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25-02-2016 20:40

Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016 - Building an Anarchist Future

Bookfair flyer - front
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm.
At Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW, with the Radical History Zone just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop. Read more >>

28-11-2015 01:11

Who Funds ISIS? Bilal Erdogan, Son Of Turkey's President

Nuclear treaties quietly binned post 9/11
Series: State Of The City reports
Subtitle: First NATO vs Russia act of war since 1990s and the Cold War
Program Type: Weekly Program

20-10-2015 12:34

Update - London Anarchist Bookfair - Stalls & Meetings - 24th October

Bookfair programme cover
London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 24th October, 10am – 7pm
Central Saint Martin’s (University of the Arts London), Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Welcome one and all to the 34th London Anarchist Bookfair, welcome to the full spectrum of anarchist thought & practice! Here's details of Stalls & Meetings. Read more >>

18-04-2015 00:31

The origins of the Green Party – Eugenics and Euthanasia

The Green Party's origins lie with the document 'Blue Print for Survival'; signatory (amongst others) Julian Huxley, eugenicist (selective human breeding), member of the British Eugenics Society, Fellow of the Royal Society.

02-04-2015 04:18

Look... Community Talk On African British history and Racism & 'White' Jesus

Look DVD Launch Teaser
One year on from the Look How Far We’'ve Come: Getting Racism Back On The Agenda? Conference, BTWSC and African Histories Revisited (AHR) return to the Abbey Centre in Westminster, for a special three-in-one event on May 14. Read more >>

17-03-2015 22:12

Letter from Lerwick

As we enter the cut and thrust and ruthlessness of the coming election campaign perhaps it is useful to look at a gentler pace of life in a small community which is friendly, tolerant and welcoming. Read more >>

21-02-2015 18:28

Cycle '48: Remapping the Nakba

Cycle '48 is a collective of 3 British women who cycled to Palestine from the UK. Cycle '48 is an ongoing project remapping erased histories on two wheels. This article highlights the first phase of our project: Cycling from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem and joining the Jewish National Fund cycle trail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in order to uncover the hidden stories on its path and expose the JNF's role in their erasure. Read more >>

29-01-2015 10:25

Outing British Universities trading in daylight robbery

This is a consequence of the Russell Group of Universities (RSGU) being in denial - the key area of their denial has been the knowledge theft and robbery that they allow and include as evidence of doctoral awards Read more >>

20-09-2014 11:46

Scottish vote and promise of more decision-making powers for England?

This is a fake debate. There is an elephant in the room which most people are ignoring. Read more >>

31-08-2014 23:39

15 photos from Edinburgh Mela 2014

15 photos from this year's Edinburgh Mela.

10-08-2014 17:09

World War One and 100 Years of Counter-Revolution

Otto Dix, Stormtroopers Advance Under Cover of Gas, 1924
One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, Mark Kosman reflects on the nature of war and the class struggle throughout the last century and asks the question: can governments keep up this destructive, murderous fraud?

In 1871, Karl Marx wrote that governments use war as a fraud, a ‘humbug, intended to defer the struggle of the classes’. In 1914, that fraud was so effective that not only most workers but also most Marxists supported their respective nation’s rush to war. Ever since then, governments have used war to defer class struggle and prevent revolution, but this strategy cannot last forever. Read more >>

30-06-2014 11:30

Rediscover hope, anarchists are urged

Anarchists are being urged to rediscover hope and, with it, the power to create the future. Read more >>

23-04-2014 16:01

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - 26th April

Ideas will ignite change - Spark it up time!
The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair returns for it's 6th bash-back on Saturday 26 April, with enough ideas, debates and books to spark a conflagration. So come on down and add your fuel to the fire.

20-04-2014 14:50

Real World War I Free School Sunday 18 May, London

Real World War One Free School

Sunday 18 May at No. 88 Fleet Street (entrance in St. Brides Avenue), London EC4 1DH (Blackfriars or Chancery Lane Tube) Read more >>

07-04-2014 16:31

Programme out now for Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2014

workshop/meetings timetable
The full programme of meetings, and list of stalls, for the 2014 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, has been announced. There are 5 meeting spaces, including the Permanent Culture Now marquee, at the main Bookfair venue at The Trinity Centre. Plus just down the road we have the Radical History Zone at Hydra Bookshop Read more >>

19-03-2014 11:26

Is Anti-Fascism returning to Europe?

Review of an anti-fascist event in London.

03-03-2014 19:31

The Weather Underground - Documentary Showing, London

"Freaks are revolutionaries and revolutionaries are freaks. If you want to find us, this is where we are. In every tribe, commune, dormitory, farmhouse, barracks and townhouse where kids are making love, smoking dope and loading guns—fugitives from Amerikan justice are free to go." Read more >>

23-02-2014 18:41

A Background of Ukraine Politics

a sea palace in the Ukraine
analysis of the Ukraine unrest

05-01-2014 09:59

The Barbarian 2: international anarchist review from Greece

Ruins of Athens
Just before the end of the year, we published the second issue of The Barbarian. please read it, print it, share it.

The Barbarian Review is a collection of thoughts written down by various foreign people in Athens: a few persons passing through a brief period of time, in a very special city.

It is no surprise that we have chosen to write in English, to better communicate the experience we have of being in, but not of, the Greek radical milieu, and it is to be hoped that this will be as rewarding for the Greek and non-Greek to read, as it has been for us to collect and write down our views. Read more >>

31-12-2013 17:46

Bristol anarchist bookfair 2014

Stick this in your diaries - The date for Bristol 2014 is Saturday 26 April, at the Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW

Coming soon: callout for workshops/meetings & stall bookings.
Watch this space for more info…

23-12-2013 18:40

The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela

This is a review of Danny Schechter's new book on Nelson Mandela who sadly passed away so recently. The review is written by author and historian Alan Wieder. Read more >>

01-11-2013 14:55

JoNina and Lorenzo Ervin on Dissident Island Radio

Episode 128 on 18 October 2013, the night before the annual London Anarchist Bookfair, featured two seasoned activists from the USA. Read more >>

18-10-2013 12:23

Never Mind the Tories...Here's to the Anarchist Book Fair 2013 (the remix!)

Posties,Teachers,Sex Workers,Unemployed and the list goes on...Get your heads filled with solutions to Torries pollution at Anarchist Book Fair 19/10/13 from 10am to 7pm and then the now annual Party after...pass me that bottle and a peanut!:@) Read more >>

26-07-2013 08:40

Jason Bishop – new allegations of undercover policing of protest

Netpol has been asked to publish the following statement on behalf of former friends of an activist known as Jason Bishop, who they now believe to have been an undercover police officer.

Netpol have published this statement as we feel it adds important information to the debate about undercover police officers.

This is the latest in a long line of disclosures relating to the infiltration of protest groups by specialist units of the Metropolitan police including the Special Demonstration Squad and later, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit.


23-04-2013 11:34

London Gala concert in memory of the Arctic Convoys 1941-1945

A Commemorative Gala Performance by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (RPCO) dedicated to the victorious alliance of Britain and Russia in the Arctic Convoys 1941-1945 of the Second World War will take place on Thursday 9 May 2013, at 18:30 in The Hay’s Galleria, London SE1 2HD. Read more >>


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