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Yehya Aiesh | 09.08.2006 21:12 | Lebanon War 2006 | London

Hello Again!

Hope you made it to the demonstration on Saturday. It was a good turnout but it is so important to continue consistent, regular work on the streets to spread information and build solidarity across Britain with those fighting back against Israeli state terrorism, in order to sever British support for the racist, expansionist, colonial settler state.

Israel is able to get away with the terrible destruction of Lebanon because of the backing it receives from the US and from Britain and from France and Germany, also powerful and wealthy imperialist nations in the world. Israel has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinian population since it was set up through massacres in 1948, the murders continue, the terror continues, house demolition and land destruction and land confiscation continues - all these on a daily basis with new forms of terror emerging. Palestinians are now receiving telephone calls to tell them that their house will be destroyed, to inform them to take their things and leave - and for some the house will be shelled to smithereens, yet for many the destruction of the house does not happen so they leave and wait, never knowing if it will be safe to return. Thousands upon thousands of Palestinians have been made homeless in recent years, more than eight million Palestinians are refugees, some of them have been forced to flee four times.

One quarter of the Lebanese population have now been forced to leave their homes - one million people in just a few weeks. This is ethnic cleansing on a massive scale. More than 900 civilians murdered. This is genocide. And the Israeli Prime Minister excuses these war crimes by pointing out how the US and Britain and other European governments oversaw the murder of 10,000 civilians in Kosovo. The zionists know their sponsors well. Israel is arrogant in its ability to cause massive devastation and massacre using the weapons readily supplied by the imperilaist governments, and the Zionists are arrogantly confident of the continued financial backing, the continued armoury, and the total lack of criticism for the destruction and terror.

And this is why we must act...
The British Labour government is supporting Israel in all these crimes - we should not be surprised by this, the Labour Party has a long history of causing death and destruction to other countries in their quest to fill the coffers of the ruling class - to make and increase huge profits for the capitalists. The Tories also feed the greed of the ruling class by whatever means necessary including war, oppression, starvation and disease. The Liberal Democrats will also do so - they only wanted the war on Iraq with UN backing - as if the destruction becomes acceptable by order of an international body set up by the imperialists and balanced heavily in their favour. All three parties have their 'Friends of Israel' societies to propagandise for Israel and to make sure that Israel is given free rein to act as the imperialists little attack dog in the Middle East, making sure that Britain, the US, France, Germany and other imperialist nations are able to access and make profit from the resources that lie in the lands of other countries.

The essence of what we are saying here is that we have to act - together the people - we have to build a movement that can challenge the British government whatever shade of imperialist they claim to be - and the best way to do this is to hit them where it hurts - in their profits.
Our aim is to isolate the Zionist state, to work to sever all British support for the state of Israel because we are in Britian and this is what we can change to make a difference to the Palestinian people and the Lebanese people so valiantly fighting back against the mightily armed and funded Israeli state.
We hope you will join us...
M&S has to be just the beginning but we need to focus in order to be effective...
Our visual and vocal solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese struggle must increase and spread if they are to survive the Zionist onslaught
Join the pickets (or set up your own - we would be very happy to help in any way!):

Boycott Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel!
Boycott Marks and Spencer!

This and
Every Thursday 6 till 8pm.
M&S Oxford St, (Marble Arch end).
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!
Victory to the Intifada!

Yehya Aiesh
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  1. Why not boycot all israeli supporting companies? — sharrow


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