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Independent media refused DSEi 2003 accreditation

Peace News | 07.09.2003 21:50 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | London

News release on refusal of Spearhead to accredit Peace News for DSEi 2003 coverage. Plus notice of free DSEi-related materials available for arms trade activists and campaigners.

Free PN on international arms trade
Free PN on international arms trade

News release below, but we would also like to invite anyone coming to DSEi to pick up a free copy of Peace News (special issue produced in conjunction with CAAT) themed around the international arms trade. It includes some tools and resources for activists coming to DSEi and also for arms trade actions beyond. Copies can be found at the convergence centre (there's 300 odd - so don't be shy!). You can also read the issue in full online (see web address below).

PN news release
After applying in July to cover the DSEi 2003 international arms fair being held at London’s Excel centre (9-12 September), Peace News (PN) is disappointed that the organisers – Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd - have refused PN media accreditation to cover this event.

Peace News Ltd is a small, independent international antimilitarist print and online publisher. Established in 1936, Peace News has consistently provided coverage of both grassroots activist campaigns and of mainstream stories, from a critical perspective.
While Peace News is very open about its editorial objectives (see the editor and news team hoped that by providing online coverage of DSEi – from both inside and outside the exhibition centre - PN could provide fair and accurate reporting of this event and could ask questions at the DSEi 2003 press conference that may have been difficult for mainstream journalists to put forward.

Peace News news editor Caroline Lauer – the applicant for accreditation – is a professional journalist (working in the mainstream media as well as for Peace News) and an NUJ member. She is not a member of any exciting activist organisations and has no criminal record.

However, in an email on 22 August Emma Welch for Spearhead stated that “we have taken the decision to refuse entry to the exhibition to all media that are interested in visiting with other motives in mind”. With Spearhead failing to elaborate on what they mean by “other motives” Peace News can only arrive at the conclusion that the event organsisers were keen to protect their exhibitors from difficult lines of questioning during the press conference – for example into the impact of the arms trade on civilian populations.

Comment from Peace News editor:
“The value of a free and independent press cannot be underestimated. Independent media journalists are in a position to ask the questions which open up areas for discussion by all.
The refusal of Spearhead to accredit Peace News for this event merely adds to the popular view that a group of death dealers want to get on with their secretive deals far away from any critical view. “

Peace News
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07.09.2003 22:28

A & P Tyne, UK
Aardvark Clearmine Ltd, UK
A E Petsche Co Inc, USA
AB Connectors Ltd, UK
AB Precision (Poole) Ltd, UK
ABEKING & RASMUSSEN Schiffs-und Yachtwerft (GmbH & Co), Germany
Ably Shelters Ltd, UK
ACAL Technology Ltd, UK
Ace Resources, UK
Achleitner Franz, Austria
ACME Portable Machines UK, UK
