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Eco-Warriors Accuse Enfield Council of Corruption at Middlesex University

Cat Hill Protest | 30.03.2014 17:16 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Workers' Movements | London | World

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. - Lord Acton.
As if to symbolise the destruction of the earth itself, day by day the 400-year-old oak trees in the ancient woodlands at Middlesex university at Cat Hill Cockfosters Enfield north London, have been cut down while the eco-warriors support the blockade at the front gates by elderly local residents to protest against the blatant theft of their educational and environmental heritage by the crooked property developers London and Quadrant and the equally corrupt Enfield council.

Thousands of people drive past the blockade at the gates and the drivers of ambulances, buses, taxis, fire engines, Royal Mail and National Grid vans, and even police cars are hooting their horns and waving their support, and some drivers shout “save Cat Hill” while a few call out “you're too late,” but like the dance band on the Titanic the local campaigners have absolutely no intention of ever giving up their battle to save their vanishing woodlands.

Hundreds of school children walk past the protectors who include elderly grannies fighting on behalf of their grandchildren to try to ensure the survival of future generations before it is too late, but the local kids just ignore them as if they don't care that the university is being destroyed, and the property that was bequeathed to them to be used for educational purposes in perpetuity will probably soon be lost forever.

Demolition of the university buildings has been proceeding rapidly for several weeks already and the noise has been getting progressively worse as the heavy machinery pounds at the concrete foundations day after day shaking local residents' houses as if they are being constantly rattled and shaken by tremors from never ending earthquakes.

Many of the elderly local people cannot bear the noise any longer and they have been leaving their houses and going out during the day just to get away from the incessant racket that is coming from all the machinery on the site which makes a dull thudding sound that can be heard throughout the whole area in every direction.

Some of the local residents have started selling their houses before the house prices in the neighbourhood fall dramatically as a result of the new housing estate which is generally believed will bring a lot of trouble to the Cat Hill and Cockfosters areas, including an increase in crime, pollution, and congestion.

The Cat Hill blockade started off with a few nasty moments as the grannies stood outside the main gate and blocked the lorries trying to enter the site, but it eventually turned into more of a comedy show with the protectors just standing there holding their banners up as the workmen moved their chairs out of the way and then put them back again and tried to look as if they were enjoying the experience.

Some of the workmen stare belligerently at the ladies and order them to move the chairs themselves, but the grannies and the middle-aged mothers just ignore them and they laugh as they are being filmed for the Earth Films reality TV show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? - The Grannies Are Revolting!” that is being made by the eco-warriors.

A new TV channel called London Live which will broadcast London news has been started by the Evening Standard newspaper and the eco-warriors are hoping to upload all their footage showing the full story of the Grannies' Revolution so that the people of London will be able to see for themselves some of the terrible political corruption that is occurring in front of their very eyes in the heart of their great capital city.

Photographs of the blockade of Cat Hill by the grannies and granddads were splashed across the front pages of the local newspapers when it first started and there has been continuing coverage week after week, but so far the protest has not attracted any interest from the national newspapers or the mainstream television channels.

Members of parliament and wannabe local politicians seeking election to the Barnet and Enfield councils stop by regularly for photo opportunities in the local papers, or just to be seen by the voters driving past, talking to the protectors who have attracted so much popular attention that they could probably all get elected to public office themselves if they wanted to.

Some of the politicians who claim to be supporting the Cat Hill protest are actually Tory Members of Parliament and they are global warming deniers and bare-faced liars who are just repeating their own government propaganda like demented parrots, and openly peddling the lies from the oil companies that fracking is safe and carbon dioxide emissions are falling.

In Germany denying the Holocaust is a very serious criminal offence and any politicians who are found guilty of denying that the Nazis murdered six million Jews in the gas chambers in the concentration camps during World War Two can be sentenced to long terms in prison.

It might not be too long before denying global warming will also become an extremely serious criminal offence in many countries, and any politicians who are found guilty of denying that burning fossil fuels is leading to the genocide of the entire human race could very well end up being sentenced to death for complicity in crimes against humanity.

The workmen on the Middlesex university site at Cat Hill have been told by the site manager not to talk to the protectors, possibly because the eco-warriors who are supporting the blockade have been telling all the workers that they are contributing to the crimes that are being committed by Enfield council and L and Q, and that we intend to get them all arrested and charged and put in prison for fraud and corruption.

Meanwhile the destruction of the ancient trees and the hedgerows and the undergrowth in the natural wildlife habitats, and the demolition of the university buildings has been continuing day after day, and the water cannons hosing down all the damage that has been done by the diggers has caused radioactive waste and toxic chemicals to pollute the local stream, poisoning the water supply for miles around.

Layers of asbestos dust have covered the houses at the back of the site and all the cars parked on the surrounding streets for weeks now, and many of the elderly local residents have been suffering and getting ill, coughing and spluttering and choking, possibly all the way to their early graves as a result.

The few hardcore local protectors who have been manning the barricades outside the main gates of Middlesex university day after day still have a desperate sense of urgency, but there is still no clear plan to actually stop the continuing destruction of the wildlife habitats at the ponds and woodlands, or the building of the council housing estate which will blight the neighbourhood forever if is built, which is looking increasingly likely.

