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Larry S. Rolirad | 14.10.2005 05:02 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | London | World

Is there any reason why President Bush should remain in office? Not if you consider all of the horrendous blunders and criminal acts which have occurred under his watch. Bush has no one to blame but himself. But Bush is incapable of accepting blame or responsibility for his actions or non-actions.

by Larry S. Rolirad

Is there any reason why President Bush should remain in office? Not if you consider all of the horrendous blunders and criminal acts which have occurred under his watch. Bush has no one to blame but himself. But Bush is incapable of accepting blame or responsibility for his actions or non-actions.

President Bush has presided over a manufactured war against two countries which were both started using blatant lies to manipulate the American people into supporting them? Everyone in Bush's cabinet blatantly lied to the American people about the reason for going to war and they lied by omission for not telling the American people the true cost if the United States occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

While our troops were risking their lives trying to find weapons of mass destruction President Bush made fun of our troops by making a video of himself crawling around on the Oval Office floor muttering aloud, "I can't find those Weapons of Mass Destruction anywhere". This video was shown at a republican fundraising dinner where attendees paid 50 thousand dollars a plate to watch Bush read from a teleprompter. President Bush's making fun of our troops was inexcusable. I am sure that the mothers and fathers of all the troops who were killed looking for WMDs and Osama bin Laden weren't laughing.

Bush started a war against a country which posed no threat to the United States, or Americans. Most of the 'insurgents' in Iraq are Sunnies who are opposed to the proposed power structure between the factions in Iraq. They will continue to use car bombs and other weapons to kill Iraqis and Americans who are responsible for ignoring the importance of raising the profile and influence of Sunnies in the new government. There are a relative handful of 'terrorists' who are coming across the porous Iraqi borders who would have never entered Iraq before Bush ordered our troops to occupy Iraq.

Even though Osama bin Laden was the world's public enemy number one Bush repeatedly made statements that he was totally unconcerned with catching Osama bin Laden. Bush had the nerve to make the following quotes while our troops were dying in foreign lands looking for Osama bin Laden. "We are not looking for bin Laden, he isn't a priority, he isn't worth thinking about." - GW Bush, January 2004. "We really aren't that concerned about bin Laden." - GW Bush, Fall 2003. "I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him...I truly am not that concerned about him." - GW Bush, Fall 2003. Bush, is that why you let bin Laden escape when he was cornered in the mountains of Tora Bora in Afghanistan? So much for bringing the mastermind behind the 9/11/2001 attacks to justice. So much for your rhetoric when you unilateraly declared war and said you would search the world to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. You even told one of your aids you wanted him to bring the head of bin Laden to the Oval Office in a box. That was a nice "Christian" thing to request wasn't it?

Bush has sent our soldiers to battle without the armor they needed to protect them and to save their lives. Soldiers and their parents have had to buy tens of thousands of dollars for body armor and armor for their inadequate HumVees and they aren't being reimbursed by Bush's defense department. Bush should have used the money which was spent to fly him to visit the troops on a Thanksgiving photo op to buy armor for our troops if he gave a damn about them. But Bush doesn't.

The national deficit has exploded under Bush's reign of ineptness.

Unemployment has surged.

Underemployment has increased a staggering 21 percent.

The national debt is gone through the roof because of republican spending which has exceeded all of the spending in the history of the United States combined.

The trade deficit has grown to more than 60 billion dollars which means we are in debt to foreign countries making our national security.

Six thousand illegal aliens are crossing our southern border with Mexico every day. Since Bush has been in office a whopping ten million illegal aliens have invaded the United States. Since it only took 19 terrorists to cause all of the mayhem and destruction on 9/11/2001 it can be safely said that thousands of terrorists were allowed to cross our southern border by President Bush. When he was sworn into office President Bush took an oath to preserve and protect the United States and Americans, but he violated that oath by allowing our country to be invaded by millions of illegals, and potential terrorists. For failing his oath of office Bush should be impeached, convicted, indicted, tried, and then sent to prison. But that will never happen because republicans control both houses of congress and they would never impeach one of their own no matter how heinous the crime. If Bush cared about the safety of Americans he would immediately withdraw all of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and redeploy them on our southern border where we are actually being invaded. Bush would never do that because he does not want the republican party to lose the Hispanic vote. So Bush is trading the safety of all Americans by refusing to close our borders for the political futures of his fellow republicans. Unconscionable!

