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Upstart Radio America Update for April 2005

Shawn Lennon | 04.04.2005 08:28 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Globalisation | London | World

A monthly newsletter featuring latests additions and programs aired by Upstart Radio America

Upstart Update for April 2005

Howdy friends, listeners, activists, fellow broadcasters and coworkers! I hope all is well with all with you and yours!

This month: Show Listings, Track Listings, Award Nominations and New Additions!

First off, thanks for all your support the last 2 months or so... it's been hell! It' still not quite over with but at least I see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that a train? Shit. Until further notice, we'll call it a light. ;-)

Let's see.. I spent most of the day writing a couple posts for the forum so what say I cut to the chase, tell ya what's new and slap a few links on this puppy and call it a newsletter.


Thank you fellow live365 Broadcasters! Again, for a second year in a row, I'm honored to be recognized in not one, but two categories this year! Best Political Station and Best Community Station! How fun and exciting! Congratulations to all the other nominees and good luck! I've gotten awards before for my video work but this to me is much more personally satisfying!

I received an email from a listener in D.C. a week or so ago asking about some of the programs I've been airing. Unfortunately live365 has been having some server issues and the ID3 tags are not being displayed properly. As suggested I've put together a list of programs I'm airing and will update that list as I go. Thanks Andrew! I hope this helps and I'll do my best to keep it up to date! Here are the show listings with a brief explanation of how I add shows!

I recieved yet another email from a listener in Joisy (New Jersey) who just raaakkeed me over the coals in regards to identifying tracks. Aha! Got that covered too! I also took the time to post all the tracks for public review. Emails regarding corrections are very welcome! Thanks Bennet, for identifying tracks I've been unable to find the facts or websites for. Here are the most current track listings:

And finally.. NEW ADDITIONS!

Slam Bush! The Official Mix Tape!
Various Artists

29 new hard-hitting anti-war, anti-Bush spoken and hip hop tracks from Azeem, Wyclef, Mr. Lif, Dave Chappelle, Mos Def, Jadakiss, Jeru, Aya De Leon, Lyrics Born, Zion I, 2Pac, and much much more! Alternately side-splitting and sobering, "Slam Bush" is a result of the Spoken Nation standing up and speaking out! On local underground hip-hop label Hard Knock Records, "Slam Bush" is an instant classic!

Terminal City Richochet!
Various Artists

Soundtrack to the still-unreleased-on-video-or-dvd Canadian motion picture. While you try to track down a showing of the original film, rock out to the cool tunes from Jello Biafra, DOA, Nomeansno, Keith LeBlanc, Beatnigs, Evan Johns and the H-Bombs, Nomeansno, Gerry Hannah (from the Canadian band called the Subhumans), the Groovaholics, I Braineater, and some rad collaborations between the above superstars!

Classic David Bowie Tracks in Portuguese!

Seu Jorge Kicks Ass! His renditions of classic Bowie songs sung with an acoustic guitar in Portuguese brought tears to my eyes. I saw "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" a while back. Be it the best description of that movie I've heard to date was "It was the Anti-Buckaroo-Bansai" Which I agree with. The Jeff Goldblume factor I call it. Check out the closing scene in both movies. Gotta love it! Many flavors harkening back to good 'ol Buckaroo, including the Casio Keyboard. I didn't add the keyboard bits to Upstart but you will here some of my favorite David Bowie songs added to the station in both English and Portuguese.

Upstart is MUSIC playing most of the weekday interrupted for only 3 hours a day, 11:00am. 6:00pm & 11:30pm PT with news. All tracks contain social commentary from somewhere on the globe. All genres, several languages, wonderful to hear. Be prepared to think.

And as always, Free Speech Radio News and Independent Native News airs Monday - Friday 6, & 11:30 pm Pacific Time. Previous weekdays broadcast airs at 11:00 am.
Thanks For Listening! Tell a friend!

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