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Page for collecting together a list of corporate media articles about the Bush State Visit to britain - 19-21st November 2003:

Tuesday 18th

Livingstone says Bush is 'greatest threat to life on planet'
By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent
18 November 2003
Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, launched a stinging attack on President George Bush last night, denouncing him as the "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen".

President will be protected by 16,000 police officers
By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent
18 November 2003
One in nine police officers in England and Wales will be protecting George Bush on his state visit to Britain, which begins today.
The unprecedented security operation, which begins when the President arrives in London this evening, is partly in response to new intelligence that indicates violent anti-Bush demonstrators are travelling from continental Europe to protest in the capital.
Police also believe the national rally through London on Thursday will be far bigger than previously thought, with in excess of 100,000 now expected. Anti-terrorist specialists are also growing increasingly concerned about possible al-Qa'ida attacks. This fear has been heightened by the bombings of two synagogues in Istanbul, which killed at least 23 people and wounded 300 on Saturday.

Protests begin but majority backs Bush visit as support for war surges
Alan Travis and David Gow
Tuesday November 18, 2003 The Guardian
A majority of Labour voters welcome President George Bush's state visit to Britain which starts today, according to November's Guardian/ICM opinion poll.
The survey shows that public opinion in Britain is overwhelmingly pro-American with 62% of voters believing that the US is "generally speaking a force for good, not evil, in the world". It explodes the conventional political wisdom at Westminster that Mr Bush's visit will prove damaging to Tony Blair. Only 15% of British voters agree with the idea that America is the "evil empire" in the world.,12956,1087545,00.html

See the ICM poll in full (pdf)

Blair will urge Bush to help revive WTO talks
Larry Elliott and David Gow
Tuesday November 18, 2003 The Guardian
Tony Blair signalled yesterday that he hopes to use the state visit to Britain of George Bush to announce a joint US-UK initiative to kickstart the stalled round of global trade talks.,11268,1087390,00.html

Street wisdom
Tuesday November 18, 2003
The Guardian
The visit also seems certain to attract some demonstrators who have various forms of more direct action in mind. There was a small sign of that outside Buckingham Palace last night when a protester scaled the palace gates. Ever since the battle in Seattle four years ago, many cities have become battlegrounds for increasingly counterproductive confrontations between demonstrators and the police. That is the last thing either London or the anti-war movement need this week.,12956,1087593,00.html

Marchers get their way as Britain prepares for Bush,12956,1087510,00.html

American excitement gives way to anxiety and foreboding,12956,1087533,00.html

One visit, two agendas,12956,1087536,00.html

London mosque thwarts Bush party
By Shaista Aziz
Tuesday 18 November 2003
On the eve of the US president's controversial state visit to the UK, has learnt George Bush has been forced to cancel a party near London's main mosque.
Bush had planned to throw a party for US embassy staff and guests at a venue near Regent's Park mosque, one of the UK's largest and most prominent.


Monday 17th

Airwaves buzzing on eve of Bush visit
Mon 17 November, 2003
By Bernhard Warner, European Internet Correspondent
LONDON (Reuters) - With President George W. Bush due to touch down on British soil Tuesday, Internet message boards, mobile phones and pagers are buzzing with the sounds of protest, and police are scrambling to catch every word.
Handheld gadgets, equipped with global positioning systems and Internet access, are being used to mobilise groups quickly and catch police on the hop.
"What you have now is the equivalent of battlefield soldiers. That's what the technology has created," said a London-based telecommunications security expert who advises law enforcement units.

BBC Talking Point
Bush state visit: Do you support protests?
What do you think about Bush's state visit? Do you agree with the planned protests? Will you taking part in the demonstrations?

Anti-Bush protests begin
(Filed: 17/11/2003)
Protests about the state visit to Britain of US President George W Bush have begun after a woman climbed the front gates of Buckingham Palace.

US upside-down flag protest at Palace
A lone female demonstrator with a US flag has scaled the gates of
Buckingham Palace in protest at George Bush's visit. The woman ...

A veteran of peace campaigns
Ireland Online, Ireland
A grandmother who scaled the gates of Buckingham Palace today is a veteran peace campaigner who has repeatedly trespassed on military bases.

Grandmother Stages Palace Gates Protest
The Scotsman, UK
By Sherna Noah, PA News. A grandmother and veteran peace campaigner
climbed 20ft high gates at Buckingham Palace today to protest ...