Gas prices are at an all time high and still climbing because Bush is in cahoots with the corrupt oil companies which helped buy his office. All oil companies are making record profits off of gouging the American people. The stock prices of oil companies have gone through the roof since Bush unilaterally declared war on Iraq in 2002. Shell Oil's stock prices have increased 461%. Chevron increased 205%. Exxon/Mobil increased 215%. Marathon increased 331%. British Energy increased 966%. Abraxas increased 846%. Anadarko increased 243%. Sunoco increased 565%. Conoco increased 305%. BP/Phillips increased 196%. Hess increased 325%. British Petroleum increased 1,685%. Murphy USA increased 350%. And Cheney's ex-republican corporation Halliburton increased a whopping 740%. Having a corrupt stooge in government to funnel billions from our treasury in no-bid contracts is very profitable indeed. Who say's crime doesn't pay? It certainly does for the Bush clan of crooks.

People with minimum wage jobs can't even afford to drive to work because gas prices wipe out everything they earn working.

Bush has handed out hundreds of no-bid multi-billion dollar contracts to corrupt republican corporations, like Halliburton, the same company which has been caught three times stealing from the government. If a contractor is caught stealing from the government they are supposed to be banned from all future contracts. But corporations being honest doesn't matter to republicans.

Two thousand of our troops have been killed in Bush's wars, so far, and this is just the beginning. It is estimated by the time Americans finally pull out of Iraq there will be fifty thousand Americans dead, and ten times that number with missing arms, legs, eyes, and who are paralyzed for life. And then there are the others whose guts were blown out and will be living with feeding tubes and colostomies. And because of Bush's Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the level of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder, or PTSD, inflicting soldiers is much higher than the rate of Vietnam Veterans. More than 25 percent of returning veterans have PTSD, a staggering number.

More than a hundred thousand innocent Muslims in the Middle East have been killed by the American military which has created more hatred of the United States and has made recruiting 'insurgents' easy for Sunni and terrorist leaders.

Bush has created insurgents, not reduced their numbers, in Iraq with his idiotic and corrupt foreign policy.

Bush has caused almost the entire world to hate the United States. One of the few countries supporting the United States in Great Britain, but 90 percent of the citizens of Great Britain call their prime minister, Tony Blair, "Bush's Bitch" and are opposed to Bush's Iraq War.

Bush has singlehandedly created the biggest division in the United States since the Civil War even though he proclaimed during his presidential campaigns that he "Was a Uniter, not a divider". One thing Bush has "united" was the terrorists against us. That and "uniting" our dwindling treasury with corrupt republican corporations.

Bush and Cheney are continuing to refuse to release the details of six energy meetings Dick Cheney had with the ultra corrupt and felonious Ken Lay during the Fall of 2001. What do they have to hide? Bush proclaimed during his presidential campaigns. "He trusted the people, not the government". If that is true then why is Bush hiding behind the government to stop the public from knowing what was said between Dick Cheney and Enron's Ken Lay?

The republican leader of the US Senate, Senator Bill Frist, has been indicted for insider trading, a criminal offense that should put him in prison for a minimum of five years. Frist was a potential republican nominee for president in 2008. "Sorry Charlie", or rather "Sorry Bill". Instead of being on the campaign trail in 2008 you will probably be in prison racking a tin can across the bars in your cell.