ADA Composite Armour, Australia
ADI Ltd, Australia
Advanced Data Services Ltd, UK
Advanced Interactive Systems, USA
Advanced System Architectures Ltd, UK
Advantage Technical Consulting, UK
AEA Battery Systems , UK
Aearo Ltd, UK
AEGIS Engineering Ltd, UK
AEgis Technologies Group, Inc, USA
AEI Ordnance Ltd, UK
Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd, UK
Aero-safe Technologies Inc, Canada
Aerospace Systems & Technologies Ltd, UK
Aerosystems International Ltd, UK
Aerotech World Trade Ltd, UK
Aerotech World Trade Ltd (Aerospace), UK
Agent Orientated Software Gropu (AOS), Australia
AgustaWestland, UK & Italy
Airline Maintenance Associates Ltd, UK
Airline Maintenance Resources Ltd, UK
Airtanker, UK
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings, UK
Alan Dick & Company, UK
Alaska Structures, USA
Alenia Marconi Systems Limited, UK
Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co, Germany
Allegheny Technologies , USA
PW Allen, UK
Allen Gears Ltd, UK
Allerton Engineering Ltd, UK
Alphameric Custom Products, UK
Alstec Ltd, UK
Alstom, UK
Altair Engineering, UK
Alutech GmbH, Austria
Alvis Bridging Limited, UK
Alvis Hagglunds AB, Sweden
Alvis Moelv AS, Norway
Alvis OMC, South Africa
Alvis plc, UK
Alvis Vickers Limited, UK
Ametek Aircontrol Technologies, UK
Ametek Airscrew, UK
Amphenol Ltd, UK
AMST GmbH, Austria
Analytical Graphics Inc, USA
Andrews Survey, UK
Ant AG, Germany
Antag (UK) Ltd, UK
Anteon International Corporation, USA
App-Tek International Pty Ltd, Australia
Arc Resources (UK) Ltd, UK
Arcus Co, Bulgaria
Argon Electronics, UK
Arkonia Systems Ltd, UK
Armada International, Switzerland
Armourshield Ltd, UK
Armscor Business, South Africa
Armstrong Fastening Systems, UK
Arnold Wragg Ltd, UK
Arsenal Co, Bulgaria
Ascent Group, The, UK
Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd, Israel
Asian Defence & Diplomacy, Malaysia
Asian Defence Journal, Malaysia
Asian Military Review, Thailand
Association of the US Army, USA
Astrium, UK
Astro-med Inc, USA
Athena Technologies Inc, US
Atlantas Marine Ltd, UK
Audiosoft Ltd, UK
Austal Ships, Australia
Austin Semiconductors Inc, USA
Austrian Group, Austria
Autoflug GmbH, Germany
Automotive Technik Ltd, UK
Avexus Inc, USA
Avialec International Ltd, UK
Aviation Training International Ltd, UK
Avio S.p.A (formerly Fiat Avio), Italy
Avitronics, South Africa
Avnet Applied Computing, UK
Avon Inflatables Ltd, UK
Avon Technical Products Ltd, UK
Babcock ATA, UK
BAE Systems, UK
Bakelittfabrikken AS, Norway
Bar Engineering Ltd, UK
Barcoview, Belgium
Barrier Ltd, UK
EP Barrus Ltd, UK
Barum and Dewar Ltd, UK
Bassett Engineering Ltd, UK
BCB International Ltd, UK
BCD Modelling Ltd, UK
BDL Systems Ltd, UK
Belgium Group, Belgium
BFi Optilas Ltd, UK
BiTMICRO Networks Inc, USA
Blaschke Wehrtechnik GmbH, Austria
Blazepoint Ltd, UK
Bluefinger Ltd, UK
Bluestone Microwave Technology Ltd, UK
BNFL Instruments, UK
Boeing Corporation, The, USA
Bofors Defence, Sweden
Bolle Safety, France
Bosch Rexroth Ltd, UK
Bowtech Products Ltd, UK
Brand-Rex Ltd, UK
Bren-Tronics Inc, USA
Bridport Aviation, UK
Brimar, UK
Bristow Technical Services Ltd, UK
Britax PMG Ltd, UK
British Maritime Technology, UK
British Naval Equipment Association, UK
Broady Flow Control Ltd, UK
Brownell Ltd, UK
Brugg Cables AG, Switzerland
Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Germany
Buck Neue Technologien, Germany
Butyl Products, UK
BW Technologies, UK
C & D Insulation, UK
C-ITS AB, Sweden
