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Mr. MI5 Roger S. Smith a.k.a. Smithy - your cover is blown

Mrs. Charity Sweet | 23.02.2008 16:49 | SOCPA | History | Iraq | London

I spy with my little eye...

22 Feb 2008

Judge Stone - are you stoned? WTF?
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8:37 p.m. 21/02/08 – notes

I spy with my little eye…

Mr. MI5 Roger S. Smith a.k.a. Smithy – your cover is blown

So the story goes…

I received a text message from Barb earlier this evening. Mr. Brian W. Haw caught Smithy entering the courtroom from the judge's entrance and not the public entrance. Oops. WTF?

As I had to leave court early, I witnessed Smithy standing around, outside the courtroom, looking out of place, all by himself: billy-no-mates. No other coppers present who had previously perjured themselves, on the day, as witnesses for the state, being bent barstards, present. They had all left - except Smithy - highly irregular.

As I left, I told him, "I thought I could smell something". He appeared to be waiting for the courtroom to empty, looking all alone and out of place, not really wanting to be seen.

Was he waiting to speak to the judge? Apparently so. Brian and Babs caught him out.

WTF mate?

The bench is colluding with the 'police' after an unfair trial and before the corrupt verdict was to be offered, behind closed doors and open court, regarding politically and commercially motivated trials against political dissenters in a feeble attempt to silence the voice of the people who are speaking for the majority of the nation.

I don't f*cking think so, mate.

Who is Roger S. Smith?

So the story goes…

On the surface, Smithy is a lowly PC who happens to handle the entire SOCPA budget as head of 'events' at Charing Cross Police Station – CX. Curiously, it was no problem for him to drop one hundred and eleven thousands pounds or thereabouts on the theft/illegal seizure of the personal property of Brian Haw on May 23, 2006 in a dawn raid on free speech. Said stolen property was reasonably recreated as an exhibition called State Britain which won the Turner Prize last year.

Smithy is apparently in charge of a very large budget with no apparent ceiling - pretty impressive for a PC. Overtime, double-time, big brown envelopes and bounties are never a problem for Smithy. Apparently he has access to very deep pockets indeed - those of the tax-payer.

Why is Smithy in attendance at every one of our trials – those persons clearly associated with Brian. Why is Smithy present in the custody suite when we have usually been violently assaulted, arrested and clearly unlawfully been denied our liberty?

Why was Smithy in the judges chambers and what were they discussing?

Why is Smithy ever-present in an officer's uniform as a PC, presumably being paid from the public purse, when he is not a witness in the majority of the trials he attends nor was he an officer on duty in the custody suite of the various police stations in which we have found ourselves continuously illegally incarcerated?

Why does he visit us in cells so regularly?
Why are we in cells so regularly?
Why does he visit us in court so regularly?
Why are we in court so regularly?
What is Smithy to do with Brian Haw?

So the story goes…

SOCPA 2005 was created as a "sledgehammer to crack a nut", to gag the lone voice of one man calling out for peace and against state sanctions and genocide – peacefully in a place of free public access, in full view of his Parliament, at Parliament Square: his residence of almost seven years.

It appears that Mr. 'No political dissent please, we're British!' Tony the Terror Blair penned SOCPA 2005 - the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act - as a gag order on political dissent regarding his personal pattern of criminality committing war crimes against humanity specifically for and against Mr. Brian W. haw.

The Human Rights Act – HRA 1998 was brought from European law into English law in 1998. Article 10 gives all persons on British soil the right to freedom of expression in any shape or form barring illicit sexual content(perversion) or condoning violence in any form. That is my first assumption of law and basic human rights - the right to be - the right to exist.

Without human expression in some state or form, of what value is a mind or a life? I am alive and I was thankfully not born a vegetable. I did not just fall off the back of the turnip truck nor was I found under a cabbage leaf.

Article 11 guarantees freedom of assembly. This declares the rights of all people on British soil to assembly freely and peacefully and become friends. That is my second assumption of the law, basic society and civilsation in general - the right to exist peacefully with others.

We are either civilised or we are not.

As Mr. Haw is determined to remain in Parliament Square "as long as it takes", to stop the ongoing crimes of infanticide, genocide, theft, rape and torture, looting of nations… SOCPA was penned to limit his freedom of expression with a mind to extinguishing it. That was and remains Parliament's, the Crown's and the Judiciary's clear intention – this is fact.

Under Gordon Goebbels Brown, Parliament and Gordy's cronies have all been duly informed by Mr. Haw and others, of their continued war crimes against all humanities children – "every child is precious". Gordon golden-boy-chase-the-dragon Brown has been requested to cease and desist from extinguishing the lives of any more innocent civilians or courageous soldiers, on behalf of all the peaceful people in the world who desire peace in their time – in their children's time – for their children and all children, and for all the generations to come.

