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G8 2005 - Globalise resistance, unions and political parties start mobilising

repost | 04.06.2004 08:51 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | London

unions and political parties start their anti-g8 campaign...
the trade justice ngo's are mobilising to a degree not seen since the jubilee drop the debt campaigns of 1998 onwards...
many groups are looking towards the european social forum as a platform for mobilisations...

here's the latest from the globalise resistance newsletter (not mentioning the dissent network of course

Globalise Resistance
G8: Gleneagles June 2005

Police leave has been cancelled in Scotland in mid June next year. Hint if hint were needed that the substantial rumours that the G8 summit will be in Gleneagles are true. The proper announcement will come out right after the G8 summit this year, thereby making June 10 a very busy day indeed.

Activists in Scotland have issued a call for opposition to the summit, to be expressed in the broadest and most inclusive protests possible, they are asking for more groups and individuals to back the statement and the call to the streets:

We wish to protest against the meeting of the Group of 8 apparently planned for Gleneagles, Scotland in the summer of 2005.

The policies of the Group of 8 big powers are destructive and discredited. During the years that the G8 has met their aggressive free market programmes have led to the privatisation of essential services around the world and big corporations have imposed the priorities of profit on every area of life.

The results are well known; environmental crisis, a massive increase in the gap between rich and poor globally and big power foreign policy based on war. Today the US and UK alone spend billions of dollars on weapons every year while nearly half of humanity lives on less than two dollars a day.

We believe the vast majority of people in Scotland and beyond oppose the policies of privatisation, free trade and corporate power pursued by the G8. We call on all concerned organisations and individuals from Britain, Europe and the World to come together in a massive campaign of peaceful protest against the G8 meeting in 2005.

Angela MacCormick on behalf of Globalise Resistance Scotland; Mike Arnott on behalf of Dundee trades union council; Roseanna Cunningham MSP (SNP); Aamer Anwar human rights lawyer; Elaine Smith MSP (Lab); Robin McAlpine editor, the Scottish Left Review; Gilbert Oakley Regional Industrial Officer, TGWU Scotland; George Galloway MP (Respect); David Sherry branch secretary on behalf of TGWU 7/151 Scottish Housing branch; Philip Taylor reader in Industrial Relations on behalf of Stirling University Stop the War Group; Alastair McIntosh author of Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power; Patrick Harvie MSP (Green party); Frances Curran MSP (SSP); Dr. Clarke Mullen Orchard House Health Centre, Stirling; Professor Chris Baldry, University of Stirling; Dod Forrest Aberdeen, Unison International officer (PC); Jim Moir Aberdeen Greenpeace (PC); Paul Mackney general secretary NATFHE; Maureen O'Mara former President NATFHE; Ken Loach film director and Respect executive member; Guy Taylor on behalf of Globalise Resistance England; Mark Thomas activist and comedian; Lindsey German London Mayoral candidate (Respect); Hilary Wainwright editor Red Pepper

If you are in a trade union, tenants group, or other organisation, bring up support for this statement in a meeting and let us know if there is more groups wanting to add their names to the list above.



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Anti-G8 promo video

04.06.2004 10:35

One can download (via Bit Torrent) a video promoting resistance to the G8 summit being held in Scotland. It contains footage of a Gleneagles reccie plus last year's anti-war demos in Scotland.

Bit Torrent enables a download of actual 75MB file that can be more
easily resumed than over http. In fact one can download over several overnight sessions on dial up.

Save .torrent file from
to where you want movie file to be stored on your computer.

Get Bit Torrent download client from:

Bit Torrent comes set up as part of BLAG gnu/linux ( )

Then open .torrent file and save video to same directory as promoted.

For more info on bit torrent see:

Installing Bit Torrent is as much a step as installing quicktime which you may need to play this video file.

gnu/linux users can use mplayer to play file.

A VP3 version will be made available at some point via

If you wish to order a copy on CDROM then send a cheque for ten pounds payable to 'Indymedia Scotland' to 17, West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA

CDROM will be pc bootable to run a video player from cdrom itself using moviex ( ) plus inlcude other video files.


yes, the usual suspects

04.06.2004 15:37

well, a quick look at the 'dignitaries' listed here should give us some idea of what were dealing with. note esp that old 'nice guy' taylor now represents 'globalise resistance ENGLAND'. er, what mean that ? frankly, i see just too many of these george cross flags and endless references to england, and thus very sad to see proclimed socialists going along with it all. i would never be part of any group with the 'england' tag, mr taylor...


drive out all traitors!

04.06.2004 17:00

Quite right! I suggest you call your own anti-G8 mobilising meeting, but hold it in a special secret place and don't tell anyone where it is. That way the politicos, trade unionists and other sell-out won't be able to take it over and you can stay pure.

a nonny mouse

gr scotland

13.06.2004 18:49

GR england?

that's because the call is being made from GR scotland fuckwit!


What about GR Wales?

08.07.2004 12:04

Seeing as there is now a GR ENGLAND, can we assume the Swoppies have a corresponding front organisation in Wales? Or will it be the case that as the British Nationalists in the SWP in Wales took over the WELSH Socialist Alliance and then ditched it for a UK-WIde Respect, that we fall in under the "England" tag for GR? So much for respecting the right to self-determination of all nations - just the ones, like Britain and Iraq, which were artificially constructed by the English ruling class, eh, chaps?

Red Jim
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