However there is a feeling that if the campaigners can stop the destruction of the environment at Cat Hill and repair the damage to the ancient woodlands it could possibly be the beginning of the process of repairing the earth itself, which is why the campaign at Cockfosters could be so important, because the salvation of the human race might actually be starting here.

The eco-warriors believe that saving humanity from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels has got to start somewhere at some time and the sooner the better, and it might as well be at Cat Hill where the change from systematically destroying the earth to gradually restoring it back to good health again by regenerating the ecosystems, actually occurs.

The fracking of towns and villages across two thirds of Britain is just the latest example of the desperate search for more and more of the extremely dangerous fossil fuels by the dinosaur industries that are hell-bent on taking us all with them to our doom, poisoning the water supplies and the air and the land, and driving huge numbers of people out of their homes.

The Grannies' Revolution at Cat Hill has created an unholy alliance between the middle class middle aged pillars of the establishment who are usually referred to by journalists as “Middle England,” and the eco-warriors who are busy protesting against the fracking, all the new roads that are being planned to cut through ancient forests, and the destruction of the sacred green belt in the English countryside.

The Cat Hill blockade started off as a very fluffy protest with the elderly grannies stopping the lorries on the grounds that they were entitled to do so because environmental crimes against the wildlife were being committed on the site, and the Enfield police agreed with the local campaigners, and they said that it would have to be a matter for the courts to decide.

Now the eco-warriors are hoping that the campaign will continue to be peaceful and that some of our friends who are druids and peace activists will join us soon in legally reclaiming the property on behalf of the local children, and for the future generations as well who will not survive for much longer unless urgent action is taken everywhere to protect the planet and stop the mass extinction of all life on earth.

There are hundreds of millionaires, multi-millionaires, and even billionaires living in the Cat Hill area, together with famous footballers and other celebrities like rock stars and rappers with their posh houses and their servants, who drive past the protectors at the blockade in their flash cars hooting and waving their support.

There are also thousands of local rich kids with tons of their parents' money in their pockets and nothing better to do with their time except stare into their mobile phones dreaming of starting a revolution on the streets of London, and even the Anonymous flag has been flying next to the CAT HILL BLOCKADE banner outside the gates for the past two months.

Most of the elderly local residents of Cat Hill and the surrounding areas voted for the Tory - Lib Dem coalition government, but they appear to have woken up at last and all they seem to be thinking about now is the loss of their precious woodlands and the tragic way that they have been betrayed by the political system, and how to get rid of the corrupt politicians before they succeed in completely destroying what is left of England's green and pleasant land.

Something is terribly wrong when old folk in their 70s, 80s, and 90s have become terrified in their own homes as a result of the horrific criminal behaviour of the politicians who govern their lives, and surely it is time for everyone else to sit up and take notice and ask what the hell is happening in Britain today when so many of the senior citizens have become so desperately afraid of the government that they helped to elect?

All over the planet activists are rising up and protesting against the corruption by the banks, the corporations, and the governments, and in many small local communities people are beginning to question the way that their local councils have been making decisions behind closed doors to destroy natural habitats and woodlands to build substandard housing estates.

Very serious crimes are being committed by L and Q on the Middlesex university site, from destroying the natural habitat of European protected endangered species like the great crested newts, to contaminating the local water supply with chemicals and toxic waste, and polluting the air and the atmosphere with radioactive waste from the old World War Two army base.

Not to mention the fact that the entire project is a criminal enterprise because of the fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption that is so obviously involved with the fascist Enfield council illegally changing the use of the site from being for education in perpetuity under the terms of the original will, to granting planning permission to L and Q to build a housing estate.

The eco-warriors have no intention whatever of letting the Enfield council Nazis get away with their blatantly ruthless and brutal criminality, any more than we will let the British government continue to abuse and murder the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly, in the evil sadistic way that they have been doing.

Enfield council has a history of completely ignoring the wishes of the local benefactors who have died and left their properties for charitable causes in their wills, and illegally granting planning permission to crooked property developers for supermarkets and blocks of flats instead, and almost everyone in the Enfield area believes that Enfield council has been robbing them of their valuable inheritances for many years.

This deceitful, cynical, uncaring, and criminal pattern of fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption has been repeated many times over the years to the detriment of the local residents, but nobody seems to know what they can do to stop the crimes that are being committed by the corrupt and psychopathic local politicians.

Maybe the police will be able to offer immunity from prosecution to any whistle-blowers who might be prepared to reveal the truth about the massive crimes and corruption that have been committed by Enfield council, and provide protection for witnesses to relocate them and their families to safe havens to help save them from getting murdered for their trouble.

Almost everyone in the Cockfosters and Cat Hill neighbourhoods of north London is now accusing Enfield council of massive fraud and corruption as a result of the granting of planning permission to the L and Q property company to build a housing estate on the site of Middlesex university and the 10 acres of wildlife habitats at the ancient ponds and woodlands.

The property was bequeathed to the people in the local community for educational use in perpetuity, but somehow the deeds and the will and the covenant all mysteriously disappeared and suddenly Enfield council agreed to let L and Q build 231 houses and flats on the site which will no doubt eventually be sold off for hundreds of millions of pounds, making huge profits from ramshackle makeshift dwellings crammed full of hundreds of vulnerable people like rats in a sewer.

