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Simon et al: Greek Ambassadors Reception GATECRASHED! & thoughts on more demos

Remember Aaron Barschak! | 14.11.2003 09:49 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

The ambassadors receptions are noted for their elegance, for the whiff of stinkbombs too!
Gatecrashers account of attempted action at Ambassadors reception on Tuesday night.
Preceeded by thoughts about Greek cultural events in UK, sponsored by Greek Ministry of Culture. I think that 5000 YEARS OF CULTURE IS MEANINGLESS WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

Old news, but apparently it never made it onto the board two days ago.

WHERE TO NOW? I think it would be advantageous to call for a complete boycott of all events organised by the Greek government (inter?) nationally. Certainly there are a few happening here in the next few weeks.
Some are : Friday 14 November 1900 Hellenic Centre 16-18 Paddington Street W1
Realism and Humour in Contemporary Greek Painting-sponsored by Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and Niarchos Foundation. RSVP to 0207 486 9196

Happening also on Sunday 16 November at 1800 at Hellenic Centre is a presentation of a Greek Museum, The Vorres museum - a lifetime adventure

On Monday at the NFT in South Bank is a VERY INTERESTING film and talk by a Greek film maker Constantine Costa-Gavras. He is fairly left-wing and will be interviewed by Ian Christie. The film Z, is 'regarded as a landmark account of the democratic struggle in Greece in the 60's'. It starts at 6pm and is followed by interview and Q&A!
It is unfortunately sponsored by Greece in Britain 2003 aka the Hellenic Foundation for culture, so a picket/action may be useful.

Later in November and December the same people are showing a few films by Theo Angelopoulos, one of Greeces major film-makers. He is speaking at the NFT on Nov 25th, so it may be good if people can get the issue of Simon into the spotlight, maybe even by just asking him, in the Q and A session.



Phone number of Cultural ATTACHE at Greek embassy, Mrs Victoria Solomonides, 7313 8914
fax 7229 7221
She is described as Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy and UK rep of Hellenic Foundation for Culture.
Please ask her what the point is of having five thousand years of culture, if we cannot even have basic human rights in Greece today. I can't think of any good reasons!

Greece in Britain is a nationwide series of events presented by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture to illustrate the wealth and diversity of contemporary Greek Culture
email: HFC, 1a Holland Park, W11 (the embassy)

Nea Dimokratia (main rightwing party):
email: nd@" "

PO Box 4128 London W1 6TP phone 0870 787 8933-7 fax 0870 787 8938

Vassilis L Zarifis and Stelios Alexandrakis are people to speak to


I Infiltrated a reception hosted by Ambassador A.C. Sandis and Hellenic Foundation for (meaningless) Culture (where there is no respect for human rights!). ZERO security meant stink bombs got in OK, as well some other goodies. Just six odd security people (who threw me out), assorted serving maids, and some embassy offishuls. Through main door, 20 metres down corridor then up staircase, room on rear landing hosted books written by an author (an autobiography on a former ambassador). Moving up another flight of stairs into the big front hall on second floor, (you can see the windows by the flag-pole, from in front of embassy) with sliding wall to enlargen room, this is where main reception was. Another flight led up to second floor, presumably ambassadors living space, with his wife. Sampling some canapes, I was tempted to grab a plate-full and chuck them at the ambassador, but I didn't-anyone heard of people being cheese flanned?. Shortly a motley collection of mainly elderly Greek people gathered round in front of the microphone to hear readings from the author and wonderful words of praise, including some words from the Cultural Attache, Mrs Solominides. At this point I leaped forward to try and attach myself to the microphone, but I couldnt get close to it. In the melee I accidentally lost a stink bomb, but it may yet be found intact. A few shouts and half a minute later I was physically bundled out of the room and down the stairs by eight embassy staff, enduring a comment by someone unknown 'thirre ton' 'beat him up', I was promptly removed onto the street. At this point I tried having a conversation with an embassy man I had talked to earlier, he said now that he had spoken a lot with Simon's parents, but after telling me 'there is a time and place for everything', he returned back inside, seemingly reluctant to talk further/ or did he want to hear the rest of the speeches? He seemed disappointed that I had not told him 'the truth', as if it would been better had I just told him over a drink 'Hey I'm gonna interrupt you bosses speech' during normal conversation. As a few other security people remained on the street infront of the Ambassadors residence, I drifted away.

Remember Aaron Barschak!


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  1. Very wll done! — wren


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