CAE, Canada
Cambridge Consultants, UK
CamelBak, USA
Canadian High Commission/Industry Canada, Canada
Capewell Components Co LLC, USA
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, UK
Cargo Aids Ltd, UK
Carwood Motor Units Ltd, UK
Caterpillar Defence Products, UK
CDA Intercorp, USA
CAE Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia
CEIA SpA, Italy
CEDIP SA, France
Centa Transmissions Ltd, UK
Century Dynamics Ltd, UK
Ceradyne Inc, USA
CF Cases Ltd, UK
Chemring Countermeasures, UK
Chemring Group plc, UK
Chess Dynamics Ltd, UK
Chieftain plc, UK
CI Systems Inc, USA
Cincom Systems , UK
Cirris Solutions Ltd, UK
Cleveland Bridge Engineering, UK
Clothyard Consultants Ltd, UK
CMC Electronics Cincinnati, USA
CMI Defence, Belgium
CMT Dynamics, UK
Cobham Plc, UK
Cochrane Steel, South Africa
Cogent Defence and Security Networks Ltd, UK
COGES-Eurosatory, France
Comp Air UK Ltd, UK
Composhield A/S, Denmark
Compucat, Australia
ComTech International, UK
Concurrent Technologies plc, UK
CONRAC GmbH, Germany
Consultancy Solutions Ltd, UK
Continental DataGraphics, UK
Cordstrap, UK
Corus Bi-Steel, UK
Corus UK Ltd, UK
Cosalt, UK
Cranfield University (RMCS) - Defence Academy, UK
Cranfield University - a division of Raven Alliance, UK
Crayford All Terrain Vehicles, South Africa
Credowan Ltd, UK
Crellon Microsystems, UK
CRH Fencing Ltd, UK
CTP Information Management Ltd, UK
Cubic Defense Systems Inc, USA
Cummins Engine Company Limited, UK
Cunning Running Software Ltd, UK
CyTerra Corporation, Australia
DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany
Danaher Motion, USA
Danish Group, Denmark
DANYARD Aalborg A/S, Denmark
Data Systems and Solutions, UK
Datron World Communications Division, USA
Davall Gears Co Ltd, UK
David Brown Textron , UK
Davison Engineering, UK
DCN, France
Defence Aviation Repair Agency, UK
Defence Communications Industry Pty Ltd, Australia
Defence Director, UK
Defence Export Services Organisation, UK
Defence Manufacturers Association, UK
Defence Procurement Analysis, UK
Defence Storage & Distribution Agency, UK
Defence Systems International, UK
Defense News Media Group, USA
Delcam plc, UK
Delft Electronic Products B.V., Netherlands
Delta Power Services, UK
Denel (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Deschamps, France
Design Academy Ltd, UK
Deutsch Ltd, UK
Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited (DML), UK
Dewar Brothers (Packaging) Ltd, UK
DH-Budenberg Ltd, UK
Diamond Point International (Europe) Ltd, UK
Diehl Munitionssyteme GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Diehl Remscheid GmbH & Co, Germany
Diehl VA Systeme Stiftung & Co KG, Germany
Diemaco (a division of Heroux Devtek), Canada
Disposal Services Agency, UK
Dockwise Shipping B.V., Netherlands
Dolch Computer Systems (UK) Ltd, UK
Domnick Hunter Ltd, UK
Donaldson Filter Components Ltd, UK
Doncasters plc, UK
Drager Safety AG & Co. KG aA, Germany
DRS Technologies Inc, USA
Drumgrange Ltd, UK
DSA 2004, Malaysia
dstl, UK
DT Media Ltd, UK
Dutch Group, Netherlands
Dy4 Systems UK, USA
Dytecna Ltd, UK
E. Falck Schmidt A/S, Denmark
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company,
EADS Defence and Security Division, UK
EADS Operations and Services (UK) Ltd, UK
EADS Systems and Defence Electronics, UK
EADS Telecom, UK
Easat Antennas Ltd, UK
Eberspacher UK Ltd, UK
ECA, France
Economische Voorlichtingsdienst (EVD) , Netherlands
Eden Technology, Australia