Bush protesters get Whitehall go-ahead
17th November 2003
Anti-war protesters were celebrating after they were given permission to march down Whitehall close to Parliament on Thursday to demonstrate against US President George Bush's state visit to Britain.
Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has called for massive anti-war protests to greet President George Bush on his trip to Britain.

War Protesters Will Be Allowed to March Past Parliament
By PA News Reporters
Protesters against the war in Iraq are to be permitted to march past Parliament and along Whitehall during the state visit of US President George Bush, it was agreed today.
Numbers of police on duty in the capital for Mr Bush’s visit have been nearly trebled from 5,000 to 14,000, amid fears of possible disorder during Thursday’s march which is expected to bring tens of thousands of demonstrators onto the streets of London.
But an ICM poll found a majority of voters – including more than half (51%) of Labour supporters – approved of the visit. The survey for tomorrow’s Guardian found 43% of those questioned said Mr Bush should come to the UK, against 36% who said they would prefer he did not.

"Fortress London" readies for Bush visit
Mon 17 November, 2003 19:41
By Paul Majendie
LONDON (Reuters) - Armed police have turned the capital into "Fortress London" amid heightened fears of a guerrilla attack on the eve of U.S. President George W. Bush's visit.
But the tight security on Monday did not stop a lone woman protester scaling the gates of Buckingham Palace where Bush will stay and unfurling an upside down U.S. flag with the inscription "Elizabeth Windsor and Co. He's not welcome".

Protests Planned for Bush's U.K. Visit
Monday November 17, 2003
Associated Press Writer
LONDON (AP) - A woman scaled a gate at Buckingham Palace Monday, unfurling an upside-down American flag in protest, while Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic delivered an 85,000-signature petition asking Prime Minister Tony Blair to call off President Bush's visit to Britain this week.
The protesters appear to have support from a large section of the British public, feeding on widespread discontent with the war and its aftermath, and low regard for the president.,1280,-3399212,00.html

Blair defends George Bush visit
Numbers of British police officers during the visit have risen to 14,000.
Tony Blair has insisted he made the right decision by inviting US President George Bush to the UK as a huge security operation gets under way.
"This is the right moment for us to stand firm with the United States in defeating terrorism wherever it is and delivering us safely from what I genuinely believe to be the security threat of the 21st Century," Mr Blair told a CBI conference in Birmingham on Monday.

Al-Queda threats spook Wall Street
Posted by London on Nov 17, 2003
U.S. Equities declined in the afternoon trading session, as renewed terror concerns rippled through the broader market. A purported e-mail from al Qaeda to London-based paper Al-Majallah threatened a potential terrorist attack on Tokyo if Japan sends troops to support the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. Also fueling worries were bombings in Turkey on Sunday and the surfacing of a new audiotape allegedly from Saddam Hussein. The terrorism concerns sent airline stocks deep into the red.

Protest pupils face punishment
17 November, 2003, 16:18 GMT
In March, tens of thousands of pupils left lessons to protest against the war. Pupils who join protests against this week's visit of the United States president, George Bush, face suspension from school, say head teachers.

Bush security swings into action
Monday, 17 November, 2003, 10:01 GMT
Negotiations over protest march routes are ongoing
An "unprecedented" security operation is under way ahead of US President George Bush's state visit to Britain.
Extra police are at ports and airports, and have been checking people arriving on Eurostar trains from France.

London Tightens Security for Bush Visit
Mon Nov 17, 2:36 PM ET
By Paul Majendie
LONDON (Reuters) - Armed police turned the British capital into "Fortress London" Monday amid heightened fears of a guerrilla attack on the eve of President Bush's visit.

Bush Exclusive: Your troopsdid not die in vain
Meet the president ... Sun's Trevor talks with George Bush
PRESIDENT Bush sent a heartfelt message to the British people yesterday: Your troops killed in Iraq did not die in vain.He said that by fighting alongside Americans, our soldiers had made the world a safer place.,,2003531173,00.html

Police begin to build 'security bubble' for Bush
By Chris Gray
17 November 2003
The unprecedented security operation to protect George Bush during this week's state visit starts today after the Home Office said Britain was at a heightened state of terror alert, although there was no specific threat.

