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17-06-2008 15:42 | 1 addition

Atenco Political Prisoners

On 3 and 4 of May, 2006, more than 2,500 state and federal Mexican police arrived at the small town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State, to repress members of a social movement (People´s Front in Defence of Land, FPDT) protesting in support of local flower sellers who had been displaced from their traditional place of work because the government was planning to build there a Wall Mart. Read more >>

12-06-2008 16:18

Bowl Court Social Centre Days Are Numbered

David vs Goliath
The courting hearing today ruled in favor of the property developers claiming ownership of the derelict warehouse in Bowl Court that has been used as a radical social centre since openning 23rd March. The David vs Goliath case was clearly motivated by Hammersons desire to prevent the new social centre becoming a hub for the local campaigns against their proposed development for the area, the biggest development in London since Docklands in the eighties. Read more >>

11-06-2008 23:44

Why is there so much Violence in Colombia?

…nearly 4 million displaced…more than 2000 trade unionists killed in the last two decades…40,000 citizens killed overall since 1998…more than 15,000 disappeared… Read more >>

03-06-2008 22:24

Battlelines drawn in city squat eviction

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
On the front line of Londons expanding city fringe, opposing sides are
squaring up for battle. On 4th June at Gee Street Magistrates Court,
property giant Hammerson will seek a possession order on a Victorian
warehouse that has been left empty and open to the elements since
attempts to gain consent to demolish the building failed. Read more >>

10-05-2008 14:45

RFK MUST DIE: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

A new feature documentary RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy will be released next Friday, May 16th at the ICA and Rich Mix cinemas in London. Shane O'Sullivan follows up earlier reports for Newsnight and the Guardian and explores what really happened the night Bobby Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5th, 1968. Convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting. Now, new evidence suggests Sirhan did not shoot Robert Kennedy and the case should be urgently reopened. Read more >>

02-05-2008 12:53

Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.

Mayday celebrations have a very long history of social disobedience countered by State repression.

Video:

23-04-2008 18:57 | 1 addition

habeus corpus - round 2 - challenging bail, prison license, docks and bollocks

Justice Owen ordered an answer be given as to why Babs was in Holloway and you guys called your mate, the Governor, down at Holloway to release Babs, then you decided that there was nothing to talk about as Babs was released?

Bollocks!

16-04-2008 11:44

Zimbabwe and the Power of Propaganda: Ousting a President via Civil Society

As the case of 'democratic' interference in Venezuela has been well documented, this article will provide a critical – although by no means exhaustive – investigation into the complex issues raised by the current political interventions by foreign organizations into Zimbabwe’s political affairs. Initially, this article will examine how ostensibly progressive mainstream media have acted as imperial flak machines to legitimize ongoing inference in Zimbabwe. Subsequently, it will demonstrate how Western governments’ carried out an overt cultural war to successfully manipulate Zimbabwean civil society, and will then conclude by recommending how concerned citizens might best further the protection of human rights in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Read more >>

15-04-2008 14:02 | 1 addition

Putting people into London's empties

Squatters Estate Agents, putting people places
As part of days of action for squats and autonomous space a squatters estate agents was been set up in a newly opened squat in the centre of London. It consisted of display of eighteen empty properties ranging from abandoned houses and flats, to empty pubs, shops and even government buildings. Some would suit small residential squats and others grand large scale housing communities, squat cafes, freeshops or social centres. Along with photos of each property, details were given about their location, history and suitability for squatting.


14-04-2008 19:23

Peter Hallward's "Damming the Flood" - Part I

A superb history of recent Haitian history.

12-04-2008 09:28

DJ Snow... what too much cocaine can do to a District Judge

Contemporaneous notes: 11/04/2008


12-04-2008 07:52

DJ Snow is a bent judge and a blithering corrupt idiot

what a tangled web they weave when they lie through their f*cking teeth

DJ Snow - GUTS FOR GARTERS MATE!

07-03-2008 18:17

No to Crossrail hole campaign supporter East End Cuncillor resigns

Khoodeelaar! Campaign supporter, and Brick Lane London E1 ‘area’ Opposition councillor [on Tower Hamlets Council] Louise Alexander resigns on health grounds…. Read more >>

06-03-2008 10:25

26/01/2008: Beyond Slavery Conference - Time To Move On?

Trident Armed Response Arrive On Neasden Lane July 2007...
On Saturday 26 January, 2008, The Synergy Centre in Southwark, London, hosted the Beyond Slavery conference. With noted black community members, historians and cultural commentators, the debate explored the contemporary relevance and legacy of slavery and colonisation, and their direct impact on modern-day social problems in South London. Video Journalist Jason N. Parkinson was there to document the debate. Ten videos covering the speakers, open forum and post conference interviews are available on You Tube to view. (Article below video links). Read more >>

23-02-2008 16:49

Mr. MI5 Roger S. Smith a.k.a. Smithy - your cover is blown

I spy with my little eye...

22-02-2008 11:49

Judge Stone - are you stoned?

Contemporaneous notes from yeaterdays kangaroo court at Southwark Crown Court. What bollocks... Read more >>

21-02-2008 10:36

Mayday 2008

reclaim mayday

19-02-2008 17:25 | 2 additions

Flashback: F15 2003 - London Anti-War Demo

Photos from the 15th February 2003 No War on Iraq demo in London. Read more >>

13-02-2008 23:36

A Catwalk Through Time: Charity Fashion Show

A journey in couture and culture illustrating the history of French costume from the 4th Century to the present day. With replica Medieval & Renaissance costume, Marie Antoinette, 20s flappers, 50s age of couture and more. Read more >>

31-01-2008 07:49

DJ Nicholas Evans - please get your head out of your arse

In this case, irrefutable evidence was offered regarding Babs and Brian wearing matching book-end pink sparkly banners and DJ N. Evans refusing to accept the truth of the evidence and reality.


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