EDO Corporation/Electronic Systems Group, USA
Eiger, UK
EIVA A/S, Denmark
Electrical Apparatus Co (UK) Ltd, The, UK
ELMA Electronic UK Ltd, UK
ELTA, France
Eltek Energy AS, Norway
Emco Maier GmbH, Austria
EMC Solutions Ltd, UK
Empl Fahrzeugwerk GmbH, Austria
Enersys, UK
eNGENUITY Technologies, Canada
Engineering Resources Ltd, UK
Englands Safety Equipment, UK
Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defence Company , USA
Ensil International Corporation, USA
Eonic BV, Netherlands
EOTech Inc, USA
ERA Technology Ltd, UK
ESL Defence Ltd, UK
ESS (Eye Safety Systems Inc), USA
ETEC Gesellschaft fur Technische Keramik mbH, Germany
ETH Consultants Ltd, UK
Eurocopter, UK
Eurofighter Typhoon,
EW Simulation Technology Ltd, UK
Excalibur Systems UK Ltd, UK
Exchem Defence Systems Ltd, UK
Express Engineering Ltd, UK
Falcon, UK
FCX Truflo Marine Ltd, UK
Fender Care Naval Solutions Ltd, UK
Ferranti Technologies Ltd, UK
FiatAvio S.p.A. (see Avio), Italy
Fiber Systems International, USA
H Fine & Son, UK
Finecast Foundry Ltd, UK
Fin-Mil Group, Finland
Finpro Marketing Oy Ltd, Finland
Fischer Connectors, UK
Flagship Training Ltd, UK
Fleet Support Ltd, UK
Flexicon Ltd, UK
Flight Training Systems Ltd, UK
FLIR Systems Ltd, UK
Flowserve Pumps Ltd, UK
Fluent Europe Ltd, UK
Fluid Transfer International, UK
FN Herstal SA, Belgium
Force Ware GmbH, Germany
Ford Component Manufacturing, UK
Frequentis, South Africa
J & S Franklin, UK
Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd, UK
French Group, France
Frequentis Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, Austria
Friedrich Lurssen Werft GmbH & Co, Germany
Fuchs Electronics, South Africa
Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc, UK
Fujitsu Services - Navy Star Project, UK
G2 International Company, USA
G3 Systems Ltd, UK
Gallay Ltd, UK
Galorath Associates, UK
GB Britton/UkS Group, UK
GCS , South Africa
GE Fanuc - Embedded Systems, UK
GE Ion Track, UK
Gecko Head Gear Ltd, UK
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, USA
General Dynamics C4 Systems, USA
General Dynamics Decision Systems, USA
General Dynamics Land Systems, USA
General Dynamics UK Ltd, UK
German Group, Germany
Giat Industries, France
Gichner Shelter Systems, USA
Ginsbury Electronics Ltd, UK
Giscoe, South Africa
Glenair UK Limited, UK
Global Defence Review, UK
Glock Ges m.b.H, Austria
GMA Cover Corp, Canada
Goetzloff GmbH, Austria
Gold-Eck Steppwaren A.Mayer GmbH, Austria
Goodrich, USA
WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd, UK
Greene Tweed & Co Ltd, UK
Griffon Hovercraft Ltd, UK
H Scientific Ltd, UK
Habia Cable Group, UK
Hale Hamilton (Valves) Ltd, UK
J & E Hall Ltd, UK
Hall & Watts Defence Group, UK
Hardigg Europe , UK
Harrington Generators International Ltd, UK
Harris Corporation, USA
Harwin plc, UK
Hawkmoor Ltd, UK
Heason Technologies Group Ltd, UK
Heckler & Koch GmbH, Germany
Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, UK
Henshaw Inflatables Ltd, UK
Hi-Force Hydraulics Ltd, UK
Hi-Q Systems Ltd, USA
Hirtenberger AG, Austria
Hitek Electronic Materials Ltd, UK
Hitzinger GmbH, Austria
HMK-gruppen, Denmark
Hobson & Sons (London) Ltd, UK
Holmatro Rescue Equipment, Netherlands
Horstman Defence Systems, UK
Host Systems, UK
Houlder Ltd, UK
Hoverwork Ltd, UK
HT Servo Ltd, UK
Hutchinson SNC, Defence and Security Division, France
Hymatic Engineering Co, The, UK
I-Bus, UK
Icore International Ltd, UK
IDEX 2005, United Arab Emirates
IDM Electronics Ltd, UK