US and UK officials dread presidential trip
-Washington fears any re-election benefit will be marred by trade row and anti-war protests
-Blair faces revival of 'US poodle' image
Ewen MacAskill and Julian Borger in Washington
The British government in public says it is delighted George Bush is visiting Britain next week. Tony Blair encapsulated this in a speech last Monday when he said: "I believe this is exactly the right time for him to come." In the corridors of No 10 a more realistic assessment can be heard. The list of issues is long...,12956,1086735,00.html

Blair ally in poll threat to Bush
Nicholas Watt and Duncan Campbell
Monday November 17, 2003 The Guardian
George Bush will be served notice today that the deep hostility towards him in Britain has reached the Blair inner circle, when the former minister Stephen Byers launches a bid to destabilise the president's re-election campaign next year.... if the White House refuses to abandon punitive trade sanctions against the UK.,11538,1086793,00.html

Get mad - and get even
Bush deserves our rage, but Blair should take the brunt of it. We elected him, now we must get rid of him
Gary Younge
Monday November 17, 2003 The Guardian
...from the time Bush lands, it is important that he is aware that while the British prime minister may be his ally in the war against Iraq the British people are not and, barring a short spell at the outset of the fighting, never have been. That is why the upcoming demonstrations around Bush's visit are not only necessary but demand our full support.,9321,1086839,00.html

Nov 17 2003
By Bob Roberts, Political Correspondent
GEORGE Bush was last night branded chicken for scrapping his speech to Parliament because he feared being heckled by anti-war MPs.

November 17, 2003
Insiders offer tips on how to make best of Bush visit
By Tom Baldwin and Stefanie Marsh The Times
The American President is an unpopular figure in Britain, with a Populus survey for The Times showing that only one in four voters approves of his handling of the Iraq war. Half of those surveyed believe that Tony Blair’s close alliance with Mr Bush has been bad for Britain.
Like many controversial stories, the build-up is likely to create worse headlines than the actual event. Before the visit, the focus for the press and broadcasters is on the protesters’ plans and the disruption that will be caused.,,2-897494,00.html

The police marksmen with London in their sights
By Chris Boffey and John Steele
(Filed: 17/11/2003)
There will be more armed men on the streets of London this week than at any time since the end of the Second World War, say government and security sources policing George W Bush's four days in Britain.;$sessionid$YBEIC3FAJOBTJQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2003/11/17/nbush217.xml

'Biggest' terrorist alert for Bush visit
By Chris Boffey, John Steele and John Crowley
(Filed: 17/11/2003)
Scotland Yard will mount the largest anti-terrorist operation London has ever seen when President George W Bush arrives tomorrow for the first State Visit by an American president.


Sunday 16th

Police reverse ban on march to avert threat of violence
Met to allow marchers into Whitehall after organisers warn that restricting their route would provoke uncontrolled protests
By Severin Carrell and Sophie Goodchild
16 November 2003
The police are set to make a dramatic U-turn and allow more than 100,000 anti-Bush protesters to march past Downing Street and Parliament this week, in a major concession to avoid violent clashes with hardline activists.

My husband died in vain
What one British widow will tell Mr Bush this week
By Severin Carrell in London and Andrew Buncombe in Washington
16 November 2003
President George Bush will be accused this week of lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction in a face-to-face meeting with the families of British soldiers killed in the war, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US
Martin Bright, home affairs editor
Sunday November 16, 2003
The Observer
Home Secretary David Blunkett has refused to grant diplomatic immunity to armed American special agents and snipers travelling to Britain as part of President Bush's entourage this week...
Demands turned down by Ministers and Downing Street during preparations for the Bush visit included the closure of the Tube network, the use of US air force planes and helicopters and the shipping in of battlefield weaponry to use against rioters.,11538,1086411,00.html

Nov 16 2003
By Chris Mclaughlin And Stephen Martin
THEY'RE changing the guard at Buckingham Palace...but instead of bearskins, ceremonial swords and red jackets, this lot will be wearing grey suits with suspicious bulges under their arms and talking into their cuff-links.

Britain on alert as Bush 'bubble' comes to town
David Leppard and Maurice Chittenden
The Sunday Times
November 16, 2003
Police snipers take position to meet Al-Qaeda threat
SECURITY was tightened across Britain yesterday as police and intelligence services learnt that Al-Qaeda terrorists were “on the move” and could be preparing for a spectacular terrorist attack to coincide with the state visit by President George W Bush.
The Metropolitan police have hired about 250 mini-vans to ship them to the scene of any riot within minutes. Equipped with body-length riot shields, CS gas and batons, they will form “snatch squads” to arrest groups of protesters at a moment’s notice.,,2087-896430,00.html

Rolling fortress ready to repel allcomers
The Sunday Times
November 16, 2003
If President George W Bush strains his neck while peering out of his car windows at protesters during his visit to Britain, relief will be at hand. The presidential limousine, known as Cadillac One, has reclining rear seats and vibrating massage cushions, writes Tony Allen-Mills.,,2087-896431,00.html

Relatives of friendly-fire victims to meet president
The Sunday Times
November 16, 2003
David Cracknell and Gareth Walsh
Bereaved families
THE relatives of two victims of “friendly fire” during the Iraq war are expected to be among eight service families who will meet President George W Bush during his state visit this week.