Parliament is well aware that numerous national and international laws are being blatantly broken and that taxes are funding this criminal behavior, resulting in criminal liability for all tax-payers under Article 25 of the Statute of Rome; aiding and abetting a war criminal and/or war crimes, including providing the means - paying taxes, is a war crime in itself.

When the State is behaving as a terrorist, abusing the public purse, the people must unite and declare loudly that racism is the cancer that is killing societies and communities in reality, on a global level – in real terms.

Eugenics relies on their arrogance and our ignorance.

Real people and real children are really dying as innocent civilians to ensure order that very few inhumane individuals may make great profit – the war machine, the banks and the arms industry – while subjugates fight for the scraps and the big brown envelopes on offer for grossly perverting the course of justice.

All global economies are run on back-handers. This is the current state of global economics and it is not sustainable. Too many hands in the cookie jar leaves no money in the public purse for the jobs that matter most in society and the provision of a decent wage – the teachers, the ambulance men, the firemen, the nurses, and the police.

Budgeting - it's all about priorities.

Seventy-six billion pounds for Trident nuclear weapons, Mr. Brown nose? Fifty billion pounds nicked from the pensioners of Great Britain, Mr. Brown bag theif?

Accounting irregularities have grossly exceeded any checks and balance, which have curiously been removed, thus necessitating the immediate audit and public submission of all accounts of all levels of government, into the public domain, on the public record, for posterity.

We, the people, demand the see the books or 'cook-books', as the case may be. Funding genocide is a war crime as well as committing genocide.

When we dump our nuclear waste – our depleted uranium onto their land, we, the nations of Great Britain, are responsible for creating a nuclear holocaust. Iraq is not a 'Chernobyl' accident. Parliament has reduced paying taxes to committing war crimes in pursuance of a nuclear holocaust of the Iraqi people. I would like to knopw whether this is a social or medical experiment on behalf of these eugenic monsters.

Why was Smithy colluding with Judge Stoner?
What is his price?

How are they black-mailing him and keeping him under control?

Smithy knows I have his number and that I know his crime of choice… his little secret ain't a secret. He apparently shares a common unhealthy interest with the judiciary, along with an appetite for gross injustice when it comes to children and their future.

I question whether the attitude of those in power at present is a complete disrespect for children alone or life in general. The malice shown seems to border on hatred. Why else collude in the abuse and murder of both foreign and domestic children?

Why did Smithy target Mrs. Barb Tucker? Who is Babs?

So the story goes…

The corrupt District Judge Nicholas Evans refused to accept that Babs had joined Brian Haw as was part of his exempt demonstration. Brian was exempt from the law as his demonstration began 4 years before the law was enacted. It is clearly against the threads of democracy to criminalize a peaceful person retrospectively when they could not have any way to travel back in time to alter their past non-criminal peaceful behavior. The fact that Brian is no longer exempt is nonsense and a gross miscarriage of justice, in itself - absolute bollocks.

"Which is the crime? Committing genocide or calling out against genocide?"

As a result of DJ Evans refusing to accept that Babs was with Brian on the day in question, she embarked down the murky road of injustice to begin her criminal record as a 'serious organized criminal' for daring to stand as book ends with Brian Haw, wearing matching pink sparkly banners. Evans refused to accept the truth of the evidence and refused to accept Article 11 of HRA 1998 - freedom of assembly - as a point of law.

If Babs could join Brian, then anyone could…

Mrs. Tucker was convicted of wearing a pink sparkly banner in a place of free public access for speaking her mind and voicing her heart via felt on fabric – "Love, Peace, Justice 4 All." This was her 'actus reus' – her guilty act? Bollocks.

Where is the foreseeable harm? What warrants dragging a mother continuously through criminal proceedings month after month and year after year? What exactly is the 'mens rea' - guilty mind - of this case and this woman? Why has she been so violently assaulted on so many occasions by certain members of the Metropolitan police farce?

Should a jury witness the gross perversion of justice that is being carried within the walls of Elizabeth's courtrooms and on the streets, within the sight of Parliament… the Nazism of the elite would truly come to light.

Eugenics is a disturbed train of thought whereby very few believe they are superior and endowed with absolute control over others.

An undated and untimed email is suspect in itself, especially when produced in a court of law as valid evidence whereas a timed and dated email is accepted within reality to exist and have been delivered when it is 'opened' at the other end and certainly once it has been made into a hard copy – i.e. printed out.

Barb's notification was delivered by email. The Commissioner of the Met, Sir Ian Blair, must authorize within 6 days and he may place conditions upon any demonstration given just, reasonable cause according to SOCPA sections 132 - 138.

