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More than three months after the EU summit in Thessaloniki, 7 people are continuing to be denied justice, despite overwhelming evidence that they have been framed and despite protests around the world.

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The Thessaloniki Prisoners were imprisoned by the Greek State following protests against the European Union Summit of June, 2003. An index page of the Thessaloniki Solidarity Group can be found here (

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Fed up with rading this

06.10.2003 16:23

It is a long way to go Greece, but who went to the EU summit from the UK?
There are many who would regard them as traitors. Is it time they were told?


Enough of these lies you ignorant people.

10.10.2003 00:49

I am so sick and tired by you political do-gooders who always think you are always right but the others are wrong. The man is guilty and so is the others for commiting riots in a foreign country. If you commit the crime you pathetic ignorant mortals should be punished. As for 'Fair Trials Abroad' you have no right to critisize Greece for its justice system and if I recall the spokesperson said' No matter if you're innocent or guilty in Greece you still go to prison'. My response you pathetic mortal is examine the state of British Justice where for instance a man who killed a burglar out of sheer self defence was sent to prison for four years but the burglar's accomplice was let out of prison early a gross insult to justice so watch what you say 'Fair Trials Abroad' or if I may call you people 'Let criminals run riot abroad' as your new title. There I hope people realize I have had enough and as for people if you want to commit crimes and smash places up or throw bombs at people go ahead and get into trouble because you people deserve to be in prison for polluting my country Greece with your hatred along with you and Indymedia propaganda against my country. As for Indymedia Greece I look forward for having you people pay for your treachery.

King of the Underworld has spoken ignorant humans.

Hades King of the Underworld

Dear Hades

11.10.2003 08:32

You are in urgent need of serious medical attention!
Let΄s start with a friendly advice:
Ante kai gamisou paliomalaka!


Dear Haristogeiton God of Death responds with his wrath!

12.10.2003 01:23

Dear Haristogeiton

You are the one who is the malaka not me and you who is the one who needs medical treatment so burn in hell you pathetic soul. Unlike you I am healthy and unlike you I am no traitor like you so watch your mouth you weak fool!

How dare you impose your views on me always thinking you are right and I am wrong, ever heard of right to an opinion scumbag?!

Burn Haristogeiton burn and die painfully!!!!!!

I am also the God of death too Haristogeiton I look forward to your demise!


what are you on about

12.10.2003 11:05

simon is a decent bloke who has been beaten and fitted up and spent his 30th birthday in jail, doesn't know when he'll get back to his friends, family, work etc.

whatever you think of his politics, there ain't no law in Greece or anywhere else that reasonably tells people they cannot demonstrate their opinions freely on the streets. nor one that says it's fine for police to beat people, plant weapons on them and soak them in petrol then drag them through molotov cocktail throwing crowds to be held indefinitely in jail - just cos they don't like what someone thinks.

now please mr weirdo, pay attention to the real issues here!

part greek too

Puncturing the god of nothing at all.

12.10.2003 12:26

You say you're entitled to an opinion Hades ?

WRONG. Your're only entitled to an opinion if it's informed and enlightened.
Yours is neither,thus it's both worthless and vacuous.

But then all ideas about 'gods' are essentially without foundation and empty
hence the views of such are the same.(much like the BNP,whose views you obviously

meditate on it and get real.

Buddha of Suburbia.

Freedom Above All

12.10.2003 21:33

The truth here is not about whos right or who wrong for thats all a bit subjective the thing here is theres 7 people inside 4 walls, in conditions where not even a bar of soap or personal higyne things where denied, 5 ofr them on a hunger strike, meaning here that they ceased their must basic need\function.Its up to us to show support and tell what realy is going on there abroad as some say.
And has to the god or that the thing here is not about smashing or protesting, defendid whatever who wanna called it and if who say justice has u say must happend were is the justice of "God" for those who throw bombs froma irplanes and sell huge amounts of kiling devices!
Solidarity is strenght
Down all prison walls

mail e-mail: mustaphaª

I am untitled to my opinion like or not fascist!

13.10.2003 23:43

If you don't like my opinion you idiots then tough I am sticking to it whether you like it or not. As for down to all prison walls would you like criminals on the loose like rapists, serial killers and other scumbags on the streets? Then you fools live on a different planet. I say what I like and speak my mind and if you hate it then you are more fascists than the Nazi's.

If you don't like freedom of speech go join GW Bush and Bliar you make great agents of imperialism.

Hades the God of Death has spoken again.


Back in your hole Hades.

14.10.2003 15:38

To Hades.

I Zeus,King of the Gods,command that you return to your dark domain forthwith
and desist from issuing such ignorant proclamations.

Simon was wrongfully fitted up by the police, I Zeus ensured that it was videoed
to show the infamy of the modern Greek state.

I shall soon move to release all those wrongly incarcerated.

Retreat now Hades or feel my divine wrath which you know you have no power to resist.

I have so declared.

Zeus,King of the Gods!

Enough insults in the name of the law!

15.10.2003 02:29

This is Chief Inspector Clouseau and I am warning you all if you don't stop insulting each other I will arrest you all in the name of the law as long as that idiot Cato does not attack me first that little yellow swine never pays attention.

Hades I say these people are innocent and you know why? Instinct that is why!

By the way Hades I will send you a special delivery and it is a bumb and you will expect it pretty soon.

Chief Inspector Clouseau

Don't pay attention to Hades...

21.10.2003 10:33

You should ignore comments of this type ,there are very common in athens.indymedia and it seems like its the work of some people that are connected with the police or just with people who like to make a fuzz.
In Greece the solidarity movement for the prisoners of Thessaloniki is growing and many actions and events are organized.For more details check the site
Solidarity is strength!Solidaridad es nuestra fuerza!Η αλληλεγγυη είναι η δυναμη μας!



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