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Positive Global Movements: Can we reclaim globalisation?

Teresa | 04.02.2005 12:10 | Globalisation | London

Globalisation, in the hands of the corporations, is a means of colonising the new territories opened up by communication technology. In the hand of the people, it can be a medium to unite and put to work new global laws that preserve the livelihood of the people instead of securing profit for inhuman corporations.

Can the achievements of the Venezuelan people, who have taken up the challenge of being a fundamental block in the future of their country, be aided by the international community from USA intervention?

Can we stop the government of the most powerful country in the world from destroying the planet in its mad rush to keep its standard of living based on consumption?

Can alternative media finally have similar influence in building consensus with the population as opposed to the corporate media which imposes the bias of power seekers?

Can people unite and defeat the doom of this civilisation by corporative power greed?
As the women in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh did when they revolted against government supply of liquor to their villages. When Women Unite film (movements in motion Indian film festival).

These questions are being debated in the 6 days exhibition and film forums 'Positive Global Movements' from the 6th to the 12th of February at Rampart Creative Social Centre

The uprising of the people of Bolivia have stopped the privatisation of their country's resources which was condemning them to live in poverty. Can the Bolivians consolidate and further their achievements by bringing corporations to obey international rules with the help of the international community?

The people of Argentina have taken to rebuild their livelihood with alternative ways of trading and organising after corrupted governments sold the country's industries to international corporations. Can we all help them to bring the corporations to respect their attempts for an independent economy?

Starting on Sunday with the Alberdi school, a product of the Bolivarian Revolution being fought today by the Venezuelan people. Poor communities in Venezuela, inspired by their leader President Hugo Chavez ( who has made sure that the peoples interests are articulated in the National Constitution, have taken in their hands the education of their children.

The community of La Pastora, a poor barrio in Venezuela, took over a school closed down by a national strike incited by the government's opposition to create chaos and replace the government. After being taken over by the community the school has developed into an amazing example of community empowerment.

Following the film 'The Revolution will not be televised', an account of the April 2002 coup detat against president Chavez., Ricardo Galindez will give an update on the work of Venezuelan trade unions.

Continues on Tuesday with Basta Bolivia a film about the social movements, who stopped in its tracks a multibillion corporate plan to export Bolivian gas to USA with unfair conditions to the people, ending with president Sanchez de Lozada fleeing the country.http:

Wednesday's forum: On where environmental struggle meets social struggle and realises they both are one and the same - a workshop on the common ground opened up by London Rising Tide and the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

The plan Colombia is a multimillion dollar project being implemented in Colombia by the USA with the pretext to fight narcotraffic. The plan aims to stop narcotraffic by fumigating cocaine crops. In fact what is being fumigated are the peasant's crops produced for their daily food. The fields are fumigated with glysophate, causing irreversible environmental damage to land and river systems, and forcing the peasants to leave their lands for the benefit of international corporations.

These "zones of rehabilitation and consolidation" are nothing more than areas of military dictatorship, where all civil rights have been replaced by military rule. Travel restrictions and curfews have been introduced, along with press censorship and arbitrary detentions of the social and political leaders. State and para-state violence is greater than ever before in these zones.

The main question is debated on Friday with the presentation of the film "The Corporation" and the forum "Can globalisation be reclaimed by the people?"



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