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Indymedia Oaxaca Tour In The UK, Second Stage

Cenutrio | 04.09.2007 18:50 | Oaxaca Uprising | Ecology | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Liverpool | London

A second round of Indymedia Oaxaca infonite in the UK is starting, focussing on the experiences and struggless the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The tour will begin in Cardiff at the PAD social centre on the 9th where it will also visit people who are fighting the Brecon Beacons gas pipeline. In London it will take part in the Disarm DSEi mobilisations, as well as a planned infonite at the LARC on the 12th. Then it will visit Nottingham on Friday the 14th at the Sumac Centre to continue to Liverpool on the 16th to join in the celebration of the new social centre Next To Nowhere, the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading on the 18th, and it will end at the No Border Camp in Gatwick on the 21st.

There will be talks and discussions with our compañero from Indymedia Oaxaca as well as the presentation of 'True To My Pledge', a video made by MALDEOJOTV to rise funds in support of the women made widows in Oaxaca due to state repression. Click at the Full article link for background information, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

Reports: Nottingham (with audio) | Liverpool

The right to rebel is sacred, as exercising it is indispensable to break the obstacles that oppose the right to life. (Ricardo Flores Magon)

The tour resumes in UK following an European-wide journey through self-organised spaces, both urban and rural, where it participated in mobilizations such as the large protests against the G8 summit in Heilindengam so to be part of the resistance in the streets, and to express our anger against the 'eight bastards'. During the mobilisations, we produced a daily radio report broadcasted throughout Latin America on Forum de Radio, in order to oppose the lies of the corporate mass media, and to counteract their dis-information about the unfolding events and the manipulation of the truth.

We also visited 'smaller' local struggles against megaprojects that are part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) which is based on a planned network of high speed trains, airports, dams, and other european-wide infrastructures 'needed' to effectively move goods throughout Europe, from north to south and from est to west. These megaprojects take into account nothing else but profit, they involve destroying the environment and the life of people all over Europe, and it is for this reason that they are facing growing resistance wherever they hit harder.

"Looking and listening to some of the people directly affected by these projects, I saw the same analysis and reflections of the communities who are fighting to defend their land back in my country, where the Mega-plan is called Plan Puebla Panama. I realized how similar the strategies used to impose them are, but also how much people rejects them on both side of the ocean, and how important it is to learn and to cross-pollinate each other experiences so to make OUR struggles stronger."
... "I' m an indigenous Mixe, and thanks to our still alive traditions, uses and customs, we maintain united our communities and we are committed to organise ourselves in order to preserve our ancient way of living in harmony with the environment that surround us. It is very clear to us that 'they' come into the land I belong to, it will be the end for our culture"

"I recall a compañera talking about the international airport planned in Atenco. She was saying how much the struggle they were fighting started to save their land, yet throughout the time of this struggle they realised that their victory was in fact a victory for the whole world. In Atenco people managed to stop a project that would not only have had devastating effects on their lives, but also on the life of everyone else who lives on this planet. In the lowland of the Mixe territories they plan to build a motorway and a wall-mart, we are organizing to defend our land, our life. We are organizing to defend the world"; (IMC'ista Oax)

Meanwhile in the Mexico.... of below........
......that invisible Mexico made out of humble people standing up against the neoliberal order day after day......
Indigenous people keep resisting exploitation all over the country: a dam in Guerrero, the second phase of a gigantic electric windmill park called La Venta in Oaxaca, resistance against GMO maize and sugar/ethanol plantations for so called bio-fuels, an endless plethora of new tourists resorts, sweatshops and so on....

Recently, in the 'Biosphere' of Montes Azules, the government's certified national park forest -REBIMA- (REservaBIosferadeMontesAzules), Ford Foundation, WWF and Biotechnology company playground and birth home of the EZLN, indigenous people, zapatista supporters, suffered a full on military attack resulting in their eviction from the land they occupied. Another page of the same book, multinationals and local oligarchs want to get their hands over wood, water, oil and the 'discovery' and patenting of huge biodiversity related knowledge and life in one of the last ancient jungles in Central America and our earth. They do so with the complicity of capitalist conservationist NGOs like the Swiss multinational panda mafia above mentioned and the ultra conservative Con-$ervation International, just to name a couple.

For indigenous people, Organising against this constant pounding is not an option, another stage in the conquest is taking place faster and harder then ever, one that if successful it will mean the end for their/our culture their/our ways of life.

To organize means to meet, to listen, to understand and respect and to get to know each other: traditions, needs, struggles. To be stronger together.

Hosted by the Vicam People - the contemporary all rebel indian assembly - The Intercontinental Indigenous Summit will take place in Mexico from the 11 to the 14th of October, coinciding with the 'discovery' of the continent by the old new world order in 1492.

The topics of the encounter will be: the war of capitalist conquest and its effect on Indigenous Peoples, the resistance of Indigenous Peoples to this war of conquest in defense of Mother Earth and Indigenous territories and cultures, a discussion on why Indigenous Peoples are fighting-....

....... the struggle continues

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