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Imer Reman Ltd, UK
Imperial Armour, South Africa
Imperial Sword Company, UK
Imtech Marine, UK
Imtech Marine and Industry (UK) Ltd, UK
Imtech Marine & Offshore, Netherlands
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Inductosyn International Division of Ruhle Companies, USA
Indus International Ltd, UK
Inficon, USA
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Inmarsat, UK
Instro Precision Ltd, UK
Intellect, UK
Intelsat Government Solutions Corporation, USA
Interfloor Ltd, USA
International Custom Products Inc, Canada
Interspiro Ltd, UK
iRobot Corporation, UK
Irvin-GQ, UK
ISP Ltd (International Safety Products), UK
IS-Rayfast Ltd, UK
Israel Military Industries Ltd (IMI), Israel
Isotta Fraschini Motori SpA, Italy
Italian Group, Italy
ITT Industries, USA
ITT Industries Night Vision, USA
IUL Softwarehouse AG, Austria
IVEMA, South Africa
J & S Marine, UK
Jane's Information Group, UK
Jasmin Simtec Ltd, Germany
JCB Compact Products Ltd, UK
Jotron Electronics AS, Norway
Joyce-Loebl Ltd, UK
Junghans Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Kaba UK Ltd, UK
Kaliber Ltd, UK
KAPPA, Germany
Kardex Systems (UK) Ltd, UK
Katadyn Produkte Ag, Switzerland
Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd, UK
K Home Engineering, UK
King Vehicle Engineering , UK
Kockums AB, Sweden
Kollmorgen, USA
Kollsman Inc, USA
Kongsberg Gruppen, Norway
Korry Electronics Co, USA
KVH Industries Inc, USA
L-3 Communications, USA
Land Mobility Technologies, South Africa
Land Rover, UK
Leafield Group Ltd, UK
Lewden Electrical Industries, UK
Lex Defence Ltd, UK
Light Alloy Ltd, UK
Lincad Ltd, UK
Lind Electronics, USA
LITEF GmbH, Germany
Lloyds Register, UK
Lockheed Martin Corporation, UK/USA
LogicaCMG, UK
LPA Excil Electronics, UK
LPA Group plc, UK
LPA Haswell Engineers, UK
LPA Niphan Systems, UK
LSC Group, UK
Lurssen Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Luxcom Technologies Inc, Canada
M-Systems, Israel
Macroswiss SA, Switzerland
MacTaggart, Scott & Co Ltd, UK
Maersk Data Defence AS, Denmark
Magellan Systems International Ltd, UK
Maine Marine Ltd, UK
Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu, Turkey
MAN Sonderfahrzeuge AG, Austria
MAN B&W Diesel Ltd, UK
Manpower Software plc, UK
Marconi Corporation, USA
Marconi Selenia Communications, Italy
Marine Electronics Ltd, UK
Maritime Partner AS, Norway
Marlow Ropes Ltd, UK
Marshall SV, UK
Marshall Aerospace, UK
Martec Ltd, UK
Mason Electric Company, USA
MASS Consultants Ltd, UK
Mastsystem International Oy, Finland
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MBDA, France
MB-Mictrotec AG, Switzerland
MBM Rugged Systems, UK
McGeoch Technology Ltd, UK
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Meggitt Defence Systems Ltd, UK
Mektron Systems Ltd, UK
Mercedes Benz Military Vehicles, Germany
Mercury Computer Systems Ltd, UK
Meridian Medical Technologies , USA
Metal Injection Mouldings Ltd, UK
Metal Spinners Group, UK
Metalweb plc, UK
Metax Ltd, UK
Meteka, Austria
Metool Ltd, UK
Metravib RDS, France
Metrum Information Storage Ltd, UK
Mettex Electric Co Ltd, UK
MHH Engineering Co Ltd, UK
Midwest Technology Ltd, UK
Milfoam Oy, Finland
Military Simulation & Training (MS&T), UK
Military Training & Simulation News (MT&SN), UK
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Minelab, Australia
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Mintra AS, Norway