Many people are talking quite openly about “backhanders” and “little brown envelopes” and secret Swiss bank accounts full of stolen money, as if the bribery of dishonest councillors by crooked property developers is perfectly normal and just an accepted part of life in this slimy, sleazy, God-forsaken area of our once great capital city.

The eco-warriors have requested the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard conduct an official criminal investigation into the allegations of fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption that local people have made against Enfield council and their felonious associates at L and Q, and our request has been passed on to the Enfield police.

Environmental activists like us are only too well aware of the terrible way that we ourselves have been illegally threatened, abused, and violently attacked by Enfield council not long ago at our squatted protest sites at Brimsdown Avenue and Picketts Lock which were also in the Enfield area.

Cowardly Enfield council officials and employees broke into our squat at Brimsdown Avenue with a gang of vicious scrap metal dealers driving tow trucks and wearing balaclavas to cover their faces, and they savagely attacked us and stole vehicles worth thousands of pounds from us.

Five of the scrap metal dealers who were directly employed by Enfield council attacked us again at Picketts Lock and they threatened to kill us and they punched and kicked one of our friends in his face, knocking one of his eyes out of its socket, dislocating his jaw, and smashing his face into a bloody pulp before he collapsed unconscious on the ground.

Two 999 calls were made and the Enfield police and an ambulance arrived on the scene and our friend was taken to hospital for heart and brain scans, and the vicious thugs who tried to kill him were all rounded up and arrested by the police and charged with committing the crime known as Grievous Bodily Harm, or GBH.

The female Enfield council official who ordered the vicious attacks on the eco-warriors is feared by many of the local people in the Enfield area and she is known to her associates at the council as “Crusher” as if her violent behaviour is just a joke to them, but so far the evil criminals at Enfield council have not themselves been charged with ordering or committing any of their crimes.

Some of the Enfield councillors and officials seem to believe that they can break the law with impunity, and they act as if they think that even the local police will support their criminal behaviour because of the very large amounts of money that they have stolen from the people, and which they know that they can use to bribe and pay off other corrupt public servants.

One of the Enfield councillors actually told the local newspapers that Enfield council employees were entitled to attack and rob the eco-warriors at Brimsdown Avenue because we were all “criminals,” but when the council's evil thugs viciously assaulted us again at Picketts Lock the local police arrested them and locked them up for committing very serious crimes.

The truth about the criminal activities of Enfield council and their crooked business associates is well known to the local people in the Enfield area, but unfortunately there is a very real climate of fear and intimidation throughout the whole neighbourhood and many people seem to think that they have no human rights in Britain any more, and that free speech is no longer legal and it is safer for them to keep their mouths shut.

Some of the local residents are too afraid to speak out and reveal what they know about the criminal culture that exists within Enfield council and the crooked companies that they do business with, because they know that they could risk reprisals from the fascist bullies who control the council and who have an horrific reputation for violence, tyranny, and oppression that is eerily reminiscent of the bad old days in Nazi Germany and communist Russia.

Virtually everything that Enfield council does is secretive, under-handed, sinister, creepy, illegal, murderous, and corrupt, which is clear from the way that they threatened to kill the eco-warriors and employed an evil gang of vicious thugs who attacked us from behind when they kicked our friend in the face with their steel toe-capped boots.

However regardless of the psychopathic violence that Enfield council has used against us the eco-warriors are not afraid of these cowardly bullies and we are building a criminal case against them, starting with the murderous attacks against us which is circumstantial evidence of all the rest of their crimes and corruption that they are being accused of by local people.

Enfield council are accessories to the greatest crime in history which is the destruction of the planet and the mass extinction of all life on earth including the human race, and the eco-warriors are prepared to defend ourselves again and fight them to the death if that is what we have to do to stop this kind of evil criminal activity from exterminating the whole of humanity.

What happened to the eco-warriors at our squats at Brimsdown Avenue and Picketts Lock and what has also now been happening to the elderly local residents who are protesting at Cat Hill is just a small example of the epidemic of extreme murderous violence against the ordinary working people by their own governments that is occurring all over the planet.

At the Cat Hill protest blockade outside the main gates of Middlesex university the site manager for L and Q recently behaved like a dangerous lunatic, driving his car straight at two of the old and the not-so-old local protectors and trying to run them over, but they escaped unharmed and they reported him to the local police for attempted murder.

Just like Enfield council, L and Q also have a very terrible reputation, claiming to be a housing association “charity” helping the homeless, while in reality they are actually engaging in illegal commercial profiteering, abusing and robbing their vulnerable tenants, and building sub-standard housing estates and leaving them to rot and fester away to become stinking hell-holes full of alcoholics, drug addicts, and violent dangerous psychopaths and criminals, including rapists and murderers.

L and Q were secretly sneaking in diggers and other demolition equipment onto the Cat Hill site in the dead of night to avoid detection and they wrecked the newt pond killing most of the hibernating newts, and they have polluted the local water supply and poisoned the air with radioactive waste from the World War Two army base which still contaminates a lot of the soil and which has led to serious fears of birth defects in the area in the future.

