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RUDEBOY | 31.03.2005 16:03 | Anti-racism | London

Anti-fascists use direct action to break up fascists meeting.

BNP Bricked!

A large BNP (British National Party) meeting was held in a village just outside Halifax on Easter Sunday (27/03/05). The BNP leader, Nick Griffin was present at the meeting, and on the agenda was party strategy for the May elections, and also the demonstration coinciding with Nick Griffin answering his bail at Halifax police station on April 6th.

At short notice, a mobilisation was organised to counter the meeting. Due to police presence on the day, the response to the meeting would have to be short and sweet. So thirty anti-fascists pulled up outside the meeting and within seconds were hurling half bricks and rocks at the BNP security, who ran inside the meeting hall. BNP activists cars were smashed (most car insurance doesn't cover vandalism). Job done, and a quick getaway was made. No injuries, or arrests made.

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Think - This could b u one day...

02.04.2005 12:52

Nobody cares, except the BNP. An 80 year old pensioner is facing a campaign of harassment in her own home just because she is white and British. Margaret has lived in her Rotherham home for fifty years trouble-free, gradually her entire street saw her friends move away as the Muslims moved in. She has remained in her family home despite the pressure to get her out of the way.

The trouble started when a mosque, a former church opened in her street, directly opposite her house. The Muslims want rid of her and have even turned up with a bag of cash to buy her out of her home. The offer that was made was much less than the market value of her property.

Since then Margaret has been subject to

• Black paint thrown at her window
• Rubbish thrown into her garden
• White paint thrown over her lawn and footpath
• Police arrest for defending her property

Police cell

The final straw came when her Muslim neighbour demolished a 5ft Victorian Gatepost shared between the two adjacent properties and replaced it with a 3ft concrete post. Distraught and upset that this fine landmark should have been vandalised and demolished, the defiant pensioner took a hammer and chisel and reduced the concrete pillar to dust. Her Muslim neighbour contacted the Police who duly arrived and proceeded to bundled Margaret into a police car. She was taken to the local station where she spent several hours in a police cell. She was released without charge but shaken by the experience.

Margaret has contacted her local councillor, the three Rotherham MPs and the local newspapers and not one of the people she has contacted has offered any support or words of advice. One vexed councillor has called her “a nutty old bat” and Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis McShane with a massive 13,000 majority suggested she moves away from the area. It would be poetic justice if the Muslim bloc vote ensures that Mr. McShane fails to get re-elected on an anti-Iraq war protest.

Ethnic cleansing

This ongoing harassment against this grandmother is nothing less than ethnic cleansing and not a single councillor or MP has had the courage and bothered to help this pensioner. The followers of the religion of “peace” want rid of non-believers from what they consider to be “their area”. Similar situations are being acted out in towns and schemes across the country; Luton, Glasgow, Peterborough, Bradford, London and Oldham, areas where there is a sizeable Muslim community.

In desperation Margaret contacted local BNP representative Marlene Guest, Marlene is the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Rotherham constituency. Marlene has contacted the local council and the local newspapers on Margaret’s behalf and other BNP members have offered to help clean up the mess in her garden and keep her company and generally look out for her. That is real care in the community, something that the failed New Labour politicians can never understand.

A short video clip about Margaret’s plight can be seen on BNPTV.

Margaret's generation deserves better than this. Her late husband was a war hero and gave the best years of his life to defend this country.

What can YOU do? A few pounds could make all the difference, please help us with our Election efforts. Please give whatever you can, some of our countrymen and women are giving their lives, all we ask is your financial support. Find out how to donate to us here.

Real Britain

The strained compassion of the white supremacist

02.04.2005 18:42

In case people were wondering, the above comment from the troll and/or Nazi calling themselves 'Real Britain' is an article copied wholesale from the BNP's website, here:

This is actually a violation of Indymedia's editorial guidelines - you're supposed to write your own comments:

On the article itself, it is hard to comment since the BNP's own interpretations of such incidents are notoriously unreliable, and always used to further its racist political agenda. Racist incidents against white people do sometimes happen though they are almost always reactive, and dwarfed by the racist violence and abuse of white supremacists.

