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London demo in solidarity with Lebanese and Palestinians.

Guido | 23.07.2006 15:48 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

Considering the short notice (less than one week) the demo was impressively large. Thousands came from all over the country to enjoy the heat-wave in Britain’s most polluted city and protest about the slaughter in Lebanon. Fortunately for everyone the weatherman had lied and it rained from early on in the demo till just before the end. Having been cooked here for over a week it has to be said that the rain was lovely.

Difficult to say how many came there were other regional mobilizations around the country. Definitely over ten thousand.

Singing in the rain.
Singing in the rain.

Samba hilarity.
Samba hilarity.


Something to shout about.
Something to shout about.

Placard says it all.
Placard says it all.


At the rally.
At the rally.

Join The Met for a diverse range of career opportunities!
Join The Met for a diverse range of career opportunities!

If you are:

a) A hate filled pubescent zionist nutter.
b) An apoligist for mass murder.
c) A pro-Israel neo con.
d) A pitiful fuckwit who enjoys playing devils advocate in cyperspace.

You are warmely invited to put your bridge building comments below.

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23.07.2006 20:17

And you'd be dead if you were a child in lebanon. You know why. Coz the democratic god blessed super duper hero freedom fighting country called Israel would have blown u to bits. Long live democracy indeed!


Blame Syria and Iran for the violence in the Middle East!

24.07.2006 09:16

The current violence in the Middle East is the fault of Syria and Iran who are fighting a proxy war against Israel by arming and backing Hamas and Hezbollah. This has been widely known about for some time now. Israel is determind to route out the terrorist strongholds in Lebanon and Gaza. It has to for its own self defence. The real people to blame are the leaders of rogue states like Syria and Iran who sponser international terrorism!

counter terrorism is not a war crime!

Headline Grabber

24.07.2006 15:42

The tragical farce known as the promised land or (One bunch of religious fanatics kills another bunch of religious fanatics) is very old now and has been playing for quite a while in the regions news.

Nearly 1000 years later we are only just starting to move onto the new story (One bunch of religious fanatics kills another bunch of religious fanatics..... and a load of civilians who live next door)

If lebanese army could drive hizbollah out they would, however as a third of lebanese have the same voices in their head as hizbollah there would be an instant civil war.

Meanwhile the people of israel (whose voice in their head is really shouting it seems)
decides on the strength of a single kidnap to wipe out its most prosperous and democratic neighbours economy and infrastructure.


Israel calls up 1000s of reservists.

For what? they arent going into lebanon so where then?

They have called up more than enough to hold the fort while their regular forces go north so why would you need the extra troops?

Extra troops that cost the israeli economy dearly each day they are not at work.
Extra munitions for their planes and apache gunships.

My guess is that there will be a terrorist incident in israel next week which will allow the israelis to launch a sweep of the type used in lebanon in 1982 to clear the citizens of palastine from the areas between jerusalem and the israeli settlements.

Why not create a buffer zone round jerusalem while the political cost is lower than if you just did it off the bat in the middle of peacetime.

(something israel has a history of doing)

Please feel free to criticize my analysis, comments welcomed

salaam shalom

Do you really believe that

24.07.2006 16:05

What kind of counter terrorist operation results in having over 90% civilian casualties. Obviously Israel style U.S immitated 'counter terrorism' opperations. Whereas Hezbollah have killed more Israeli soldiers than civillians. On a second point. All that Hezbolah did was to capture 2 Israeli soldiers in order to demand back the hundreds of Palestinian/Lebanese women and children who have been abducted by Israel and are kept in Israeli prisons with no charges. Maybe the real terrorists are Israel and the people backing them. As for that Syria Iran crap. Who exactly made these accusations... o yea thats right the same people that fed us the story of Iraq being able to atack the UK in 45 minutes when Iraq couldnt even bomb Najaf from Baghdad in 45 minutes. What a source. But anyways keep telling yourself the same things over and over again just in case u persuade yourself.



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