Enfield council officials have been refusing to take phone calls from local residents who are concerned about the crimes that are being committed by L and Q, but if Enfield council and L and Q have nothing to hide why won't they face their accusers, and why did they try to kill some of the eco-warriors and some of the elderly residents who are protesting against the destruction of the ancient woodlands at Cat Hill?

The eco-warriors are appealing for whistle-blowers to come forward and reveal what they know about any other crimes that may have been committed by Enfield council and the L and Q housing association, who are also believed to be the most crooked and corrupt property developers in the north London area..

Anyone who knows anything at all about the whereabouts of the original deeds to the Middlesex university property or the will that bequeathed the site to the people in the local community for educational purposes in perpetuity, is invited to contact the eco-warriors with the information immediately, and we will instruct our lawyers to proceed with private criminal prosecutions against Enfield council, and we will also ask the mainstream news media to cover the story.

If anyone knows anything else about any other frauds, deceptions, bribery, or corruption committed by Enfield council and L and Q, please inform the eco-warriors urgently before it becomes too late to stop this criminal destruction of one of the most beautiful and cherished ancient woodland sites in England, which was once a Roman encampment and which is also mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Following are the revised and updated versions of the original email to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the press release that was sent to all the national newspapers and television channels, and friends are invited to forward them to other journalists as well if they would like to help support the Cat Hill Campaign.

This may very well be our last chance to stop the continuing destruction of what remains of Middlesex university and the 10 acres of the natural habitats at the ancient ponds and woodlands containing a wide variety of wildlife, including European protected endangered species like bats and great crested newts.

Here is the request to the Metropolitan Police from the eco-warriors for an urgent official criminal investigation into the alleged fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption involved in the granting of planning permission for a housing estate on the site of Middlesex university to L and Q by Enfield council:

To the Police Commissioner at Scotland Yard:
This is an official request from the eco-warriors, for an urgent police investigation into our allegations of serious fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption by Enfield council and the L and Q property development company.
We claim that the granting of planning permission by Enfield council to L and Q to cut down the ancient oak trees and destroy the natural wildlife habitats and to build a housing estate on the site of Middlesex university was illegal.

We are accusing some corrupt local Enfield councillors and crooked business people of making an illegal agreement to destroy the ancient ponds and woodlands at Middlesex university in contravention of the laws requiring full public consultation and approval, and also of destroying the deeds to the property and the original covenant in the will that granted the land to the people in the local community for educational use in perpetuity.

Statement for the press from the eco-warriors involved with the Cat Hill protest at Cockfosters, Enfield, north London:
Elderly grandmothers are protesting on behalf of their grandchildren against the destruction of Middlesex university and ten acres of ancient ponds and woodlands at Cat Hill near Cockfosters Enfield north London, while the eco-warriors are planning an urgent public inquiry into allegations of massive multi-million pound fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption by Enfield council and the crooked property developers London and Quadrant.

While workmen have been proceeding to cut down the 400-year-old oak trees, destroying the natural habitats of European protected endangered species like bats and great crested newts, and demolishing the university buildings, local residents including 80 and 90-year-old grandmothers and grandfathers are desperately blockading the main gates every day with their banners reading “Save Cat Hill”.

The environmental protectors claim that the sale of Middlesex university by Enfield council to L and Q was fraudulent because the property was left to the people in the local community to be used for educational purposes in perpetuity, and that there is evidence that the original will and the covenant and other documents including the deeds to the property were deliberately illegally destroyed by councillors and officials at Enfield council to cover up their crimes.

The protectors are also alleging that the sale of Middlesex university for 18 million pounds to build a sub-standard housing estate with 231 dwellings which will be sold for hundreds of millions of pounds, is just another example of the systematic and endemic political crimes of fraud and corruption which many thousands of local people in Enfield have been accusing Enfield council of committing for years.

The eco-warriors also intend to seek an emergency injunction in the High Court in the Strand, asking the judges to stop the property developers L and Q from cutting down any more trees and destroying the natural wildlife habitat of ponds and woodland, while our investigation into the allegations of fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption is continuing.

The environmental activists known as the eco-warriors who are involved with supporting the Cat Hill protest blockade are also claiming that the worldwide corruption by the capitalist Bilderberg Group of bankers, financiers, and corporate leaders, and the politicians who illegally work for them, is destroying the earth and killing humanity.

As a result of the burning of fossil fuels global warming is increasing global temperatures alarmingly, melting the polar ice caps, raising the sea levels, and causing worldwide flooding which will inundate and submerge entire island nations and whole countries as well, leading to the total collapse of human civilisation within the next few decades according to a recent NASA-funded study..

All over the earth natural disasters are increasing all the time, with floods, heat waves, forest fires, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, droughts, famines, and tornadoes occurring simultaneously in many different countries, but the mainstream news media is censoring the truth about global warming and is refusing to publish and broadcast most of the news about the very worst effects of climate change.

Global warming is melting the Greenland ice sheet and trillions of gallons of fresh water are pouring into the North Atlantic Ocean every day, reducing the salinity and causing the Gulf Stream to slow down, and when it stops completely there will be a new ice age in Britain, Europe, and America, with temperatures falling to as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius in the winters, and rising to plus 40 degrees Celsius in the summers.