You don't need to infiltrate the BNP as a BBC journalist with a hidden camera to know that the BNP is made up of people who fanatsise about spraying mosques with machine-gun fire and who attack defenceless people for fun. But it has been done.

"Nobody cares, except the BNP." Wow - a Nazi accusing others of lacking compassion. You know full well that the BNP would never have noticed Margaret if she wasn't white.

You got swastika eyes.

Alex Higgins
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:


03.04.2005 13:50

Sounds like you were indulging in the type of thuggery that was mentioned in the Vertitas article from a few weeks ago. I suppose you are allowed to be thuggish as you know you're right - the excuse used by thugs throughout history.


Yet Another Liberal Arse-Sitter

03.04.2005 18:29

And what excuse do you have for sitting on your arse Ed?


Resistance To Fascism - Not Thuggery

03.04.2005 18:48

Suppose the Jews who fought back against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto were thugs in your book too Ed.


You haven't answered my point

04.04.2005 23:51

If people want to oppose thugs by throwing bricks, then perhaps they shouldn't label as thugs people who use similar distasteful political methods. I get the feeling that you know you are right about when it is permissible to use violence. As long as you are politically correct that should be OK ,shouldn't it?.



05.04.2005 00:03

when the thugs come for you rememeber that you deserve what they give you cos you never bothered to allow anyone to tell you what they thought unless you agreed with them. Bulstreet, youre shit scared of some peoples opinions cos you cant cope with them or argue properly against them. Violence is all you know.



05.04.2005 17:28

So if the fascists gave me a kicking that'd be deserved in your book would it? You're showing your true colours now you Nazi aplogist piece of shit. How about you post your address and I'll come round for a debate? If you can't see the difference between 6 Million Holocaust victims and some bricked vehicles you're a fucking scumbag. You're quick to call anti-fascists 'thugs', while you sit on your arse. I don't think you're any better than the BNP. What have you got to say you fucking coward?



05.04.2005 17:39

Ed, I can't make out if you are a fascist or a just some other kind of moron. Sit back a bit further wanker, and hopefully you'll break your neck. Anti-fascists don't need the approval of mugs like you.

Red N Black

Think about it...

06.04.2005 09:25

What you don't seem to get, Ed is that this is not a group of people going out chucking bricks at people they don't agree with, it's a group of people FIGHTING BACK against an organisation that is violently attacking whole groups of people for no reason other than the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their race etc.

Maybe these people are ones who (their resistance to the BNP aside) have been targeted, maybe not, but it doesn't stop at race etc. Maybe one day the Fascists will come for you Ed, Then who will fight for you?


Read my posts carefully red n black

07.04.2005 11:26

and you can tell I'm not seeking your approval. I just want to know why the Veritas man was a thug but the people throwing bricks at the BNP weren't. Bullstreet can't answer me, but he wants a fight. Aaah! I remember when I was a kid we used to prove who was right by having a scrap in the playground when the teacher wasn't looking.


Police hunt

08.04.2005 21:33

Looks like the old bill are catching up with the Antifa who bricked the BNP meting. Wouldnt like to be in their shoes when their names and addresses are read out in court. I was with the UAF on Thursday outside Leeds magistrates (never again), and if we cant do any better than 12 ant i facists aganist 70 or so BNP nazis i think i may as well give up.


A disillusioned suporter.

mail e-mail:

Looks like?

09.04.2005 12:33

Looks like? Because you say so Maximus? If I were you I'd be more worried about Antifa catching up with you and kicking your stupid head in.

Black N red

What are talking about you muppet?

12.04.2005 23:14

Can this Max character please elaborate on how the coppers are close to catching up with any Antifa? If they were, surely they would have done so by now?