Why We're Marching
A young Londoner argues that Iraq isn't the only reason to protest Bush's visit
By LAURA BARTON - TIME Europe,13005,901031124-543733,00.html

Britain Remains on 2nd Highest Terror Alert
Sun 16 Nov 2003
By James Lyons, Political Correspondent, PA News
Britain remains on a heightened state of terror alert, the Home Office confirmed today.

Bush's visit is Blair's declaration of independence
By Matthew d'Ancona
(Filed: 16/11/2003)
In his interview with the editor of The Daily Telegraph last week, George W Bush declared that Tony Blair was "plenty independent". This, you might think, sounds like the name of a Bond girl, rather than the description of an honourable character trait. But the President was trying to be helpful, sending a message directly to the British that their Prime Minister is not the "poodle" his detractors claim.


Saturday 15th

Anti-war pupils to face crackdown
By Sarah Cassidy, Education Correspondent
15 November 2003
Schools are ready to crack down on pupils who miss classes next week to attend anti- war protests during President George Bush's three-day visit.

Families of soldiers who died in Iraq condemn President
By Jonathan Brown
15 November 2003
George Bush was accused yesterday of making political capital out of the deaths of British servicemen in Iraq. Yesterday Robert Kelly, the father of the youngest soldier to die in the conflict, said Tony Blair and Mr Bush did not really care about the deaths of British troops.

American expatriates to lead the protests against Bush
By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent
15 November 2003
Americans marching beneath a banner proclaiming "Proud of My Country, Shamed by My President" will lead a demonstration against George Bush during his state visit next week. The Stop the War Coalition, which is organising the rally, expects up to 100,000 people to take to the streets of London and express their hostility to the American President.


FRIDAY 14th November

Anarchist Thugs Plot a Bush Demo Bloodbath
Daily Mail - Friday November 14th 2003
ANARCHISTS are planning to hijack the anti-war demonstrations during George Bush's visit to Britain and bring violence to the streets.

Bush getting ready for UK visit
CBBC, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... Iraq. Mr Bush is coming over for an important state visit, which includes
meeting the Queen and staying at Buckingham Palace. People ...

Politics Update
The Scotsman, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... anyone with a conscience would want to attend the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone’s
anti-Iraq war party to coincide with the state visit of President Bush. ...

Bush's visit to Britain mired in problems
Ireland Online, Ireland - Friday November 14, 2003
In what seems like a colossal case of bad timing on both sides of the Atlantic,
President Bush is set for a state visit to Britain at a time when both he and ...

Bush visit will rub salt into wounds
icNorthWales, UK - 2 Friday November 14, 2003
... I have already told Prime Minister Blair that his actions led to Thomas' death and
I would say the same to George Bush.". During his three-day state visit next ...

Bush unphased by UK protests
CNN - Friday November 14, 2003
LONDON, England -- US President George W. Bush says he is prepared for widespread
anti-war protests during his state visit to Britain next week. ...

Bush to meet families of the fallen
This is London, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
President George Bush is to visit the families of British soldiers killed in
Iraq as part of a charm offensive planned for his state visit next week. ...

Blair and Bush don't Care, Says Dead Soldier's Father
The Scotsman, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... Mr Kelly was speaking ahead of the president’s three-day state visit next week
as it was revealed Mr Bush would meet relatives of British soldiers killed in ...

The Mirror, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... Never in peacetime has London been in such a state ... Let me say it loud and clear: Bush is not welcome ... His visit has all

The Mirror, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... in readiness for Mr Bush's trip. Armed officers stood guard around the US embassy
in Central London yesterday. Women are the most critical of the state visit ...

Routledge: Why won't he just Bush off
The Mirror, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... Never in peacetime has London been in such a state ... Let me say it loud and clear: Bush
is not welcome ... His visit has all the hallmarks of a public relations ...

The Mirror, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
GEORGE Bush yesterday brushed aside the threat of mass demonstrations disrupting
his state visit ... have been demanding a virtual shutdown of London ...

