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Global War - Each Region Picks Effective Tactics- Violence For Most of US

Enemy Combatans E4 | 08.04.2004 04:38 | May Day 2004 | Social Struggles | Liverpool | London

I am an AN-Nihilist strategist and an expert
witness. Can you convince me that I should not be
a painter of dreams and a builder of bombs?

I am an Enemy Combatant because i speak and
i command some moral sense against GW Bush,

Its a Beautiful Day - Chop up their arogance - 1 neck at TIME
Its a Beautiful Day - Chop up their arogance - 1 neck at TIME

When the Gov [ the Rich] Fear the People-There is Liberty
When the Gov [ the Rich] Fear the People-There is Liberty

The whole world has the same

“The Wandering of American
Morality Looks Ridiculous

… Poisons the World”

The 4 Horsemen scour the Earth
@ Written by Enemy Combatants

I am an AN-Nihilist.
From out of a land regarded in the last centuries as the cradle of democracy, comes
the Suicide of American Democracy and the beginning …or the climax of the mass murder of the planet. An empire has tossed overboard its basic democratic values. A mind can draw parallels to ancient Rome - a republic destroyed by generals. Caesar was the first who elevated himself above the Senate - equivalent to the United States Congress – and seized state power. The senators resisted and took over in their way – with 23 dagger thrusts. However that wasn’t of much use to the state. Caesar’s successor, the general Octavian (Emperor Augustus) degraded the senate to a debating club of rich Romans.

America has passed this turning point.
Roman military expansion parallels the U.S. military
presence with 300,000 soldiers
stationed in 139 states and 29,000 U.S.
soldiers on battleships dominating all
the oceans of the world. No government
can control this friendly occupying power.

Unlike the Romans, the Americans in the
past concealed their goal of omnipotence behind phrases of
democracy and progress (and believed these phrases themselves).
Happily the world knows what really is behind the “Shinning Citadel on A Hill”
phrases from the intrigues of the Bush administration. Like the Romans,
Americans believe they must bring progress and civilization
to the world. The Romans saw themselves as the rescuers of the earth
from primitive barbarians,
as bearers of progress’s civility.

On February 15, 1898, the battleship USS Maine exploded
in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. Responsibility was assigned to the Spaniards
by the patriotic media of William Randolph Hearst. Thus the war against
Spain was justified. The respected admiral Rickover doubted the official version.

When the Americans raised the ship in 1911, it sank again.
The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Isn’t that true with the collapse of the
World Trade Center towers?


A great force of Evils shadows our world.
This Evil takes many forms: From the lies of the capitalist leaders to the lies of the left-opposition leaders; From the elite acceptance of millions dying amid opulence; To the acquiescence of religious leaders; From Washington to Beijing;

Evil thrives between what we ought to know and what we ought to do.

I am a communist because i want to share everything with everything and i want to live productively in my commune. But i will never join a communist party because it would serve no purpose. I am an anarchist because i want to be responsible, free and self governing. But anarchy will not help us through these 100 years of crisis that we face. No, but rigid, determined disciplined organization with true objectives – like in the military during war – might see us through. Faith in the need for revolution and dedication to one’s comrades are what we need.

I am a Buddhist Communist of the Mahayana tradition
because I know that no one is enlightened, free or safe until we all are.

There will be no more lives on a ruined planet.

I am an AN-Nihilist strategist and an expert
witness. Can you convince me that I should not be
a painter of dreams and a builder of bombs?

I am an Enemy Combatant because i speak and
i command some moral sense against GW Bush,
the West and all of their wickedness.

Why do the people of America tolerate
U.S. imperialism everywhere?

It’s possible to understand how citizens might be confused about Saddam Hussein and 9-11 and believe that all Islamic fundamentalists are terrorists. They are, in that they resist Western cultural, economic and military imperialism by simply living – or giving – their lives. But Saddam was the enemy of fundamentalism, and he wasn’t involved in 911 or any terrorism against the U.S. The East is a far away place that the U.S. Coalition bombards. U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and neighboring states is flawed and risky – even for a super power. GW Bush’s insane – but calculated – obsession with avenging his father’s mistakes in Iraq are now a terrible problem (the oil, the terror & U.S. bullying) for Europe and India.

Should Americas support the same misguided policies in Latin America or Africa?
How can people outside the U.S. not hate all Americans severely? How do they keep this image alive of a government or a president that is out of control - and unlike the “good people” of America - when most Americans are fat, stupid and hate the rest of the world or use it so conveniently like their own personal sweatshop and their dumping grounds. The “good” people of America – the activists – have done nothing considering the historic and continuing war crimes of their government.

In the U.S. and now in Europe one finds nice cities, big buildings, luxury cars, architecture, history and richness. In between all the nice things, listen to hear people talk about the bad things. People laugh less and not like they once laughed. You don’t see happiness. You see, astonishingly, that a lot of people are nearly dead or in prisons of their own bodies and minds without any life, addicted by television and radio, doped by the beat of the mystique of consumption, cheap and expensive drugs. Doped by indifference and disillusion -- a people in the middle of wonderful things, but empty, without humanity. The continents of the West -- the cradle of civilization – are full of sickness and blindness. The virus spreads and quickly to all places among the people who follow the West down a rat hole to oblivion.