And how exactly would you know anyway, if you're simply a 'disillusioned supporter'? funny how NO-ONE else seems to have heard these rumours.

You're either a very badly disguised nazi on a trawling mission that no-one with any ounce of sense would be stupid enough to fall for, or a copper trying an equally desperate tactic, or more likely you're just some fuckwit who doesn't have a clue what they're on about.

You're just making yourself look stupid... now go away.

Yorkshire R.A.S.H.

Kick my head in are you.

19.04.2005 21:56

I am always worried when an antifa threatens to kick my head in. Who are you Mr Hard, and how do you know you are not messing with someone out of your league.



How Do I Know You're A Wanker Max?

26.04.2005 22:53

Because I've spent the last 20 years battering fascist wankers like you Max. You can talk big on your guestbooks and forums, trying to give each other a bit of bottle, but you know the reality as well as I do - you're a cowardly bunch of scum - Dream on you fucking mug, I've never come across one of you with any guts. Fucking 'master race', don't make me laugh, get back under your rock you Nazi idiot.

Black N Red

Do You Put Your Name forward for Election? Thought not!

08.05.2005 14:48

Insults are cheap. Action speaks volumes. Do you put your name and address forward and stand in elections for what you believe? Thought not! As repugnent as the BNP's views are, they at least stand up and be counted, which is alot more than can be said for the likes of you, who can only argue with vile language. if i was your mom i would wash your mouth out with soap and water.


Last 20yrs? Are you ancient or something.

08.05.2005 15:26

Do you really expect me to take daft threats from and old codger like you. Last 20yrs battering people like me. I wasnt even born 20yrs ago you moron. Would love to meet up and put your credentials to the test.

Drop me a line if you want to test the water. Or your bottle.

PS infighting only hurts people like you.


No you wouldn't Max

09.05.2005 17:20

No you wouldn't like to meet up Max. These days in Leeds anti-fascists have to really chase you Nazi idiots, you never come to us. Keep on bigging yourselves up on your fascist guestbooks and websites, it's all you're good for.

And by the way Max, if I ever even suspect who you are I'm going to bite a piece out of your fucking face.

Black N Red

Nazi Max

09.05.2005 19:16

Here's one of Max's other Indymedia postings.

"The BNP won this General Election! The reason being that Immigration was the hot topic of conversation. It was the issue everyone was talking about. Racism is not dead inBritain but growing! It is now legitimate to question immigration and immigrants. Racism is becoming acceptable."

Always a mistake posting your e-mail addresses Max. Surprising what even the most rudimentary detective work will turn up.

Scum Watch


09.05.2005 20:28

You must be Supernazi Max! Or maybe you're just a pathetic little boy hiding behind a fake e-mail address. Most of you 'master race' idiots look like you struggle to tie your own shoelaces. But you're in a different league aren't you Max? Tell it to the mirror when you're standing there in your socks and swastike Y-fronts. As I said, I've never met even one of you with any bottle. That's the reality - the rest is just a fascist wanking fantasy.

Black N Red

Hey tough guy!

25.05.2005 08:59

Not a very nice thing to say. You will bite my face! Is that the type of political activity jokes like you, think will change anything. You have suspicions of who i am, its all over Indymedia.

So put yourself to the test. As for you having to chase Nazis around Leeds these days,cant you add up. The BNP stood a record number of candidates in both local and national elections in Yorkshire including Leeds, you dont have to look far.

As for people having bottle, where you one of the thugs who lobbed bricks at kids and then ran away. Some bottle.

Mate you couldnt knock the skin of a rice pudding. Real anti fascists like me dont have to talk tough, we let our political actions speak for us.



Back From The WNP Guestbook

28.05.2005 14:39

You're not an anti-fascist, you're a Nazi troll.

Black N Red

Run And Hide

28.05.2005 22:38

A promise is a promise Max, and if you knew who I was you'd know I keep my word and that I really will make every effort to deliver.

Black N Red


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