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MKW Engineering Ltd, UK
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MRT Castings Ltd, UK
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MSI Defence Systems Ltd, UK
MTU Friedrichschafen GmbH, Germany
Muirhead Aerospace , UK
Muirhead Avionics, UK
Nammo AS, Norway
Nanjing Research Institute, China
Nanowave Technologies, Canada
Nauticast Schiffsnavigationssysteme AG, Austria
Nautronix Plc, UK
Naval Team Denmark, Denmark
NBC Alliance, Canada
Nedinsco B.V., Netherlands
The Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association (NIID), Netherlands
Netherlands Ministry of Defence, Netherlands
Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMP), Netherlands
Net Resources International Ltd, UK
Newburgh Engineering Company Ltd, UK
Newcon Optik, Canada
Nexor Ltd, UK
Nico Pyrotechnik, Germany
CE Niehoff Co Ltd, UK
Night Navigator by Current, USA
Nitrochemie, Germany
Nobel Enterprises, UK
Noptel Oy, Finland
Nordic Defence Industries, Denmark
Northern Defence Industries Ltd, UK
Northrop Grumman, USA
Norwegian Group, Norway
NP Aerospace Ltd, UK
NSC Newman & Spurr Consultancy Ltd, UK
Oakley (UK) Ltd, UK
Oceana Integrated Technologies Ltd, UK
Octec Ltd, UK
Odense Stalskibsvaerft A/S, Denmark
Oerlikon Contraves, Germany
Oerlikon Contraves Pyrotec, Germany
Optical Cable Corporation, USA
Optima Batteries, Sweden
Osborn Metals, UK
Oshkosh Truck Corporation, USA
Oxley Group Plc, UK
Pacer Components plc, UK
Pacific 2004 International Maritime Exposition, Australia
Page Aerospace Ltd, UK
Pakistan Ordnance Factory, Pakistan
Pall Aerospace , USA
Pall Corporation, USA
Pall Marine, USA
Palmhive Technical Textiles Ltd, UK
Pandect Group, The, UK
Pankl Fahrwerks-und Antriebssysteme GmbH, Austria
Paradigm Secure Communications, UK
Paramount Panels UK, UK
Parker Hannifin UK Limited, UK
Partek Cargotec, UK
Pascall Electronics Ltd, UK
Patria , Finland
PCI Geomatics, Canada
PCQT AB, Sweden
PDM Neptec Ltd, UK
Pearson Engineering, UK
PEC Products, Belgium
Peltor Communications, Sweden
Penman Engineering Ltd, UK
Pennant International Group plc, UK
Penny & Giles CP Division, UK
Permali Gloucester Ltd, UK
Peters & May Global Cargo Logistics, UK
Pewag Austria GmbH, Austria
PI Castings Ltd, UK
Pivotal Power Inc, USA
Plextek Ltd, UK
Plexus Corp UK Ltd, UK
PML Flightlink Ltd, UK
Polamco Ltd, UK
Polar Instruments UK Ltd, UK
PolyVision, USA
Portsmouth Aviation , UK
Powerfield , UK
Primagraphics Ltd, UK
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Project Performance International (PPI), Australia
Promecon AS, Denmark
Protechnik, South Africa
Protex Fasteners Ltd, UK
PSS - Steering & Hydraulic Division, UK
PW Defence Ltd, UK
Pyser - SGI Ltd, UK
QED Design & Manufacture Ltd, UK
Qinetiq, UK
Q-MAC Electronics Pty Ltd, Australia
Quentor Ltd, UK
Quintec Associates Ltd, UK
Quorum Logistic Support Ltd, UK
R&S Bick Mobilfunk GmbH, Germany
R&S Bick Mobile Radio, Germany
Racal Instruments, UK
Radamec Defence Systems Ltd, UK
Radio Frequency Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
Radstone Technology, UK
Rafael, Israel
Rainford EMC Systems Ltd, UK
Ramac Engineering Ltd, UK
Raven Alliance, UK
RAYTECH VertriebsgmgH, Austria
Raytheon Company, USA
Reactive Computer Services Ltd, UK
Real-Time Consultants Plc, UK
Realtime UK Ltd, UK
Red Box International Ltd, UK
Redmayne Engineering Ltd, UK
Renault Trucks, France
Renown Engineering Ltd, UK
RESON A/S, Denmark
RFD Beaufort, UK
