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On Yer Bike! 10 years of London Critical Mass

Imc'sta | 28.04.2004 21:26 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces | London

Anarchism on wheels? Or just a bunch of cyclists getting together on a Friday evening? Sit back, close your eyes and imagine a thousand people cycling along a central London street... filling the street... there aren't any cars... the noise of the traffic is drowned out by music, whistles, bike bells and people having conversations while cycling together…

On the last Friday of April 1994 London’s first Critical Mass took place with about 50 cyclists, and this month's ride on Friday 30th April will be a celebration of 10 years of reclaiming London’s tarmac.

Leaflet 10th Anniversary London's Critical Mass
Leaflet 10th Anniversary London's Critical Mass

A spontaneous radical grassroots direct action approach to resisting car culture, originally born in San Francisco in 1992, now takes over 100 cities worldwide with no leaders, no controllers, no central organisation, no set political ideology, and not even a set route for the ride! A mobile temporary autonomous zone open to everyone and anyone, it’s not even necessary to have a bike – skateboards, roller blades and wheelchairs are also part of it. There are hundreds of cities with thousands of people taking part every month.

The emphasis is on having fun, but Critical Mass has raised awareness of the negative effects of car culture, highlighted urban cycling, advocated alternatives to fossil-fuel-driven transport and has managed to put alternative transport issues on the political agenda.

This Friday’s 10th birthday Mass should take on a party atmosphere, with a call for people to bring music and food and drink. And this Thursday Indymedia cinema will be screening films about Critical Mass at The Other Cinema.

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new URL for site

28.04.2004 21:36

New URL for site is:

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BBC feature on CM London 10th bday...

29.04.2004 19:37


Links to All Critical Mass 10th Anniversary Ride Photos

02.05.2004 14:56

Here are links to all the photos of the Critical Mass 10th Anniversary Ride, Fri 30 Apr 04, the first four sets by Tim D Jones.

Set 1 of 4:

Set 2 of 4:

Set 3 of 4:

Set 4 of 4:

There’s more photos on the event by maquinavaja at:

Tim D Jones
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Audio of London 10th anniversary Critical Mass

03.05.2004 23:51

If someone with a better network connection than me wants to take the mp3 file at the bottom of this page and put it where it is more easily available then that's cool with me.

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Schools;colleges;workplaces to reward workers for riding in bike to work

11.05.2004 13:32

When doing these cycle blocks it would seem a very good idea to carry some sort of message as to how transport could be improved. For instance-Camden council and no doubt other councils will have a scheme whereby if you work for the council you are paid in some way. Please check council for more details. Would it not be good if all schools, colleges and major work places such as councils operated a similar scheme. OK, some children do get fares paid, however, many do not. This would cut down on the amount of space work places would have to provide and also give a bit of extra cash to students and workers-I think they ought to buy them a free bike as well as part of the deal. This could also reduce car use. I also think that anyone entering the congestion area on a bike ought to automatically get five pound. I think there ought to be a special bike and train pass given bike riders a reduced fare. Transport 2000 have muted the idea of a transport tax and I am in agreement with this. I think all new cars built by the car companies would mean an automatic tax to be spent on public transport with the exceptions of solar or other ecological type cars. Also, petrol tax money ought to go on public transport. If you want to debate this than please contact Stuart Black

Stuart Black
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