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Antifa_Italy | 30.11.2003 17:29 | Anti-racism | London

Following there is a call we are sending all over Italy about the demonstration of 29th November.
Given that everything starts from London, because there are the seats of Meeting Point (in Italy it’s called Easy London) belonging to Roberto Fiore, head of Forza Nuova (New strength, an Italian neo-fascist party), we thought it was a good think to inform you about this.

Following there is a call we are sending all over Italy about the demonstration of 29th November.
Given that everything starts from London, because there are the seats of Meeting Point (in Italy it’s called Easy London) belonging to Roberto Fiore, head of Forza Nuova (New strength, an Italian neo-fascist party), we thought it was a good think to inform you about this.


Other information in English is available on


The demonstrations are:

Turin h 11,00 – Corso Duca degli Abruzzi
Milan h 10,00 – Via Garigliano
Naples h 10,00 – Via Martucci
Palermo h 16,00 – Via E. Amari
Genoa h 15,30 – Via XX settembre

On the occasion of the holydays for the new year’s eve, many people (mainly young ones) will leave to London. Unluckily many of them are going to use the services of the agencies linked to Easy London, that some believe to be one of the major companies in the field. The point is that its income finances Forza Nuova and International Third Position (one of the black internationals) in the world.
It’s time to begin the boycott in order to break the toy of Fiore and his friends. Here comes the denunciation day, 29th November, intending to move in all the cities where the seats of the agencies are, at the same time.
Seats of Easy London: BARI Via dei Mille, 42; BOLOGNA Piazza Roosvelt, 4; GENOVA Salita Noce 1 rosso; LATINA Viale P.L. Nervi, Torre 8 Orchidee b; MILANO Via Garigliano, 14; NAPOLI Via Martucci, 62; PALERMO Via E. Amari, 146; ROMA Via Dacia, 30°; ROMA Via Terenzio, SIRACUSA Via Palazzolo, 2; TORINO Corso Duca degli Abruzzi.

And in London:
Meeting Point
Leinster Gardens , 18 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3BH
fax or phone 0044 20 72623507

Linked English school:
CL ENGLISH Language School
170 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7RW, England.
Tel/Fax School : + 44 20 7633 9460

the strategy of tension and the cash of third position
Easy London… what is behind Forza Nuova?
Since almost forty years UK, especially London, has become a secure place in Europe for ex black terrorists and neo-fascists from all over the world; there they can find a shelter after committing the worst.
Many are the examples after II WW: the long fugitiveness of James Earl Ray, the murderer of Martin Luther King or the hearty reception the extreme English right gave to the algerian terrorist George Parisey, eventually arrested (Thanking the work of the anti-fascists) with a chief of the OSWALD MOSLEY'S UNION MOVMENT, old very conservative group.
The links between the international right and UK are strong; but the link with Italy is even stronger: in fact the main and most known members of INTERNATIONAL THIRD POSITON are Italian and they have succeeded in building a huge financial framework able to economically support (hiding or not) many neo-fascists organisations in Europe. Of course the major effort is in Italy with Forza Nuova.
Now let’s try to understand how it has been possible for Fiore and Morsello to build the huge financial construction, headed by Meeting Point, just beginning from their fugitiveness in UK.
In 1980 Fiore, Morsello and other 15 fascists fled to London right after the huge explosion of a bomb in the Bologna railway station; from then on, taking advantage of their knowledge of Nick Griffin (leader of the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY and founder, with them, of the INTERNATIONAL THIRD POSITON) and building new alliances, the two succeeded in starting Meeting Point.
Meeting Point is an holding company which belongs more than 1300 flats taken only by young people who decide to go to UK in order to work or study or just to learn English.
The structure engaged to enlist those youngs is Easy London (15 seats in Italy). Easy London purposes them a package which encloses trip, job and accommodation at an “interesting” price, but they are not told that the job will be in some kitchen in the West End with a very low salary and the comfortable rooms showed in the pictures don’t exist: instead there are tiny and overcrowded rooms, beds in the corridor and toilets in common for 15 people, all military managed by Italian and not nazi skins.
Indeed the newspaper Mail of 20/09/99 said that Fiore made an army of boneheads come from Poland in order to better manage the almost 6000 young european people that every year get in contact with his society. Many are the stories that talk about night beatings toward guys late with the rent or just not following the company spirit.
But the money of the Meeting Point doesn’t come just from there. Between its main activities there is a chain of restaurants, Italian food shops, a music firm and some English schools as the one of Westminster Bridge Road, where according the Italian judges meetings of fascists organisations from all over Europe periodically take place.
All this could look science fiction, but it is not.
Furthermore the major sustainers of the black couple are two ultra catholic organisations that from the very beginning have offered to them protection and money: St.George's Educational Trust and St.Michal's the Archangel Trust.
About the first, Fiore is its administrator and it’s linked to the St.George League, a small and very rich nazi group in contact with people and funds of the ex SS. About the second, very rich as well, it’s named after the archangel Michael, patron of the soldiers of the iron guard of the romanian fascist leader Corneliu Codreanu.
Both the organisations own a wide net of charity shops whose function is give a covering and money to INTERNATIONAL THIRD POSITON.
The official aim of the charity shops (8 just in London) is spreading the catholic religion in a mainly protestant country, even though Vatican has always denied its approval to them. Nonetheless thousands of ignoring english catholics keep on patronize those shops where they can find second hand cloths and books on revisionism and fascism. Again, through their web pages it is possible to buy posters of Hitler and Mussolini, books of nazi propaganda and anti-semite books on the superiority of the white race.
No surprise then if the St, Michael’s trust decided to give around € 11000 for building the church of fascist village which is planned to be in the North of Spain (it is a Fiore’s project) and if the rest of the sum was given by Meeting Point (whose property counts about € 16.000.000).
Some years ago, the Meeting Point men decided to invest some money in rebuilding a village, Los Pedriches, 80 km from Valencia; in 1996 Meeting Point bought the first 4 buildings and afterwards many European fascists group contributed to the construction of houses, a chapel and an hostel for families.
But recently there have been many critics because of crowds of nazi going there and Fiore just replys it is a simp0le tourist project which also has the guaranty of the Spanish government and they receive money from it in order to re-launch the vine cultivation in the area.
Obviously the aim of the work is something else: create a shelter for the fugitive fascists from all over the world, organise meetings and summer camps.
In fact the village is claimed to be a place where experience a new order and young people will be taught not to “talk, move and behave like Negroes”. This information comes, of course, from the St. George and St. Michael trust’s site.

All this is just an overview of the financial empire that Meeting Point and INTERNATIONAL THIRD POSITON have built with the help of a as wide as complicated net of contacts among the worst radical right structures and orthodox catholic organisations in Europe.
Let’s not forget that Forza Nuova is the militant arm of this group and it is active in Italy: it is not just a group of boneheads kept together by a name because many of the members have been practising politics since a long time and many people among the powerful friends of Fiore and Morsello would like to see back the armed spontaneism that Fiore loves so much.



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