Rheinmetall W&M GmbH, Germany
Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Germany
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH, Germany
Richmond EEI Ltd, UK
Rimex Metals Ltd, UK
RJD Technology Ltd, UK
Rockford, UK
Rockwell Collins, USA
Roctec Ltd, UK
Rodman Polyships SA, Spain
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Rohde & Schwarz IT Security, Germany
Rohde & Schwarz UK Ltd, United Kingdom
Roke Manor Research Limited, UK
Rola-Trac Ltd, UK
Rolls-Royce Plc, UK
Roulunds Fabriker A/S, Denmark
Roxel (ex-Celerg), France
RS Components Ltd, UK
RUAG Holding, Switzerland
RUAG Aerospace, Switzerland
RUAG Ammotec, Switzerland
RUAG Electronics, Switzerland
RUAG Land Systems, Switzerland
RUAG Munition, Switzerland
Rubb Building Systems Ltd, UK
Rubig GmbH & Co KG, Austria
Rud Chains Ltd, UK
Rugged Systems Ltd, UK
S.Com Group plc, UK
Saab, Sweden
Saab Training Systems AB, Sweden
SAAT Technology Ltd, UK
SABRE Ballistics, UK
Sabre Defence Ltd, UK
Safeguard Doors - a division of Adams Rite Europe Ltd, UK
Saft, UK
SAIL LABS Technology AG, Austria
Samtel Electron Devices GmbH, Germany
Sascal Displays Ltd, UK
SAS R + D Services Inc, USA
Satelcom (UK) Ltd, UK
Satory MV, France
SBS Technologies GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Scanmatic AS, Norway
Schelde Naval Shipbuilding - Damen, Netherlands
Schleifring Systems Ltd, UK
Schleifring und Apparatebau GmbH, Germany
Scisys UK Ltd, UK
Scorpion Oceanics Ltd, UK
Scotland Electronics International Ltd, UK
Scott Health & Safety Ltd, UK
Seaeye Marine Ltd, UK
Sea Boston Ltd, UK
SEA (Group) Ltd, UK
Seafresh Desalinators Ltd, UK
Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd (formerly SCS), UK
Sekai Electronics of America, USA
Select Cables Ltd, UK
Semelab plc, UK
Sennheiser Government Systems, USA
Serco Defence Engineering, UK
Servowatch, UK
SevenC's AG & Co KG, Germany
Severn Trent Services, UK
Seyntex NV, Belgium
SGS Technology Project Services, UK
Shakespeare Company, USA
Shepherd Offshore, UK
Shield International Ltd, UK
Siemens Enviromental Systems, UK
Signature Industries, UK
Simrad Optronics ASA Norway, Norway
Simrad Optronics Ltd, UK
Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Singapore
Sintec Keramik GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Sir Joseph Isherwood, UK
Slingsby Aviation Ltd, UK
SME (Group SNPE), France
SME Explosives & Propellants (GROUPE SNPE), France
SME Materials and Pyrotecs (GROUP SNPE), France
SME Propulsion (GROUPE SNPE), France
Smiths Aerospace, UK
Smiths Detection, UK
SML Technologies Ltd, UK
Snowsled Polar Ltd, UK
Snugpak, UK
Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd, UK
Solutions from Silicon Pty Ltd, Australia
Somers Vehicle Lifts Ltd, UK
SOS Hyperlite, UK
Soucy International Inc, Canada
Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
Southern Oceanics, South Africa
Specialist Electronics Services Ltd, UK
Specialist Technologies Ltd, UK
Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd, UK
Spectrum Signal Processing Inc, Canada
Sperry Marine, UK
Spirent Systems, UK
Sprung Instant Structures Inc, USA
Stauff UK, UK
Steatite Ltd, UK
Steelcraft Precision Ltd, UK
Stella-Meta Ltd, UK
Stewart & Stevenson TVS UK Ltd, USA
Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG, Austria
STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH, Germany
Stonehaven Engineering Ltd, UK
Stop-Choc Ltd, UK
Stratos, UK
Stratos Lightwave, UK
Surface Technology International Ltd (Sti), UK
Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Ltd, UK
Swiss Group, Switzerland
Symetrics Industries LLC, USA
Systematic Software Engineering Ltd, UK
SystemWare Inc, USA
TAGS Systems, Canada
RD Taylor Ltd, UK
Team Australia, Australia
Team Deepwater International, USA
TEC, South Africa
Teijin Twaron GmbH, Germany
Teknoflex Ltd, UK
Telelogic UK Ltd, UK
Teleplan AS, Norway
Television Installation Services Ltd, UK
Tellumat , South Africa
Ten47 Ltd, UK
Tenet Defence Ltd, UK
Tenix Defence, Australia
Terma A/S, Denmark
Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy, Finland
TFD Europe Ltd, UK
Thales, International
Thales Nederland B.V. , Netherlands
Themis Computer, USA
Time 24 Ltd, UK
TMS Publications Ltd, UK
TNO Prins Maurits Laboratorium, Netherlands
Top-of-the-Range Ltd, UK
Traka Ltd, UK
Trelleborg Industrial AVS, UK
Trident Microsystems Ltd, UK
Tritech International, UK
TRL Technology Ltd, UK
Truvelo Manufacturers, South Africa
Try & Lilly Ltd, UK
TT electronic manufacturing services, UK
TTS Electronics Pty Ltd, South Africa
Turkish Group, Turkey
TUV Product Service, UK
Tyco Electronics UK, UK
Tyneside Preparation Cluster, UK
Typhoon International, UK
Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems, Loudwater, UK, UK
Ultra Electronics Datel Defence, Preston, UK, UK
Ultra Electronics Electrics Division, Cheltenham, UK, UK
Ultra Electronics Holdings Plc, UK
Ultra Electronics PMES, Rugeley, UK, UK
Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication Systems, Greenford, UK, UK
Ultra Electronics Tactial Communication Systems, Montreal, Canada, Canada
Ultralife Batteries (UK) Ltd, UK
United Defense Armament Systems Division, USA
United Defense LP, USA
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, UK
United Scientific Instruments Ltd, UK
Universal Target Systems Ltd, UK
US Ordnance, USA
USA Pavilion, USA
Valcom Ltd, Canada
Vallon GmbH, Germany
Varec, Belgium
Vector Developments Ltd,
Vega Group Plc, UK
Vektas Ltd, UK
Verseidag - Indutex GmbH, Germany
Vestdavit AS, Norway
Victorinox, Switzerland
Viking Life-Saving Equipment, UK
Vinghog AS, Norway
Virtual Reality Centre at Teeside Ltd, UK
Volex Ionix, UK
VT Group Plc (formerly Vosper Thornycroft), UK
Wallace & Tiernan, UK
Wärtsilä, UK
Wärtsilä Corporation, France
Wavian Associates, UK
Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd, UK
Webasto Thermosystems (UK) Ltd, UK
Webtec Products Ltd, UK
Weir Strachan & Henshaw, UK
Welcom , UK
Wellman Defence Ltd, UK
Wessex Electronics Ltd, UK
Westair Ltd, UK
Westler Foods Ltd, UK
Weston Aerospace, UK
WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co KG, Austria
Whippendell Electrical Ltd, UK
Whitby & Co, UK
Wilkinson Sword Ltd, UK
William Cook Defence, UK
WinRadio Communications, Australia
Wren Electronics Ltd, UK
Xantic, Netherlands
YKK UK Ltd (The New Zipper Co Ltd), UK
Zero Cases (UK) Ltd, UK
Zerust (UK) Ltd, UK
Zhendre , France
Zodiac International, UK
Zytronic Displays Ltd, UK


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08.09.2003 09:20

there is further information of the whereabouts of such companies in London on the Mayday site - - as well as a map with the location of various of these available for download at BE WARNED the file is large (around 2.8MB) so may take a while to download... Alternatively, you can get a copy at the convergence centre on the WOMBLES stand - more info at

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