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15-04-2013 15:50

Can spy cases be investigated objectively in Finland?

This follow-up article may explain how influential Russia is in Finland, how people in different bureau may support Russia by making blocking leaks to them, and how some people on government posts are breaking laws either accidentally or on purpose. On the other hand, has this been proofed or ran research on, as Finnish Police and The Guardian of The Law is in charge of such investigations instead of an independent bureau? When found facts are combined to other indicators like spying for Russia, carefully twisted political statements told in mass media for manipulating purposes and systematically made blocking, one may ask who is running the State? Read more >>

12-04-2013 20:56

Ding Dong, BBC make history as music downloads become news!

Wicked Witch of the west, not Thatcher!
The BBC have decided not to play the "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" track on its flagship Radio 1's Official Chart Show. Read more >>

10-04-2013 18:24

8 April every week Witch is Dead DAY

I suggest 08 April every year be an annual marking of the end of 'her' Read more >>

09-04-2013 22:45

Photos from Brixton + all police leave cancelled for Thatcher's funeral

Really quite alot of people
All police leave has been cancelled in London for the day of Thatcher's funeral, next Wednesday. The cortege will leave Whitehall and travel via Trafalgar Square and The Strand, with the coffin being transferred to an army gun-carrier along the route, before being delivered by the Army to St Paul's. That's a long route...

Hopefully alot of miners and print-workers will be making a day of it Read more >>

04-04-2013 08:39

History of London's first African mayor John Archer told in his Battersea turf

NARM John Archer And Black Politics
A hundred years ago in November 1913 John Archer became London's first African mayor when he was elected mayor of Battersea (now the London borough of (Wandsworth). History consultant Kwaku's presentation at Battersea Library on April 16 will show there was more to Archer's history than just being elected mayor. Read more >>

20-03-2013 20:26

Screening: Living Utopia. Mon 25th March 7.30pm. Pogo Cafe, Hackney, London

Living Utopia is a unique documentary that blends the historical account of the origins and development of the Spanish anarchist movement, focussing on the 1936 war. Read more >>

11-03-2013 12:13

Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK: Britain on the Brink of Tyranny

Judicial trials to be held in secret
By Global Research News

Global Research, March 10, 2013

Law and Justice, Police State & Civil Rights 114 64 7

Britain is on the brink of tyranny.

The Justice and Security Bill, if it becomes law, will enable judicial trials to be held in secret, and it will even be illegal to tell anyone about them. The bill has now gone through all stages in the House of Commons, and will now go to the House of Lords for consideration. In other words, it’s nearly there (

01-12-2012 21:28

Czarist War, Communist Peace

anticommunist war propaganda in the 1930's

30-11-2012 16:19

Abuse of Process: Factors in Prosecution Denial of Assange London Interview.

The Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) Letter of Request (LOR), Disclosure and Abuse of Process in the Julian Assange Case. The factors requiring the prosecution to deny an
interview in London.

23-11-2012 05:23

A Hidden Web: Kafka's Case Against Julian Assange

As the standoff at the Ecuadorian embassy in London continues, the facts, point to an unraveling conspiracy -which for the moment, remains hidden from view. Read more >>

19-11-2012 20:10

Farewell to Indymedia London and Shift Magazine

This special edition of Dissident Island features two radical media collectives: London Indymedia and Shift Magazine.

Featured Speakers/Commentators: tony, maqui, yossarian, rikki, lauren, ben, dissident island, jahpawa, dissident island crew Read more >>

13-09-2008 23:44

13.09.08 'Free the Cuban five' demo images

UK, London. 'Free the Cuban five' demo, Trafalgar Square. 2008
Images from the demonstration organised by the National Committee to free the 'Cuban Five', on the north pavement of Trafalgar square, London, on 13.09.08.
The 'Cuban Five' are five Cuban nationals, imprisoned in 2001 on much-disputed allegations of spying against the USA. Many Cubans and their supporters believe they were actually gathering intelligence about possible terrorist acts against Cuba. Read more >>

13-09-2008 12:30

9/11, The global Peace Strike, the Peace Plan and Dr Aafia Siddiqui in pictures.

The World Peace Strike.
Seven years after the destruction of the World Trade Center complex in the United States, peace campaigners gather in London to mark the event with a series of protests exploring how the event has come to dominate every area of modern-day life here in the UK. Read more >>

01-09-2008 12:54

Dear Lady Warnock: about this word 'bollocks'...

Do I have the right to say Bollocks in public?

19-08-2008 11:44

Sat 23rd: International Day of Resistance Against Enslavement

This Saturday 23RD AUGUST*
*International Day of Resistance Against Enslavement*
A day of talks, seminars, film showings & discussion, entitled:
Time: *2 pm – 7 pm*
Venue: 166 Benhill Road, Camberwell, London SE5 7LL
Organised by the *Recovered Histories London Regional Network (RH-LRN)* Read more >>

30-07-2008 14:57

Another Letter For The Pope And For Ireland

Another Letter For The Pope And For Ireland

While the White Pope plays the PR game at home the Black Pope does the biz abroad.
Nothing new in East Timor, Vietnam, Rwanda or Croatia

The following Letter appeared in the Irish Independent dated Wednesday 30th of July 2008. Its contents , which I believe, and which, apart from other references , is intelligible, hinge not too remotely on Papal hypocrisy as well as the infinite depravity of my country under the Papacy’s influence. The Popes even give Caesar a bad name!


19-07-2008 14:45

The Problem With...Work

At what age do you think your working future is planned out for you? If you are conscience of the impact civilization has on our lives, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the answer is: "from birth". Read more >>

29-06-2008 20:18

'Salute to Israel' march in London and counter-demonstrations

UK, London. 'Salute to Israel' march.
Images of the Zionist march through London - the first 'Salute to Israel'.
Also included are images of the Palestinian / Student counter demonstrations. Read more >>

20-06-2008 15:49

Radical History Discussion - Resistance in the UK's Detention Centres in the La

Radical History Discussion

Resistance in the UK's Detention Centres in the Last Decade

Time: 7 pm, Tuesday 24 June 2008
Venue: T&G, Transport House, 128 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8TN Read more >>

17-06-2008 17:14

London Free Film show: Doc on Revolutionary black unions in Detroit 1970's

Free Film show: FINALLY GOT THE NEWS - Revolutionary black unions in Detroit, 1970s
Saturday 28th JUNE, 8pm Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton St, London SE17
Followed by discussion and chat. With speaker Brian Ashton, an ex-car industry shop steward.

Hosted by 56a Infoshop and Mute Magazine



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