The republican leader of the US House of Representatives, Representative Tom Delay, has been indicted twice, so far. Just his indictment for money laundering could put Delay in prison for life. But that penalty would be too lenient for a sociopath who stopped all social measures by democrats in congress to ensure that American companies trading in foreign countries, such as Saipan, would have to stop that country from participating in child prostitution, female slavery and prostitution, forced child labor with 18 hour days, and inhuman sweatshops. It is no coincidence that Tom Delay fought to keep people in slavery in Saipan because he received money, gifts, and airfare from the Saipan government, not to mention campaign contributions from American companies who wanted to exploit cheap slave labor. Because Tom Delay killed all attempts to stop such criminal and unconscionable acts against other human beings Tom Delay must be a proponent of all those inhuman acts. Tom Delay's response when he was told how human beings were being exploited in horrible and inhuman ways was "It’s a beautiful island with beautiful people who are happy about what’s happening". Oh really Tom? How about sending your two daughters to languish in a 18 hour a day sweatshop and then be forced into prostitution after they get off work from their "day job"? Republicans who "claim" to be the party of "honor and dignity" changed the ethics rules after Delay was caught violating them. So much for being the "party of accountability". To republicans if you get caught doing something unethical or illegal they just change the law. Tom Delay 'claims' to be a "Christian", but no real "Christian" would participate in the oppression and dehumanization of other human beings. No real "Christian" would fight to deny the people of Saipan basic human rights. Delay also claims to be a "family values" republican. But how can Delay make such a claim when he fought so hard to keep people in Southeast Asian countries in slavery, forced prostitution, child prostitution, and in sweatshops which were too cruel for even animals to be in? Delay doesn't value families. He values money and he has repeatedly demonstrated he will do anything to obtain it.

Karl Rove, the ultra right wing thug who controls every one of Bush's moves and words should soon be indicted, removed from his position in government, and hopefully tried and imprisoned.

Bush demonstrated that he was a completely incompetent 'leader' when he failed to act on the morning of 9/11/2001 and choose to read a children's book for almost ten minutes instead of instantly assuming command.

Bush also showed how incompetent and uncaring he was by attending a lavish republican fundraiser receiving millions for his corrupt republican party from millionaires and billionaires and then playing guitar all the next day while Hurricane Katrina victims were starving, homeless, drowning, and hopeless. Sorry Bush, but unless you can bring the dead back to life, which your inaction helped to kill, your polls will continue to plummet.

Dick Cheney also showed how little concern he had for the victims of Hurricane Katrina because he spent the first week of the disaster fly fishing in Wyoming and then he went to Maryland and bought another multimillion dollar mansion with the money he received from Halliburton.

From all of the facts above is there any reason for any sane person to continue to support the most corrupt, most inept, and dumbest president in the history of the United States? For results of an AOL poll taken on 10/12/2005 check out how the people of the United States think about President Bush.

Do your think Bush will be remembered as an effective president?
84% No
16% Yes

Is Bush out of touch with issues that are important to you?
83% Yes
17% No

What should be Bush's top priority?
51% Iraq
29% Energy costs
10% Katrina recovery
10% Other

Which is more to blame for Bush's low poll ratings?
80% Decisions and actions within his control.
20% Circumstances beyond his control.

Will Harriet Miers will get confirmed to the Supreme Court?
55% Fiction (No)
45% Fact (Yes)

President Bush's approval rating will jump by this time next years?
78% Fiction (No)
22% Fact (Yes)

Will Democrats will win control of Congress in 2006?
69% Fact (No)
31% Fiction (Yes)

Total people polled: 106,385

Note: The only reason Bush had high poll ratings in November 2001 was because of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Those attacks were answers to republican prayers because before 9/11 Bush's polls were in the very low 40s and falling fast. In one day after the terrorist attacks Bush's polls jumped from the 40s to almost 90%. Any person who was president at the time would have received the same bounce in popularity. It had nothing to do with Bush's leadership skills or his ability in his job, which have been dismal failures.

Copyright 2005, Larry S. Rolirad, All Rights Reserved
All polling information, which was conducted on 12/13/2005, was provided by America Online and they are duly credited.

Larry S. Rolirad
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