The Commissioner may delegate his authority to a tosser named Terry who is a Superintendent and an untimed undated email is not evidence that carries any weight whatsoever of the delegation of authority and clearly outlines his dereliction of duties in a jointly pathetic attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Babs broadly answered all relevant prescribed requirements of SOCPA, fulfilling her legal requirement and the Commissioner failed to authorize. Should she be held responsible for his failure of duty? Bollocks.

Lord Delekia clearly stated in the House of Lords that SOCPA was determined to be a legal prescribed process of 'notification' and not an un-scribed process-less act of 'seeking permission'. The difference between these two assumptions is vast. The former assumes a right and the right to exercise that right given 6 days advance notice to the state. The latter assumes that there is no right and permission must be requested from the state.

Why do theMet always ask, "Do you have permission?"


What is this bollocks and who am I to question such bollocks?

I am an artist and a mum too. I have been criminalized for daring to exhibit art without prior permission of a known pisshead – Sir Ian Blair, the chief of the Met. Sir Shite is ultimately guilty of the murder of Jean Charles de Menenzes and as such, I do not accept he has any authority over me whatsoever.

I was and am flexing my rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly – sue me.

We, the people, demand peace to be a priority of parliament. The sole focus of government should not be illegal war and inhumane terrorism by the state, on sovereign nations and innocent peaceful civilians. Our troops are also losing their lives. Our sons and daughters belong back on British soil. They need our respect and all the medical help we can offer them as they too have been subjected to the horrors of this illegal war – firsthand. They are suffering cancer, birth-deformities and illnesses similar to the victims of Chernobyl, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo…

Peace is possible if we believe and act upon those beliefs – peacefully – forcefully – willfully – intentionally – in aid of these beliefs.

There is always the real possibility to ensure peace in the present. We do not have to buy into their fear. We can live in hope, as children do. They have to.

Children don't sport our rose-tinted, media – blinded shades of reality. Children live as close to reality as reality gets - children learn what they live.

We, the people, demand the truth be told to the public for the sake of the present and that of the future.
We, the people, demand peace.
We, the people, demand and declare that our voices are heard and peaceful action be taken to ensure our children's peaceful survival.

We are humankind. We are humanity at its best.

We, the people, have a heart for our fellow man and his child.

We, the people, demand Parliament show some compassion, humanity and sanity. Murder is wrong and killing foreign children for domestic financial gain is as sick as any fascist government/pseudo democracy may stoop.

Does human life now only have monetary value?
Who decides which child lives and which child dies?

The judiciary, the police, the crown prosecution service, Parliament, the home office and various members of the state in senior civil service positions have clearly been caught red-handed colluding to pervert the course of justice, aiding, abetting and committing war crimes. These are the facts.

There is no legitimate aim in any interference with freedom of expression and freedom of assembly as supposed with SOCPA 2005. There is no foreseeable harm in exercising these rights in places of public free access. There are no prescribed processes in dealing with SOCPA 2005 which has left the police in a position of unfettered power - a police state, no less. Bollocks.

SOCPA is incompatible with HRA 1998 - full stop.

The Commissioner has not proven beyond any doubt that he has delegated his authority and the bucks stops with him and leads via Smithy - MI5 and directly to the gates of 10 Downing Street.

Mr. "EU - stuff the pound" Tony Bliar penned the gag order that has been shown to be criminalizing the peaceful behavior of innocent civilians and lied to his country to pursue an illegal war against sovereign nations for monetary, political and commercial personal gain. Tony the turd also writes crap law and is guilty of treason.

Mr. Gordon Goebbels Brown maintains the gag order on peaceful political dissent and the trials have become even more scripted under his obvious direction: piss-poor theatre as the cases progress up through the ranks of Elizabeth's court houses of current injustice.

There is continual criminal behavior and gross irregularities regarding due process, law and democracy occurring within the courtrooms of Great Britain. These are the facts.

Judge Stone - are you stoned?

What on earth wold possibly lead Judge Stoner to believe that he could hand down a verdict and offer no reasons as he had none made, as yet, and he has no sound reasoning to offer anyone?

Translation - you manted to give your verdict and not explain why or what brought you to this decision/conclusion.

Was this anything to do with your little chat with Smithy behind closed doors, you pompous silly prick?

Princess Diana Spencer campaigned for Great Britain to ratify a land mine treaty that had already 120 signatories - well before the Iraq war and the BAE cluster bomb contracts. Some folks wonder why some folk quite aptly assume that she and her brown Moslem lover were murdered.

We know what we are doing wrong and we know how to do things right - so why aren't we?


Mrs. Charity Sweet XXX

Mrs. Charity Sweet
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