The melting glaciers in the Antarctic are lurching forwards twice a day on average, sending shock waves through the tectonic plates for thousands of miles in every direction, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, which is exactly what occurred off the coast of Japan and resulted in the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power station, poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean with radioactive radiation.

During the winter of 2014 half of Britain was completely flooded and it will not be too much longer before there will be another terrible environmental catastrophe, and another, and another and another, until in the end nothing will be left alive anywhere on the whole of the planet unless very urgent action is taken very soon to stop global warming.

The United Nations' scientists' nightmare scenario in the 1990s was of rising sea levels causing worldwide flooding resulting in hundreds of millions of refugees crossing national borders to escape, and three to four billion people killed by drowning, starvation, and disease by 2050, and local wars over oil, land, food, and water, ending with a possible World War Three nuclear holocaust wiping out the whole of humanity.

Average global temperatures will increase by up to FOUR DEGREES CELSIUS within 40 years, according to some of the scientists who were at the UN climate talks at Doha in Qatar in December 2012, while other scientists predicted that global temperatures would rise by as much as TEN DEGREES CELSIUS, making the earth completely uninhabitable very soon.

The hundreds of thousands of billions of tons of methane hydrate gas that are melting in the polar regions are likely to result in a catastrophic ecological cataclysm that will end with the extinction of all life on earth including the human race within 20 years, according to Professor Guy McPherson of the University of Arizona.

The scientists involved with the Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT Group on Facebook believe that humanity will become extinct by 2035 and they are telling everyone to enjoy what is left of their lives and to say goodbye to their friends and families knowing that their own children will not be having any children themselves.

The scientists at the Worldwatch Institute in Washington have claimed that the children and grandchildren who are alive today will probably be the last generation of humans on the earth, and that there will be no future generations on an uninhabitable planet that will soon be completely ravaged by climate change, and where all the oxygen in the air will eventually be replaced by the lethal methane gas.

The human race has become like a frog that is being slowly boiled to death as it is swimming around in a saucepan full of water that is simmering quietly away on a stove, and not realising that if it doesn't jump out as quickly as possible it will die.

The public resemble hypnotised robots behaving like lemmings rushing to the edge of a cliff while they are going to work,
shopping on the high streets, watching TV, and believing all the lies from the politicians and the mainstream news media distracting them from the terrible reality that the earth's natural support system is being destroyed by the poisonous fossil fuels, human civilisation is collapsing, and we are facing the mass extinction of all life on earth.

Virtually everything that the public buys in the high street shops that are owned by the transnational corporations has been made by sweat shop labour or by child slaves in poverty-stricken third world countries, and it all falls apart as soon as you buy it and then it just ends up in the rubbish bins and the landfill sites, while the earth itself is also disintegrating before our very eyes as well.

It is almost as if the whole of humanity is sleepwalking to our own execution like the Nazis' concentration camp victims being herded into the gas chambers by the corrupt bankers, corporate leaders, and the crooked politicians who work for them to commit the greatest crime in history – the genocide of the entire human race.

The earth has become like a vast prison planet with the whole of the human race being enslaved in a giant concentration camp that is being gradually turned into an enormous gas chamber which is about to be filled with unbelievably huge amounts of methane gas that nobody will be able to breathe.

By burning fossil fuels we are actually burning ourselves to death and setting the stage for the most horrific, ghastly, and terrible end for all life on earth including the human race, and by continuing to support and finance the fossil fuel industries the banks have inflicted the very worst punishment imaginable on all the people of the world.

All the major religions on the earth are just standing around doing absolutely nothing whatever to try to stop the greatest tragedy in human history, and the church leaders are simply watching it all happen without saying a word in protest, and they are therefore effectively complicit in the imminent extinction of humanity.

In fact Christianity and Islam are at war with each other in the Middle East and around the world in a holy war that looks increasingly as if it will end with World War Three, except that the melting methane is likely to kill the human race first, which is why the eco-warriors are fighting back to the bitter end, just like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who knew that they were all going to die at the hands of the Nazis, but who resisted right to the very last one of them.

The biggest mystery of all is why there aren't millions of people rising up and fighting back in self defence to save themselves from the most evil criminal conspiracy that has ever been known, which is the global capitalist system that is controlled by the secret world government of corrupt bankers and corporate leaders, also known as the Bilderberg Group.

The banks and the transnational corporations and the governments have enslaved 99% of humanity by making money out of the ordinary working people of the world in any way they can, including fracking under towns and villages all over the earth, and poisoning the world's water supplies with dangerous chemicals and toxic and radioactive waste.

The Bilderberg corporations are rumoured to be planning to sell bottled water and even the very air that we breathe, to the few remaining survivors of their horrific Apocalyptic Holocaust that we have all been condemned to by the most evil alien monsters that have ever walked the earth.

Is it any wonder that there are rumours circulating on the internet that the super rich 1% Bilderberg Group elite are secretly building spaceships so that they can escape from the doomed earth and evacuate their own friends and families to the moon and Mars as soon as possible?

