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everything4everyone | 13.10.2006 11:16 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

we are currently facing eviction from the theatre we have been occupying to protest against its demolition to make way for luxury flats and offices.
profit profit profit Vs people people people

from Everything4everyone Occupied theatre 4 Dalston lane

hello we are writing from Dalston theatre (hackney). You may or may not have heard of us: We have been occupying the building next to theatre since February this year. We took the step to occupy the theatre to halt the planned demolition and to raise awareness in our community (the Dalston and Hackney area) about the impact of this kind of "regeneration", which is far removed from the our real needs, and which is falsely imposed upon us. Decisions are taken by someone, working in one governmental development agency or another, that probably never spent more then a few hours on our streets, just long enough to take a few pictures, have a cup of coffee looking at us as something to be "regenerate". And also with the complicity of a blind and deaf council, that has revealed, year after year, their incapacity to work to improve, not just the lives of the few companies that accumulate a fortune while being based abroad, but the life of everyone.
We have been in the theatre for almost 8 months, long enough to give a new lease of life to a building that had been left to ruin. We set up a cafe and various activities and workshops, allowing us precious time to listen to peoples' opinions regarding the theatre specifically, and also more generally about Dalston and Hackney. We grew to understand that are many the ONE who don't like to see our community falling apart. But we also see how easy it is to fall back on the assumption that it is not in our power to effect change, whilst the feeling of being alone in front of this entity fuels disempowerment . It is this effect of alienation that we want to reverse in our community and even if in this days we lose the building we will carry our work and the activity we are organizing at the Peace Mural "circus" will not stop.

The last assault from the council is closer then ever, they will try to evict us very soon probably at the beginning of next week, we spend the last week to prepare for it and we are now ready to resist the eviction.
We call everyone to come to support the resistence. More update will follow.




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The Olympics Will Destroy Hackney

13.10.2006 23:13

This is an historic opportunity to rise up and resist and fight back in self defence against big government and big business, hell bent on destroying a small local area in London.
The plans for the Olympics are proceeding and billions are being spent causing massive environmental damage and driving the local people out of their homes and businesses.
Hackney marshes will never be the same again, which may be why Nike is producing a new range of clothing called "Hackney Marshes" made by child slaves and sweated labour in Third World countries.
Hackney council gets some of the money to keep them sweet as usual, and of course they are continuing to sell off hundreds of properties belonging to the people.
The Olympics is a terrible waste of public money which will turn into a fiasco because while the bulldozers are wrecking the local environment, and the developers are building new shopping centres and casinos and luxury apartment buildings, global warming has other plans.
Russian scientists claim that the Gulf Stream has slowed down by almost 40% already and will stop completely around 2012, plunging Britain and Europe into a new ice age.
Overnight this country will become a frozen wasteland just like Antarctica used to be, and nobody will be able to come here because the airports will no longer be functioning, all the ports will be blocked by sea ice, and the people will be struggling desperately to survive.
One small village could declare its independence from Westminster, and the local people could take control of their own local affairs.
This is called localisation, and with enough support from the environmental movement it might be possible to start a World Revolution to overthrow all the alien governments destroying the earth and driving the human race to extinction.
Who knows, maybe the British army is ready now to support the People in their struggle against the brutal murderous British government, and maybe the Camp for Climate Action should consider moving in to Hackney to offer their assistance to the local people who are resisting the destruction of their town?
Nothing we can do will cause the Gulf Stream to return to providing us with the warmth of a million power stations, and the only solution to the coming worldwide flooding is for all the world's military forces to unite and work together to create massive global infrastructure projects to drain off the rising seas.
Britain could lead the way by arresting its barbaric government for war crimes and corruption and by revolting against the huge transnational corporations that are killing us all.
The Revolution will have to start somewhere. Why not in Hackney?

The EARTH AID environmental campaign.
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All this is well and nice, but the eviction will happen before the revolution.

14.10.2006 00:21

Besides, I don't like the idea of waiting for Armageddon before we make the necessary changes, I will come down again tomorrow, I can't say I'm dead kin on getting arrested again, but I'll come to hang about, and if the worst comes to the worst, I will help you in your futile struggle, one that has no reasonable chance of succeeding, I wrote you a song, all be it a really shit one(me being a shit poet), it goes a little something like this:

People come together, time and time again. To protest what ever, things that still happen.
Civil disobedience, becomes a way of life, and the police knows who you are, they'll spot you in a crowd, then you take a pen, draw your revolution, spread messages of hope, teach them to a world, that became accustomed to the fear of terror, to the life at work.
There is just one solution, not a final, revolution, and we will spill no blood, cause we are based on the oppressed, this time we'll bring a world of peace, the change is coming, not just starting, this time it's for real.
more and more of us now realise, we are everyone. there will be no leaders, no power and no money, there will be just freedom, fairness and morality.
When you see the red and black, the pink and green, when you see them coming down, put down your gun, take off your helmet and shout: “We are one”.

Best of luck and don't forget to film the eviction.

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14.10.2006 22:39

just few word because i do not have much time i have to go back to our "futile" struggle, i don't know what are u doing or waht you think a struggle is, anyway what will happend in the next few days can be see as the sensational part of what we are doing, the one that will go in the newspaper, good for many to take "funny" picture but we are not interest in that. We have been resisting in that building for 8 month everyday, to learn to work with the community around us and we resist for them an with them, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

from E4e

P.S. and yes we will do videos so you will be able to see it from your confortable chair?



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