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The London Bombings: Time for Blair to Wake Up or Resign

Zak Walpole | 08.07.2005 10:23 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

The US & UK’s oil & war-hungry foreign-policies look set to see London and other major western cities facing years, perhaps decades, of terrorist guerrilla warfare. Could our elected representatives be doing more to speak out against the illegal wars that have precipitated these barbaric acts?

There will obviously be a lot of people traumatised by what happened in London yesterday. Because it's been clearly demonstrated Britain is no longer invulnerable to retaliation for our own acts of terror abroad, a lot of people up and down the country will feel extremely traumatised by what happened, whether they were directly involved or affected. Incidents like this can also re-awaken old wounds from past trauma people have experienced (like 9/11 & the IRA bombings). It could be a long time before many feel safe again. History has taught us that the type of terrorist guerrilla warfare we saw in London yesterday is months, if not years in planning.

As for George Galloway, I don't think there was anything wrong with the point/question he made in Parliament yesterday. He is far from wide of the mark in pointing out that what happened is unlikely to be the last to strike the capital. It's a statement of fact. Whatsmore, if you reflect back on many of the news stories we've seen over the past few years, ranging from missing radioactive to chemical & biological agents (mostly lost by careless governments & corporations), you've got to wonder how long it will be before we start facing that kind of horrendous terrorist scenario. If you've misplaced the Home Office "PREPARING FOR EMERGENCIES" brochure that every one in Britain was sent last year, now might be a good time to get a new copy. The telephone number is 0800 88 77 77 and the website address is

Most politicians are thinking exactly what we are all thinking: that the governments poverty-promoting foreign policies, lack of action on Palestine, the Yankee concentration camps & the heinous torture taking place in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere and the illegal, immoral and barbaric actions against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, are ALL direct causes for this attack. This is what the government was widely warned by many (including their own advisers) would be the price to pay for the wars of aggression they have been engaging in. But instead most MP's choose instead (in a gross dereliction of duty) to politely walk on egg-shells at the moment, in the mistaken belief that speaking out would open themselves up to accusations of political opportunism, that they were disrespecting the dead, injured and bereaved. Yes, we should all show solidarity in condemning these terrorist actions, but if people don't unite in condemning the behaviour that actually caused it in the first place, we're not really doing very much to help prevent it happening again.

The government can actually quite easily prevent a future terrorist attack in Britain, by sobering up, swallowing their pride and actually asking why these people hate us, looking at what we've done wrong, and forming peace talks with the people and countries we've terrorised (rather than just wining & dining in the lap of luxury with their fellow G8 leaders while the people are starving, the planet is dying & folk are being murdered on the streets of London) then we might actually get somewhere. If we had engaged in peace talks much earlier, London wouldn't have suffered so badly during the IRA days.

If the nations elected representatives refuse to speak out on this issue and voice their concerns, then they themselves are complicit - through their inaction - in allowing Britain to be targeted by terrorists; by failing to hold to account the government's actions, particularly their ILLEGAL actions within Parliament, they are part of the problem NOT part of the solution.

There is one way Britain can be made much safer - quite literally overnight. It doesn't involve spending billions on extra security, bombing more countries into the dark ages or further eroding British democracy and our civil liberties.

It simply involves Blair resigning or being impeached by Parliament. Thanks Tony, you started off great and you've done a wee bit of good as PM, but you've let us all down with all your war-mongering and the thousands of British, American, Iraq & Afghan soldiers, civilians, police, security agents & journalists that have been killed. But, it's time to finally wake up and recognise you need to change your ways or step down.

Zak Walpole
- e-mail: thomasgraham9 at


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  1. Comrade, your analysis is flawed — James
  2. Thank-you for your comments — Z


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