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rampart | 09.08.2006 10:45 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Repression | London

Last week we reported that the block of buildings that includes the rampART social centre had been put up on the market. There is no further news on the sale of the building or any way to forcast the eventual eviction of the rampART but there are plenty of things going on in the building and plenty of opportunity to get involved...

from rampART weekly newsletter, 8th August 2006...

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While almost every other aspect of our lives become increasingly
commodified, the rampART remains a non commercial venue encouraging DIY culture and participation.

There are several ongoing regular events but loads more potential for people to use the building while we still have it. Do you fancy putting on a workshop and sharing skills? Does your theatre group or band need rehearsal space or somewhere to record. Wanna make a radio show? Working on a campaign and need office space? Got some work you'd like to exhibit or need a space to paint or create? Got all fired up about an issue and want to call a meeting with a view to taking action?
Drop us an email with your ideas...

>> Thursday 10th August

> 8pm Free Weekly Cinema

The Accused. A Panorama Special by Fergal Keane.
An investigation into the alleged role played by recently elected Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon in the massacre of 800 cilvilans in the Lebanon
refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982.

Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace
A three part documentary series examines the last six years of the Arab-Israeli
peace process from the point of view of presidents and prime ministers, their
generals and ministers and those behind the suicide bombs and
assassinations. The series reveals what happened behind closed doors as the peace process failed and the violence of the intifada exploded.

Beirut to Bosnia - The Martyr's Smile.
"Robert Fisk Middle East correspondent of The Independent and resident of Beriut, traces the physical and spiritual journey of Islamic fundamentalism in a 3 part jorney of the flashpoints of the movement.
The first is the Israeli invasion in 1982 of the Lebanon, leading to the creation of Hezbollah. Fisk travles from ruined Beriut to the war zone in the south of the country, where he meets the fanatical fighters who will embrace death, rather then recognsie the neighbour Israel. Fisk visits the cellars in which hostages were held and sometimes died and according to Amnesty International, Israel carries out torture. Uniquely for a western journalist, he talks to Hezbollah fighters who expect to die fighting against Israel and witnesses a chilling and blood soaked ritual carried out by Shiite Muslims."

(Don't forget, if you have suggestions for films, let us know.)

> Also thursday night...

The follow up meeting to the following up meeting following the LSE meeting discussing direct action against the war in Lebanon. This will take place in the Library from 7pm.

>> Sunday 13th August, from midday

Want to get involved in the rampART but not keen on meetings? Well this special sunday event is intended to be a way for people to get to know each other while working on a practical project in which everyone can have an active role. We hope that people will get a chance to work and play together, chat about the social centre and the things people would like to do with it - ultimately leading to ongoing involvement (and meetings ;-).

Weather permitting, we plan to sort out the roof garden;

building bench seating from scafold plank (need 4 inch nails, hammers, saw)
building a raised bed with drip irigation. and planting things in it.
painting something nice/murial on the stairwell wall
tidying up and removing the rubbish.
replacing the broken tiles on the roof and trying to sort out other leaks.
fit somekind of lighting for night time.
improve safety fencing around roof
get the brazier thing back and build a fire proof base for it.
maybe put up a south-side screen for privacy and night-time projections
make it all look nice

(Things that would be useful to bring.. hammer, saw, plants, paint and brushes,)

If it rains we'll just move down into the hall and do some general tidying up,
painting, fitting better lighting, perhaps moving the stage, etc.

We'll end with a bit of a social, a meal (perhaps a BBQ or fire on the
roof), take turns spinning some tunes, some drink etc, wind down and perhaps try to put the world to rights. If you are interested in coming along please drop us an email.

>> Thursday 17th August 6.45 pm

Red Pepper debates 'All is War' (The Benefits of G-Had) Plus screening
of album video With Aki Nawaz (Fun-Da-Mental), Louise Christian, Ken Fero (Injustice Films) and Natacha Atlas & Freedom of expression is a Fun-Da-Mental right.

Fun-Da-Mental frontman Aki Nawaz could face prosecution under glorification of
terrorism laws for the content of his album All Is War (The Benefits
of G-Had). The album's release has been delayed after it received criticism in the UK
press aimed at its explicit tracks - such as Cookbook DIY, which describes the process of building and exploding a terrorist bomb; Che Bin, which compares Osama
bin Laden to Che Guevara; and 786 All Is War, which calls for "a mosque on Ground Zero."

Surely, to protect all our civil liberties and democracy all voices should be heard? So why is Aki Nawaz demonised with calls for his arrest and 'All is War'
declared "too hot to handle" by his record company/distributors and banned from BBC R1 Playlists?

Please circulate details to your friends and colleagues.
More information from

(Note; We want to ensure there is lots of local publicity for this event. If you want to help distribute flyers and posters around Whitechapel, please get in touch.)

-- 15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)
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