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Manchester Mayday Warm-up Weekend

The Ducie Group | 21.02.2006 09:58 | Mayday 2006 | Social Struggles | London

Join us for three days of pre-May Day celebrations and political actions!
A coalition of activist groups in Manchester is planning a series of actions over May Day weekend. More details will be given nearer to the event. Check the website for updates…

Free Trade Hall in Manchester
Free Trade Hall in Manchester

Manchester May-day Warm up Weekend

Join us for three days of pre-May Day celebrations and political actions!
A coalition of activist groups in Manchester is planning a series of actions over May Day weekend. More details will be given nearer to the event. Check the website for updates…

28/04/06, Friday

[Critical Mass]

Manchester Critical Mass has been around for years, and has sometimes had over 200 or more people attending. In the summer it usually gets quite large, and takes on a more carnival atmosphere. More recently, numbers of people (and bikes) at Manchester CM have plummeted to about 20, but are building up again. April CM promises to be BIG!

[Film Screening]

Critical Mass in Manchester is now followed by regular bike-related film screenings. The film in April will be A SUNDAY IN HELL,76 PARIS-ROUBAIX. The location of the screening will be disclosed at CM itself.

29/04/06, Saturday

[Manchester Anarchist Bookfair]

The second Manchester Anarchist Bookfair has just been announced. Manchester has a strong tradition of radical protest and the bookfair is an opportunity to find out what is going on in Manchester now. The bookfair focuses on anarchist/ grassroots/ DIY/ non hierarchical groups and NOT party politics. It will be held from 12.00noon-5.00pm on the day.

[Chernobyl anniversary]

Anti-nuclear campaigners aim to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster with a campaigning day against nuclear power. They hope to link with other groups opposed to nuclear power to organise a commemoration / demonstration, followed by an afternoon of speakers and workshops on the issue of new nuclear power stations.

Manchester City Council was the first nation-wide to carry a resolution declaring the City a nuclear free zone in November 1980. Many local authorities followed Manchester’s example and a national nuclear free local authorities (NFLA) organisation, under the City’s leadership, was set up.

[Smash Dalton Institute]

The Dalton Nuclear Institute has been established to implement The University of Manchester's intention to be the UK's leading university in nuclear research. Dalton Institute spearheads the establishment of a major new centre in reactor technology to support UK industry in current and future nuclear generating plant activity. Director of the Institute is Professor Richard Clegg, an agent of the pro-nuclear lobby, who has been working for British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) and the Sellafield plant.
Professor Alan Gilbert, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester (the most neo-liberal and anti-student in the UK?) has said: “Nuclear power will undoubtedly play a significant role in addressing the needs of future energy production and Dalton will provide the nuclear industry with a rich source of highly-trained graduates.”
Direct actions against Dalton Institute and against the selling-off of knowledge to industry are being planned by activists and students.

30/04/06, Sunday
The first British May Day demonstrations were actually held on Sundays. In Manchester, May Day Celebrations and Direct Actions against precarious labour conditions are being planned for Sunday. Activists from the North West, and other parts of the UK, will stay in Manchester after the Anarchist Bookfair and help us make May Day a success. On Monday 1st May, they can celebrate May Day in their own cities.

Sunday will be a day of actions against capitalism. The emergence of capitalism would have been unthinkable without the early industrialisation of Manchester, its factories and machines, canals and railways, and the exploitation of its labour force. Even today Manchester Capitalism is still the synonym for extremely bad working
and living conditions.

Following the police repression of previous May Days in the late 1990s/early 2000s, we are determined to be back on the streets this year.

The Ducie Group


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What's the point?

21.02.2006 13:54

By May 2, it will be business as usual, the capitialist machine is as intact as ever, Bushit and Bliar continue to commit war crimes in Iraq, and the invasion of Iran will be imminent.

So remind me... what's the point? I for one am personally going to remain in bed like the lazy apathetic sod that I am....

the middle finger

why not?

21.02.2006 15:26

fair point, but there is more to it. The Scotland G8 has radicalised quite a few locals and more permanent structures and initiatives have been set up for example.
A couple of well publicised demos might well awaken some of the dormant disillusioned and bring new people into radical politics.
Collective actions generate common identities, and what's there to say against active alternative subcultures.
Bookfairs, bikerides and demos might not bring about a libertarian society but are essential heavens in our 'lives despite capitalism'.


Fight GM - whats the point?

21.02.2006 18:53

bullshit & blair want you to believe that there is no point - but they will probably be pissed that you plan to stay in bed instead of going out to shop till you drop.

May day was typically celebrated by the TU movement and as much as I agree that unions have become the vehicle of party politics we should never forget the achievements of mass movements.



the website

18.04.2006 12:25

the website is

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