Western Culture is a grave, a cave, a cemetery, the consequence of their long domination of the human race. Learn and understand: between all the bad things, there is resistance, which attacks the Imperial Order. The soul of capitalism is the US globalization scheme. People from different continents understand that capital has no borders. We have to start an uprising of the people all over the continents. There has to be continuity, to demand for respect of life, for human rights and the environment. We are a lot of minorities, that are in resistance - we will not be bowed

The Green parties, the US Democrats, the International Socialist Organization (s), the SWP, peace groups and George Monbiot’s Socialist Action infuriate reason and instinct with their positiveness. Their weak attempts in the face of such deep shadows of hate that the US manufactures daily, implies that all things politic are already stained and permeating the evil that they purport to oppose.

GW Bush holds up his guns and says
come and
get me.

The peace groups and the politicians of
the West hold up a blindfold and call it
a “Welcome Mat” to a new world order.

All people and groups everywhere who
reject this pure madness must fight like
never before - and die in historic numbers.

We have a goal: to destroy the destroyers.
Confront the machine that seeks to destroy us all.

There are wars everywhere: against Islam;
against the airs we breathe and the waters
we drink; wars against small farmers and indigenous
people; and wars against wars, &
wars against drugs, feelings and democracy.
History is a war between Eros and Thantos.

War is a force that gives us meaning…

War is a force that gives us meaning…

The Battle is joined, let none stand apart…
In war as in Love we choose fealty
and sacrifice over security

We will survive amid the ruins because we are for something sustainable and humane, liberation from a world obsessed with consumption; For more equality and love and children without fear, without hunger or defeat. We are An-Nihilists.

Find the wealthy landlords, find their homes and businesses. Find what is dear to them and what is precious to their industry. Find allies and find tools for each job. Find the time, the purpose and the strength to annihilate that which will burn. Art follows form.
Wash away the past…

Preserve the future.

Honor the radical, the parent and the
disgust that you carry within, for:

Bazarof, Stepniak, Nechayev, Kovalin, Natalia
Armfeld, Batiukova, Sofia von Herzfeld,
Sofia Perovakaja, Malikovcy, Rosija, Mihailov,
Karakozov, Myskin, Sassulio, Grineveckij…Mitiuska,
Cernysevskij, Balhoroiev, Kurayich, Dudayev, Basayev

and veterans of resistance, anarchism and change.

There is in the world much filth:

SO MUCH is true!
But the world itself is not
therefore a filthy monster!

Enemy Combatans E4
- Homepage:


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An-Nihilism is Secret Societies Totally Focused on TActical Strikes

09.04.2004 20:44

French Rev-Right Tactics - Better Ideas/ Goals Were Needed
French Rev-Right Tactics - Better Ideas/ Goals Were Needed

Speak Out Loud Enough to Break Down Walls of Stupidity

Piss on Kerry and Bush Fascism

Out of Sync -

People of America are quite bizarre.

Activists are the most unusual - recently I sent an email article
on CIA dirty tricks and war crimes to some activists from the
FTAA Miami protests -

one of them wrote back
saying to take her off the list becuase
she was worried the government would use
- " the receiving of information" as
a reason to arrest, harrass, or

question her.

Most people here are afraid to even listen

- let alone speak out -

and since they are so ignorant - afraid to read or unaware of - information
that is not approved - well how could they speak out - how could they have
anything meaningful to say ??????????

Adbusters - a canadian mag - for AMerican consumption - is so inconsistent
- but not unlike the " Afraid-of-the-CIA woman mentioned above -

Once a year or so they will run an article or two that are radical
- strident - or obviously in support of major direct action - sabotage
- total resistance ...

A couple years ago they published a great edition on how Vandalism
- Breaking Business windows - setting fires - were the only real art form anymore.

At that time I sent them an article about going underground - about why we have to risk
everything in this fight against our capitalist masters

- they would not run it
- though other magazines did.

Most of the next 2 years of Adbusters were artsy (by the old definition)
but lame and inconsequential - NOW _ now that Bush is looking to
win or steal another election -- or blow the world up first --
the almost-rad liberals want to inject a bit of hyperbole - fire
- sprirt into their utterly empty messages.

First they QUote Mayor of London - and one of the only left of
left-of-center politicians of any note - in the Euro-American dead zone:
Ken Livingston:

" Every year the international financial system kills more people than WWII.
But at least Hitler was MAD..." -

Then the editor, Lasn, has the guts

-- if not the sincirety or comprehension of what real words mean

-- to suggest that:

" It has come down to this: A fight to the finish against the evil forces
of capital that woud wage a terror upon terror upon
terror without end...

[Let's]force capital to retreat by: hacking, stinkbombs,plugging toilets
and sabotaging...
until the cost of doing business as usual
too high to bear...

We attack in the dead of night... We hit them
before, after and during world events
[Olympics- US wars -- WorldForums ???]

We bend them to our will.

... one virus,one blackout, one bushfire,
Mad Cow,

one gram of plutonium has the potential
to trash the whole deal."

See Adbusters, Vol 12,No 2, April 04:

Speak out - better to speak to your closest friends and plan something real
- some thing ...



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