This year 2014 will be the Year of the World Revolution when the ordinary working people in every country on the earth plan to rise up and fight back in self defence to close down the crooked banks and corporations that control the evil capitalist Bilderberg Group and the corrupt governments that illegally work for them.

The eco-warriors intend to arrest and charge all the greedy criminal politicians with crimes against humanity and the genocide of the entire human race in Climate Nuremberg trials, and replace the evil capitalist system with an alternative political and economic system of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics, in every small local community on the planet.

Greedy politicians are usually so stupid and arrogant that they come to believe that they are untouchable and nobody can stop them from cheating and robbing the ordinary working people, but sometimes the train of history turns a corner and suddenly the corrupt thieves and evil mass murderers can find themselves being arrested and charged with their crimes against humanity, and even facing execution for their atrocities which today include the imminent genocide of the whole of the human race.

The Nazi German generals pleaded not guilty to charges of genocide at the Nuremberg Trials after World War Two, but the international judges ruled that following orders was no defence in law and they hanged all of Hitler's henchmen apart from the only one who had pleaded guilty and they sentenced him to life imprisonment instead, and the eco-warriors are determined that the murderous Bilderberg Group will never escape justice for their crimes.

In China the police drive around in death vans fitted out as mobile gas chambers equipped with surgeons who harvest the organs from corrupt politicians who are operated on while they are still alive so that their livers, kidneys, hearts, lungs, and eyes, etc will be fresh enough to sell immediately to all the wealthy ailing patients who are desperately waiting for organ transplants.

The guilty politicians who infest Enfield council and the Tory government in Britain should be thankful that nobody is likely to want their filthy disease-ridden organs at any price, regardless of whether they are still fresh or not.

For humanity to be able to survive for much longer into the future we must reclaim what is left of the earth and take back our natural heritage that has been stolen from us, and restore, repair, and regenerate the earth's environment by all means necessary, implementing genuine solutions to stop global warming and the destruction of the ecosystems that provide us with our precious life support on the only home we have.

The people of the world must completely stop the burning of fossil fuels immediately, and we must also remove as much of the carbon pollution from the air and the atmosphere as we possibly can while there is still time to do so.

The military forces of all nations must unite and work together to create global infrastructure projects such as dredging new canals and creating inland seas as an escape valve to help drain off the rising sea levels to stop the worldwide flooding from engulfing all the low-lying island nations and whole countries as well.

Vast new rainforests teeming with wildlife must be planted in all the world's hot arid deserts where huge quantities of solar power must also be generated to provide an alternative energy source for the whole world to replace the oil, coal, and gas industries which must be thrown into the dustbin of history if humanity is to survive for more than another 20 years.

Localisation means local action by local people taking control of their own local affairs in their own local communities in every bio-region on the earth, where local farms must produce their own food locally, and local Peoples' Banks must issue their own local currencies, and the micro-generation of electricity must replace all the centralised polluting power stations.

The eco-warriors are working desperately to combat all the lies and propaganda in the mainstream news media which censors the truth about global warming, and creates the false illusion that it is perfectly acceptable to carry on with business as usual and keep shopping and burning fossil fuels as if the oil companies have nothing to do with the fact that the earth is burning and getting hot enough to kill us all in the very near future.

Ironically, while many caring thoughtful people around the world are being distracted and becoming concerned about the massive fraud and corruption by the banks, the corporations, and the governments, the sea levels are rising faster than ever before, making it inevitable that all the low-lying islands in the South Pacific will disappear forever beneath the ocean waves within five years.

The eco-warriors are planning the biggest global publicity campaign in history to raise public awareness around the world of the greatest threat that has ever been faced by the human race, and to offer genuine solutions to stop global warming and climate change from wiping out all life on earth.

This year we intend to set sail for the South Pacific islands in our modern day version of Noah's Ark with hundreds of citizen and mainstream journalists, photographers, film-makers, writers, artists, scientists, environmental activists, musicians, and actors and actresses, to publish and broadcast the truth about global warming and the political and financial corruption that is responsible for causing it.

The eco-warriors plan to rescue our friends and families from the horrors of the worldwide flooding that is already happening and which will escalate rapidly and engulf entire countries, drowning them forever very soon, and also from the total collapse of human civilisation that will inevitably follow.

The island nations of Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati in the South Pacific, and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean are all vanishing beneath the rising sea levels, and the rest of the world is unaware of the terrible tragedy that is unfolding because the mainstream news media which is owned by the Bilderberg Group refuses to cover the story because the banks and the corporations do not want the public to know the truth about the catastrophic consequences of global warming.

Using the slogan “We are not drowning - we are fighting,” the Pacific Warriors who live on some of the South Pacific islands have completely stopped burning fossil fuels, and they have switched over to using only renewable energies to help set an example to everyone else in other countries of the way forward to stop global warming.

At the same time the thousands of billions of tons of frozen methane hydrate gas in the Arctic and the Antarctic are all melting and they will erupt with the explosive force of 10,000 nuclear arsenals destroying all life on earth within 20 years, according to Professor Guy McPherson and the Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT Group, and the climate scientists' Methane Emergency Group.

