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Mayday Religious Service for Migrant Workers' Rights

javier | 30.04.2006 13:07 | Mayday 2006 | Migration | Workers' Movements | London

A mass and rally to support migrant workers will take place in the morning at Westminster Cathedral. It will be supported by the Justice for Cleaners campaign, as well as other union and community initiatives.

On 1 May 2006 London Citizens will launch a major new initiative to support migrant workers and communities throughout London.

The Catholic Church in London has a long history of defending and supporting workers and their families, and to honour and continue this, the Cardinal will celebrate a Mass for people in all three London Dioceses followed by an interfaith rally outside Westminster Cathedral. Both events will highlight the need today for better working conditions for London's immigrants. The mass starts at 9:45am in the Cathedral (close to Victoria rail station). All are invited and encouraged regardless of faith or denomination.

The Mass will be followed by a historic rally at 11:30am in front of the Cathedral with leaders from London's diverse faith traditions, trade unions and social justice organisations. The rally will mark the launch of the London Citizens Workers' Association and 'London Hotel Workers Rising' campaign. It will also feature the first annual Living Wage Employer Awards, which will recognise employers who have committed to paying a Living Wage.

The TGWU Justice for Cleaners campaign will fully participate in the event and afterwards will join the TUC march in Trafalgar Square.



guardian article on london hotel migrant workers (sat)

30.04.2006 14:04

FYI guardian newspaper had a big article on hotel workers - exploitation and conditions etc
worth a read:

'Our eyes have been opened by the abuse'

London's top hotels built their reputations on high standards and excellent service. But some have been accused by their migrant workers of poor conditions, low wages and bullying. Hsiao-Hung Pai investigates

Saturday April 29, 2006,,1763680,00.html



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It Is Not Only Migrant workers Here but In other Places.

02.05.2006 01:25

If anybody feels that it is important to support migrant workers her in the UK it is as important to support free migration of people elsewhere. Which I why I am posting this here.
It is news from a Continent where May Day is not available. Where even the Illegal Worker is expected to Work on the International Workers Holiday. (Uncivilised to my way of thinking). Should America make migration more difficult the effect will be for other countries to emulate their bad behaviour. If you object to the reposting I can apologise. If you miss the opportunity to listen to other people you may end up listening when it is too late.

Reposted from Irene at

1 may
Body: hi im a mexican woman, im gonna tell you a little bit from something is happening on the palce i lived ....if you want to read and send it again i will thank you.

i was on the big march of 1 may on the mexico city demostration.
20 000 people with colors, drums, and sounds against the criminalization of migrants.... it was full of people, creativity and spech was on front of the american embassy, the other one was after the manifestation on the central place of mexico city (zocalo) . one spech before marcos a worker spoke about give everything for figth even the life.
marcos said that thats exactly what he has been lissening all over the country on the "Other campaine"
-on the figth we are gonna give everything, also life if is necessary-. marcos talk about mummya on usa, the workers the anarquist, the young people of north america who are like ouer brothers and sisters, in mexico he talck about darks, homosexual, indigenous, kandworkers and people that have something on commun, ..ouer world is sick of this capitalismus... we are gonna changed and without permission..... he said that we are not goona left usa make a dessaster with ouer people,,,,we are gonna make a boicot and more....much more if it is necessary, and that the politic parties are not gonna change nothing because they are happy with this discrimation. but we dont have nothing to do with them.
we have other objectives, others meddia, other metodes
and of course he refrends ouer solidarity crosing the frontline with the other mexicans
i invieted you to visist:

i send also i little news from usa movilizations and struggle from indymedia...:

Between 500,000 and 1 million people filled the streets of downtown Los Angeles on March 25th, 2006 to protest the anti-immigrant bill HR4437, which would make all 12 million undocumented people in the United States into felons as well as anyone who aids undocumented people in anyway. Families, labor, civic, religious and political groups came out strong in a mostly Latino demonstration, overwhelming all the organizers' expectations. City officials are saying it is the largest demonstration they have ever seen. Both the Mayor and the Chief of police attended the demonstration and voiced opposition to the proposed anti-lmmigrant law which is to be debated in the Senate being debated right now. This march came in the wave of many other large demonstrations against this bill taking place in Chicago, Washington DC, Arizona, and and Missouri.

Reposted From Irene

Two things that bother me

11.05.2006 19:49

1. Handing out awards to employers who make gesturs to the idea of a 'living wage' - presumaby, these awards are handed to people who are paid many many times more than the migrant (and other) workers they exploit.

2. The setting up of the 'London Citizens' Workers' Association'. Workers should be organised into trade unions. If this is a union, then it is treading on other unions' turf. If it is not, then why is it trying to organise workers into something short of a union?

Janine Booth
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