Sky News, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
The meeting will take place next week during Mr Bush's three-day state
visit to Britain. Speaking to reporters, Mr Bush revealed ...,,30200-12926201,00.html

I'd walk to London to tell Bush my son's blood is on his hands
icWales, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... father of a Welsh soldier killed in Iraq said last night he would gladly walk to
London ... Mr Bush will make his historic yet controversial state visit ...

Bush backtracks to a passive stance
Irib, Iran - Friday November 14, 2003
... And I would cite to you North Korea and Iran," Bush said in an interview with three
British news organisations ahead of a state visit to London next week. ...

Bush prepares for UK visit
BBC News, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... doubt in the Daily Telegraph's view that President Bush ... conciliatory tone as he prepares
for his state visit ... been demanding a virtual shut-down of London ...

London cancels police leave to handle Bush protesters
Washington Times, DC - Friday November 14, 2003
LONDON — Police are bracing for what could be the largest ... organized against a foreign
head of state when President Bush arrives for a state visit ...

Bush unfazed by UK protest plans
BBC News, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... be upset by mass protests planned for his visit to London ... Mr Bush's three-day trip,
which begins next Wednesday, will be the first full state visit ...

Bush: UK soldiers did not die in vain
icWales, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
US President George Bush revealed he will meet with relatives of British soldiers
killed in Iraq to tell them their ... During his three-day state visit next ...

The week at a glance, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... It was announced that more than 5,000 police officers will be on duty in London
next week for Mr Bush's state visit in one of the biggest security operations ...

Bush to Meet British Soldiers' Families
The Scotsman, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
US President George Bush revealed today he will meet with relatives of British soldiers
killed in Iraq to tell them ... During his three-day state visit next ...

Bush to meet bereaved British relatives
Guardian, UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... In his state visit, President Bush will visit Mr Blair's constituency in Sedgefield,
and make a policy speech on the transatlantic relationship. ...,12956,1084862,00.html

'I never dreamt that I would be staying in Buckingham Palace'
The Times (subscription), UK - Friday November 14, 2003
... At least that is what he said in his pre-visit ... magnificent; I’ve been looking forward
to it,” Mr Bush ... which will include his official welcome and a state ...,,4484-894137,00.html

Bush unfazed by UK protest plans
Friday, 14 November, 2003
Mr Bush said he had not given the impending protests much thought
US President George Bush says he will not be upset by mass protests planned for his visit to London next week.

The 51st State: London
Friday, 14 November, 2003
With growing chaos in ‘post-war’ Iraq and an election looming, George Bush will use his state visit to Britain to maximise his ratings back home


THURSDAY 13th November

Blair's District Calm Before Bush Visit
Guardian, UK - Thursday November 13, 2003
... rumors that President Bush will drop in next week to cap his state visit to Britain.
If he comes, the welcome is likely to be friendlier than in London, where ...,1280,-3384299,00.html

Bush welcomes protests in London
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Thursday November 13, 2003
... the Iraq war drew hundreds of thousands of people to central London ... Many Britons bitterly
oppose Bush's policies, and his November 18-21 state visit ...,5478,7863833%255E401,00.html

Bush Says He Welcomes Protests in London
Guardian, UK - Thursday November 13, 2003
... against the Iraq war drew hundreds of thousands of people to central London ... Many Britons
bitterly oppose Bush's policies, and his Nov. 18-21 state visit ...,1282,-3383063,00.html



Anarchists find pen is mightier than web,,2-890816,00.html

Observer - UK
Published: November 11 2003 19:30 | Last Updated: November 11 2003 19:30
No Bush visit for City folk
Barring a late change of heart, George W. Bush will not be coming to the City next week. A US president on a state visit would be expected to hobnob with bankers at, say, Mansion House.

November 10, 2003
The Times
House-swap time as Bush visits Blair's backyard
By Sam Coates
US secuirty men arrive in town and ask: How many acres is Tony's estate? Well, they are told, he has got a back garden,,2-888449,00.html

The Spectator: Hail to the Chief
George Bush needs to be pictured with the Queen to impress voters in the forthcoming presidential election, but, says Peter Oborne, next week’s state visit by the Commander-in-Chief is causing chaos

Protesters fight Bush exclusion zone,1271,-3376583,00.html

Al-Qaida fear over anti-Bush protests,12780,1083176,00.html

Yard fury over Bush visit

The activists on Bush's trail

Met bans Whitehall protest

US wants ban on protests during Bush visit

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