The first warning that humanity is facing extinction this century as a result of global warming was issued by Dr Peter Barrett, the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand, and he was quoted by the Christchurch Press newspaper in November 2004:

“After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction.
“Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century”.

Professor Guy McPherson is one of a number of concerned scientists who are now claiming that all life on earth will come to an abrupt end within 20 years because global warming is melting all the methane in the polar regions, and the earth's atmosphere will become just like Venus, impossible to breathe, and too hot and sulphurous for anything at all to survive.

Guy McPherson says that it is now far too late now to stop the melting methane from killing humanity, and thousands of other scientists are also predicting the imminent end of all life on earth, but the eco-warriors believe that it is still worth trying to save the human race from extinction and we are fighting back to the bitter end against the corrupt banks, corporations, and governments that are responsible for causing global warming.

Some people ask the eco-warriors what we hope to achieve by supporting the Cat Hill blockade of the crooked L and Q property developers at Middlesex university by the elderly grannies and other concerned local residents, and the answer is that we are looking for the smoking gun and we hope to help stop the building of the planned housing estate and get the site restored to its original purpose for educational use for the local community in perpetuity.

The eco-warriors are planning to establish the Cat Hill Community Protection Camp to support the Grannies Revolution Blockade, and we are also planning to hold Extinction Festivals on the site every weekend to help raise public awareness about the dangers of global warming and the urgent need to prevent the extinction of all life on earth.

We intend to hold the grand opening of the School for Eco-Warriors very soon to help educate the public about the coming ecological cataclysm, and to offer possible solutions to save humanity from global warming caused by the corrupt and evil capitalist system that is forcing the public to continue burning fossil fuels even though this is what is actually killing us all.

The eco-warriors hope to be able to keep our revolutionary School for Eco-Warriors going as a free school in perpetuity, inspiring and motivating the rest of the world to follow our example and start repairing and regenerating the earth's environment, and working to save humanity from extinction while we may still have time to do so.

For some of us there are extremely serious issues involved here that cannot and must not be ignored any longer, and because
a lot of the eco-warriors are British as far as we are concerned this land is our land and we are not prepared to just stand idly by and watch it being destroyed forever by greedy treacherous politicians, and crooked property developers.

A lot of people are telling the grannies at Cat Hill “you're fighting a losing battle” or “you can't stop this development,” and it does appear that it might be a lost cause, but the eco-warriors believe that since the Middlesex university property was legally designated for education forever, we should be able stop Enfield council's plans to build a ghastly housing estate that will completely destroy what is left of the wildlife habitats in the ancient ponds and woodlands.

The Middlesex university site was left to the people in the community for education in perpetuity, and once we have clearly proved that we are entitled to possession of the property the eco-warriors intend to drive the corrupt and evil L and Q and Enfield council off our property and hand it back to the local people to educate the whole world about what desperately needs to be done to save the entire human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.

The eco-warriors intend to invite all the diverse and different environmental groups and organisations in Britain to help participate in creating the School for Eco-Warriors on the Middlesex university site which is currently being completely wrecked by L and Q, with a little help from Enfield council.

The eco-warriors' vision is of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Rising Tide, the Royal Society for the Protection for Birds, Earth First!, English Heritage, Oxfam, the Womens' Institute, Christian Aid, the Woodland Trust, and many others as well, all working together side by side in harmony, and offering workshops in important environmental subjects such as renewable energies, permaculture, tree planting etc, free to the public.

We would also like the School for Eco-Warriors to team up with the Massachusetts Institute for Technology and Harvard and Berkeley universities, which are now offering all their courses free online to everyone in the world, and this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to help provide all the people of Britain with a free education if they want it.

The eco-warriors' report “Can You Save the Human Race?” which has been produced by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign will form the initial foundation for most of the educational work at the School for Eco-Warriors at Cat Hill, and it has been designed to help educate the public, and particularly the children, about the dangers of global warming.

“Can You Save the Human Race?” provides a master plan, an instruction manual, and a strategy for the survival of humanity, and it will also be offered free to schools and universities everywhere on the earth as a set of 14 textbooks in an attempt to help ensure the survival of future generations.

“Can You Save the Human Race?” also contains all the scientific evidence about global warming and climate change for class action court cases on behalf of the children of the world against the Bilderberg Group of banks, corporations, and governments, holding them legally responsible and accountable for causing global warming by the burning of fossil fuels.

Everyone who would like to is welcome to download the complete 14,000 page report “Can You Save the Human Race?” containing all the scientific evidence proving that global warming is killing all life on earth, together with the true story of the eco-warriors in Britain and the worldwide environmental movement.
“Can You Save the Human Race?” was created on Apache Open Office and it is FREE to download from:

The eco-warriors are also making the Earth Films reality TV show for the children which is entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? - The Grannies Are Revolting!” and it is actually a documentary about the Cat Hill protest, telling the true story of the emerging alliance between the eco-warriors and Middle England as we fight back together to defend the earth and stop the financial and political corruption that is destroying the planet and killing humanity.

The Grannies' Revolution video story will be followed by another series that will be sub-titled “The Eco-Warriors Are Coming!” which will be all about our Noah's Ark Project to publicise the disappearance of all the low-lying islands in the South Pacific as the ever rising sea levels cause them to sink gracefully beneath the Pacific Ocean within the next five years.

