt-media initiatives includes an ESF Breakfast Radio Show on Resonance FM and 24/7 streaming ESF coverage from rampART radio. Further sources of information will include info-points located at the Camden Centre, the rampART and LARC.



12-03-2004 23:00 | 26 comments

The European Social Forum is coming to town!

ESF Florence 2002
On the weekend of March 6/7 the European Assembly of the European Social Forum (ESF) came to London to decide whether the UK proposal to hold the ESF in London this year would be accepted. Late on Saturday afternoon, after difficult and at times heated debate it was agreed that it would be.

The accepted bid is for a forum on October 15-17, centred at Alexandra Palace, with fees around £30/40 for unwaged/waged (£10 cheaper if pre-paid), accommodating 20-40,000 people without using "spillover areas" (more). This contrasts with Paris where the average fee was around 10 euros and 52,000 people attended - but the Paris organisers were given millions of euros from the government. Read more >>

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Image Demo photo
21-10-2004 12:42

Image Pix of ESF 2004, Thu 14 Oct 04
21-10-2004 12:17

Image Pix of ESF 2004, Fri 15 Oct 04 - Set 1 of 3
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Image Pix of ESF 2004, Fri 15 Oct 04 - Set 2 of 3
21-10-2004 11:49

Image Pix of ESF 2004, Fri 15 Oct 04 - Set 3 of 3
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Image Pix of ESF 2004, Sat 16 Oct 04 - Set 1 of 2
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Image Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 4 of 5
21-10-2004 10:41

Image Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 1 of 5
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Image Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 2 of 5
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Image Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 5 of 5
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Text Trust you had a successful and productive social forum
21-10-2004 00:17

Image pictures of registration at Conway Hall, Thursday, 14th of October, London
20-10-2004 21:24

Image Pictures of solidarity protest in front of US embassy, London, 12th of October,
20-10-2004 20:51

Image pictures of Indymedia Centre and EFCR
20-10-2004 17:37

Image Pictures from the E.F.C.R. and IMC center
20-10-2004 17:12

Text Res fm/Indy-london show streaming links here 20/10/04
20-10-2004 15:11

Text ESF Outcomes: We should go deeper, to find more links between movements
20-10-2004 07:47

Text Anti-Racist Groups Accuse Lee Jasper of Playing 'Race Card' re ESF
19-10-2004 23:50

Text This is all desparately sad. We can not let it end like this.
19-10-2004 23:09

Image Kings Cross Detention of anti-capitalist block
19-10-2004 22:52

Image Photos of Indymedia "block" and ESF demo - London 17 Oct
19-10-2004 22:33

Image pictures of noborder demo on Thursday at Victoria station
19-10-2004 22:07

Text COBAS Union condemns UK ESF organising committee (swp/sa/gla)
19-10-2004 21:54

Text The Trots will destroy ESF
19-10-2004 19:38

Image Photos from the anti-war march at the end of the ESF.
19-10-2004 11:11

Text ESF Actions Video
19-10-2004 09:25

Text All arrested in connection with ESF free again
19-10-2004 08:20

Text "Unwelcome anarchy at the ESF"
19-10-2004 07:39

Text Ken Livingstone's Special Advisor Accuses White Anarchists of Racial Violence!
19-10-2004 03:43

Text IMC Solidarity Missing From ESF Assembly of Social Movements Declaration!
19-10-2004 01:52

Text ESF demonstration and actions wrap-up
18-10-2004 23:46

Text arrest video
18-10-2004 22:22

Image O17 London: A protestor's eye view
18-10-2004 20:53

Image [picture report] Samba against war in london
18-10-2004 20:52

Text A Love Declaration to the WOMBLES
18-10-2004 20:34

Image Report of anti-war march and rally in London October 17th 2004.
18-10-2004 17:57

Text ESF Coverage - Mainstream & Indymedia
18-10-2004 15:32

Text Report of the Sunday - arrests and betrayal facilitated by official ESF
18-10-2004 12:23

Text When the Dust Finally Settles...
18-10-2004 11:59

Text Translation of ESF report from Athens indy
18-10-2004 10:36

Text Clowns versus Pro Capitalists at Leicester Square
18-10-2004 02:01

Text video of carnival day for the creative forum and ESF
17-10-2004 22:52

Text stage storming attemt at Trafalgar square
17-10-2004 21:56

Text Some comments on ESF
17-10-2004 21:21

Text Clown Army at Charing Cross
17-10-2004 19:42

Text Anti- ESF process action at Trafalgar Square report, Sunday, 17th of October
17-10-2004 18:35

Image Diversity at the London ESF demo
17-10-2004 18:11

Image Indymedia takes to the streets.
17-10-2004 17:10

Text ESF future: We should go deeper, to find more links between movements
17-10-2004 17:02

Text People detained in king kross ldn, sunday 14:03
17-10-2004 13:06

Image European Social Forum events
17-10-2004 10:15

Image Backwards Intelligence Team (FIT surveillance cop piss take)
17-10-2004 02:09

17-10-2004 01:33

Text Guardian / Observer: "Anarchists storm European Social Forum"
17-10-2004 01:28

17-10-2004 01:02

16-10-2004 23:02

Image alt-space warrior
16-10-2004 22:46

Text Babels coordinators statement
16-10-2004 22:23

Image storming the palace (more pics)
16-10-2004 21:20

Text Assembly of Social Movements And Anti-Ken Livingstone Intervention
16-10-2004 21:15

Image Livingstone AllyPally speech replaced by protest
16-10-2004 20:57

Image storming the palace (report and pic)
16-10-2004 20:28

Text ESF: "In the name of democracy..." ?
16-10-2004 19:54

Text Ken Livingstone cancels speech at ESF
16-10-2004 18:33

Text Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination worship outside Selfridge's
16-10-2004 14:45

Image Some more impressions of the ESF [picture report]
16-10-2004 14:44

Text police video teams at beyond esf
16-10-2004 13:18

Image IMC Party photos at Camden Center
16-10-2004 12:26

Text Police Presence At ESF Accommodation
16-10-2004 10:24

16-10-2004 09:29

Text nuff radios.. bring a kettle!
16-10-2004 02:57

Image Indymedia Centre @ Camden Centre (pics)
16-10-2004 02:18

Text photos :: Beyond ESF and action reclaiming public free transport
16-10-2004 02:01

Text Circle line party part 2
15-10-2004 23:11

Text Circle Line Party Report
15-10-2004 22:48

Image FREE Peace News, plus comment re LITTER!!
15-10-2004 22:42

Text Insurrectionary Imagination experimenting in London
15-10-2004 18:36

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Image European Social Forum Starts!
15-10-2004 09:45

Text Precarity: New forms of exploitation, new forms of resistance at Beyond ESF
15-10-2004 09:14

Text ‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’
15-10-2004 06:24

Text Take action against British complicity in the US executions
14-10-2004 22:35

Image pictures from Noborder demo in London, Waterloo Station/Eurostar
14-10-2004 21:58

Text No Borders at London Waterloo
14-10-2004 19:36

Text No Borders Activists Get Past Passport Control!
14-10-2004 18:28

Video ESF: SW arrest at Conway Hall
14-10-2004 17:20

Text Banned Canary Wharf Demo is ON!!!
14-10-2004 14:02

Text NUS protests against religious right at ESF
14-10-2004 11:31

Image week end to in calais:camp refugees solidarity
14-10-2004 10:12

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