The eco-warriors hope to be able to broadcast “The Grannies Are Revolting!” and “The Eco-Warriors Are Coming!” on the Evening Standard's new TV channel London Live which can be found on Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159, and You View 8.

The first series of the reality TV show for the children “Can You Save the Human Race?” was filmed at the Camp for Climate Action near Heathrow Airport in August 2007 and it was sub-titled “The Kids Are Revolting!” and the second series was filmed at the Kingsnorth climate camp in August 2008, and it was sub-titled “The Children Are the Future”.

The eco-warriors are planning to set up a mobile office and kitchen at the Cat Hill Blockade with banners reading: “Humanity faces extinction within twenty years.
“Can You Save the Human Race?”

One of the purposes of the eco-warriors' office will be to appeal for evidence and to take witness statements from local people and whistle-blowers who are willing to reveal the truth about any crimes and corruption that they may know about that have been committed by Enfield council and the crooked L and Q property developing company.

The eco-warriors intend to conduct a major public inquiry into all the allegations of corruption that have been made against Enfield council, and we will be inviting everyone to come forward to blow the whistle on the corrupt local politicians by revealing anything that they may know about any crimes that have been committed by Enfield councilors and officials, and the criminal companies that they have granted planning permission to in suspicious circumstances.

A lot of the local people believe that the police will refuse to investigate Enfield council for corruption because the politicians in Britain appear to have become so powerful that they can cheat and rob the people with no fear of prosecution, but the eco-warriors are prepared to instruct our lawyers to conduct private criminal prosecutions in the courts ourselves, to obtain justice and to pave the way for the coming Revolution to overthrow the capitalist system and stop global warming.

A very large sign will be displayed outside the eco-warriors' mobile office reading:
“The eco-warriors are gathering evidence of crimes and corruption by Enfield council, and witness statements for private criminal prosecutions can be made here in complete confidence”.

The eco-warriors also intend to set up a second hand eco-market at the School for Eco-warriors as a practical demonstration of recycling and reusing unwanted consumer products, and which will display a very large banner reading:

There will also be very large signs at each end of the market area reading:
“Fraud, deception, bribery, and corruption by Enfield council,” and “Ancient woodlands bequeathed to the local community for education in perpetuity, destroyed by Enfield council”.

Another sign will read: “THE NOAH'S ARK CAMPAIGN STARTS HERE
“Save the South Pacific islands from vanishing beneath the rising sea levels”.

Any press or public enquiries about the eco-warriors' allegations of serious crimes and corruption committed by officials and politicians at Enfield council and L and Q, the scientific evidence about global warming and the imminent extinction of the human race, and the Noah's Ark Campaign should be directed to Professor Noah, The School for Eco-Warriors, Middlesex university, Cat Hill, Cockfosters, Enfield, north London, England.
Phone: 07582242300

(References: Professor Guy McPherson of the University of Arizona, the Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT Group, and the climate scientists' Methane Emergency Group on Facebook).

I'm on the dance band of the Titanic, sing Near My God to Thee.
The iceberg's on the starboard bow, won't you dance with me?

OPERATION TWEET: Join our Global Warming Media Lobbying Twitter Campaign!
As everybody probably already knows, global warming and the increasing destruction of the earth's environment are being virtually ignored by the mainstream news media which censors the truth about climate change and prevents the public from knowing that there is a catastrophic State of Emergency on the earth that is killing the human race.

As the imminent extinction of all life on earth grows in people’s consciousness, and humanity is awaking from its slumber it is critical that the global media and those journalists and editors with the power to further stimulate awareness of the dangers of climate change and the possible solutions to save humanity from extinction, actually start publishing and broadcasting the truth about how the burning of fossil fuels will destroy the earth and kill the human race very soon.

We need crusading journalists to blow the whistle on all the corruption by the banks, the corporations, and the governments that are responsible for causing global warming, destroying the earth and killing humanity, and we also need crusading lawyers to prosecute civil and criminal cases against the Bilderberg Group in every legal jurisdiction on the planet.

In the countdown to the complete destruction of the ancient wildlife habitats at the ponds and the woodlands at Middlesex university at Cat Hill Cockfosters Enfield north London, we are launching a Twitter and email campaign to lobby all the mainstream media outlets and journalists in Britain and around the world.

It is VITAL that as many people as possible tweet at them as soon as possible so that they will all sit up, take notice, and have to respond to our demands for action, so please get trigger-happy with your tweeting to as many political journalists and media outlets as possible.

Below is a complete list of who you should target and their emails and phone numbers are there too so if you are not on Twitter you can email or phone them directly, and if you can think of anyone else that we may have inadvertently left out please let us know.

We suggest that as many people as possible should post our full story about the Cat Hill Protest and our allegations of corruption by Enfield council, and the news about the imminent extinction of humanity as a result of global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels, to all the journalists who should also be asked:

@name Please publish the story of the Grannies Revolution at Cat Hill and the corruption by Enfield council.
@name Please publish the Truth about how the Bilderberg Group is responsible for causing global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels which is driving the human race to extinction.

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